Sally meaning

: princess.

Sally Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \s(al)-ly\
Number of People 👶 205,000
Rate in 2021 2162
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 English
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Sally Name Meaning

Sally is a diminutive of the name Sarah, which is of Hebrew origin and means "princess" or "lady". Known for its charm and simplicity, Sally conveys a sense of friendliness and approachability.

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Sally Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Sally
Additional description of the name Sally

The name Sally originated as a diminutive form of the name Sarah in England during the Middle Ages. Sarah, a name of Hebrew origin, was often affectionally shortened to Sally, particularly in informal contexts. The name gained popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite its ups and downs in popularity, Sally has remained a beloved name in many English-speaking countries.

Cool Info About Name Sally

Additional name description Sally
Additional name description Sally

Famous people named Sally include Sally Ride, the first American woman to go to space, and Sally Field, a renowned actress. The name also appears in pop culture, such as the character Sally Brown in the comic strip "Peanuts" and Sally Bowles in the film and musical "Cabaret".

In terms of popularity, according to the Social Security Administration, Sally was in the top 100 baby names in the United States from 1928 to 1953.

As for personality traits, people named Sally are often perceived as friendly, approachable, and reliable. They are thought to be down-to-earth and sincere, with a strong sense of responsibility.

The name Sally is also associated with a sense of classic charm and nostalgia, making it a timeless choice for parents. Its connection to nature, specifically the willow tree (Salix genus), adds an earthy and organic touch to its appeal.

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Comments on the name Sally
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Sally & I am awesome, I'd call all cats this but stopped at 11 as it got confusing at the vets.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is Sally and I really like It'so much. I'd never think of changing it at all even if I had the change to =)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My names Sally. i hate it (: no one else has it x

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Sally. While seemingly very generic, It's actually not a common name, and I like that about it. I was a cute blonde-haired, blue-eyed Silly Sally as a kid, and someday I'll be a sweet Grandma Sally, but at nearly 30, I sometimes feel ambivalent. It's not a very serious name, but then I don't take myself too seriously anyways. I'll leave the fretting for the Margarets of the world.

01/11/2024 15:34:52

I love it, I love it, I love it. My formal name is Sara, but since day one i've been called Sally. Growing up I'met only three people who were aware that Sally was a nickname for Sara/h, so that was (kind of) annoying, but the fact that I was THE ONLY Sally in my entire elementary school, middle school AND high school was, in a word, awesome. By contrast, at any given'time I always knew at least five Sarahs. Sally has a spark, and while the traditional Hebrew meaning is "princess" I love the French definition of saillir: to go forth on an adventure; a sudden burst of activity and - my favorite - to leap.

12/03/2023 01:26:18

personally, i think my name is friendly, happy, and has a hint of sophistication.

11/28/2023 08:17:28

I'm 21 and through my whole school career I have yet to share my name. I'll admit...I have had mixed feelings about my name "Sally" but the truth is that I'm lucky there are so few that have it. I have 2 sisters with the names Erica and Sarah so you can imagine what they must go through. With the name'sally, I feel lucky and special because what other name can you think of that is so rare but yet so common at the'same time❤️❤️!!

11/27/2023 17:35:48

I love my name as Sally :) guys find it cute and sexy, and i think its really sweet. I love being called Sal, it just makes me feel happy and It'sounds friendly :D

11/22/2023 00:56:18

Am in love with a girl called Sally, i really Love her and hope things work out between me and her. I love u Sally and your name is just as beautiful as you are my love.

10/15/2023 14:13:34

My name is Sally and I'm obsessed with my name! I think because it was popular so long ago people associate it with being unattractive, but because I'm a bubbly attractive blonde people think it really suits me! I love that I'm the only person named Sally and people always know who they're talking about - no last name needed. I love the uniqueness of it while It's still classic.

10/10/2023 02:16:12

My names Sally and i like my name. However I absoloutly hate it when people shorten it to 'Sal'. It'sounds so old and pathetic. However'sally (not shortened) is a good name. It's easy to say, easy to spell and not to common. It rhymes with a lot of things aswell. When I was little I got 'Sooky-Sally' but only from my family. I love the meaning and I like it as its own name. I don't see the point in calling your kid Sarah and then nick naming It'sally. Sally is a pretty name and perfect for a girl of any age.

