Valeria meaning

: Healthy

Valeria Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \v(a)-le-ria\
Number of People 👶 69,000
Rate in 2021 370
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Latin
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Valeria Name Meaning

The name Valeria means "She who is courageous and healthy".


Valeria Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Valeria
Additional description of the name Valeria

The name Valeria comes from the Latin "valere", from the masculine form "Valerio".

Cool Info About Name Valeria

Additional name description Valeria
Additional name description Valeria

The popularity of the name Valeria

The name Valerie is one of the most common names in the world. It has been used mostly by people speaking English. Valeria is all over the map. Actually the name enjoyed a stint in the top 100s from 2006 to 2010. This name has been stayed in the top 200. In the year 2020 this name re entered the top 150 but it is not as popular as the name Valerie.

This name is the 8th most popular name based on the data given by the reliable resources. Also in the last 5 years, this name was at its peak popularity. Although that the given name has been used mostly by Christians, nut it has become a popular name al around the word and it has still managed to maintain some popularity on the SSA charts.

It is notable that this name has not been a popular given name in Georgia and only 5 babies were named the name in Georgia in the year 1925. Also only 167 babies were named Valeria during 1925 in the United States of America. Also the highest recorded use of the name was in the year 2008 with a total of 4205 babies.

Also in the SSA public database, this name was recorded 66937 times since 1880 up to 2018. The year 1881 was the first time that this name was appeared. At that time this name was given to 8 new born babies. The name became a popular one in the State of California in the year 2008.

Also for the last 80 years, the name '' Valeria '' was recorded 61659 times in the SSA public database.

The name Valeria personality

Here we have the letter analysis of the name,

V is for value, the value you place on friendship

A is for affirm, the certainly of knowledge

L is for little, the little things you do

E is for exquisite, who could argue ?

R is for reasonable, your understanding way

I is for interest, you show in others

A is for accomplished, in all that you do

Your name can be your heart's desire and personality. Nothing is conventional with your love of change and adventure. You make sensible decisions very quickly and do not anybody to be helped. Other people perceive you as someone who is mysterious and independent.


Famous people named Valeria

Valeriya who is a Russian pop star

Valeria Bertuccelli who is an Argentine film and television actress

Valeria Diaz who is an Argentine actress and singer

Diminutives and variations of the name Valeria
Some diminutives of the name Valeria are: Vale, Valeri, Val
Valeria is a woman who is never still, she is very moved, nervous and always has the need to do a thousand tasks at once. Also, as she is very sure of herself, she thinks she can do anything. When Valeria is overwhelmed, she has a hard time asking others for help and tries not to bother.

Similar names to the name Valeria

If you are planning for your next babies as Valeria's siblings, you can select the mentioned names bellow. These names are the gender neutral ones.

Valerie, Varun, Vanessa and Vajra

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Comments on the name Valeria
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Valeria, and I really like it! I think It's different and awesome. But, all my friends and family speak spanish so they don't have ANY problem with sayng it. I have an aunt that'speaks english and I would like her to call me "val" or other english nickname, becouse I really like Val. What do you guys say❤️ Do you have other nicknames (not vale or lera) :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i've always liked my name (Valeria ofc) I do get called valerie and other pronunciations but honestly why would you hate on such a beautiful name❤️ Sure people have called me MALERIA but why not take it as a joke and say some not-very-funny remarks❤️ Haha I dont like it when people hate on my name but just know that you can't control people! P.s It'sounds so feminine, petite, cute etc.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

well we also only knew one Cameron in SA and decided on'this lovely name for our son and since getting to England, we have come across a number of Cameron's but we always call him Camy - with a "y" at the end !!! and he has lovely blue eyes and blonde hair ....

01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is my husband's middle name. He is the only Bryson I know.

01/09/2024 11:51:24

well my name is xavier and I'm a girl i get lots of compliments from people they find it rather'sexy...i like having my name as xavier cause not many girls have it i pronounce it as za-v-ay! SEXY!

12/20/2023 18:41:44

well my name is Valeria and i think is beautiful today i discovered what does it means strong,healthy,and capable well my grandmother had the'same name as me but now shes dead and two of my cousins have my name i love my name and i will never change it for anything

12/20/2023 03:42:26

Another version of this name is Valentina

12/09/2023 04:22:58

Beautiful name, unique ,not common, with strong meaning.

