Honey, All Sweetness

Pamela Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \pam-uh-luh\
Number in U.S 👶 596,000
Rate in 2021 3037
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Pamela Name Origin and History

"Pamela" is a popular name for girls that has Greek origin. Meaning of the name Pamela is: "Honey, All Sweetness".

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Comments on the name Pamela
3/4/2023 4:57:24 PM

My name is Pamela and I love my name. I was born in the 70's and my name was very popular back then. I'must have went to school with atleast 4 other girl's whose name was Pamela. My family and close friends call me Pam. Growing up, my family would sometimes call me Pamalam too. Since i've gotten older and moved away from my home town, most people call me "Pamela". I like it. It has a nice, mature, sexy ring to it. My best friend's name is Pamela too.

2/24/2023 8:34:26 PM

I'm very much like the Pamela who commented on Dec. 28, 2020....I like my name, but almost feel strange saying Pamela. Most people call me Pam and I find it easier to introduce myself as Pam. Mom & Dad say Pam'la making it two syllables. Nicknames are Pam-Pam, Pam-a-lam, sometimes Pammie, but the most common is from a sales call I received years ago. The caller asked to speak to Puh-Mella. I'made the mistake of telling all my friends and coworkers. They thought it was hilarious and many of them call me that now!

2/21/2023 1:13:26 PM

My middle name is Pamela, I beli've its has its origins in Greek mythology, as my first name has Hellen (Hellenes are the Greeks)..I am not of Greek origin though. I personally dislike my middle name, as I often asked wta the 'P' stands for, then eyes wander to my chest, and they remark, no wonder!!!

2/20/2023 8:45:58 PM

Hi I am Pamela Paz Lopez.. The girl's name Pam \pam\ is a variant of Pamela (Greek), and the meaning of Pam is "honey; all sweetness". The boy's and girl's name Paz \paz\ is pronounced pahz. It is of Spanish origin, and its meaning is "peace". From the Latin word "pax". In Catholic use, a reference to "Our Lady of Peace".

2/18/2023 6:30:40 PM

It's my name. never really liked it. didn't think it was cute. preferred Pam but that really Isn't girly sounding. i wish i had a cute, girly name.

2/16/2023 1:16:04 AM

My name is Pamela and I am in my 30's. I was named after my mother. I beli've that it is a very nice, cool and sophisticated name. I like the'sound of it.

2/15/2023 12:55:28 PM

i've always been embarrassed by my name, as it is so old fashioned. I was named after my Godmother. I have shortened it to Pam. At college, I called myself 'Cheyne' for a phase.

2/14/2023 5:28:42 AM

im 16 from australia and my name is pamela, i love the'sound of it when people call me but whenever I'meet someone new and they ask for my name, i seem to always pronounce it retard-ly. i cant say it the way i hear it. haven't met anyone young with my name

2/13/2023 7:29:10 PM

i love my name pamela lynn. It's really beautiful. My friends and family call me pammy, and i think that's adorable as well!

2/10/2023 2:29:14 PM

My name is Pamela, and going through school at one point or another I knew at least one other Pam(ela), in fact in one class there were four of us. In my first job after leaving school, I also worked with a Pamela, and even now where I work there is another Pamela. Yet for all that I wouldn't say its a common name.

2/8/2023 8:42:20 AM

It's Pamela Anderson's name, so what's not to love? *wink* My name is feminine/sexy, and yet aristocratic/elegant, all at the'same time. I do feel more standoff-ish when addressed as "Pamela", and much more approachable as "Pam". Either way, I adore my name. Another plus is that It's not so common a name as to find myself running into a lot of other "Pamela"s.

2/7/2023 12:22:40 AM

My name is pamela I'm in my late twenties and i do love the name wuldnt change it.i dont mind people calling me pamela,pam or like its meaning as wel.i thnk my parents for giving me this wonderful name.

2/6/2023 2:40:46 PM

My name is Pamela, my parents are Ghanian but I'm born in The Netherlands and my name is pronounced as pa-MEH-la..that's the dutch version. But my friends call me Pammie or Pam.My cousin and a family friend are called Pamela. Common name..=D

1/29/2023 8:00:38 AM

My name is Pamela & i love it, it has its per's at times & i wouldnt change it for the world.To me It'symnbolisses all that is beautiful, classy & sophisticated. Some times my friends call me pampers & you know what i dont mind at all.(You have to be able to laugh at yourself)

1/27/2023 7:13:30 AM

Im a Pam too :) There's another one of mee in one of my classes, only other ive met. She prefers being Pamela, but saying that feels really weird to me. I also get called Pampam, Pammy, Pamalya, and alot of othe's :P Im a hugger, and tend to be just as sweet as, if not more so than honey :D Just like all of the wonderful Pameshains out there :D

1/26/2023 12:24:58 PM

I am Pamela a nigerin.Not to many people have this name,most people call me Pam Pam or just Pam.

