James meaning

: He Who Supplants

James Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \j(a)-mes\
Number of People 👶 5,200,000
Rate in 2021 12
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 English , Hebrew
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James Name Meaning

The name "James" is a name that has been used all around the English speaking countries. This name is one of the most popular names all around the globe. The name "James" is more popular for boys, but if you consider the name "James" as your baby girl’s name, do not let the gender separation change your decision.

Hear the Meaning James

James Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name James
Additional description of the name James

The name James has an interesting history, including the fact that it’s actually a translation of another super common and famous "J" name for boys: Jacob. In fact, the meaning of the both is the same "supplanter'' or substitute and it's roots comes from the original Hebrew word for Jacob.

Because of this translation, "James" is a Biblical name.

"James" has an Scottish roots too, and because of that its also has a royal connotation and became more widely popularized when King James VI took over the throne in the 17th century.

Cool Info About Name James

Additional name description James
Additional name description James

Popularity of the name James 

If you consider the name "James" in the name selection process, you should note that this name is one of the main names in the name selection process for families specially in the United states of America. This name is not a very popular baby’s name in Texas based on the data by reliable American resources in the year 1951, since this name has a historical background.

For instance, imagine that this name was given to about 5 newborn babies in Texas in the year 1951. Also a total of 70 newborn baby boys bear the same first name during the year 1951 in the United states of America. Since the year 1880 to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of the name "James" was in the year 1958 with a total of 80 newborn babies, both girls and boys.

Since the year 1880 to the year 2018, the name "James" was recorded 3000 times in the SSA public database. In the year 1903, this name first appeared on the popularity charts and 8 babies were given the name "James" at that time. For the past 30 years, the name "James" was recorded 350 times in the SSA public database.

Personality of the name James 

Here we have the letter analysis of the name "James"

J is for joy, that you always bring

A is for amenable, for your easy going nature

M is for munificent, for you are extremely liberal in giving

E is for electric, a sparkling trait

S is for sense of humour, always joking

If you want to select nicknames, you are able to select the reversed form of the main form of the name "James". The reversed form of the name "James" can be "Semaj". The word "Semaj" is related to the main form of the name and also that can be interesting as a nickname for a baby named "James".

The true meaning of the name "James" might not be described in just a few sentences and words. Your heart’s desire can be to help others and care for those you love. Also you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others.


Famous people named James

James Stewart

James Dean

James Franco

James Caan

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Comments on the name James
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name James. It is the name I gave my youngest son and It'suits him very well. He is not Jim or JI'my, he's James. Although I did call him Jaimie (hI'me) Doodle when he was a little guy. His grandpa calls him by his initials, J.D. I think the name is strong, mature and dignified and will look perfect on a desk nameplate. :-)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My Name is James David. Its a great name. My Scottish relatives call me JI'my. Ive been called, J, Jam, JI'my etc.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Timeless name, and suits all age groups.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love this name. It is also a family name on my husbands side of the family and now that we are having our first son we are going to name him James Edward(but spell it Jaymez) something different.Both are family names.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my best friend is James...he is always given'the name Jim-Jim or Jam Jar which is always good for a laugh

01/14/2024 00:00:00

A fine name, Now used as James. Used to be Jim. Associated with "Drive, James"

01/02/2024 13:30:56

For my first son James was the only name we wanted to call him. We thought we'd call him JI'my but one time the midwife called him Jamesy and the nickname just stuck. So he's either James or Jamesy or any number of other names ie, cutie, sweetie, baby, bub, etc etc etc...

12/21/2023 18:47:40

This is my Dads name. People mispronounce it all the time. They spell it wrong because the hear it wrong and the correct way is Verlin. Pronounced Ver-lin like It's spelled. I think he might know one other person name Verlin but thats it.

12/17/2023 16:38:08

My dad's, James, an entrepreneur, so he is like a business man and his name fits him well. But It's funny when we visit his godchild and she calls him "Uncle JI'my". It makes me crack up in my mind every time.

12/08/2023 18:23:26

i love the name james!!!!

12/01/2023 04:28:24

james - jI'my - jim - jimbo .. I love it.. a name to fit every occassion!!

11/30/2023 16:43:04

I have thought a lot about naming my future son James after my granddad, and going by Jaime/Jayme. I hate Jamie for a girl. Or I may just use Lucas James or James Lucas being after him but the name would be Lucas.

11/20/2023 06:54:44

My middle name is James and I almost switched it to my called name in HS. I also gave my son the middle name James. I definitely love it.

11/01/2023 06:12:32

My baby is going to be named Oliver James. I just love that name and it has been in my family for generations. I kinda wish it was less popular though. But It'sure is regal.

10/09/2023 16:34:18

I know four different James'! We usually just call them by their initial like JJ, JP, JB, JK. So confusing sometimes!

