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Rebecca Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ruh-beh-kuh\
Number in U.S 👶 752,000
Rate in 2021 541
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Rebecca Name Meaning

Rebecca is a Biblical name. She was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. It is a feminine name that is favored by many of the tribes of Israel and therefore a favorite name among Jewish people just as Sarah and Rachel. To find the historical origin, we should debate some possibilities. First, the Hebrew name “Rivka” as it means “captivating”. Second, some believe that Rebecca is of Aramaic origin which means “soil, the earth”. Third, in Genesis, Abraham did not want Isaac to marry a local Canaanite girl. Therefore, he sent his servant to explore for a wife in his ancestral land of Haran in Upper Mesopotamia. He was sure that the servant becomes successful in finding the proper woman and this happened. She was so pretty, a maiden whom no man had known. Rebecca decided to go to Canaan and was very determined.


Rebecca Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Rebecca
Additional description of the name Rebecca

Personality traits of the name Rebecca:

To get deeper into her personality, we can say that she is very strong, a leader, and competitive. No matter in which field she is. She likes to have positive competition and tends to take risks most of the time. She likes to make everything real and take them into action. She is very brave and never fears failing. She stands up after each break-down.

She is a confident one. She works hard for her aims. Better to say, she fights for her wants. She dislikes being passive. She is n active girl who believes in herself as much as possible. She never gets stuck in facing obstacles. She uses her power and innovative skills and mind at the same time to overcome hardship and reach her destination.

She has not got a stable personality. She is a pioneer most of the time. She likes starting rather than finishing. She likes to jump from one project or one work to the other if that work does not sound appropriate to her. She dislikes hearing any advice or orders. So, you, as her parents should try to be her friend rather than her parent or boss.

She can take into action the novel and nice ideas, but in most cases, she is not good at managing the ideas. She is not the one who sticks to a special field of work. She is always changing her point of view or idea in any case. This is not a good thing about her. Then, try to be careful!

She is frustrated by unimportant matters. She does not care much about them she likes to make decisions herself and after deciding, stays on her own feet to make those decisions look real and put them in the real world. She can choose her friends easily and is suited because she is good at knowing people’s traits.

She is a powerful woman with strong inner feelings. She is very kind and emotional. All you have to do to be attracted by her is to express your emotions. She is a talented girl and is always looking for ways to show them to others. She is a perfectionist and does his work with much energy. She is very responsible for the things which are announced to her as her work or project.

We can say some bold characteristics of Rebecca:

She is Intuitive, impressive, wise, sensitive, solitary, introverted, mystical

Lucky colors of Rebecca: green, gold, and all shades of yellow

The fortunate day is Saturday and Sunday

Most likely careers which are supposed to be suitable for her:

Poet, writer, music composer, artist, philosopher, historian, keeper of the department store, doctor, coach, sports specialist

The popularity of the Girl name Rebecca:

Rebecca has always been at the center of attention. It has been a trend name until the Government began announcing trend names that were used before. If we want to tell you the time that Rebecca fell on the popularity charts, we can say that it happened in the early years of the 20th century.

In 1940, Rebecca was improved in quantity. It was placed in the list of 100 Top names for girls in the United States. This prominence lasted for 50 years. That was a very good opportunity for parents to choose Rebecca as their girl’s name. This popularity lasted until the 1970s when Rebecca reached its peak in usage. It was titled the 15th most popular name in the United States, approximately in all regions. This remained between the 80s and 90s, but unfortunately, in the first years of the 20th century, it experienced a decline on the charts and lost its position.

Apart from the drawbacks, Rebecca can come back on the charts and get back to its high position. This is all because of its Biblical root, nice sounds, and fashionable style it owns.