1/21/2023 10:12:28 PM

I love my name - very few people every have my name and its nice to be different.

1/21/2023 2:16:22 PM

Pamela is very unusual in Sweden where I live and I have come to like that over the years although life was tough when Pamela Ewing in Dallas appeared on national television... My name is pronounced with an emphasis on e (rather than on a) and therefor many of my English-speaking friends tend to say Pamilia.

1/21/2023 1:38:08 AM

Pamela - means 'all honey'. I learned in the Old Testament Bible that teache's would bring honey (the most exquisite, rich, precious commodity at the time) to the'school and rub it on the tablets the kids were being taught on - then'the teacher would begin teaching the Torah/Bible to them - this was to demonstrate that the most exquisite and precious commodity to them was the Word of God - simbolized through - honey....all honey!

1/17/2023 1:32:02 AM

My daughter Pamela Jane was born in 2020. It's a beautiful name, the'same first name as my mother. Very feminine and unique. She doesn't have the'same name as all of the Madisons, Emmas or Sophias in her class.

1/13/2023 12:53:38 PM

Like most of the'submissions above Itoo love my name-PAMELA ! I'm 71 years old qnd don't meet too many other Pamelas.. but we always give a special smile to these people,,Love to all PAMELAS,,,XXXXXXXX

1/8/2023 9:27:38 AM

My little girl is named Pamela. Everybody keeps telling me it is a name for old ladies. :( But I think my Pammy is beautiful. My oldest daughter calls her Ella. I have a cousin named Pam.

1/3/2023 11:19:02 AM

I'm Pamela and I dislike the name. People call me Pamela Anderson, It's very annoying.

1/2/2023 6:51:34 PM

My name is Pamela and I love it... I think it is girly and sexy and not very common. I am 37 and would not pick another name and I prefer to be called Pamela and not Pam or Pammy.

12/27/2022 2:06:08 AM

HI'my name is pamela and am a nigerian,i know there are not much pamelas in this part of the world but the few of us here are very unique cuz our name have a unique meaning.I really luv my name PAMELA.Shout out to all the pamelas in the world we all are unique and ofcuz sweeter than HONEY!!!

12/24/2022 1:13:04 AM

My name is Pamela Ann and my last name begins with an "M", so my initials spell PAM. I kind of like that. I try to go by Pamela, but most people call me Pam. My grandfather always called me Pamelynn, he had nicknames for all of us when we were young (I am now 52). A few special people get to call me Pammie on occasion. I have known several Pamelas including a little girl I'met in Mexico.

12/12/2022 5:39:52 PM

i relly love my PAMELA.... for me it was unique.. hehe. coz of some reasons! they pronounced it in different ways..

12/8/2022 1:44:32 PM

Dont like it but pamela is much nicer than pam but everbody always always shortens it to pam or forgets the e PAMLA horible most pamelas seem to be in there 60s or 70s

12/4/2022 11:02:42 PM


12/1/2022 11:02:32 PM

I love to call my fiancý Pamcakes! Pamela is a beautiful name, keep bein sweet as honey haha.

11/30/2022 6:46:46 AM

I am also a Pamela. i've learnt to love it, It's unusual and sounds cute when people call you Pam and Pammy. UNIQUE

11/29/2022 4:55:02 AM

i discovered it altidencacly when one of the CR guys came on server. i just told him we change without no discussion. the old clean racing was my old servers, but no point in holding on to that now. 1stBFA is only priority.

11/28/2022 9:51:50 PM

i am called Pamela. I had this name from ma fathe's friend from Canada who was also called Pamela. It has been a great name'since it was given'to me. That name has brought happiness to ma life. I am as sweet as the name go. Some friends call me Pammy. I love the name Pamela very much

11/25/2022 9:16:24 PM

I love my name! My name is Pamela, but people call me Pammi (: I am trying to find a cute nickname, think I'll go with Ella! Yea or Nae?