10/05/2023 17:56:22

I only know one guy with this name, and he goes by JI'my. But personally, I love the name James. (not JI'my, Jim, or any other nicknames though) I think It'sounds smart and strong and beautiful and old-fashioned. Just an opinion. =)

10/04/2023 04:19:18

It's my name. Everyone calls me Jim, initially though... but I go by James.

09/30/2023 12:26:56

Its very classy and royal. Very inter'sting, indeed.

09/04/2023 03:07:06

I really like this name for a little girl. I don't like the name Jamie for girls though. I want to name my little girl Lola-James. I think Lola is a flirt uber girlie name that is balanced with James. I am from the south and I guess this is just something that we do with double names. Like Sarah-Gordan, really girlie and boy. I think this makes for a very cute cheeky girlie name.

08/30/2023 19:22:32

i find james like james charles

08/22/2023 15:56:22

i have a cousin named james(mah friends think hes hot XD)a younger cousin named james but goes by his middle name and the guy i like who is a close friend his middle name is james so i likes it :) its a cute name for little boys yet a strong name for an older guy (over 12)

07/25/2023 22:52:08

James is obviously one of the most user friendly names in the language. But, for some reason people seem to have a problem getting it right. When I go to order, they often get it wrong. I can't explain it.

07/25/2023 01:07:16

my name is JAMES AND my last name'starts with a T soo everybody calls me jt

07/10/2023 21:40:46

my older brother's name is james.... but i'm totally gutted because i'd really like to name my son(if a have a son) james... but as i can't i like the name eliis and james as a middle name =]

06/26/2023 15:00:18

Remember! Only great people have the name James. Examples: James Bond, Cpt. James Kirk, James Earl Jones, James Buchanan. James Garfield, James Madison, James Monroe, James Polk and James Biggers to just nmae a few.

06/05/2023 11:45:10

James Paul McCartney is one of the most influential musical geniuses in history...I love this name. James is so strong but sweet; a little boy named James looks so cutely noble, and a man named James seems gentle but firm. Very lovely.

05/06/2023 05:33:12

Far too common. Also, if a name has five letters and still manages to have one measly syllable it will get repetitive to the point of ridiculousness.

04/16/2023 10:37:44

I really like it - english sounding and classic. but sounds a little too common for me to choose for next baby.

03/30/2023 23:38:32

It is my name. I was born in 1967. Two of Jesus Christ's apostles are named James one of which is called His brother. More United States Presidents haves been named James that any name. I recommend it.

02/24/2023 14:59:24

My boy friend has the name! I love it I think it is a great name!

02/17/2023 09:18:06

One of my best friends name is James. We call him JI'my for short.....but sometimes he tries to tell me that his real name is JI'mothy......what a wierdo

02/16/2023 12:08:30

Classic name that commands respect. Not a fan of Jim though. The name is James.

02/16/2023 00:23:10

My name is James. Until I started Year 8 (or in America, whichever grade you turn 13 in) I was known as Jamie because for some ridiculous reason my mum decided to call me Jamie and forget James, but it was too confusing for people, so when I'moved schools I went with James. There are 4 James's out of 75 boys in my year... kind of common name!

02/11/2023 13:59:54

i like this name because its my dads name?and my friends name?

02/04/2023 23:53:10

Boy coming in March, thinking either James Asher Prince, or James Addison, or Anthony.... not sure yet, throw me a lil input please :D

01/29/2023 22:59:56

Well, my name is Kaia and I LOVE it. I am originally from Ukraine and many people call or spell my name in different ways like Kia or Kaiai. I am not a type of car KIA!

01/22/2023 07:54:22

I dislike how the names like the ones I've picked are being taken by girls. Dakota, Addison, Akira, and Taylor have all been turned into girl's names and are now "feminine" or "girly" names for boys. But they were ORIGINALLY names for boys. It really bugs me. I wish names like those and Reed, my step mom's name, had just stayed boy's names.

01/15/2023 14:33:40

To me, James sounds like a british chauffeur..."home, James".

01/01/2023 01:07:38

Used to hate it as a kid. Now I like it much. Most mispronunciations are ear-a rather than "eye ra". Have met and known only two other Iras.

12/27/2022 15:54:54

Its flexible; "James" (as in my artistic name), "Jim" for friends, "Jimbo for more familar and given my last name begins with "B" I am sometimes called "JB".

12/04/2022 21:34:32

also if you friends last name begins with J it makes a great nick name -JJ

12/02/2022 02:34:08

My friend at work is named James. he's a security guard and always displays such stren'th and a stong chacter. Some call him 'James I' or the 'Tall good-looking James' but I prefer to call him Jamie-Jamerson. It just suits him ;)

11/30/2022 17:39:12

My brother's name is James, but he goes by Jimmy... His full name is James Gregory, Gregory after my daddy... A lot of my aunts call him Jimmy Greg, and other people call him Jimbo, Jim-Jam, and Jim! Great and timeless name!

11/28/2022 12:09:56

Love it! My son James is named after my dad, James. Had to decided if we'd go with Jamie. Seems weird at first not to hae a cute name with a cute baby. Sticking with James.

