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Camila Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-mi-la\
Number in U.S 👶 78,000
Rate in 2021 41
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Spanish

What is meaning of name Camila?

Camila is an especially old name, yet she always seems fresh and young, don't you think? If you have noticed it, it is likely that you are evaluating the option of using it for your girl, thanks to its clear and sonorous pronunciation. In fact, it is a great name that is gaining more and more popularity in the United States.
Discover in MyCuteName the meaning of Camila's name, its origin or the variations and diminutives that are usually used in this name. You will love discovering all the meaning that Camila's name hides, the famous people who bear this name or how many women are called that in Spain. Camila is a girl's name.

What does Camila mean?
The feminine name Camila derives from the Latin and masculine "camillus", the name received by acolytes in a ritual of ancient Roman religion. It means "the one who is present in God" and "the one who offers sacrifices".

Origin of the name Camila
As we have told you, Camila is the translation from "camillus" to the feminine, the name received by the acolytes, followers and assistants in religious services or processions during Roman times. Camila was a girl of noble birth and free status, who accompanied the flamenes (prestigious Roman priests) who could also help in the sacrifices. Later, in the Christian religion, the term began to be used to refer to those people who perform ceremonial tasks, such as lighting candles.

Diminutives and variations of the name Camila
The diminutives of Camila are usually Cami, Cammie, Camil or Milla, meanwhile, there are also some variations of the name, such as Kamila, Camil, Kamilla and Camille. But also, this name can also be translated as masculine, like Camillus, Kamil, Camille or Camilo.

The name Camila in other languages
The name Camila varies slightly depending on the language:
English: Camilla or Camille
French: Camille
Italian: Camilla
German: Camilla
Finnish: Camilla
Danish: Kamilla or Camilla
Czech: Kamila
Hungarian: Kamilla
Lithuanian: Kamilè
Norwegian: Kamilla or Camilla
Polish: Kamila
Swedish: Kamilla or Camilla
Slovak: Kamila

Personality of the name Camila
Camila is a name that usually accompanies idealistic, intelligent and creative women. They are very versatile people, who manage to adapt wonderfully to all kinds of situations, likewise, they are usually kind and altruistic, for which people hold them in great esteem. They will not hesitate to help if it is in their power.
As for relationships, Camila is an outgoing and smiling woman, always ready to have a good time with her family, friends or co-workers. On this last point, it should also be noted that Camila is a very hardworking and constant person, who fights enormously to achieve her goals.

Saint of Camila's Day
Camila's name day or saint day is celebrated on July 14, dedicated to Saint Camillus de Lellis, who is the saint destined to protect and care for the sick.

Numerology of the name Camila
According to numerology, Camila's lucky number is 3.

Additional description of the name Camila

Camila : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

What does the name Camila mean?

The meaning of this name is quite related to religion, as it is credited with the description « woman standing before God ", But it is also credited with the description " woman who sacrificed herself for others.

Origin or etymology

Camila's origins date back to the Latin language. Name like Yesenia . It has an interesting history, and in ancient Rome the masculine name of this name, Camilo, was given to children who were not born into slavery and whose parents wanted them to become priests in the future.

How do you spell Camila in other languages?

Here we leave you the most common:

In English you will recognize her Camilla , just like in Italian.

In French and German you will recognize her as Camille .


What people are known by this name?

Research the different celebrities that go by this name.

The prominent Duchess of Rothesay is actually called  Camila Parker .

There is an Argentine film of the same name, the same goes for a musical group.

You probably know an actress named. Camila Bordonaba .

What is Camila's personality like?

La Camila's personality is associated with a balance of discipline and kindness. Although she knows self-control and does not show this emotion, she often has a bit of claustrophobia in very small rooms. Likewise, she feels a little overwhelmed when there is too much crowd or density in a place. In this case, it becomes more difficult for him to control himself, and sometimes he becomes a little uncomfortable.

Instead yes Camila is a nun or a religious woman. living in a monastery, he feels in harmony and peace with his God. This happens to her because she meditates constantly and she gains a maturity she wouldn't otherwise have.

The need to feel loved by the people closest to your life, be it physical or spiritual. Camila loves to be with them especially her husband and family. Because of her personality, the best thing for her is to have a meal together every Sunday and have a cup of tea telling everyone about her experiences of the week.

At work, Camila's name appoints her to devote her time to social actions that help the most disadvantaged, always in accordance with her religion. You won't be rich, but you're doing favors for others.

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Comments on the name Camila
12/4/2022 1:03:10 PM

My name is Kamila. A lot of people think It's Kamilia, but It's not. I have a polish name.

12/1/2022 10:44:54 PM

I love my name. It is of Spanish origin and it is beautiful. However, people do not know how to pronounce my name. It is Camila...It'sounds like Cam-ee-la (it rhymes with tequila). People say Camilia or camilla (sounds like camel-la and rhymes with Pamela) which is wrong since It's a Spanish name. But after I explain it most people are able to pronounce it right and I get a lot of compliments. I like that my name is not very common and I think it is a beautiful, feminine, name (when pronounce right!).