11/18/2022 2:03:58 AM

My name is Pamela and I HATE it, however I will never change it, My siblings only have 1 name and a surname, I was the last born, The day I was born it was Palm Sunday, the nurse suggested my mum should call me Pamela, My mum agreed? my middle name is Mary, which is what I would have been called, after my mum and her mother, It Isn't the worst name although my grandmother wanted me to be called Joy(no offence to Joys everywhere!, and since my surname was Bell that would have been cruel?

11/18/2022 12:53:26 AM

seriously whenever I hear this name all I think of it Pamela Anderson

11/16/2022 10:23:28 AM

i've only know one other pamela, not bad for almost 30 years on the planet! in spanish-speaking countries, they often call me pam-eh-la, or pamelita; endearing. most people shorten it to pam, but that's fine, suits me and feels less formal.

11/15/2022 4:10:12 PM

I'm one of the oldest Pamela's. I'm 66, have two cousins named Pamela and went to a small high school with three othe's Pams. Most everyone called me Pam, a few called me Pammys or Pamela. My middle name is Ann so my initials spelled my name. I always thought that was cool. Don't hear the name much anymore.

11/13/2022 5:26:30 PM

I like my name Pamela, and would prefer to be called that. It'sounds good if pronounced properly. Somehow most people end up calling me Pam instead. A friend called me Honey, cos he'said that is what Pamela meant. I have only met one Pamela and she is sweet natured too. Wonder if it is really true that the name maketh the man. People tend to think Pamela as 'old fashion' nowadays.

11/12/2022 4:24:42 AM

hI'my name is Pamela...having that name is really great...some call me school they always calling me Pamela...I'm very proud having this name..

11/10/2022 11:36:38 PM

My name is Pamela, and my best friend is Caitlin. She loves my name and wishes it was he's, but she can't have it. So call all your kids Pamela and Caitlin or we will kill you. Got it?? Ok byebye xoxox

11/8/2022 4:39:12 PM

I'met another Pamela (who was in my generation) for the first time during my second year of college. I feel that Pamela was a lot more popular years ago and I tend to associate it with older women, as many of my friends' mom's are named the'same. In all, It's nice to have a name that not everyone has.

11/7/2022 12:58:42 AM

Hello my name is Pamela Aguilar & I'm very grateful for my parents choosing out this name for me :) So far at school I'm the only one with that name and i feel preety cool and unique .My friends usually call me bambampam, pambam, pammy, pam, pam the lamb with a minnit van haha. There's not much pams out there, & it feels kinda wierd when yu run into one, "It's like hey your a pamela too?" hahaha. So to all the Pamela's, we're one a kind <3

11/5/2022 2:00:20 PM

My Name is Pamela and im 2and I was named after my Aunt. Ive been called Pam Or Pamela All My life other than some friends and family who call me Pammy.. But my last name is also Lee so i was picked on in middle school having the name Pamela Lee with a busty shest wasnt that helpful but i wouldnt change my name for nothing..

11/4/2022 6:51:12 AM

My name is Pamela and I'm known as Pam. Born in 1995, I have not met anyone my age with the'same name. As othe's have already commented I dislike being called Pammy and always have. I love my name now but did not care for it while growing up. My husband jokingly calls me Pamela Lee (Anderson) to which I either do not respond or simply say that is NOT my name. As for nicknames, in school friends called me Spam or Spamela and a women I worked with called me Pammy Lammy, which did not bother me. Before I was married I always signed my name Pamela but now I have a long last name and usually sign Pam. It was inter'sting to see that other women with the name Pamela feel the'same way I do about my name.

10/31/2022 9:44:24 PM

pamela from south africa and i adore my name! my ma gav it 2 me bcoz she 2 adores it. there was a point that there were 4 pamelas in my class and my besties sister's name is pamella. one of the pamelas and i share a strong bond. SHOUT OUT 2 ALL THE ALL SWEET PAMELAS OUT THERE EMBRACE YOUR NAMESAKE

10/25/2022 4:41:20 AM

i like being called pamela and was born in 2002 so not many people have this name and its uneique:D

10/22/2022 2:40:42 PM

My sister and a friend are both Pamela. Pronounced PAM-eh-la, though I one heard a church official pronounce my sister's name as pa-MEH-la

10/20/2022 3:57:00 PM


10/10/2022 1:29:30 PM

My mom's name is Pamela....I think it is a very mature name. Family calls her Pammy and relatives call her Pam.......I gave her the name of a life time.......PAMELER........... It's PRONOUNCES PAM-MEL-LER BUT I SPELL IT PAMELER I THINK IT WAS A CUTE PET name'sINCE SHE CALLS ME BUZZARD

10/6/2022 9:37:08 PM

My name is Pamela and I love it. I am middle aged but i've only met one other person named Pamela. Growing up with two older brothe's, I was some what of a tom boy. My mother called me Sam. I have been called Pamelia which I don't mind. I hate being called Pammie. These days most everyone calls me Pam.