We can say that many famous people are named Rebecca like:

Rebecca De Mornay (actress)
Rebecca Jarvis (journalist)
Rebecca Romijn (model/actress)
Rebecca Schaeffer (actress), Rebecca Gayheart (actress)

Besides, there are many songs about Rebecca like:

Jenny Rebecca, a song by Olivia Newton-John, Rebecca: a song by Hazel O'Connor, Rebecca Deville: a song by Mason Jennings, Rebecca Lynn: a song by Bryan White, Rebecca Wild: a song by The Walkabouts, Romeo & Rebecca: a song by Blink 182

In the past two decades, the name Rebecca was recorded nearly 70,000 times in the SSA Database

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Comments on the name Rebecca
09/22/2023 22:49:32

i love my name! it feels very pretty. i get called heaps of nick names: reakka was the worst! i like being called becky, becbec and becca, but i haven't been called bex. :)

09/19/2023 18:24:52

It is my new baby cousins name, very pretty, her full name is Rebecca Lucielle.

09/16/2023 20:45:46

My name is Rebecca Kathlyn. I have always loved my name, just think that It's beautiful! Time to time othe's have misspelled my name...cannot think of a time when someone has pronounced my name incorrectly.

09/10/2023 15:10:24

I give this name an "OK" because like, every other girl is named Rebecca. I have a friend named Rebecca and she goes by Becca, but that's still common!

08/30/2023 11:08:48

Hey I'm kaitlyn and my best friends name is rebecca. she gets called Becki.

08/26/2023 14:51:56

my names Rebecca, I'm known more as Becca! I love my name because It's not a extremely popular name throughout my school! Rebecca creates so many different nicknames!!! I love my name?

08/25/2023 03:53:34

My name is Rebecca.. I have never been called anything else but Becky.. I love it it fits well Rebecca not so well haha.. but everyone thats close to me calls me Bec..which i love and it helps to well you know the people that are close to you by what they call you haha

08/24/2023 10:50:50

i really like the name rebecca and if i have a girl I'most likley will name her that.

08/22/2023 00:39:26

I'm Rebecca, I have always gone by Becki. I have spelled Becki every way I can come up with. I was always Becki in school, but once I got into the coporate world I started to go by Rebecca. Once I as at a job for a while, I would get Becki or (cringe) Becca. I don't mind being called Rebecca, but I HATE Becca. I have never had a problem with someone not being able to pronouce my name. There were so many Rebecca's in my school that they could not keep up straight. I was born in 1994 at the peak when'the name was popular. I think I had 15 Rebecca's in my school and 6 were in my grade. I don't really care of my name, but what can I do???

08/17/2023 02:48:28

My name is Rebecca, I'm french. I love my name and my friends call me Beckie!

08/05/2023 10:26:16

My name is Rebecca. People call me Becky, Becca, Bec, Bex, Reb, Rebz, Rebby, Rebba the list is endless!

07/31/2023 21:24:18

My name is Rebecca, I wish I had a more unique name...there are 3 people in my class with the'same name as me.

07/21/2023 09:50:10

i called my eldest rebecca we just loved the name and so thankfully does she even'though she is just 13 we tend to shorten it to becca rather than becky which she doesnt like

07/17/2023 04:26:40

My 4 year old cousin is named Rebecca and it is very soft and pretty sounding. This name is classic

07/06/2023 16:52:32

I am too proud of naming myself Rebecca, but, actually, most people call me "Reba" and I love it! Really.. Rebecca and Reba suit me! Ugh, I hate "Becky", because I feel like a child! My family still calls me.. My niece and nephe's call me...(gulps).. "Aunt Becky".. Ugh! Anyway, Rebecca is so pretty when you say it! :)

07/02/2023 21:28:34


06/29/2023 21:10:46

My dad wanted to name me Rebecca but my mom insisted on naming me Rachel. I like the name Rebecca better though, It's prettier, but if i was named Rebecca i would probably like Rachel better! Rebecca's a beautiful name though, i don't like the nickname Becky, but Becca's pretty

06/24/2023 05:59:26


06/23/2023 09:25:06

My name is Rebecca and I have always loved it. The'sunny Brooke Farm thing always made me feel special. I do recommend avoiding the nn Becky, however. Never much liked it. I wish people had always just called me Rebecca. Perfect name!!!