09/10/2023 23:06:30

the name'salvador is a good name because they are clever and they always have ideas and they think fast,always active.they are so name is also salvador and I love my name'so much.

09/10/2023 16:20:56

sally is a happy, friendly name. I think It'suits me perfectly at any age!

08/30/2023 07:01:56

i love this name! its the name of my very dearest friend, who has helped me so much, i love her to pieces, as i do the name also!

08/21/2023 18:11:30

i love my name because its special and I'm me. and becuase my new teache's always say mustang sally.

08/10/2023 05:03:16

I grew up knowing one other'sally in the's.F. Bay Area. I now live in the Foothills to the'sierra (Grass Valley, CA) and while at a Bakery there were five of us Sallys out of 12 people in the establishment. I work with two Sallys on a regular basis. Should I start a club❤️

08/07/2023 10:20:30

I'm not named Sally, but i've always loved the name. I was curious why the name'sally was used in song so much. Even in movies. I really wished that I have the name'sally. I used it it once as a username online. At first, I was doubting if i should change my username with Sally. But I changed it coz a friend insisted to. well, this friend, I like him. We never had any relationship aside from being friends and classmates. Anyhow, he has this favorite movie. Recently, I watched that movie too. And found out that there's this song entitled "Sally My Love". I remembered how much he insisted me to change my username. Unfortunate as it can get, now, he has a girlfriend and I never knew how he really felt for me. I'm not sure of anything about him and what he felt for me only that, the'song really suggests something.. "sally my love". maybe at some point he really liked me. or maybe im just assuming. anyhow, i really love the name'sally. i just thought of sharing my "sally" experience.^_____^!!

08/04/2023 19:09:20

My name is Sally and I now love my name. I have an older'sister, thought my name was a second choice after my sister, however, now realize that people change over time and so do their choice in names. I love that my name is rare yet fun and easy. People always sing to me when'they learn my name - what could be better❤️

08/03/2023 10:14:24

I know of a girl called Sally. I always see her from a distance, a beauty to behold. She goes to my sister'school yet we've only talked once. Right now one of her legs are 'crippled'

07/16/2023 11:23:56

The name'sounds really, really old-fashioned. I always seem to associate it with the 1800s and with Quakers or MennonIt's and the like.

06/20/2023 17:56:18

My name is Sally and I absolutely hate it. It'sounds like an old lady's name and makes me think of a cute and bubbly blonde, which is the exact opposite of what I am :(

06/18/2023 07:09:38

We named our daughter'samantha and I love this name'so much I feel nothing else will ever be as good as this name. I'm worrying like crazy what we will call our next child so that the name is just as good be it a boy or a girl. We are in our 5th month pregnant already....

06/18/2023 00:59:20

I Love my name to bits!its unique though some people think its a short form of the name'salome

06/12/2023 15:23:02

I actually work for a Sally and so I have to go by my legal name, Sarah, at work. Sally is my nickname though and what I have always gone by. Her legal name is also Sarah and she named her daughter'sarah. My mother's name was Sarah and she named me Sarah but called me Sally. Backwards. You don't meet too many people that'share the name'sally, much less the mom/daughter'same name thing.

06/05/2023 22:02:20

OMG!I'm still wondering if it is a good name for me .I just love its pronunciation .Really don't know whether it is a good name or not .Maybe when I find out it is not a good name ,I'll change it .

05/29/2023 13:07:04

I am 26 and have only known 2 other'sally's in my life....they were both senior citizens!

05/28/2023 21:32:30

Like the'song "Mustang Sally", people say "Ride, Sally, Ride....It's a conversation starter..

05/15/2023 16:08:30

My name is Sally and I have always liked my name. I am a Senior Citizen. I was named Sally because my dad said he had never had a girlfriend named Sally and he had always liked the name and of course my mother liked the name. I have the original sheet music of "My Gal Sal" (preserved in a frame) - that belonged to my grandmother.

05/15/2023 07:01:52

not many people my age (17 yrs) has this name, i find a lot of dogs do though!

05/09/2023 08:29:42

my name is sally i lived in manila..i am so very glad and happy...i love my name "sally" because It's sound so cute and happy.

