Luis meaning

: Famous Warrior

Luis Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \luis\
Number of People 👶 278,000
Rate in 2021 245
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Spanish
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Luis Name Meaning

The name Luis has a strong and stoic meaning, since it is identified with Germanic roots. Specifically, it comes from the primitive French Hluot-wig, whose translation is "illustrious or great warrior".s.

Luis Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Luis
Additional description of the name Luis

Luis comes from the Germanic Hluot- a wig or also Hlodowig, which means "illustrious in battle" or "great warrior".

Cool Info About Name Luis

Additional name description Luis
Additional name description Luis


What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him Luis?

As a name, Luis stimulates logical reasoning. There is a good possibility that you are intelligent, intuitive, and graceful. You might even be a psychic. You have a strong interest in truth and that's why you like spirituality and mysticism. Sometimes you like to be alone. As a person, you appreciate luxury and comfort.

You want to enjoy your life and have a good time. This quest for joy and happiness is something that will make you famous. This might explain why you are a natural flirt. You entertain others and your ability to express yourself is what will make you successful. You have a good mental and emotional balance in your life.

You are good at analyzing and making decisions about practical issues. You tend to overthink matters. You are a lively, compelling, honest, kind-hearted, and tolerant person. You are ready to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. You want your activities to be helpful to others. When you are anxious, you become clumsy.

How do people react to you?

To others, Luis is a family man who provides for his family and protects them. Others tend to trust you and your calls. When you are searching for new clothes, practicality, and pricing are two factors that matter to you. You do what must be done and that I why others can count on you.

Lucky colors: All shades of yellow, gold, and green

Lucky day(s): Saturday and Sunday


Considering the huge impact of the Hispanic culture in the U.S, it is not shocking that Luis has been in the chart of the most popular names since 1880. As the population of Hispanic people increases in the U.S. the popularity and frequency of this name increase as well. Luis entered the Top 100 names in 1980 and has reminded there for more than 30 years. Few Spanish names are more popular than Luis in the United State


Here are some famous people named Luis:

Luis Alberto Cubilla Almeida (Uruguayan football player)

Luis Miguel Arconada Etxarri (Spanish football player)

Diminutives and variations of the name Luis
Some of the diminutives and variations of Luis are:
Luisito, Sito, Luichi, Lusi, Guicho, Luchin

The name Luis in other languages
Discover the different variations of the name Luis in different languages:
German: Luis. Also, Ludwing
Asturian: Lluis
Catalan: Lluis
Czech: Ludvik
French: Louis, Ludovic
Italian: Luigi
English: Lewis

The personality of the name Luis
Luis is a very careful person who likes to be recognized by others. He cares about cultivating his body and mind, which is why he is fond of sports and reading. His creativity is very high, always manages to obtain good academic and professional achievements. He is usually honest and very humble, but he loves to receive praise for his achievements, and, to do so, he does his best.
On the level of friendship, Luis is sincere and takes great care of his friends. He doesn't beat around the bush and says things straight. Of course, if he fully trusts someone, he will watch over that person constantly and give him special attention.
As for love, he can be somewhat jealous of his partner and is a seductive romantic. His feelings are intense, therefore, he is a great protector of his soulmate and will accompany her in all her plans with true affection, filling her with details so that love grows and remains intact.
On the other hand, Luis is extremely familiar. He likes to spend as much time as possible with his family and is an excellent host. The professions that are identified with Luis are those related to sports or creativity, such as painter, writer, musician, athlete, etc.

Celebrities named Luis
These are the most popular celebrities with the name Luis:
Luis I: he was King of Spain and was known as "the well-loved one".
Luis de Gongora y Argote: well-known Spanish playwright of the Golden Age.
Luis Argones: former soccer coach in the Spanish national team.
Luis Miguel: Mexican singer well-known in Latin America.
Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827): composer, conductor, and German pianist. The name is in its German variant.
Louis Daniel Armstrong​​ (1901-1971): American jazz and trumpeter player.
Luis Aragones (1938-): former coach of Real Madrid.
Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936): Italian novelist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Saint of Louis
Currently, Louis's name day is on June 21, for the feast of San Luis Gonzaga.

Numerology of the name Luis
In numerology, the name Luis is represented by 7. This number is a symbol of balance and constant reflection on life. It is also associated with wisdom. People related to 7 are distinguished from others because they always provide solutions to any conflict, due to their great cunning and creativity.

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Comments on the name Luis
01/14/2024 00:00:00

all spanish names are thye best!!!!! que vivan los mexicanos!!!!!!!!!!!!1

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my husbands name is luis. in my opinion there are too many luis' around. his name often gets mispelled. louis.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Yea...Thats my baby's name, Jr...

12/13/2023 16:14:24

I have a brother name Luis, but HATES it when I call him "Lui". I just do it to get on his nerves! :D

10/15/2023 18:20:26

I know a boy named Luis and he is very sweet and funny and adorable. I think It's a great name and It'suits him cuz he's a really great person!

09/15/2023 11:15:34

My boyfriend's name is Luis and I can't count how many times people pronounce it wrong even after he has told them what his name is! They usually call him Louis, and he'll let them because he figures it doesn't matter how many times he corrects them, they still won't get it right. It's very annoying.

08/30/2023 06:44:18

Arggg... My name's Luis and I'm OKAY with it... at best. I'm a jr. and thank god not that many people now that fact, but when'they do find out, they've called me Luis so many times, they stick to it xD I hate being called Louis. It's VERY annoying how ignorant people can be. I'll just go by Lou, I'd rather choose the wrong name >.<

07/03/2023 08:56:16

His actual name is "Juan" but we all call him by his next name, Luis. he's a great friend, always there for you

04/09/2023 12:34:54

this is my fiances name. i call him lui and my sons name is christian but we call him luisito.

04/02/2023 02:11:28

this is 1 of my twins names luv it luis named after luis figo(gr8 footballer)

09/20/2022 00:38:24

My husbands name is Luis he's jr. The 3rd . I hate the name its really ugly I don't like it at all there's to many luis's in this planet I tell him all the time lol but w.e I love him anyways w. This ugly name :) lol .

08/28/2022 07:09:36

My husband name is Luis..I love him to dead..her can be stubborn and inpatient A LOT of time..but his smart and tries to be more patient

07/27/2022 01:04:12

My hubby's name is Luis also...but his middle name is even worse: ADOLFO aka Adolph (as in Hitler). lol! I love him though. he's my BFF and I call him Lu or Luey! He loves it :) heehee

06/30/2022 12:13:48

My brother's name is Luis. Actually he's a junior and hated his name because of that. he'said that he felt like he didn't have his own identity. He hated being referred to as the "little one" or the "junior". he'said he'd much rather just have his own name. But I guess that's more about him being a junior than the actual name Luis. *shrug* Now he just goes by Lou.

08/04/2021 09:14:42

It's cool to be a 'Jr' and nice to know I'm first generation born citizen, but I despise my name most of the time. It's such an odd name that always gets pronounced 'Louis' but I'm honestly ok with that because I don't really like how 'Luis' sounds. It's just so iffy. Also, I don't think that name's attractive so It's a real bummer at times

07/16/2021 23:18:00

I'm Luis and its looping awesome don't have time but its poggers

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Luis?
The origin of the name Luis is Spanish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Luis?
Famous Warrior
*️⃣ How many people are named Luis?
Almost 278000 people are named Luis.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Luis?
The names of Brooks, Macklin, Joni, McClain, Miguelina