06/20/2023 06:10:58

My name is Rebecca Jane. I was called Becky as a little girl, but grew to hate it as I got older. I prefer Rebecca, and think It'suits me. Some people have referred to me as "Becca", which is okay I guess, but I think Becca can come off sort of "valley girl" (not to be offensive, this is just the idea "Becca" engenders in my mind. For whatever reason, I imagine gum popping and hair flipping with expensive sunglasses - not sure why though). I had a guy friend tell me once that "Becky" sounded like an old lady name, which is annoying when You're 23. I wish people wouldn't shorten my name at all, but they can't seem to help the'selves. I, too, have noticed the frequent use of the name "Becky" in commercials over the past few years. It's like there's a new one every other month. Strange. :)

06/15/2023 14:30:18

My name is Rebecca and I love my name. I hardly ever get spoken'to as 'Rebecca'. People mostly call me Becca, but at home I get called Becca, Becky, Bex and Beck. I like all of those names. But in primary school my friends started called me Rex, which I hated and forced them to stop. But overall I think Rebecca is a lovely name and I hardly know any Rebecca's which is nice :)

06/13/2023 19:00:34

I love the name. I get called Becca though. I hate Becky. No affense. And I don't really like when'they call me it. But Becca is the best for me.

05/26/2023 08:07:08

rebecca is my name i like it but I really love te name Kari.there are 6 rebeccas at my church its so confusing.

05/10/2023 02:07:42

I am a Rebecca (yes, Rebecca Ann), and I LOVE my name. The only downside to a multi-syllable name (Elizabeth is another) is people calling you by both Rebecca and, in my case, Becky. It's never just one name with me. Anyway, to all the haters above: Rebecca is biblical and exotic and just so earthy and pretty. And, It's still unique. Not too many but just enough of us Rebeccas walking around. ;)

05/01/2023 13:34:54

My full name is Rebecca Marie smith. I introduce myself as Becky. A lot of people call me BECK. It's funny how many commercials are using the name Becky. I only use Rebecca for professional/medical reasons. I absolutely HATE when people say REEE-becca. I say It's ruh-becca! My mom is the only one allowed to say reebecca but It'still drives me nuts. Marie is a family middle name...4 generations so far.

04/21/2023 02:53:40

i like the name rebecca It's so pretty the nickname Becca is so adorable but becky eeek i hate it :( other then'that Rebecca is a adorable name

03/28/2023 06:41:34

I know very beautiful people named rebecca and I think it is a beautiful name.

03/26/2023 05:01:32

Lol my name is Rachel and people sometimes mistakenly call me Rebecca. I think It's a great name, but unfortunately my hubby doesn't like it.

03/25/2023 10:13:00

My name is Rebecca, I have an issue with the baggage load of nicknames that came a along with my name. It mainly doesn't matter in the end because the 150 other Rebeccas I have known in my short life go by Becky, so I'm ok to just be Rebecca.

03/25/2023 02:16:54

my name is rebecca and my mum and dad call me beky but my freinds call me bekas most of them. and my tag name is Bek.c Babiie <3

03/17/2023 21:10:52

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and i did research on our name, and it means ?snare? in Hebrew. A snare is basically a trap for birds and mammals. It also said that people who are named Rebecca usually are tough and very smart.

03/17/2023 05:53:56

This is my name, and I do end up getting a lot of compliments on it! But teache's and other people often mispronounce it as Callie.

03/10/2023 17:33:00

well my name is riahna but for somereason as soon as i got to highschool i got given'the nickname rae-rae. and i love it now everyone calls me that.

02/28/2023 15:05:30

My name is Rebecca. There was a point when I used to HATE my name. Even now I'm not too sure whether I like it or not. The up side to it is that there aren't any TV programmes or anything that ruin it, e.g Dora the explorer.

02/21/2023 04:24:26

I have yet to find anywhere that list the way my name is spelled. I think I will forever be telling people "no it's spelled with only one 'c'" not that I mind I think it makes people remember me better.