10/3/2022 8:08:48 PM

My name is Pamela, my cousin's name is Pamela, my sister-in-law's name is Pamela, and my friend is also Pamela !!!

9/29/2022 1:31:48 AM

I am a Pamela. I like the name very much. Family and friends sometime call me Pam or Pammy. I dated a guy who called me Pam-o and I was never'sure if he was flattering me or what...

9/16/2022 7:03:12 PM

I am a Pamela, but hardly anyone calls me that, except for men who associate it with Pamela Anderson. I'm normally Pam and all my friends and family call me Pammy. I also am called Spam, Pammy Sue (my middle name is Susan), sometimes Pamelusqua, Pammy Jams. I like to make my own variations like Pamtastic, PamdemonI'm, Pammy MI'mi, etc. The best part is my last name: Jones. There are about 4000 of us in the US alone and it keeps me pretty anonymous! At 28, there are not a lot of us in my age range and It'seems like everyone has an aunt, a mom, or an older'sister with the name.

9/14/2022 4:47:54 PM

I was born in 1966 at the height of popularity for the name. As a child, I didn't like it that much--I thought the name Julie was so beautiful! My grandmother called me Pammie, which I hated, but now I wish I had her here to call me that! Now, the memories of "Pammie" are precious to me. As an adult, I have grown to love Pamela, but I'm still called Pam and I'm happy with that. In elementary school, there was only one other Pamela. In high school, there were several.

9/12/2022 10:28:42 PM

I was born in Scotland, so my family pronounces my name with two syllables "Pham-la", which is pretty, but now that I live in Australia my name is pronounced as "PAM-elle-a" (with three syllables), which I don't like as much. I don't like having the'same name as Pamela Anderson and probably would have preferred a more unusual name. I never let people call me "Pam".

9/10/2022 9:20:58 AM

My name is Pamela as well but I usually go by Pam. I'm 22 years old and I love it, but I do think growing up in the baywatch days did influence me a little though. My mom still calls me pammy from time to time which is very endearing nd makes me feel loved.

9/10/2022 1:07:14 AM

My name is Pamela and I haven't met a person with my name and sam age. I'm the only Pamela in my whole entire school, People called me Pam, Pammy,Pam-ella, Pamel, some say it bakwards alemap

8/30/2022 8:34:12 AM

I had one aunt the would pronounce my name as Pam-ler.

8/21/2022 9:26:24 PM


8/3/2022 11:29:42 AM

Sorry, Pamela (LouLou) is back. I forgot to say one more than ng. When I was born the nurse spelled my name wrong. She'spelled it..Pamala Louise on my hospital record but spelled it Pamela Louise on my Birth Certificate. Which one am I supposed to go by? Does anyone out there know? Which is legal. The first record of my birth at the hospital or my Birth Certificate that came next, or can I legally spell it either way? Anyone know? I would like to know. I'm 62 and 1/2. Not too many years left. Health is pretty bad. Thanks far listening to me!!! Someone, please let me know this answer. Like to know before I die!! Once again...Merry Christmas to you all with much love from me..Pamela (LouLou).

8/2/2022 10:41:06 PM

My name is Pamela and I'm 14. I was just researching my name until i came across this website. I really like the name Pamela and I think It'sounds really pretty.

7/26/2022 11:20:42 AM

my na,e is pamela some people say that is a beautiful name ! i love this name my family calls me pame pami pamelita and lots of diff names

6/13/2022 4:42:54 PM

I am 54 and my name is Pamela Jean. I love my name too! Most people call me Pam, my parents and brothe's call me Pammy. I would love to be called Pamela because I think It'sounds so sophisticated, but very few do.

6/6/2022 11:40:30 PM

i've never actually met another Pamela, though I know they must be out there somewhere! I go by Pam, but nearly everyone asks "Is it Pam or Pamela?", which makes me wonder if anyone is just a Pam without the -ela. i've certainly never heard of it. Apparently when'the name was i'vented, the'stress was on the'second syllable (pam EL a), though i've never heard anyone actually say it that way.

6/2/2022 9:52:30 AM

my name is pamela and i love it my boyfriend callas me pam for short and its nice xxxxxx

5/16/2022 6:56:06 PM

well hi I am from Romania and down there the name "Sabina" is rare but i love it because of that. I also hate it when people call me SABRINA with the R.. n even when i tel them that their is no R they still read it like that. i have many nik names n most are just like the rest of the'sabinas.. yes its a beautiful name i am also proud to be one of the'sabinas.

