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Paisley Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \pay-zlee\
Number in U.S 👶 42,000
Rate in 2021 136
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Scottish

Paisley : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The motto of the name of Paisley and fours in life is: “Comfort, stability and order!”

The patron planet for the name Paisley is Uranus.

Paisley's zodiac sign is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Paisley Name Stones - Ametrine, Red Ironstone, Danburite, Emerald, Glass, Mochi, Moonstone, Pumice, Clear Quartz, Black Sapphire, White Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Silver, Sodalite, Strombolite, Tiger's Eye, Black Tourmaline, Zirconium .

The “Four” among the Main numbers of the numerological chart is the unshakable stability of the life position, stability and confidence in the future. This is a well-established life, strong family and friendly ties, a reliable, constant income and the invariable respect of others.

The positive meaning of the number 4 for the name Paisley could be associated with purely masculine virtues, if thousands of women did not possess them. They value order and practicality, stability and tranquility. Materialists "to the marrow of bones", fours do not like noisy gatherings and thrills. Their main concern is financial well-being, constancy of comfort. These are people with principles, they can be trusted with their secrets and not worry about their safety. Such people have few friends, but those that they have are loyal and proven comrades over the years.

The four named Paisley must be confident in the future, they work hard for the future. The material side of life is important to the four, this is a man of action. Vulnerable and touchy. Four can separate the intellectual from the emotional. The Four makes difficult decisions, hesitates and doubts for a long time, making a choice, needs silence. The four are fond of esotericism. A person named Paisley can achieve anything in life. A child at heart, the Four knows how to be faithful, loves popularity, has acting talent. The Four is always looking for non-standard solutions. Sometimes it has pronounced healing abilities. The talent for commerce is pronounced. You can please the Four named Paisley by giving her stability, confidence and limitations.

The influence of the name Paisley on personal life

The number four promises a personal life, far from romance and castles in the air. Fours are very hardworking, stress-resistant and patient. The partner of such a person should be able to cheer him up, make him believe in himself, but at the same time be as patient as he is. For people with this number, eights, twos and ones are ideal.


The number 4 for the name Paisley means the planet Uranus. The main quality of people with the name Paisley is independence. They are responsible, love nature and look for friends with similar qualities. Paisley carriers have many friends and are always happy to chat with them. People of this type are mobile, sociable, hardworking. Among other things, they have excellent organizational skills.


Paisley name green. Named people wearing green are kind and warm-hearted, ready to give their last. The owners of the Paisley name are not afraid of changes in life, they easily take risks for the sake of material well-being. However, money rarely stays in their pocket - "green" people named Paisley love to have fun with a large and noisy crowd, treating everyone. Bearers of the name Paisley are very vulnerable and sensual, therefore they are often offended by family members, feeling misunderstood and unloved, however, they forgive as quickly as they are offended. Positive character traits of the name Paisley are kindness and optimism. Negative character traits for the name Paisley are vulnerability and resentment.

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Comments on the name Paisley
11/24/2022 12:00:52 AM

I'm a Paisley. Born in England in 2008. My name is often spelt incorrectly and I'm told it is unusual. However, I do like that i've only ever heard of two people called Paisley in the almost 23 years i've been alive. I do think It's a very girly name and personally do love it.

10/5/2022 3:17:56 AM

We named our daughter Parker. Her dad has a unisex name as well. We both loved that it was unique, a talking point when she meets new people, and It'suits our baby girl so well. We stopped listening to othe's and went with our heart.

9/13/2022 9:24:06 PM

My daughter's name is Paisley & I absolutely love it! We get compliments on it everyday.

9/8/2022 7:05:40 AM

My niece just named her baby girl Paisley and I think it is a great name!

7/23/2022 4:39:18 AM

I named my daughter Paisley, in 2019. Person so find it difficult to pronounce. I love unique names, she's the'second person in Trinidad and Tobago that has the name.

4/8/2022 5:52:12 AM

I like this name; unique. "Paisley Park" is the name of the musician Prince's recording studio. :)

12/16/2021 3:52:30 PM

This is my namee(: I get called Kee-Anna or KAI-Ana all the time Or Kiara Its irritating. :/ Its spelled Kiana. ALWAYS misspelled w/ two "n' But ilove my name. i always get compliments on how my name flows. Its "Kiana Sidney McKenna" (:

9/15/2021 7:38:24 PM

Hey y'alll I'm a paisley :) I honestly have a love hate relationship with my name because sometimes I wish I had a more popular name but I actually really like my name, I always get compliments on it!! It's really nice and unique <33


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Paisley?
The origin of the name Paisley is Scottish.
*️⃣ How many people are named Paisley?
Almost 42000 people are named Paisley.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Paisley?
The names of Porsche, Parrish, Portia, Persia, Porcha