Tahj meaning

: Crown or Jewel.

Tahj Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ta-hj\
Number of People 👶 3,000
Rate in 2021 2230
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Indian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Tahj Name Meaning

The name Tahj is of Arabic origin and is derived from the word "Taj," which translates to "Crown" or "Jewel." This name signifies a person who is esteemed, treasured, and adorns their surroundings just like a crown jewel enhances the beauty of a royal diadem.

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Tahj Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Tahj
Additional description of the name Tahj

The name Tahj stems from Arabic roots. The Arabic word "Taj" means a crown or jewel, and given that crowns are often synonymous with prestige and honour, Tahj suggests a sense of dignity. It paints a picture of an individual with an aura of prominence. Despite its Arabic roots, the name has gained popularity in various parts of the world, including the West, where it's adopted for its unique phonetics and connotation of prestige and admiration.

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Additional name description Tahj
Additional name description Tahj

The name Tahj has crawled up the popularity charts thanks to famous folks such as Tahj Mowry, an American actor renowned for his role in popular sitcoms like "Full House" and "Smart Guy." People named Tahj are often seen as leaders, pioneers, and innovators. Their personality echoes fearlessness and a spirit of uniqueness which encompass their path-breaking attitude making their way through the world. Owing to its unique phonetics and cultural significance, Tahj continues to be a favorite among parents looking for a blend of the contemporary and traditional in a name.

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Comments on the name Tahj
01/14/2024 00:00:00


01/14/2024 00:00:00

They pronounce in "Nate" like you wouldnt beli've..there is no "e" at the end

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is tahj 14 years of age soon to be 15 in two days. I love my name, my mother named me Tahj not because Tahj Mowry but because it means "master teacher" or "crown".

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Hello, my name is not Tahj nor do i know anyone with thins name, eh i just really like it, I hate my name "Julia" i've always loved other 'different' names, tahj the way i pronounce it is "tah-je" It's really a beautiful name and I'll always love it

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my son tahj. i liked it because it was different. when my son turned 4 i reverted to islam and i think it was a sign from allah.

01/06/2024 15:58:06

My name is Tahj. I am 13 and hav always had to spell out and repronounce my name to those around me. I alwyas told them it was like the Taj Mahal. Xd

12/30/2023 04:59:24

Named my second son Tahj in 2013. Got the name from Tahj Mowry a great young actor.

12/06/2023 05:33:20

My names Tahj I'm 17 and i've only met one person with the'same name as me and I'm sure everyone with the name Tahj understands how mind blowing it is. I think of it as a unique name and very very rare

11/28/2023 06:49:18

I am a spiritual person & wanted my son to have a unique & meaningful name.Tahj is it!He is our king so we crowned him with a name that means exactly that!Tahj is 'royalty' to our family!Our son is 5 now & he reminds us of that every day!!!GOD BLESS you all & may u find a blessed name for your child also!

10/06/2023 03:38:16

most mispell/mispronounce. mine is pronounce the'same as the "Taj Mahal". Don't think i've ever met anyone with the'same name. tahj

10/05/2023 09:25:00

Tahj Mowry has the name Tahj obviously and he is a CHRISTIAN and he is GORGEOUS, so I guess this name does very well for people.

10/05/2023 03:32:20

We named our son Takai in September 2021, loved the name Makai but wanted to keep a T name with his brother. A lot of people mis pronounce it with "Ta kee a" and "Ta Kay" which I don't see how, now I find there are lots of babies with the name with a different letter in the beginning!

08/17/2023 03:59:00

Tahj is the name I chose for my baby girl born on Easter'sunday 8th April 2019 in the Bahamas. However I am searching for the meaning of the word Tahj.

07/27/2023 06:18:54

My name is TAHJ WE HAVE The'sAME NAME AND I won't you to TEX me back TAHJ and give me our number TAHJ BY.

07/27/2023 02:29:40

my son's name is Tahj, i thought i was the first to spell it this way as we wanted it to be different to the usual Taj ......he was born 14/5/05

07/25/2023 06:24:40

my name is tajh, people always say my name is unique, and i can beli've them. in fact im 16 and i just met another tajh! yup its a pretty awesome name, a girl in my class actually named her brother in law after me. i love this name!

07/25/2023 04:38:52

People constantly say or spell it wrong. At times, I wish my mom had named me Marcus.

07/23/2023 00:37:46

My little brother's name is Tahj, he's a 9 year old crazy kid who's always full of energy. He gets alot of people spelling his name as Taj which he's quick to correct them on. One of our friends like the'sound of the name'so much she named her boy Taj a couple years later.

06/21/2023 12:09:34

My sons name is Tahj. In fact his entire name is Tahj El'Shabazz (yes, like Malcolm X). He looks like a "crown king"; hence the reason for his name and he will be treated like royalty for the rest of his life. In addition to acting like a king.

06/13/2023 18:25:18

my husband and i have been fighting over boys names for 8 1/2 months when we heard tha name tahj we knew it was the name for us

05/22/2023 15:57:08

Tahj Mowry inspired me to name my son "Tahj". I was very impressed by him and his style. Then'to understand the meaning of the name made the decision a complete go. Thanks Tahj!