5/15/2022 8:09:54 AM

In business, I use Pamela. For friends and family It's Pam. My sisters like to call me Pammy. I think It's great now that I'm older, 'cause even if people don't know my name, if they say "Ma'am" I'll still turn my head. I know lots of Pamelas now in the business world, none in gradeschool, and only one in high school. I like my name very much.

4/24/2022 6:10:12 AM

i've always liked my name, Pamela June. The year I turned 40 I left a marriage, lost a job of 18 years and moved to another city where I only knew one person. I'd always loved the name Pamela and decided it was a good time to introduce myself as such. I was a little surprised that'so many people I'mediately switched it to Pam. Whatever. I figured it was because I am a mere 5'1". It was somewhat comforting to find so many Pamelas have had the'same experience. I love it that my nieces and nephe's call me Aunt Pammy. I also love Jamela Pune. One inter'sting thing about our name is that it is the title of what is considered to be one of the first English novels, Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, by Samuel Richardson, published in 1740.

4/22/2022 12:11:06 AM

Name is Pamela Athena i am Greek, Mexicana and Italiana mixed.. love my name but didnt in elementary school because kids loved to call me nicknames besides Pam in my family pam-a-lam, pamcakes, pamelita, pamski and a few pammys..hate pammy.. im ok w Pam or Pamela love my name :) great name! and it is becoming more and more popular. when people call me Pamela Anderson it bugs bc all my parts are 100 real her arent haha!

4/12/2022 8:35:06 PM

my name ia pamela and i have only met one other pamela in my whole life! very cool! im 40!

3/11/2022 6:09:18 PM

My name is Pamela. I like the name because it is easy to pronounce, not too long, well known but there are not too many of us about. It is not a name I 'bump into' very often. I'much prefer to be called Pam however, because there are childhood memories of my mother only calling me 'Pamela' when she was going to tell me off!

2/22/2022 2:30:36 AM

My name is spelled differently than most. It is with 2 Ls in it. Pamella. I have found 2 othe's that'spell it that way. I prefer being called Pamella, but most people shorten it to Pam, and it is easier when dealing with people over the phone at work.

2/19/2022 11:22:30 AM

I'm a Pamela. I was born in 1976 near the height of the popularity of the name. Like othe's here I like my full name best but everyone shortens it to Pam and I think It'sounds a bIt'stuck up to insist on Pamela when people are being friendly by shortening it. As a child I was called Pammy and my father'still calls me "Pamela Bear". he'says it was a play on Panda Bear. My mother-in-law speaks Spanish and calls me Pamelita which is cute I think. For a brief time I was called "Ella" in middle school to distinguish me from the other Pam in our class. It didn't stick when I'moved to high school. I'met a lot of Pamela's but none less than about 40 years old or so. For a

2/16/2022 7:19:30 PM

My name is Pamela and I love it. My middle is Alice and I love that also. My maiden name'started with M. I love that my initials were PAM. My mother named me Pamela because she always loved the name. I love my name. I am Pam, Pamela, and Pammy, sometimes sPam. Always loved the name.

2/10/2022 4:55:30 PM

I'm Pamela.I'm 19 n i love my name bt i didn't know the meaning till i came to this website. i beli've the meaning suits me very well. i don't know many people called Pamela. i don't really mind hw my name is pronounced bt i don't like being called Pamela Anderson.some people sometimes think It's a double "l" like Pamella bt i jux tell them It's one "l". im proud of ma name.

1/30/2022 2:45:54 AM

hI'my name is pamela and a freinds call me pamzy,which i think i lyk. i think all pamelas are called pame or pamy.the name pamela means all sweetness so to all pamelas out there keep being the'sweet honeys you are.thumbs up.

1/6/2022 7:42:00 PM

i've only met 3 other Pamela's in my life, granted I am only 22 years old, and I have a long journey ahead of me, but our name is rather unique. I do prefer Pamela over Pam, and I hate it when my parents call me Pammy in her jammies. Pamela just sounds more sophisticated and much sweeter. I wouldn't ever change my name.

12/31/2021 1:38:24 PM

I am a German called Pamela and its pronounced in a German way. I like it a lot!