02/15/2023 12:37:50

i really don't like this name because i don't fit in with other people. so that is how i feel about my name. i wish i have a another name like jessicia ashly kalya beth or lora

02/13/2023 22:43:08

My name is Rebecca but I'm called Becca. It'started of in YR6 when my friend Molly called me Becca so now I'm in high school all my friends call me becca. But all the boys call me becky which is fine. I love this name because it has so many nicknames and a cute meaning.??

02/13/2023 09:47:16

My name is Rebecca Holly, cos my dad thought rebecca was sweet and my mom chose holly cos i was born in december!!! totally original! I have a trillion nicknames, but at school i go by Beccy different spelling so everyones confused but all my friends call me makka pakka? from in the night garden

02/02/2023 08:59:38

My names spelled Rebeccah. I use to hate the name but I like it. I have many nicknames such as Becca, Becky and Becca'Boo.My middle name is keokiana, which is hawaiian for GeorgeAnna. I hate the meaning of it tho. pronounced Keo-ki-ana and my last names cannon, so my whole name is unique I guess you could say.

01/29/2023 08:35:54

That is my younger'sisters name. I guess she liked her name alot because she named her first daughter that also, how unique is that. We call my neice Becca, and my sister Becky. I like the name, pretty name.

01/25/2023 05:33:28

I'm Rebecca and I'm afraid it Isn't my favourite name - I think it was overdone in 1992 (6 in my class of 25) and will be a bit like Sharon or Tracey in 10 years time - aged. People also confuse it with Rachel a lot. Sorry but I'd go with something fresher and leave Rebecca for the great-grandkids by then it will be back in style.

01/22/2023 04:22:46

my mom named me Rebecca Juliet and i think its a beautiful name and no its not just because its my name. :) she was going to name me Julie but when she first saw me she said "Oh Rebecca..." and so she thought it was fate for me to be a Rebecca because she didn't know why it just came to her and popped out of her mouth. she still wanted to keep julie in my name so she named me Rebecca Juliet. Rebecca is a kinda romantic and regal name to begin with but paired with Juliet it makes it feel that much more girlie and special.

01/10/2023 06:25:32

My name is Rebecca. My parents call me Becca or bec, which i love but everyone at school calls me Becky which i think sounds a bit like a tarty name,one teacher calls me bex which is cool.But overall i prefer becca It'sounds more mature.My parents dont like people calling me Becki,i have always been Becca

01/08/2023 23:16:24

I had 6 Rebecca's in my grade at school which I didn't mind and get Beckles a lot. I find Rebecca is a good name to have professionally for introductions and formal occasions however feel more compfortable with my nicknames like Bec. possibly because it was "Rebecca" when I used to be in trouble!

01/04/2023 18:28:10

I'm a Rebecca, and I love my name! i've been called just about every nickname imaginable: Becc, Becca, Reba, Chewbeca and countless othe's. The only one I can't take is Becky. Don't know why, that is just NOT my name. I don't know many other Rebeccas and I love the old fashioned origin/sound of my name.

12/31/2022 14:50:28

I'm called Rebecca. In primary people called me Becca, but in secondary they call be rebecca. I prefer t now than I did before. I always thought my Full name, Rebecca Collins, was really boring and plain, and unoriginal. But now I'm older, i've realised that I'm the only person in my whole life that i've encountered with the'surname Collins. And I'm the only person in the'school with the name Rebecca. :)

12/25/2022 02:29:32

When abbreviated to "Zach," people often'times spell it as "Zack,"instead of the correct spelling "Zach," which gets fairly annoying after a while.

12/23/2022 13:27:44

I really love my name, im 16 and there arnt very many rebeca's where i come from. Specially because i spell my name with one C making it unique. I ushually get beca from my friends, and i enjoy it. My family are the only people that call me Becky. I really like it. Its wonderful and works well with the last name of many guys! haha

12/16/2022 17:45:58

My name is Rebecca Louise and I really love my name. I was born in 2003 which at that time the name was ranked #21. I was named after my mom's sister whose name is Rebecca. At work people call me Becky or sometimes Becca. At home my dad calls me Becs. I also went to school with a few Rebecca's. Even'though the name is not really a common baby girl given name right now like Emma,Olivia, and Elizabeth, I love how it is still used in the movies and television and that it is still a beautiful classic name.