04/28/2023 05:38:38

Good day, Dan. You do not know me, but I would like to share a story about the impact your mother, Sally Black Wire Juarez, had on my father, and through him, on me. In the early 1940ıs, your mother lived in the Montclair neighborhood of North Quincy, MA, directly across the'street from my father, Stanley H. Scott. Stanley was the youngest son of Olive and Harold Scott and his oldest sister was Doris, then came Robert, Harold Jr. (aka ıJewnyahı as the family spelled it) and finally Stan, in 2 year intervals. Their father owned and ran the local mom nı pop corner'store right down the'street. My father was in the'same grade as your mother at North Quincy High School, and in fact they graduated together in 1942. They never dated, or even really chummed around in the'same group, but my father always remembered Sally. After'serving in the war, my father met and married my mother, Anita, in 1964. They went on to have 4 children: Donald 1966, Stan Jr 1967, Donna 1967 and last but not least me, in 1971. My name is Sally. When I was about 10 years old, while reminiscing about growing up during the depression my father mentioned that he named me after a girl he once knew, and that'she was vivacious and beautiful and that is what he wanted for me. As you can imagine, at the time I was horrified and gasped at my mother that'she would allow dad to name me after an old girlfriend. She just laughed and rolled her eyes. Now my father is 83. His siblings are all gone and after more than 52 years together, my mother passed 2 years ago. Dad lives with me. A few days ago we took a ride through North Quincy (which is still quite local for us), past the high school, past where his fathe's store had been and then down the'street that both he and your mother lived. He again told me the'story, about how your mother was a cheerleader, and always had a smile on her face. How she was beautiful and friendly and had a zest for life. For the first time, he mentioned her last name: Black. I always wanted to meet this woman that made such an impression on a 17-18 year old boy that when he was a 35 year old man he'still was so moved by her that he would name his youngest daughter after her. I looked in one of his high school reunion booklets that he kept from 1979 and there she was listed, complete with an update with her last name, childrenıs names and where she lived then. An internet search returned her obituary from late last year. I am sorry for your loss and it is clear from the write-up that'she continued to enjoy an abundance of life and love for many, many years with the'same joy that my father remembers. So, although it is too late for me to meet her, I wanted to let you know that I carry her name proudly, and I will be grateful if I have just a smidgen of the glitter of life that was in her heart and eyes that my father remembers so well. Warmly, Sally

04/13/2023 17:58:24

I love my name'sally. i've always liked my name. When I'married my last name of Fox just gave an air of sophistication to my name. I feel that is is a name that you can wear easily from the cradle to the grave.

04/12/2023 21:59:20

hey my name is sally and also my best friend is called sally really i love my name'sooooooooo much

03/29/2023 17:39:56

My daughter is named Sally. She's 23 and her name is uncommon for her age but It's not one of those "odd" names. Her name fits her - she's one of a kind and a real beauty inside and out! She loves her name, too

03/07/2023 02:51:10

Our daughter is Sally. People always pronounce it correctly. We never meet other children named Sally.

03/07/2023 01:05:22

I don't like this name too much...It'sounds like It's out of some cartoon!

02/11/2023 22:31:16

Hi I live in Manila and my Girlfriend's name is Sally. and I love her'so much!

01/21/2023 22:47:44

Funny, my name is Sally and all my life I wondered why did my parent`s ever name me that. Well come to find out I was named after one of my auntie`s.There are days that I love it and other days that I dont.

01/20/2023 23:17:04

My name is Sally and I am 12 years old. Nobody at my school is called Saly and so I feel special and unique! I love my name and I love how it is rare too

01/12/2023 14:15:52

im 22 years name is sally..from jordan..i really like my name,coz i feel that It's a rare name in jordan,and ma friends used to call me very happy coz i have such a name..It's a happy and lovely name..

01/03/2023 13:57:44

HI'my name is Sally my dad chose the name of Sallywhen my mom was 8 months pregnant with me my parents were driving down to Los Angeles freeway my dad happened to look up and seen a dress shop called Sally's and he'said if he ever had a little girl that's the name that he wanted to give her I don't know too many salads during school I think there was one girl but i've always had a name to myself even at my jobs if they were talking about a Sally I knew they were talking about me.I hate being call sal because my mom had a girlfriend whose husband name was sal I just really hate that. How many salads after have a middle name of ann. My mom gave me that I looked it up one time and found out that there was nine songs with the name of Sally during my school years I was always refer to a silly Sally as I got older I was referred to as mustang Sally at my job they asked us what we would like to have on her name tags and we had a choice of our favorite car or hometown I put my hometown of Torrance but when I got the name tag back somebody at the printing and company when my company got the name tags back instead of putting down my hometown of Torrance they put down my favorite car and they started laughing because it referred to as mustang Sally thank you Dad for giving me the name

12/30/2022 10:02:24

Sally is not a very pretty name at all. It reminds me of a cartoon characters name. I think Sally has a good name but I definately wouldn't name my daughter that.

