Vanessa Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \v(a)-nessa, van(es)-sa\
Number in U.S 👶 256,000
Rate in 2021 479
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Mexican

Meaning of Vanessa

The name Vanessa is a name that has been used mostly for girls. The given name is especially popular in the United states of America, Germany and Brazil. Actually this name was invited by the Anglo Irish writer Jonathan Swift for Esther Vanhomrigh, whom Swift has met in 1708 and whom he tutored.

This name created by talking “ Van “ from Vanhomrigh’s last name and adding “ Essa “, a pet form of Esther. The name “ Vanessa “ means “ coined from Esther Vanhmrigh. Also this name has shortened forms, such as “ Vany “, “ Ness “, “ Nessa “, “ Vanny “, “ Vaness “ and “ Van “. Also the related names can be “ Vanesa “, “ Vanessza “, “ Wanesa “ and “ Vanasia “.


Popularity of the name Vanessa

The name “ Vanessa “ is an unpopular name in South Dakota based on the researches by American resources in the year 1995. For example, imagine that 7 babies were named “ Vanessa “ in South Dakota in the year 1995.

A total of 5419 babies also bear the same first name during that year in the United states of America. From the year of 1880 up to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of this name was in 1985 with a total of 7566 babies.

Also the name “ Vanessa “ was recorded 254908 times in the SSA public database since 1880 up to 2018. This name first appeared in the hear 1900 and 6 new born babies were named “ Vanessa “. The name “ Vanessa “ became a popular name in the hear 1977 with a rank of 90 nationwide and was registered 3210 times as a baby name.


Personality of the name Vanessa

V is for valiant, the way you approach life

A is for acquaintance, the many friends you know

N is for name, a pleasant one indeed

E is for elate, you make others happy

S is for smile, it gives you face value

S is for sensational, you know how to make a splash

A is for affirm, the certainty of knowledge

Your name can be heart’s desire, destiny and personality. The name “ Vanessa “ is a name that hints your are a humanitarian and generous individual. Turning our world to be a better place to live fascinates you. Use your creative and artistic talents to promote a cause.

Actually, knowledge is your heart’s desire and you are also an idealistic analyzer and study things in depth. Solving mental or physical puzzles are natural to you. You indulge in search and prefer scientific facts. You might find it difficult to talk to or trust other people.


Famous people named Vanessa

Vanessa Williams, Vanessa Paradis, Vanessa Redgrave and Vanessa Marano


Similar names to the name Vanessa

Victory, Vajra, Van, Valentina

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Comments on the name Vanessa
10/5/2022 9:45:52 AM

when i was little kids would call me book and chapter and all that good stuff. and now i like it no one makes fun of it and its not as popular as alex oe elizabeth so im pretty happy with it :)

9/27/2022 2:51:04 PM

I love the name Vanessa. I want to name my first daughter Vanessa. For all you Vanessa's out there, it doesn't just mean "butterfly," Vanessa is a genus of butterflies.

9/25/2022 2:03:56 PM

my name is vanessa and i love it from the very first time i understand that its my name.i dont know how to explain but everytime I'meet someone who have the'same name as i am i have a different feeling towards that person,as if we were connected in some way..well..i dont know but thats how i feel..

9/24/2022 8:05:20 AM

My name is Vanessa and I LOVE the name, I wouldn't want any other name. I only like It'spelled with an A, it is incorrect when spelled with an E, as in VE. I love how everyone says my full name as I do not like shortened names. I think it is one of the best names out there, there is also always something special about meeting another Vanessa, it is like you have a small bond. PLEASE do not perpetuate ignorance and mispellings by spelling it any other way than the proper way, VANESSA!!!

9/23/2022 10:55:44 AM

I am considering this pretty name for our future daughter, but I am shocked by the number of comments saying that it is so common. I wouldn't have thought so.

9/20/2022 4:30:36 PM

My name is Vanessa and I like it very much, but aparently, othe's don't, because in my language (Portuguese) there's a very popular (but old!) joke with the name Vanessa and so I hear it all the time. I think people are just jealous!!

9/19/2022 9:56:44 AM

Vanessa is a beautiful Name! When I was younger I was often referred to as butterfly - there is a species of butterfly called Vanessa. Some nicknames - Nessie, Ness, Nessa, Ves, Vessie.

9/18/2022 1:22:24 PM

I love the name "Vanessa" it is my grandma's name, and I am hoping to name my first girl Vanessa.

