Margaret Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-rga-ret, mar-garet\
Number in U.S 👶 1,300,000
Rate in 2021 312
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Meaning of Margaret

Margaret meaning and spellings

The name Margaret is a first name that has been mostly used for girls. This name has different variations and origins, one of them is Marguerite which is French and the other one is Margarita which is Greek. The Greek version of this name is borrowed from Persian. The main origin of this name is Greek and means “ Pearl “. Margaret has been one of the most Christian female names. Also the given is classic and historical.

Gender of Margaret

The given name is more suitable for girls and it has been used more for girls that for boys. If you consider the gender separation, we notice you that the name Margaret has been only popular as a girl’s name all around the English speaking countries.


Since the 11th century, Margaret has been an English name. It remained common throughout the Middle Ages. The name Margaret became less popular in the 16th century. Also in the 18th century this name experienced a decline in popularity. Beside that decrease, this name was still the ninth most popular name for girls of all ages in the United States. Since 1880, over 1256939 girls were named Margaret and at that time, this name was the most common given name for baby girls. It gained the most popularity as a baby name in the year 1901, when the usage of that went up by 108%.

Spellings and variations

Margaret has different forms in different languages, such as Maggie / Madge / Margarete / Marge / Margo / Margie / Marjorie / Meg / Megan / Rita. Also here we have a list of related names to Margaret, such as Maisie / Margit / Margherita / Gretchen. You can also select the name above as nicknames for Margaret or as Margaret’s siblings. The name Margaret can pronounced as “ Mahr – Grit “ or “ Mahr – ge – rit “ in text or letters.

Personality of the given name

When people hear the name Margaret, they receive you as a family person, protector and good provider. You will not stop until you finish your task ! You have sense of humour and you are an easygoing person ! Margaret’s lucky colours can be green, white and cream. Also Margaret’s lucky gems are pearl, jade, moonstone. The lucky day of the name is Monday and the lucky botanicals are cabbage, chicory, lettuce, plantain, turnips and cucumber.

Well known characters named Margaret

As you known famous people have positive impact on this name’s popularity. There is a list of famous Margarets here, Princess Margaret | Margaret Sanger | Margaret Thatcher | Margaret Brown | Margaret Atwood.

This name is a historical name, classic and royal. Although some parents think this name is an old fashioned one, but it might not be true, because due to the strong history behind the classic names they never become old fashioned. So this name have not lost its popularity and this is still being used and also a powerful choice in your baby’s name selection process.

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Comments on the name Margaret
9/29/2022 6:13:56 AM

My first name is Margaret. I was named after my grandmother on my mom's side and great-grandmother on my dad's side. Everyone calls me called Maggie, the name I use, all the time. Friends call me Mag, Mags, Magnadoodle, Magsy, Magda. My grandmother's nickname was Mugsy :-) As a child, I used to think Margaret was meant for elderly ladies. But now that I am 28 and about to have my own children, I find it very neat that I was named after two amazing women. Plus, I rarely hear "Maggie" anywhere.

9/25/2022 10:49:58 AM

Wow, my name is Margarida, it's the Portuguese way to Margaret. I love it because in English it has so many nicknames! But I never tought it was greek, I tought it was latin :)

9/22/2022 10:32:10 AM

this name ROCKS!!!!!!!!

4/13/2022 8:28:48 AM

I didn't know it was greek...thought it was latin


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Margaret?
The origin of the name Margaret is Greek.
*️⃣ How many people are named Margaret?
Almost 1300000 people are named Margaret.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Margaret?
The names of Marley, Marlee, Marlo, Marlie, Mariela