Roberto meaning

: Bright Fame

Roberto Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \r(o)-ber-to, rob(e)-rto\
Number of People 👶 110,000
Rate in 2021 900
Numerology 🔢 12
Name origin 🌍 German
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Roberto Name Meaning


The meaning behind the name Roberto is quite fascinating. Originating from the Italian and Spanish languages, Roberto carries a rich history and symbolism.

In Italian, Roberto is derived from the Germanic name "Hrodebert," which means "bright fame" or "renowned in glory." This reflects the idea of someone who shines brightly and leaves a lasting impression on others.

The Spanish variation of Roberto also holds significance. It stems from the name "Robert," which has roots in Old High German and means "bright" or "famous." This suggests that individuals named Roberto may possess qualities such as charisma, intelligence, and a natural ability to stand out.

Names often hold cultural and personal significance, shaping our identity and influencing how others perceive us. Embracing the meaning behind your name can provide insight into your own unique qualities and characteristics.

Whether you are named Roberto or simply curious about this meaningful name, understanding its origins can deepen your appreciation for its significance in various cultures around the world.


Roberto Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Roberto
Additional description of the name Roberto


The origin of the name Robert is German . Specifically, he was introduced by the Normans to Italy and then to much of Europe. As for its etymology, it is a name that is formed with the German roots "hruot ", which translates as fame and "berht" which means brilliant. Therefore, when joining both words, it means "the one who has fame and splendor".


Cool Info About Name Roberto

Additional name description Roberto
Additional name description Roberto


The personality of the name Roberto

Roberto is characterized by having a balanced and very independent personality. He doesn't like to be pressured or told what he has to do. In addition, he also has a kind and compassionate character, so he always seeks to participate in some charity organization.

Another of Roberto's characteristics is that he is usually a cheerful and enthusiastic man with whom you can easily establish a friendship. Of course, he does not tolerate lies or betrayals. For this reason, his circle of friends is somewhat reduced, but very select.

At work, he stands out for being responsible and applied. Also, he is a born and creative leader who always has many ideas running through his head. The usual thing is that men named Roberto work in humanistic careers or law, although they can also lean towards the arts or manual trades.

As for the love plane, Roberto is a very detailed and loving gentleman. He goes out of his way to attend to her partner and shower her with gifts and attention. Because of that, he will always have many fans around him. Roberto believes in true love and life.

With the family, he is just as attentive and loving. He has no qualms about taking care of his parents and will always give them the support they need. Likewise, Roberto is a good father and maintains excellent relationships with his children to guide them through education and values.

Celebrities with name Roberto

The best-known celebrities bearing the name of Roberto are:

Robert II Scotland – was a King of Scotland during the 14th century.

Robert Redford: famous American-born film actor.

Roberto Baronio – Italian-born soccer player and former sports coach. Currently, he plays with the Juventus FC team.

Robbie Williams: singer of British origin, recognized for being an excellent composer and exponent of the pop-rock genre.

Roberto Álvarez: renowned stage, film, and television actor born in Spain.

Robert Schuman: He was one of the founding fathers of the current European Union.

Meaning of the name Roberto - Celebrities with the name RobertoImage: Spanish news24viral

Saint Robert's Day

According to Catholic saints, Robert's Day is celebrated every June 7 to commemorate Saint Robert of Newminster.

Robert name numerology

The lucky number associated with the name Roberto is 3since it is the digit related to balance, serenity, and communicative people.

The popularity of the first name Robert

Roberto is an old name that has been maintained over time. Currently, it is very popular in Spain. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), there are some 98,104 men named Roberto, with an average age of 42 years.


If we see the attached map below, it can be seen that the communities in which this name is most popular are the following:







Diminutives and variations of the name Roberto
The name Roberto has many variants and diminutives. Some of the best-known are the following:
Robert, Ruperto, Robat, Rhobert, Robertito, Ruber, Rob, Robby, Robbie, Robi, Robertos, Rupertus, Roberta, and Ruperta (these are their female variants)

The name Roberto in other languages
Because Roberto is an old name and has been very popular over the years, this anthroponym is written differently in one wide variety of languages. Let's see some of the spellings of the name Roberto in other languages:
German: Ruprecht
Catalan: Robert
Scottish: Robert
French: Robert
Galician: Robert
Hungarian: Robert
English: Robert, Rob, Robbie
Irish: Roibeard
Italian: Roberto, Robertin
Dutch: Robert, Robben
Portuguese: Roberto
Polish: Robert
Russian: Роберт

Numerology of the name Roberto
The lucky number associated with the name Roberto is 3 since it is the digit related to balance, serenity, and communicative people.

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Roberto FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Roberto?
The origin of the name Roberto is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Roberto?
Bright Fame
*️⃣ How many people are named Roberto?
Almost 110000 people are named Roberto.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Roberto?
The names of Rex, Roxanne, Roxy, Roxie, Roxi