12/11/2022 00:48:50

My name is Rebecca and I don't like it. It's so boring and bland and I always get called Becky which I despise.

12/08/2022 03:45:00

The name reminds me of North and South Dakota. i've only known one boy with this name. The name does sound patriotic and not too feminine. I prefer my name over this name, but its not that bad i've heard worst.

11/24/2022 09:42:46

This is my name and i truly hate It'so therefore i am known as Trudy and i love it! and im working on it to change to Trudy as time goes on.

11/24/2022 04:25:22

I'm Rebecca Ann. I think It's pretty. It'sounds traditional and old fashioned to me. I'm not sure why, but people rarely say my name when'they talk to me in a conversation, maybe because It'seems too formal? If I go by Becky, people seem more comfortable calling me that.

11/22/2022 18:55:10

Rebecca Lee is my moms name and she is my hero so that name is totally awesome my mom is the funnest mom ever'so that name ROXX

11/01/2022 19:11:38

I love my name, always have. I get called Becca or Bec by friends and family. I love to write my name it looks beautiful written on paper. It's a classic.

10/31/2022 11:09:36

My name's Rebecca. I prefer Rebecca or Becca, but mother insists on calling me Becky still to this day. I'm 26.

10/29/2022 23:18:20

My name is Rebecca Marie and I was born in 1991 around the time this name was fairly popular. I go by Becky and also frequently get called Beck or Bex. I have never been called Becca. I like my name fairly well; it is easily pronounced and rarely gets misspelled. I dislike my middle name much more because I think it is boring and unoriginal.

10/28/2022 13:48:08

My name is Rebecca. I find my name vary pretty and professional. So all y'all saying It's ugly y'all need to shut up! I'm only 13 years old but i've always loved my name!

10/10/2022 03:47:36

My teacher pronounces my name wrong. It's promounced Ree-Beck-er, he pronouces it Ruh-Beck-uh! GRRR!

10/08/2022 07:42:36

This is my name and I think its really good. It'suits me quite well as its a strong name, not a fluffy name'such as Sophie or Emily (even'though they are good names). I am a girl, and people often dont read my name properly and call me Ashley or Alisha. Its pronounced Ainz-lee.

10/04/2022 08:29:24

My name is Rebecca and I think it is a pretty ok fits me well... most people call me becca and my twin sister and my best friend call me Bec. My mom used to call me Becca Bucket. I like my name but I'd like the name to be less popular though...

09/30/2022 13:05:26

Its a pretty cool name and i've had a few cool nicknames like Becca, Becky, Bec, Reba, Beckster, Bex. The only thing that bothe's me about the name Rebecca is that alot of people spell it wrong. Like : Rebbecca, Rabbeca, Rabecca, Rebbeca. Its also abit too popular, I think, as I know about ten other people called Rebecca.

09/30/2022 11:54:54

I know a Rebecca and everyone just always calls her Becca (which she likes) and it fits her. Only teache's sometimes call her Rebecca. My first girl will be named Becca Valerie because I LOVE the nickname Becca but absolutley am disgusted by the nickname Becky :(

09/25/2022 09:57:04

My name's Rebecca Catherine - my friends mostly call me Becca which is ok. Some people call me Bec or Becs as well. It's an alright name, at least It's not weird, but when I was younger I used to wish I had a more different or exciting name - Rebecca is kind of plain and boring. It's also really common, there's loads of Rebecca's in my year at school!

09/25/2022 05:50:12

this name is one of the top names i can'tell you that, and people do prononce it like seen some times if its spelled sean.I dont met to many othe's withthe'same name much. it is one great name!