12/24/2022 22:22:40

A cutesy-wutesy silly name for a little girl. Whenever I hear the name, I think of some doinky little girlie-girl in a 1962's "the American dream" sitcom who has blond hair with a giant bow on it and a dress who loves tea-parties and dollies and ponies. I love the name'sally, It'seems to bring up the very essence of little girls who live in the USA. But when you become an adult, the name'sally gives off an air of I'maturity. Sally is a girl's name, not a woman's name. It's perfect on young females, but makes you sound childish when you are mature. Like naming a greyhound "Puppy", and it grows to become a graceful creature, but with an infantile name. Perhaps you could legally change it when you outgrow it...❤️

12/22/2022 13:39:26

My name is sally, at first i thought it was super weird and reading through these comments i dont think ive seen my name'so many times, I love it though and it completely describes my personality and sometimes people even question if thats actually my name. im proud of it!

12/18/2022 23:15:14

I live in Denmark, and there are not many girls in this country called Sally, so im happy about. It's a bit unique :D. But new teache's, allways think that I say "sanny" when I tell them my name. - Thats is a bit frustrating..

12/14/2022 10:30:54

I think the name'sally sounds sweet. anyhow... the meaning of it is "princess".

11/18/2022 16:45:38

I love it! I'm a Sara, nicknamed Sally. It's unusual without being odd, familiar but yet uncommon. If you have a daughter in 2019, she will be the only Sally in her class.

11/15/2022 06:10:40

I love the name'sally, because it is the name of the lady I'married!

11/06/2022 18:13:08

I hardly leave a response, however i did some searching and wound up here Girl name'sally - Trends, Comments and Popularity of Sally. And I do have a few questions for you if It's allright. Is It'simply me or does it look like a few of the comments look like written by brain dead visitors❤️ :-P And, if you are posting on additional online social sIt's, I'd like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Would you list of every one of all your social pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile❤️

10/15/2022 13:23:54

Im called Sally and i hate it, its like an old ladies name, which i suppose is ok, cos when i get older it wont seem to bad, I'meen can you honistly imagine an old lady being called, gemma, or like charmaine of somethings

10/14/2022 09:46:22

I think Sally is a great name! So cute for a little girl! My husband loves it.

10/01/2022 05:50:32

My name is Sally Blanche. I was named after both of my grandmothe's. I am glad "Sally" was the first of the two. I would have preferred that my name was "Sarah", my grandmother's actual name rather than "Sally", which was what everyone called her. All in all, I am pleased with my name.

09/16/2022 05:49:42

My name's Sally and I really like my name coz It'sounds good.I think I'm lucky coz my Name is Sally. my name is lovely as I think.

09/10/2022 10:49:08

Sally is my name and I love it. It is pretty and Feminine. It's unusual but easy to spell and say. It's also sexy! Mustang Sally. Long tall Sally. My gal Sal.

08/28/2022 08:04:30

It's simply the perfect name. Remember'sally Brown, Charlie Brown's little sister❤️ What's not to love.

06/18/2022 04:41:06

I love my name because when somebody says the name'sally at my school I know they're talking about me. :)

02/01/2022 00:30:54

im 17 and my names sally how about that i love hte classic feel of my name personally its nice to have a name not many people have

12/14/2021 01:39:18

i had a book called snap snap and it had a little girl in it called sally it a cute name i love it

12/01/2021 10:47:24

Sally is our 2 year olds names. People either love it or hate. I think it is a happy name.

11/20/2021 10:21:18

My daughters name is Sally and she was born in 2020! I like it because it is rare and not common like some of the'stupid names going around lately.

11/07/2021 14:00:00

I love my name'sally i was born in 1941. So i will be 76. I was named after my dads aunt whose name was sara but i was told sally was a nick name in those days for sara. Go figure.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sally?
The origin of the name Sally is English.
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Almost 205000 people are named Sally.
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The names of Stella, Steele, Steel, Sydelle, Sadellia