05/20/2023 06:56:16

My name is Tahj and im 34 years old I think I'might be the oldest person alive with this name its a very unique name

04/02/2023 18:03:40

We are in teh Uk. My son is 11yrs old, His name is Gage.. (like the lady above, from Pet cem) We often get a pardon❤️ Cage❤️ Gabe❤️.. But MOST people say Oo thats a nice name. My dad calls him EN-Gage.. haha :o)

04/02/2023 13:03:54

My husband was born in India and moved here to Canada in 1983. We have 3 children and decided that we wanted a name for our third child ( born 2014) to have a name that had something to do with India. We liked the name Taj but decided it was too short so we added an h (Tahj). We had no idea at the time that there was anyone with the'same spelling. We have yet to meet anyone with the'same name. He is as unique as his name!!

03/04/2023 07:15:30

well i am yajayra too. just that the'spelling is diferent. the man at the registrar couldn't spell i guess. the'spanish j sounds like h in english so it is the'same. well in a book i read It'says that the name is hebrew and it means "precious." so girls we are all precious!!! its unique and bright. most people can't spell or pronounce it. so they call me ya or some other nickname. i love my name 'Yajayra'

01/30/2023 14:16:52

Hi I'm about to have my first son and I picked the name Tahj about 9yrs before I even found out I was about to have a baby. I got the name from Taj Mahal, but I changed the'spelling to Tahj like Tahj Mowry. I love the name it is very unique I hope my son grows up to love it.

01/28/2023 18:29:30

I actually came up with this name for a fictional character, but I fell in love with it. I'm impressed to see It's real!

01/27/2023 07:48:46

my names Stella and i have a 4 month old son called Tahj. I didn't know anyone else called Tahj, until i named him, then i heard of 3 women calling their babies Taj, Tahj, or Tajh. I love the name, and my son siuts it very much!

01/22/2023 06:08:34

My only son, who's now three years old, is named Tahj. His older'sister Katie, nine, named him. I thought that's a pretty out-of-the-way name for a nine-year-old girl to come up with.

12/11/2022 10:48:22

my name is tahj too im 15 years old and i love my name i agree that it is pretty unique and i like it that way i think of myself as one of a kind and i spell it Tahj i think its da best name to have as well as the reason of it being my own name its da best and it has a great meaning too.

12/04/2022 05:07:04

My 5 year old son is named Tahj, we picked this name because it was unusual and the meaning of it is "crown". Alot of people know him..and his name'stands out. I wouldn't change his name for anything.

11/28/2022 13:55:44

a have a soon to be 4 month old son name tajh && he really looks like a tajh lol i love his name i just wanted to know what it meant(his dad picked it out)

10/08/2022 15:21:04

Its a great name. But its one of those names that has to have a good last name to follow.

09/25/2022 17:17:54

My name is Tahj and I'm 17 years old. Growing up with this name, people have always spelled and pronounced it wrong and i've always had to correct someone. Tahj means "crown" in arabic, which is why I got a tatoo of a crown. I'm the only Tahj I know besides Tahj Mowry, the actor, and I like it like that because that makes my name even more unique. This is for all the "Tahj's" throughout the world reading this! We make the world a more unique place when people call our names.

09/22/2022 21:42:14

my son name is Tajh and I was under expression that it meant clever and boy is he clever.

09/15/2022 15:43:18

My son's name is Tahj. he's currently 3yrs old. he's a ball of energy and has a big personality. I have always loved that name and was excited to give it to my second baby boy.

09/08/2022 16:47:34

My Name Is Tahjmea{Female}. Yes Im A Girl!. But For Short Im Am Called Tahj By Friends && Family!. I Love My Name!~

07/29/2022 12:32:42

some people misspell my name onetime this girl called me thouch

05/30/2022 06:50:42

i love my name TahJ. i have not met anyone with my name and its one of many reasons im unique. people always seem to read or write my name wrong but its fun because i get to show them something new, mostly everyone i have met never heard my name beofre and i get asked if its really my name. overall i love it

01/30/2022 01:51:00

My sons name is Tajh, he is 15. Very unique with an awesome meaning, "The crowned one"

01/18/2022 03:27:18

mi boifriends mane is tahj an d boi he is sexi an its unique so i luv it

01/03/2022 01:06:54

My husband's name is Tajh, People are always mispronouncing his name, I think it is a very unique name and I like it very much. I wanted to know what the meaning of it was but the only meaning I can find is the arabic one, Royalty. If anyone can let me know what the african meaning is I would really appriciate. Thumbs up to all the Tajh's in the world. No matter how it is spelled:)

12/08/2021 06:34:30

My name is Tahj but i dont say it like Taj Mahal...the "A" in my name is long. my name'sounds closer to Cash or Badge than garage. but 98% of the people that know me say it like Taj Mahal. I stopped correcting people in like 5th grade. So only my fam and close friends say it right...either way i love it. Ive been'told by several girl and a teacher (haha) that'saying it like Taj sounds better because they can say Taaaaaaaaahj :-)

08/07/2021 19:35:42

My son name is Tajh. He is now 15 years old and he was able to spell his name by age 2.5 years (smile). I love the name no matter how It's spelled - Tajh, Taj, Tahj. Lots of people mispronounce the name and I taught my son when he was a pre-schooler to tell othe's his name rhymes with garage.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Tahj?
The origin of the name Tahj is Indian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Tahj?
Crown or Jewel.
*️⃣ How many people are named Tahj?
Almost 3000 people are named Tahj.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Tahj?
The names of Terrance, Terrence, Terence, Torrance, Torrence