Lance meaning

: Lancet

Lance Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \lants\
Number of People 👶 104,000
Rate in 2021 1592
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 French
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Lance Name Meaning

The name Lance is of French and English origin and it means "land" or "territory". It is also associated with the weapon of the same name, which signifies strength, power, and nobility. The name is often given to boys, symbolizing a strong and noble character.

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Lance Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Lance
Additional description of the name Lance
The name Lance has its roots in Old French, derived from the word 'lancea' which refers to a Roman light spear. It was popularized in the Middle Ages due to the character Sir Lancelot, a knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. In the modern era, the name has been used in various fields, from sports to literature, further cementing its popularity.

Cool Info About Name Lance

Additional name description Lance
Additional name description Lance
Famous people with the name Lance include Lance Armstrong, the renowned cyclist, and Lance Henriksen, the American actor. The name Lance is also popular in literature, with characters like Lance Sweets from the TV series "Bones" and Lance Hunter from "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." bearing the name. In terms of personality traits, individuals named Lance are often perceived as strong, reliable, and noble. The name is also quite popular, ranking in the top 500 for boys' names in the United States.
In conclusion, the name Lance carries a rich history and strong connotations of nobility and strength. Whether you're a fan of history, sports, or literature, this name offers a classic yet powerful choice for a boy's name.
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Comments on the name Lance
01/12/2024 11:33:56

I always thought it was a nick name for Allison. Every Lance I have ever know is an a-hole.

12/31/2023 23:53:52

This is my name and I love it. However, I live in the US and everyone insists on pronouncing it Na-THa-lee (with the english TH sound). I was born in Sweden'to a Swedish mom and French dad, which explains the'spelling with an 'H'. The French (and Swedish) way of pronouncing the name is much nicer. I always received compliments on my name growing up.

12/30/2023 08:48:38

People from different regions pronounce it differently. I prefer my name in my own dialect which has a stretched 'a' e.g L-aa-nce. In america for instance the 'a' is pronounced more nasaly.

12/11/2023 08:59:20

My name is Lance. It is a cool name. No, a lot of people do not mispronounce my name. But they mispronounce my last name wrong sometimes. Instead of saying "Pate" they say "Pat-tay" or "Pat" or Pat-te". But overall my name is AWESOME!

11/20/2023 16:01:22

lance is a good name. my brother's boss was named lance and he was a nice guy.

11/01/2023 02:23:18

LOL. My name is LANCE. Women Love this name. an wats crazy is. Im funny, energetic, i write songs, an play sports, an im a ladies man.. WE FUCCIN ROCC.. Im Puerto Rican'tho. so its really uncommon for me. I LOVE IT.

10/13/2023 01:58:44


09/29/2023 13:49:10

well Alissa is my name'so I guess I kinda have to like it

09/06/2023 07:25:50

Now that I know where the name comes from and what its meaning is its helped some of my friends. The meaning is spear and its root is German in decent. Whats strange to me is that I was in Germany not long after my birth.

09/04/2023 07:13:58

I don't know anyone that has the name Lance other than singer Lance Bass and Cyclist Lance Armstrong... but i would LOVE to have my name Lance.

08/11/2023 07:30:16

What's up my fellow Naomis' haha, It's pronounced Nay OH me but everyone always says NI'me Or Noame... It's a pretty simple name in my opinion haha It's so easy to pronounce when do ya'll keep getting it wrong❤️ Anyways, when I was younger I absolutely hated my name because it was different and I'd always be the only Naomi in my school; up until high school now there are 2 of us! I'm still the only Naomi in my grade. I love my name now! I love how unique it is, Naomi It's self is such a beautiful word. It just rolls off the tongue. If your name is Naomi freaking embrace it, It's beautiful.

08/06/2023 13:10:54

i've been looking up all my family's names and this is the first page with wild comments. My husband is Lance and he would fit right in! I think anyone named Lance will be energetic, silly, and mischevious!

07/29/2023 02:23:54

My husband and I are having a boy in July. We are naming him Lance. We both have common names and wanted a strong, easy to spell, easy to pronouce and unique.

07/23/2023 10:54:56

Hello fellow Lancers! Lance Thackeray is my name, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm English. But this is a weird thing, I am a highly creative person; art, graphics, music, piano playing. Why is that'strange❤️ Well, there is a famous artist named Lance Thackeray who has a gallery down in London. I find that pretty I'mense. Lance kicks ass, hands down

07/13/2023 22:33:50

We named our son Landon John. We loved the name Landon and John is one grandpa's name and two great-grandpa's names. Landon loves his name!!

07/12/2023 15:07:04

I'm a Lance, and I agree to the highlander reference about feeling "there can be only one" when I walk into a room lol I went to high school with the actor Lance Gross, and during our first football practice, our coach was having us call out our names as we ran by on the track. I just happened to be running next to him and we both yelled out "Lance!" at the'same time. I about fell over, it was the first other Lance I had met.

07/10/2023 17:51:32

When someone appears on a show and that character makes you happy you automatically associate that name with that character and that make the name the best name in your mind. There are many names out there that people don't like and just because Gertrude is an old one doesn't mean that it is bad luck for a child to have it. I think Gertrude is a beautiful name and if I'met a child with that name I would love it. Names to not define children, children define their names. And definantly don't let anyone tell you what not to name your child.