11/25/2023 09:27:50

i love this name! I heard it for the first time on a modeling recruiting show. The way they pron valeria was vu-le-ri-uh with the accent on the le. I would love to name my first child this, its so different and beautiful. I also hate the nickname val, but lera is a lovely nickname alternate! Thanks!

10/25/2023 19:02:08

I am so in love with the name Valeria. Although, I did receive some negative feedback on it, at first. Like my mother'saying that It'sounds like Malaria, "but It's beautiful"...Then why make a disease comment❤️ Just say It's beautiful. Thanks to that, I thought up a couple alternatives, Valaria(Vuh-l-Aria)and even Valer's(Vuh-lare-ris), which are both lovely..But I keep coming back to Valeria....I guess, with a name like Darian, I'm not one to choose Britney or Stacey when it comes to baby names.

10/23/2023 04:08:36

I also call this name my own. Yes, they may mispronounce it or change it all together, but what a gorgeous and unique sounding name. It especially sounds beautiful in Spanish and Italian.

10/22/2023 23:44:06

hi this It's my name! and i lve it because It's not comunn but It's powerful i0'm from mexico...greetings

10/04/2023 18:08:04

Im an Aussie but born in Argentina. Aussies are terrible at pronouncing "different" names and I get Valerie at lot(which, no offence to Valerie butI can't stand! ooh makes me mad!)Or Valerie-ah. Some people try to shorten it to Val (which I dont allow, Vale is ok though) and must not forget the Malaria joke.. Everyone tells it like they thought of it first! (after 39 yrs its getting tired!) I love my name, A LOT! ta Dad (he chose it, not too bad for a Scotsman!) and yes, it is pron Vuh-leh-ree-uh.

09/16/2023 04:53:34

My name is Valeria, I'm from Costa Rica (we speak in spanish) so It's a common name, people who lives in the U.S often call me Valerie instead of Valeria but It's ok... :) actually, I don't know how you pronounce my name in english.

09/09/2023 13:01:02

It's a beautiful name!! I saw a comment here on how to pronounce the name in Italian language: the right pronunciation is Va-LEH-ri-ah. "Valeria - malaria" joke It's possible only because English have acquired an Italian word and mispronounced it: the right pronunciation is mah-LAH-ri-ah. It has happened in XVI-XVII century, from the original "malo aria" "mal'aria" and today as in the past, it literally means "bad air". So, your name, as originally intended, it doesn't rhyme with "bad air".

09/04/2023 13:06:38

It is my name. People always pronounce it wrong. I tell them it is is pronounced like Valerie but with an "a" on the end.

08/29/2023 06:38:22

My name is Valeria, and people always mispronounce it. I'm often called Valerie instead of Valeria. I don't know anyone else with my name, which is why I like It'so much.

08/28/2023 23:35:10

It is my name...and I love it! I feel like it is strong and passionate at the'same time as beautiful and angelic...with an air of exoticness

08/14/2023 12:47:50

I first saw the name in a movie,i want 2 change my name valeria because i love it and i like people calling me val or vale

05/24/2023 19:22:58

My name is VALERIA. When in school there wre 2 other girls by the'same name. One older and one younger. I get Valerie and Valera a lot. Val is fine with me, but prefer the full name of Valeria. Men'think It's a beautiful name. Nice not to have a common name! Have also met two other people named VALERIA in other places that I have lived.

05/13/2023 14:10:50

my names valeria and i live in the u.s your suppose 2 say it with a spanish accent but americans cant do it,but thats ok. so peple say it funny or they just call me val

05/10/2023 00:57:10

It's my name and i love it!! Makes me feel very strong.

04/30/2023 02:36:32

My name is Valeria and I don't like it. People always pronounce it and spell it wrong. Or they think it is an unusual name.

04/17/2023 20:25:34

My name is Valeria and it always gets pronounced wrong, I think it is because I have a Spanish name...... Oh well

04/16/2023 03:34:32

HI'my name is Valeria and I LOVE my name. Who cares if it rhymes with Maleria it is the most AWESOME name EVER!

