A Worker In Roof Tiles

Tyler Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \t(y)-ler\
Number in U.S 👶 607,000
Rate in 2021 222
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 English

Tyler Name Meaning

Historical etymology and meaning:


Tyler is an English name given to both girls and names. So, it is a bi-sexual name. the name is normally coming from an occupation which was Tile maker and roof worker. The name is derived from French name Tieulier which had this meaning. In Medieval England, a tile maker was a respectable and efficient trader which was good at trading and instructing the roofs.

In America, Tyler is used to be very famous during the presidency of John Tyler about the year 1860. Nowadays it is used more widespread and through many countries including Scotland, England, Canada and Australia. We will discuss about it more well-detailed in the following sections.

Tyler has got some nicknames like Ty, Tylah and Tylor. If you are of that kind of parents who like their children obey the family rules as much as possible, Tyler would irrigate your needs the best.

Here are some famous people named Tyler:

Tyler Lockett, the football player

John Tyler as mentioned above, the U.S. president (10th president)

Liv Tyler, an actress

Tyler Hoechlin, an actor


Now, you are eager to learn more about Tyler’s characteristics. Then, follow us on this article to get more information. Before elaborating more, you should know that apart from the bi-sexuality of Tyler, it is more common for boys.



At first, you should know that your baby would be vey intelligent. He is a kind of boy who is very powerful, talented, leader, controller and wise. He is able to use his wisdom very well and gather talented and keen people around himself to create a strong group in the field he wants.

On the second part, it is good to know that your baby boy Tyler is really hard working and efficient. He is very careful about his job and tries to do his best for it. To gain success, he works very hard and admiring and follow it until he achieves the aims.

Moreover, he is a risk taker and opportunity maker. He is able to be on the peak of mountain for paving the way for others. He is a good decision maker and handler. He mentions what is in his mind openly and expect others to accept it easily.

His most likely professions in the future: the boss of a company, consulter, manager of a group, publisher, engineer, public speaker, tour leader, the manager in tourism company, cooperator of International affairs

Lucky colors: Black, dark green, dark bule and as a whole all dark shades of colors; for example, dark shade of pink which is purple

Lucky day: Thursday


Popularity of the name Tyler:


In the final years of 19th century and beginning years of 20 century, Tyler appeared first in the U.S., it began to become a little more common in 1946 and from then, it started to become more common and popular among people. Over years, it increased in popularity until it got to its peak in 1993 and 1994. That time, it became one of the 5th most usual names in America.

Up to 2018, Tyler was recorded more then 600,000 times in SSAD database and that is a large number. In 1993 and 1994, Tyler was used more than 60,000 times in the country. As we mentioned, Tyler is a kind of unisex name which was used for girls in 1985, but after a while, it was replaced by Taylor. Therefore, Tyler is exclusively used for boys mostly.


Consequently, if you name your boy “Tyler”, you can be sure about having an achiever, wealthy, problem solver, powerful, hardworking and authoritative child.

Tyler Name Origin and History

The name of each person is their main letter of introduction. In addition, it is something that will identify her for the rest of her life and that will define part of what her own personality implies. Therefore, choosing a good name for the baby is not something to be taken lightly. If you already know that you will have a boy, Tyler is a good alternative to name him, since it is a nice, short name with a sweet melody.
Discover in this MyCuteName article the meaning of the name Tyler where we will tell you what his name is origin, saints, numerology, celebrities who bear it and the variants of this name that is so elegant and modern. Tyler is a boy's name.

What does Tyler mean?
Tyler is a name that means “the one who takes care of the inn”. In some countries, Tyler is used as a patronymic or surname, although in other cases it changes its meaning to "the tailor", "the caretaker" or "the cloth cutter".

Origin of the name Tyler
The name Tyler is of Anglo-Saxon origin. Specifically, it comes from the English word "Taylor", of which it is one of its variants. However, other researchers claim that it is of French origin and that it comes from the root "taillour", although this theory lacks sufficient documentary support.

Diminutives and variations of the name Tyler
Tyler is not a name with many known diminutives or variants. However, here are some of them:
Tiler, Taylor, Tyler, Ty, Ti

The name Tyler in other languages
There are not many known translations of this English name, however, in this section you will see some of them: /br>
Personality of the name Tyler
Tyler is a man with a radiant, energetic and fun personality. He is very adventurous and is always devising a project to carry out, since his mind never rests. In addition, he is creative, honest and straightforward, so he is not afraid to apologize if he makes a mistake.
At work, he is communicative, bold and organized. He is also one of those who contributes great ideas to meet the objectives that are set for him and, in addition, he likes to work in a team. Tyler is usually an entrepreneur, which leads him to have his own businesses or projects. However, he has no problem collaborating with the growth of the brands he works for.
With his friends he is loyal and frank. He does not like hypocrisies or lies. In addition, he is one of the people who loves to participate in social gatherings because his spirit is cheerful and festive.
He is close to his family and a good son. He is usually aware of family needs to come to their aid when they need it. However, Tyler has no desire to start his own family, since he values independence. In love he is romantic and an eternal lover. For this reason, it is usual to see him with different partners until he finds his ideal person.

Tyler's Saint's Day
Catholic saints do not assign any day to people named Tyler. However, those who bear this name usually celebrate their saints on November 1 for All Saints' Day.

Numerology of the name Tyler
Tyler is a name which numerology relates to the number 8, which has to do with a brave, powerful and communicative personality.

Additional description of the name Tyler

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Comments on the name Tyler
1/22/2023 5:36:16 PM

My sons middle name is Tyler. His name is Nicholas Tyler. I had a hard time thinking of a middle name for Nicholas and my friend suggested Tyler or Taylor. I liked Tyler better!

12/26/2022 9:38:40 AM

Dear Lou, You said that you were stuck for a girls name why not stick with the letter K. Kayla Kaylee,Kayleigh,Kayley Kara Katie,Katy,Katey

5/22/2022 4:51:54 AM

i'm 13 but dont worry i'm not pregnant i just love searching fun names. i love the name Tyler Blake (Last name. but hope my man in the future luvvvsss it!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Tyler?
The origin of the name Tyler is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Tyler?
A Worker In Roof Tiles
*️⃣ How many people are named Tyler?
Almost 607000 people are named Tyler.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Tyler?
The names of Ava, Delany, Verdell, Verda