Malik Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \mal-ik, muh-leek\
Number in U.S 👶 45,000
Rate in 2021 755
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Arabic

Malik Name Meaning

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Malik?

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Information about the Owner

Gender of the name Owner : Male, Blue

Origin of the name Malik : Arabic

Is the name Malik mentioned in the Qur'an? : ✔ Yes

The name of Malik is beautiful and modern but what is the meaning of the name Malik Is it permissible to name it or not?

The meaning of the name Malik

Malik's name is one of the well-known names and its meaning is clear and there is no interpretation as the name Malik suggests.

As it is an Arabic name derived from an Arabic word, it is the person who owns and privately owns things.

The name Malik is one of the names of Almighty Allah, Almighty Allah, who controls and owns the entire universe.

The owner is the person who has authority, controls and gives orders to the employees who assist him in his work.

The names of Malik Khazen Al-Nar are also mentioned in the dictionary of meanings.

Ownership is when a person owns something he owns and can control it himself.

Owner naming decision

It is not desired to call our children Malik, but it is not forbidden.

Since it is one of the names of Almighty Allah and the name of Allah is the owner of the property of the heavens and the earth and everything is in his hands, there has been a debate over this name.

Because of this, discussions and disagreements arose about the naming of children in the name of the Supreme God.

Some scholars said that if children were given this name, it did not mean any good. of the earth.

The name Malik is one of the new names that appeared in the twentieth century, this name is not new, but is an old name from the beginning of creation, although there comes a period when some names appear and disappear and may appear again for the value, meaning and location of their names.

The name Malik is one of the names that suggest the patience and humanity that a person wants in his life.

What qualities does the name of the owner or person with this name have?

And after we meet the meaning of the owner name We explain through the site It is different Characteristics of the person the owner of the name carries:

The ability to discern problems and act, that is, to act rationally.

She is tidy, meticulous in her appointments and behavior.

He excels in his studies or field of study.

It has the ability to teach slowly to take advantage.

He is a quiet and introverted person.

Eşref is someone who loves interactions and sharing between them.

He prepares a program to advance himself in order to achieve his ambitions and goals.

The name of Malik is distinguished by his love of arranging private affairs in his life and his ability to get rid of the negative harm that surrounds him.

People with this name have patience and stamina at many stages of their abilities.

Ruling on behalf of Malik in Islam

The name of Malik in Islam is a forbidden name, but it is undesirable to be called by this name because it is close to the name of Almighty Allah in his name and there has been a lot of discussion about this name, but after scholars have studied it, his name and its derivation are derived from it and its owner is Allah Almighty. It does not mean the same as its name, and in its hand it is the property of the heavens and the earth.

Rather, the name of children means the owner of something and has authority over it and not over others, it is something that only the owner of that thing has.

 Famous people named Malik

The Sahaba is the owner of the Maliki school, one of the four schools of thought, and is the Imam (Anas Ibn Malik).

But the first name is Malik, the name of Almighty Allah, but if the child is called by this name, then there is nothing in it, and the jurists said that it is permissible to give children these names, such as the name Generous, Merciful or Ali.

But it is not permissible for children to be called by these names because it is an undesirable name according to the shari'ah due to the power of Almighty Allah (Al-Wahab, Razak, Al-Fattah, Al-Qabid and all the names). Almighty Allah) because these names are from Allah's attributes and abilities.

In addition, the Companions Malik Ibn Abi Amer and the Messenger, may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him, did not ask them to change this name because it is one of the names of Allah.

Also the companion Malik bin Al-Hawrith and also the Messenger did not ask him to change his name because the human name has nothing to do with a name from the names of Almighty Allah because the name of Allah is the meaning of its owner. King.

Seeing Malik's name in a dream

The name of Malik in a dream is a vision of the harbinger of goodness in a dream or the meaning of the name. Therefore, if one of the people saw or heard the name of Malik in the image, then Allah Almighty would give him the good news that his affairs would go well and his anxiety and distress would disappear.

Derivatives of an owner name

As we have talked about since the beginning of creation for the last time, this name has returned for the second time as it is a very ancient name, and it is the name of one of the owners of the schools of thought. The name of the friends and the guardian of fire, therefore from it the derivatives of the same name appeared (Malik, Malika, Malika and Angel).

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Comments on the name Malik
2/20/2023 8:25:22 AM

This is my name, and I'm very often called Hallie because people don't notice there is only one "L". Also, very often it is spelled Haile which is apparently a German men's name, SO...that is fun. But yes I really like our name in general...I have heard a rumor that this spelling is Norse, has anyone else heard that?

12/10/2022 4:52:44 PM

malik means sovereign in arabic i.e. king, queen, prince etc

12/7/2022 11:02:52 PM

I know almost nobody else named Malik but I like the name a LOT!

8/13/2022 10:18:36 AM


5/10/2022 12:03:54 AM

I am waiting a baby and I hope to be a boy and if so, I will name him Malik -en shaa ALLAH-. Malik Mohamed El-Sobky Egypt.

3/26/2022 1:16:48 AM

Malik is my friends name... I think I say it wrong tho xD

1/15/2022 12:25:30 AM

I named my son Malik and I pronounce it Mah-lick. I hate it when people call him Malichai or Maleek.

1/6/2022 5:52:12 PM

yeah its well annoying! my names caitlyn, it was well good i was the only one around in my area called it!!! n now ther's loads of them!! ah well. its cus im so cool that everyone wanted to be named after me!

10/16/2021 5:42:18 PM

My brother's name is malik and my family including myelf pronuces ot like Mah-leek. He gets pissed if you call him. Me-leel or malickchi.

9/17/2021 6:24:36 AM


8/30/2021 9:10:12 PM

People often pronounce my name, "Melik," wrong, but most people that do it right pronounce it "Ma-leek." I let them use that, since I know at least 3 other people name "Malik" and they are pronounced like that.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Malik?
The origin of the name Malik is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Malik?
*️⃣ How many people are named Malik?
Almost 45000 people are named Malik.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Malik?
The names of Michael, Margaret, Christine, Margarita, Marguerite