Leilani meaning

: Heavenly Lei, Royal Child Of Heaven

Leilani Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \le(i)-la-ni\
Number of People 👶 35,000
Rate in 2021 227
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Hawaiian
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Leilani Name Meaning

To translate the name part by part, we can say that [Lani] means [heaven or sky] and [Lai] means [Flowers]. Therefore, Leilani means heavenly flowers. Another meaning which is interrelated with Leilani name is high-born or royal child.


Leilani Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Leilani
Additional description of the name Leilani

Leilani is of Hawaiian Origin.

Cool Info About Name Leilani

Additional name description Leilani
Additional name description Leilani


Personality traits of Leilani:


She is a complete lucky person. She indicates that luck is not always in lottery. She is a fortunate girl with wealth and abundance. She enjoys the power of authority. She is very good at problem solving. Every acquaintance of her can count on her in most of the cases. She’s hard working and efficient. Due to this fact, she’s built earned in her profession.

Moreover, she is very good at gathering people together to create a team and she is able to make the use of each individual’s skill and knowledge in her team. Not only does she make the use of everyone’s skills and profession, but also, she by herself does her best and put the highest level of her effort on the teamwork to succeed.

She is a very sensitive on as she can see the details very well do not notice to large scale images and documents solely. She is good at grouping and organizing different cases in different charts and diverse platforms.

More to know her, she is a knowledge worm personality. She attempts a lot in her lifelong to acquire knowledge and admire others for their knowledge in any field and any major. Her determination in acquiring knowledge is admirable and it is mostly admired by many people and this will lead her to more success by increasing her motivation.

Her personality has many aspects. One other aspect that is remarkable is that she devotes her time and energy and effort to people and their needs and this characteristic is loved by people. They count on you when they have struggle with themselves and their family or maybe their friends. In their eyesight, you are a kind and helpful person who devote herself for the sake of others. You are a good hearer for their problems, too. So, it makes them count on you more and more gradually. This trait makes you a hero for them!


Lucky colors: dark colors such as purple or black or dark gray

Lucky day: Thursday

Fortunate careers: engineer, architect, designer, printer, publisher, leader, builder, public speaker


Popularity of the Girl name Leilani:

It has a great rank in popularity which Is the 24th most popular name today. It was first appeared in 1937 on the U.S. charts after being influenced by Hawaiian culture right before the time that Hawaii became a state. At first, Leilani did not enjoy much popularity, but after a while, it reached its true position. It advanced a lot in few years and became a well-known name for its beautiful and heavenly meaning.

In the recent decades, Leilani was recorded more than 30,000 times in SSAD.


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Comments on the name Leilani
11/30/2023 05:33:00

This name is so common. It's like soap-opera name.

09/14/2023 05:52:14

I have a cousin called Leilani she can never get a headband that has her name on, :( this makes her upset. #She is only four. Also she gets annoyed easily and gets irritated when'teache's call her Lilliana, Laylarni or Lalaynee.:)

08/26/2023 17:30:38


08/23/2023 05:27:30

i named my daughter leilani and everyone says how beautiful it is, all different nationalities love this. Leilani is a really sweet baby, i think partially due to her heavenly name, she definately matches up.

08/04/2023 01:48:58

it is my name. everyone pronounces it wrong. you can't find my name on anything. everyone does say that It's a beautiful name. i got teased......who wants to "lay loni"

02/25/2023 03:55:16

i love this name a girl in a few of my classes at school is named this and its was the first time i ever heard it but the'second i heard it i LOVED it

12/24/2022 11:47:52

My name is Leilani I didn't like this name but now I do my grandpa spells my name like this leylany it makes me laugh

11/16/2022 03:55:32

I was born in 1973, which makes me 56 years old. My mom chose the name LeiLani from an advertisement for si'verware with the name. I have always loved it. It made me feel unique and special. I'met one LeiLani who was a bit older when I was about 12 years old. I have met several over the years. It is pronounced laylawnee. I just acknowledge any thing that has an L in it :)

10/18/2022 01:56:22

Leilani is my middle name and I love it! (my first name is Selina) It's so much fun to tell people my middle initial and have them try to guess my name (they never get it, lol).

09/07/2021 10:20:24

My name is Leilani and I love this name because It'stands for a lot of things and its unique.yes people can never pronounce my name right they often would say leilanyi,lelanni,and lielani. It makes me laugh.the correct way to spell it is leilani. August 23/2016


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Leilani FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Leilani?
The origin of the name Leilani is Hawaiian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Leilani?
Heavenly Lei, Royal Child Of Heaven
*️⃣ How many people are named Leilani?
Almost 35000 people are named Leilani.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Leilani?
The names of Lewis, Lew, Lowe