07/01/2023 09:54:56

The guy that I really like is named Jake, and he is such a nice guy, and he is like an awesome friend. He is also very athletic

06/28/2023 08:44:14

My border collie who is 5 months. His name is Lance.

06/24/2023 19:12:56

Hi Everyone, My Name Is Lance Tortice... My Friends Call Me Lancee Boi, this ones funnie Queer Pants Lance Lol But i Luv My Name... "ITS AWSOME"

06/22/2023 14:01:18

i've been a Lance for 35 years and rarely hear of it. My wife (who has the only opinion that I care about) loves it. I have never worked in a company where I have had to share this name.

06/12/2023 23:19:08

I am a Lance myself and born in the early 70s. It's a rare name fer'sure ... I have never had a coworker or fellow student with the name and my wife/former girlfriends liked it (though they all found It'strange at first).

04/21/2023 21:24:34

My son's name is Lance. I think It's strong, romantic, not overly popular. I think other people like it also. We've seen a few other Lance's. It's short and sweet, and not short for Lawrence!

04/16/2023 17:23:18

bomb dig, i am a Lance. Gets me laid ALL THE TIME!!

04/15/2023 23:27:40

my best friends name is lance .. and u pronounce it "L-ants" he is really cool and funny

04/01/2023 18:15:22

Its an "okay" name. I like the relation to Lance Armstrong! But other than that... I'm SICK of tired of being called Lance Crackers, crackers.

02/17/2023 11:03:54

My names Lance, heh, yea..It's very cool...I like it..

02/06/2023 16:26:34

Very cool name and rare too. I'd name a boy this without doubt.

01/29/2023 14:28:34

i really love this name, used it 6 times on my children. lance 1, lance 2, lance 3, lance 4, lance jr. and lance sr.

01/26/2023 02:43:04

People some timepronounce lens and spell it the'same

01/18/2023 09:34:04

It's a good name. My brother's boss was named lance and he was nice.

12/23/2022 19:55:40

Our son born 3/17/03 is Lance Avery which I LOVE! My husband however whose name is Jedediah thinks that all names need a long and short version so officially he is Lancelot Avery! he's almost 7 now and he lives up to the'strong name. When asked what his name whole name was in school (first middle last) he replied Lance Alot Smith ;-)

11/21/2022 22:03:12

My son is a Lance and he is 9 yrs old. i've always loved this name'since my childhood. Two of my cousins are named Lance. My littleguy is artistic, creative, funny, compassionate, and loves sports! he'sings, dances and has a passion for music. He plays guitar, saxophone and steelpan. He lays shortstop for the Yankees (minors). He really likes his name alot. It's pretty unique to be the only kid at his school with that name. His nicknames are curly, curlyfry ( his hair), Lance Romance, and Sir Lancelot:)

11/15/2022 20:52:20

My name is Lance and I like it now. When I was younger I didnt care for it. "Lance has ants in his pants" when I was a teen I came up with "Ya your aunt was in my pants" That'seem to shut people up really fast. Maybe even get a laugh.

10/20/2022 08:18:32

23 years ago my late husband named our son Lance after one of his favorite students who was was tall, and smart, and good, and kind. I wasn't so sure at the time, but now I love it, especially since my son has all those qualities and more. And my son loves it

10/17/2022 16:14:28

My name is Lance. I love my name. When I was a kid I went through a short period when I didn't like my name because it wasn't and still Isn't such a common name. Now I realize what a cool name Lance is and I'm glad I'm not Bob or John or Steve, I'm Lance :-)

10/02/2022 20:02:52

in england we say my name as the "a" more of a ar than how the yanks say its . nyway its pretty much the most rudeboi name goinn lol

09/12/2022 18:39:28

Lancelot could be the real name, Nickname is Lance and I will gonna a name a Lancelot for my son first name. And he from King Arthur Sir Lancelot.

09/04/2022 06:06:40

I could be positive about this name, but frankly, I don't think It's a good name. My name is Lance, and I'm tired of people calling me "Lancey" or "Lancey pants" Its not masculine, then Lance Bass had to come along..Great.As if it wasn't bad enough as it was..

06/10/2022 04:32:06

My 15 year old son's name is Lance! he's funny, artistic, creative, popular, compassionate and very energetic! His hobbies are playing guitar, singing and sword making! Also, the "only one" in his classes, sports, etc.!

03/22/2022 00:17:24

I love my name. It'seems equally distributed amongst races and backgrounds. The first thing people say to me is usually, "Wow, Lance I love that name!"

01/29/2022 10:17:42

I just love the name Lance. It's romantic, masculine, and very unique.

10/04/2021 14:44:06

this is my wifes name, i love her name. o and yes i do love zella as well. laughin

09/06/2021 19:42:00

im 16 and have not met any othe's with my name;but I have come across someone who is having a babyboy and is naming him lantz its pronounced the'same as lance.

07/25/2021 18:39:54

Not too common and usually spelled correctly...seems like a winner!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Lance?
The origin of the name Lance is French.
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*️⃣ How many people are named Lance?
Almost 104000 people are named Lance.
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The names of Amyra, Lotus, Kaloni, Latice, Letizia