09/24/2022 19:33:02

Many people call me Bex. well its only annoying sometimes From Rebecca aged 7

09/22/2022 15:31:56

I was named Rebecca with every intention that I would go by Becky because my parents named me after Becky Thatcher from Tom Sawyer. I like it because it provides me with a wealth of names, in addition to Rebecca and Becky people call me by Beck, Becca, Reba, and Creek. (It's a very looooong story about how they got Creek out of my name) I love all my names!

09/07/2022 11:59:30

My name is Rebecca Danielle. I am not sure if i like it or not. It'sometimes gets frustrating because everyone calls me Becky or Becca, when i would rather go by Rebecca. Also, it is often spelled wrong,which annoys me. But, over all I think its a pretty cool name.

09/07/2022 01:42:20

My name is Rebecca Colleen. Everyone always calls me Becky and I love it! I read some of the comments and a lot of people might not like the name Becky because It's ?childish? or ?I'mature? but I'must say I beli've it represents innocents not childness nor I'maturity but that's just me. Anyways everyone always miss spells my name, they either'spell it like ?Beccy? or ?Bekky? which is really weird haha, one time I got a ?Decky? which was weird... I will respond to Becca and Beck also but my friends always tell me, "no your a Becky." I'm one of those girls that you could think up a million nicknames for but no one ever uses them which makes me sad cause sometime I do get bored of the'same old 'Becky,' my friends don't even call me 'Beck.' Though one nickname I would love it if people used is R.C. I don't know why but I just love that name?

09/01/2022 14:33:18

I love my name. I'm a Rebecca Leigh, and It's common enough where everyone knows how to pronounce it, and 95% of the time it gets spelled correctly by them too. It grew with me. When I was a toddler it was Becca. In school I was Becky, or Beck to some friends. (Also, in my graduating class of 720, there were only 3 Rebeccas. And I was born in 1995 near the peak of the name's popularity.) Now in the workplace, I'm Rebecca. If you knew me when, I'm Becky. I like the familiarity that that brings.

08/29/2022 10:36:36

I really like my name! i've been in the'same grade with at most three other Rebecca's (with various spellings), but it never became a problem. The only downside to my name is that people automatically ask if you go by Becca or Becky or something. Personally, I detest those nicknames and only go by Rebecca. The only people that can get away with calling me Becca are my cousins, because that was my nickname as a small child.

07/24/2022 23:39:36

i've been called many nicknames before such as Bex, Becca, Becky, Bucca, Bucket, Buka, and ChewBecca...otherwise known as Chewbacca. Other than that, well actually, I LOVE MY NAME.

07/17/2022 01:20:24

My name's Rebecca and I like my name. When I'm meeting someone for the first time most end up calling me Roberta or Rachel. What makes the name Rebecca so difficult to remember?

07/13/2022 23:13:30

My name is Rebecca, and almost everyone calls me Becca. I like it because it doesn't get spelled wrong very often except for 'beca' which bothe's me a lot.

07/09/2022 00:16:30

my name is rebecca-lynn and i looove my name! i hardly ever get a mis pronounceation and my nick-name is becca but my name will always be Rebecca-Lynn <3

07/06/2022 22:51:54

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I absolutley love it and it is from the bible! and the other thing i love is it is not a very common over used names and wow des it fit me!

05/23/2022 11:03:36

beckieee :) heheh im rebecca! It's kind of boring but oh well .

05/08/2022 12:22:48

i've always liked my name, Rebecca. I was Becky as a little girl, then Becca and now mostly Rebecca or Becs.

04/28/2022 03:30:00

My name is Rebecca Ann but is was suppose to be spelled like the one in t he Bible. I go by Beckie. In school i use to spell it Becky but seem like everyone wanted to apell it Beckey or Beckiey. I changed the way I spell it because I go to a doctor and as strange as it is he has three of us with the'same name first middle and last, so I changed it to Beckie so that they would know which one they where seeing that day. And as alway they ask me is it Rebecca or Becky with a y or Beckie wit an ie. lol Funny when we all three are there because our Charts do asy Rebecca first. And I alway make sure they have the right chart.