11/22/2022 21:16:14

Name my son James!! After his dad. Love that name!! Strong boys name. Full name is James Anthony Sharp. No question ask!! I hate the unisex names!! Drives me bananas!! For example Payton!! really!! Well, It's up to the parents.

11/19/2022 05:23:52

It's my name and I love it. It ahs been passed down in my family, a house of nobility, for 1000+ years. What I can't beli've is that you guys don't have the "Origins" of this name! It is of English origin. Variant of Jacob (Hebrew) "he who supplants"

11/13/2022 08:02:14


11/09/2022 21:09:38

My name is James Weldon Warner and I have always received compliments on my full name which I love. I thank my parents all the time for my name.

10/24/2022 18:06:32

I love the name James. A real proper boys name. My 10 month old son is called James WillI'm. It is classic as well as cool. James Stewart, James Brown and ofcourse James Bond! It's very popular here in England, I know lots of James' old and young.

10/20/2022 19:46:14

i love the name James, I used to go out with a guy named James in my younger days and his name was also James, I found it really easy to say and very classical, He really loved his name and so did I. James ++ Dylan PERFECT

10/10/2022 04:22:52

I love this name for girl. If we have a girl her name is going to be Anorah Jaymes. I think it sounds beautiful.

10/08/2022 15:56:20

Double down on the burn cloud fool or the'smoke dragon and the posse shall smote the likes of the'side of the pavement into people named Dr Smith.

10/08/2022 11:49:28

My best friends name is James and i think It's a GREAT name and It'suits him perfectly it dosent describe him ( i would describe him as funny [he has a great giggle] and quite popular) but it fits him perfectly (i have always observed that most James's have blond hare

09/11/2022 05:55:18

James is a great name, great fictional characters have the name James, James Bond, Captain James T. Kirk

09/09/2022 08:22:08

throwing an H on the end of our perfectly good name ruins it! i love being named Hanna, It's uncommon and beautiful!

08/30/2022 00:20:06

I named my son James after my father and we call him James, not Jim. I love it. It is a true classic!

08/16/2022 21:34:30

it is ok the worst part is when people call me jim

08/04/2022 14:01:48

My name is James but instead of be called James Bond, my sister calls me James Blond

07/17/2022 12:19:12

Great. I have an friend in my class named James! Good name

07/01/2022 07:26:42

My ex is called james or jI'my lol so i dont like this name hahahaha

04/09/2022 16:38:24

The person always augues, but usually nice to be with. Thinks She's the best.

04/01/2022 07:20:24

James is a awsome name'some very important people (mostly monarchs) were named james its a timeless classic.

03/17/2022 03:10:12

James is beautiful, simple and strong. I love it. It's my father's of the BEST men I have ever known. I also Have a close friend named James who is wonderful. Don't blame the name James for the poor behaviour of one Jerk!

02/22/2022 15:19:12

Boys seem to do better with common names rather than creative ones. Our son's name is James, people call him Jim, JI'my or Jimbo. No one makes fun of his name.

02/12/2022 21:04:48

James is my name & i think It'sounds kind of reagal & dignified the names of kings.

01/21/2022 13:48:18

It IS a very common name, but It's also very classic.

01/11/2022 19:33:54

James, Jim, Jimi, JI'my, Jimbo, Jimby, allused my friends, family and co-workers. A very fleixble name.

01/09/2022 16:19:30

There are females named Jaquan. My name is Jaquan and I am 46 years old.

01/01/2022 11:36:00

When my brother told everyone they were naming their baby James, i wasn't too excited about it. The name is becoming way too common now :(

11/23/2021 05:09:00

My little cousin is named James, and it really fits him! he's so cute and mischevious, It's a really good name for him.

11/14/2021 07:57:18

My son is James Eugene and I love the name James. I have 2 uncles called James, its fairly common.

10/20/2021 03:08:24

James is my name & i think It'sounds kind of reagal & dignified the name of kings.

09/25/2021 05:38:42

I married a James, he's Irish?? hehehe

08/28/2021 01:27:36

This name has been in my husbands family for years I love it as a middle name.

08/12/2021 12:08:24

I'm in love with this name, but It's too popular here! i hope the popularity dies

08/07/2021 06:47:06


08/01/2021 06:12:54

This is a good name. There are lots of different nicknames to change it up. My boyfriend is James Timothy. but he goes by jim james, jimmy, jt. and a few others. I think a name that you can shorten in many different ways is a good things. Its a good solid name.

07/15/2021 02:27:54

My fiance and I are going to use this for our second sons middle name. It was his granfathers middle name, his dad's first name, and his middle name. We figured we could keep the name going.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name James?
The origin of the name James is English , Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name James?
He Who Supplants
*️⃣ How many people are named James?
Almost 5200000 people are named James.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name James?
The names of John, Juan, June, Jane, Johnny