03/13/2023 11:22:52

My name. I Love it, but i HATE the nickname Val. I have no idea why, but it completely REPELS me. Do you guys pronounce it with an accent on the e, more like va-LE-ria than like va-le-RI-a❤️ It's latin but is used in many different languages. Lera is the nickname for it in Russian. It's cute and short and catches your attention ;)

03/13/2023 00:30:26

My name is VALERIA too, and I LOVE IT!!! I am from Sao Paulo-Brazil, a HUGE city w/an equally huge number of inhabitants, but somehow,when I was growing up (70's and 80's)everywhere I went, I was the only Valeria around, so it made me feel funny sometimes.... That was before I started to travel/read books/educate myself/and learn about how very beautiful my name is, the originality of it and how strong it is, It's root going back all the way to the Roman Empire, and as far as I know, all VALERIAS that I'met/meet (not a big number anywhere, thank God),are beautiful, inter'sting and strong enough to carry this name w/pride and a smile when spelling it over and over again to small minded people that insists on calling us Valerie, Val, Malaria and so forth, ONLY because it makes it easier for them!How very sad and what a pity, but as my very special, strong and loving italian grandmother whose name was also very Special (Maria Eugenia), used to say, be YOURSELF and PROUD ALWAYS, the rest will follow........that's exactly what I do ever'since, I was about 10, 11 then, and I am now, a very COOL 49 year old New Yorker for the last 25 years of my life!!!

01/22/2023 03:12:14

I find my name very unique. Many people pronounce it wrong and some find it hard to remember. When younger I was teased and called Malaria. Many syllables roll off the tongue when saying this name butI prefer no other. I have never met another Valeria. To all those Valeria's out there, HELLO! You have a beautiful name.

12/10/2022 18:03:16

I am a Veleria. But it is always spelled by othe's as Valeria. So I guess I am both. I love it both ways

12/02/2022 19:01:36

hI'my name is valeria i love my name! VALERIA VALERIA VALERIA .....................

10/07/2022 18:29:06

I have only met one person with that name when I was in college. People ALWAYS pronounce it wrong. They almost always love it when I give them the correct pronounciation, they love the "flow" and sound of the name. It's funny that after I give the correct pronounciation they tell me what they feel the orgin of the name is: Italian, Spanish, and or French. I love the name, it was my Grandmother's and It's as beautiful and strong as she was, in and out.

10/03/2022 08:05:50

Everyone is complaining about how often'the name is mispronounced but none of you have described the proper way to pronounce it. So, what is it❤️

08/27/2022 17:26:06

Its my name. I always have to correct people because they say it wrong, but i think its a beutiful name because its not as common but its not unhurd of either.Love it!

07/15/2022 09:04:48

she is my friend and is annoying sometimes and likes to gossip but she can be really nice

07/09/2022 14:00:00

My name. Best name ever. It's orgin is Roman and it means Stong, Valor.

06/26/2022 02:05:24

When I was younger I really didnt like it, I think mostly because it is so common and very easy to make fun of. But now i think that it is such a beautifulname, its never mispelled and just about everyone can poronounce it.

06/01/2022 00:01:12

valerie is a beautiful name for beautiful girls! b happy if u hav this name!!

05/25/2022 07:53:42 name is billy... and i dont really like it ,cuz It'sounds really childish...i really wanna change my name..

05/09/2022 12:10:12

my friends at school always pronounced it wrong and i kept explaining the pronunciation of the name

04/23/2022 13:42:00

It is my name and i am proud of it. some people think I am Italian,Spanish or French.Some people don't pronounce or spell it corect.

03/21/2022 20:37:48

My name is also VALERIA it is the best name in the WORLD :) BUT....... If you name your child VALERIA they will come home crying and say that'some one is calling her Malaria.MY NAME IS AWSOME!!! (They will also call her Valerie & Malorie I know this because they called me this and they are still calling me this but I still love my name!):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

03/21/2022 19:42:54

I am 54 years old and my name Is Valeria. I absolutely hate it! My entire family, cousins, aunts, uncles always made negative comments and the kids in school were even worse. I wish my name was Mary or Ed or Fred!

01/09/2022 02:36:00

My name. Best name ever. It's orgin is Roman and it means Strong, Valor.

01/01/2022 17:05:24

I was named "Lera" after a girl my Mother went to school with. I have spent 60 years spelling my name. I am glad Mother only knew her friends nickname. I feel sorry for a child who must explain her name for the rest of her life.

12/04/2021 14:44:06

This is my name and its Irish. Pronounced with a 'ah' at the end as in Alannah, but not necessarily that'spelling. Growing up I was the only kid in school with my name and that wasn't always fun. As an adult, i've loved having a less common name. With all the funky names around today, our name'still rocks!

07/29/2021 04:06:00

My sister's name is Valeria...She was named after Valeria in The movie Conan the Barbarian...She's the blonde warrior that dies when a snake in the form of an arrow is shot at her. Very strong name


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The origin of the name Valeria is Latin.
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Almost 69000 people are named Valeria.
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