12/30/2021 7:26:42 AM

My full name is Pamela, but I don't like it when people call me that or Pammy. I think Pam is just fine (for now). My close friends call me Pammer's) and somehow they get away with the occasional Pamcakes or Pama-lama-ding-dong. It's not everyday that I'meet someone with my name, which I think is pretty neat :-)

12/13/2021 5:25:12 PM

Hi everyone, and especially to all of you "Pamela's." We are all unique and I am sure that this in part due to our special name. My name is Pamela Lucille and I took many jabs for the "Lucille" part of my name. People called me Lucy after Lucille Ball, (I am not a red head) or they sang that'song to me that Kenny Rogers sang back in the late "70's, "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille." Oh, well back to "Pamela," many people call me Pam, Pammy, Pammie or Pamalou and my nickname in high school was "Spam." When all is said and done, I love my first name Pamela and it has served me proudly for forty-eight years. God bless and god speed everyone. Smiles...Pam

11/22/2021 5:21:36 AM

Since I was born in 1997, I rarely meet people my age with the name Pamela. I know one Pam my age. I never noticed it growing up (since It's my name) but in elementary in high school I felt rather neutral about it. I'maybe even wished I had a more "hip" name, but not really. But now I really really like it.

11/14/2021 7:02:24 AM

My name is Pamela Lou, which I never liked (Pamela Sue would have been so much better...), but I grew up as Pam. I'm still called Pam most of the time, although recently friend have started called me Pammy or Pammy Lou. When I was young I would not have approved of those names, but now that I am, um, mature, I kind of like it.

11/4/2021 10:58:12 AM

Hey everyone my name is Pamela too I seem not to like my middle name just because It'starts with letter X . It is Xalet but I like my name Pamela and love to be called Pam

10/30/2021 11:06:18 AM

I love my name, Pamela. I usually just go by Pam. I agree It's super easy, never misspelled. My only complaint is that It'sound's like to many other names. (My sister married a Sam!) It's nice to have an older name and is somewhat uncommon!

10/9/2021 9:00:18 PM

I love my name "Pamela" especially now that I know it means "as sweet as honey". My friends call me Pam Pam, Pam, Pammy, Pamicous.

9/10/2021 10:31:12 PM

my name is pamela ist soo funny how we all get called spam,spamela,apm-pam,pamela andreson and so on..i thought i was the only one haha..i think its very unique and cool

8/17/2021 6:24:36 PM

I'm from Chile and in latinamerican'they spell Pamela differently pa-MEH-la I love the meaning of my name!!

8/10/2021 2:23:24 PM

I was named Pamela after a great-aunt Pamelia. i've always preferred to be called Pamela, but everyone always shortens it to Pam. Close relatives call me Pami.

7/24/2021 4:14:06 AM

my name is pamela and i am very proud of my name . it gave it my father to me and now is dead from 22 years i love my name its very nice

7/18/2021 2:38:42 PM

I have tried but I just can't like my name. I was going to change it and went by Cameron for a year, but when my mom told me that'she named all of her dolls Pamela, I didn't have the heart to go through with it. Pam, it is.

7/18/2021 6:24:36 AM

I really don't like my name- especially from taunting in elementary school Pam cooking spray/ Spam etc. i've even'thought about changing my name - the has however taught me to be considerate in the names I pick for my children.

7/16/2021 5:54:54 AM

My name is Pamela and I have never liked it. I was born in the U.S. in 1982 and I'm told that it was popular when I was born, though all the Pamelas I have met are at least 10 years older than me. I always regarded it as the homely girls name (someone slightly overweight with glasses or something like that). Strange because I am neither overweight or wear glasses! I go by Pam, as 'Pamela' seems to formal. I'm occasionally called 'Pammy' but only by longtime friends i've known since grade school. One good thing about the name is that the'spelling and pronunciation are pretty standard. It's not like 'Katelyn' with literally 20 different spellings. Also, It's not at all popular so if you name your daughter Pamela, she will probably be the only one with this name in her class (unlike othe's... Emily, Madison, et al).

7/7/2021 4:57:18 PM

My name is Pamela - and I have grown to love my full name. Growing up, I used to refer to myself as Pam, but now Pamela is so much more sophisticated and It's what I prefer. Not too many of my friends and family have made that transition ... just me! LOL Even in business, people automatically assume Pam is okay - I typically make a point of correcting them. :) Much love to the Pamelas out there!!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Pamela?
The origin of the name Pamela is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Pamela?
Honey, All Sweetness
*️⃣ How many people are named Pamela?
Almost 596000 people are named Pamela.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Pamela?
The names of Priya, Parth, Preeti, Praveen