11/16/2022 1:19:48 PM

I love my name! Every one I'meet usually will say "oh, what a beautiful name!" I don't really care that people misspell it (usually Camilla or Camillia) because in my opinion it is the best name in the world!

10/20/2022 1:50:36 AM

Thank you to the other camila, who so kindly corrected the meaning. It can be from Spanish origin, french origin (when spelled with 2 "l"'s) and italian origin. But the name really does mean "closer to God" or " the one who is present in God". In the end, its just a great name for any baby girl!

10/16/2022 12:54:34 PM

Im a Camila too! My mom is from Panama, so she named me that. Here they always pronnounce it wrong-lol-but its kind of akward when I say it correctly and theyre all like Cam--eeee-ll-uh. Only if they spoke spanish. so yah anyways...Go Camilas!

10/12/2022 7:48:42 AM

my name is camilia. finally somebody else named camilia.people do get it wrong the first time icorrect them and they get it right.growing up for me the name really was not that common

10/2/2022 12:21:26 AM

My name is Kamila. A lot of people think It's Kamilia, but It's not. I'm from Poland

9/11/2022 3:19:34 PM

Lol my name is camila too im cuban and spanish I love my name but the only thing that I don't like is when my teache's pronounce my name how it Isn't

9/5/2022 6:47:52 AM

Ok my name is also Camila lol though i hate The fact that It's so common here! Everywhere I go I'meet quite a few camilas.... The'sad part is that my parents gave me the name when we were in Sweden, so it was quite unique, yet it became terribly popular a few years later.... But I still love my name, It's rlly funny when my German teache's struggle with the pronounciation ;)

8/5/2022 12:54:18 PM

everyone calls me Camilia or Camilla and its just plain Camila. Its not that hard to spell and people always mispell it. Also, a lot of people call me Kah-mill-uh and its pronounced Kah-mee-lah

7/31/2022 6:31:48 PM

My name is camilla i spell it with two l's i used to hate my name but i like it know i like it because every one has got the'same name in my school and it gets really hard at times but my name is different and no one calls me a different name and it makes me feel speical cause no in my school is called camilla

7/8/2022 2:12:36 PM

Well, its my name, I'm fairly indifferent towards it, but i know alot of people who have told me they think its a great name

6/5/2022 5:28:48 PM

haha its cool how i can relate to all the people below me posting. especially with the pronounciation XDDD yeah and people call me cami too (: camila's are awesome !

4/28/2022 5:19:48 AM

HI'my name is camila and i like it but sometimes confused with camilo or camille bye

2/13/2022 7:02:24 PM

i love my name. it is actually of italian origin and it means the one who is present in God. i hope people like this name

2/13/2022 11:43:12 AM

hey! my name is CAMILA too n yeah i hate when'they misspell my name like my history teacher calls me Kamelah! i hate that'so much i try to correct him but u know they cant say it right i know alot of camilas cuz in my country is a very communname but here is not that commun so i love it!v is the best name ever!

2/10/2022 11:26:06 AM

I absolutely love my name. I wouldnt be who I am without it. People get it wrong but i correct them. People always spell it wrong. But I love it. I havent met anyone with my name. It is a great name.

1/18/2022 7:00:36 PM

Omg my name is camila. I'm cuban in cuba its a very rare name my family loves it when I was born they said what a wonderful and unique name! People always get my name worng no matter how many times I say it haha only my really good friends say it right a lot of people call me cami or mila ha my friend calls me millie vanille cause she can't get the hang of my name ...but I love my name and its part of who I am I want to name one of my children with that name one dayy...

1/7/2022 8:24:18 PM

My name is Camila, but I hate it. I hate It'so much, I am brazilian and Camila is such a common name here.

10/5/2021 7:12:18 AM

This is my name and i love it to death, its the best name, umm, ive met sum people with it but its so unique!!

9/25/2021 1:59:06 AM

My name is Camilla, I was named after my cousin Camille becaus I was born on her birthday. I really love my name! I have heard mang times that my name is beautiful.

8/13/2021 7:21:18 AM

My name is Camila or Kamila. :) And i like it very much and do not having any problems with pronounciation. Just It's rare name in my nation. P.S. I am Kazakh from Kazakhstan

7/23/2021 3:31:48 AM

My names is Camila and for the most part I dont correct people when'they say it wrong unless they ask me to. I pronounce it KA-ME-LAH... I know it is very common in Latin America but here in the'state's It's not. Either way it a wonderfull name and I LIKE It'sO....HELL YEAH I LOVE MY NAME!!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Camila?
The origin of the name Camila is Spanish.
*️⃣ How many people are named Camila?
Almost 78000 people are named Camila.
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The names of James, David, Cora, Mariah, Kiara