04/25/2022 00:28:12

Rebecca is my name. I didn't like it when I was younger. However, now I like it even'though I'm called Becky.

04/20/2022 10:40:12

I absolutely love my name. It is classic and very feminine - no one mistakes it for a boy's name like they do the names Taylor or Sawyer. People always know how to spell it, and it is a very pretty name.

04/09/2022 21:12:54

Another Rebecca here. I was Becky for most of my childhood, and there was another girl in my grade named Rebecca who went by the full version. Now (age 27) It's pretty evenly split between being called Rebecca and Becky, and I don't really have a preference. I'm happy with my name, but not passionate about it. Being a Rebecca proves you don't have to have an unusual name to have it misspelled - I get Rebbeca a lot, and once even got a letter addressed to "Beaky"!

03/26/2022 16:50:06

My name is Rebecca Grace and I love it! Most people spell my name correctly and I usually go by the name Rebecca. I'meet people with my name once in a while, not too often.

02/21/2022 22:51:00

My sisters name is Rebecca and she likes it, but she is always getting confused with other people. For example on our running team of only 70 people there are 3 people name Rebecca. So while it is a wonderful name you might be wise to choose something a little less popular.

01/26/2022 01:46:30

My Friends name is Rebecca, and i think its very beautiful! the name rebecca suits her. i understand some people dont like the name, but it is beautiful. the name Rebecca means : " The Goddess Of Beauty "

01/23/2022 21:37:12

I love the name. I get called Becca though. I hate when I'm callsd Becky. No affense. And I don't really like when'they call me it. But Becca is the best for me.

12/24/2021 02:18:00

I love my name! Not one other person in my high school has this name, and that is rare. No one ever pronounces it wrong! I could not ask for a better name!

12/14/2021 02:34:12

i love my name, the meaning is enchantingly beautiful! all my friends love my name too. not many people have it, iv only met 2 other people with the'same name!

11/03/2021 02:56:42

My name is Rebecca though I prefer to be called Becca. I love the name, I particularily love the way Becca looks since the letters are so close together in the alphabet. I hate the name Becky, but I often love to hear what people do to my name. For instance my Debate teacher calles me Beckers.

10/02/2021 10:34:48

My name's Rebecca and my friend is also named Rebecca. It's pronounced Ree-Beck-uh. I bet that everyone knows how to pronounce it anyway!

10/01/2021 10:47:24

My name is Rebecca and I go by Becky. I love using Rebecca for formal business purposes because It'sounds so professional. It also helps to determine if someone REALLY knows me because if they call me Rebecca, they obviously don't know me very well! As I have gotten older (almost 30 now), I do often wish my parents had called me Becca instead of Becky. But overall I still really love my name and I'm proud to be a Rebecca!

08/23/2021 13:29:24

my name is rebecca but everyone calls me becca. except for my grandmother, stepsister, and 5th grade math teacher.

08/10/2021 10:43:48

I'm a 37 year old Rebecca...and have gone by Becky my entire life. At one time...I changed the'spelling in school...Beckie, Beckey, Becki...I think Becky is a good nickname for a child but seems a bit I'mature for an adult. Truthfully, I don't really like my name and most of the time I get Debbie instead of Becky. Close family and friends usually call me Beck or Bex, ...sometimes get Becca Sue...although my middle name is Leigh. I was always made fun of in school...Becky from Sunnybrook farm...if you are thinking of naming your daughter Rebecca...I say think again.

08/08/2021 00:10:12

My name is Rebecca and I just love it because it is beautiful and is in the bible which I think makes it even more special and I'm 18 to.

07/06/2021 22:39:18

My sisters name is Rebecca,but we call her Becca or Bec-Bec. I love this name. She is so great at art!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Rebecca?
The origin of the name Rebecca is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Rebecca?
To Bind
*️⃣ How many people are named Rebecca?
Almost 752000 people are named Rebecca.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Rebecca?
The names of Ridhi