9/15/2022 9:33:00 AM

i actually quite like this name is very stylish. i love it a bit now. its very nice. but about half the reason i like it is because one of my role models is vanessa hudgens! lol

9/11/2022 7:08:48 PM

Well I named my daughter Lindsey and everyone does spell it wrong or you can't find anything with It'spelt Lindsey It's always with an "A" But still I love it. TA in TX

9/5/2022 1:30:28 AM

It's an awesome name. But there are many other names out there that are awesome too.

9/5/2022 12:19:56 AM

i was born in 2002.. and i have the'same problem with people spelling my name wrong. the worst is.. venessa

9/4/2022 2:55:40 PM

Aha, there you are. I'myself even pronounce it wrongly. I am a vanessa, and the name was given by a foreigner who taught me English. But, since then i've seldom used the name. Once a colleague called me by this name as "v-er-n-ee-s-er' (in a real sweet voice), then i piked it up. Only days ago, American friend said It'should be pronounced as it is: v-er-n-e-s-er. BTW, I am happy about this name, since told that it is a butterfly (beautiful and lovely creature) and it may mean what Venus means...

8/14/2022 8:16:12 AM

I was also named after the actress Vanessa Redgrave! I love my name! Its unique and really sexy!

8/4/2022 1:13:12 AM

I used to hate my name but now its the exact opposite. I don't mind at all now that people pronounce and spell it wrong(they still do, especially in my country). In my current year at school, I'm the only one with the name Vanessa, but its not a very rare name'since i've got 2 other friends who have the'same name, although not from the'same school that is. Overall, I'm glad my parents gave me this name and I laugh at the memories of actually hating it. How ridiculous. :D

7/28/2022 8:10:48 AM

Perfect for a greek girl who loves butterflies. :)

5/23/2022 12:59:42 AM

My name is Vanessa. People, to my suprise, often mispell what I consider a simple name. Most people I'meet like my name, they think is unique.

4/21/2022 2:07:12 PM

my friend she's part spanish so her mom named her vanesa meaning vanessa in spanish her middle is marie anyto say about that!

4/8/2022 6:40:48 PM

My name is vanesssa, people call me vaness for short which i love, i adore the name i feel and admire the beauty which is captulated within it

4/2/2022 1:38:24 AM

I love the name Vanessa. It reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens lol.shes my fave. this name is so beautiful and has a beautiful meaning. my fave names r vanessa and giselle.

3/26/2022 6:39:54 PM

My name is Vanessa becuase my mom thought it would be beautiful!! I love my name and think its the best out there!

3/19/2022 7:13:12 PM

My nam is Vanessa and I love my name. I can honestly say that I have met many people with the'same name but I can guarantee that there is not one Vanessa that has the'same personality. People often'tend to mis-spell my name and they write it Vanesa or Vannesa or Vannessa, but I always correct them. In my opinion, I think that the name Vanessa is a beautiful name and I love the'sound of it. I also enjoy meeting people with the'same name as me because It's so amazing how you can find so many different people with your same name. And again, I love the name Vanessa.

3/11/2022 10:50:06 AM

I didn't like this name as a teenager but its beginning to grow on me.. Now in my early 30's, I'm even considering the name for my daughter! It's crazy how things change the older you get. My opinion: Vanessa is beautiful, elegant and easy to pronounce :-)

3/11/2022 12:46:12 AM

My name is Vanessa and I love my name hardly anyone ever'spells it wrong. I love it because there are only a hand full of people I know that'share my name. You pronounce it va-NESS-ah. My nicknames are van, vaness, vezna, ness, or v. Did you know it means butterfly in Greek what a beautiful name i love it and i am so glad my parents named me this <3:)

3/8/2022 9:31:48 PM

hey ya'll my name is VANESSA and i love It'so much because everybody spells It'so wrong i can't beli've that people don't know how to spell it its the 21 st century omg can u imagine how fab it is to have this name well yes u can imagine WE'RE ALL CALLED VANESSA lol (forgive my enthusiasm) well have a great all of u vanessa's and rock your self to the beautI'mess of ur life and NAME

3/2/2022 8:57:36 PM

I don't feel this name is over used. My husband and I picked it for our daughter because we didn't know anyone else named Vanessa.

2/19/2022 5:53:06 AM

hI'my name is Vanessa,10 I was born 3/31/98 my aunt named me "Vanessa" because that name is cute.

2/8/2022 12:52:30 AM

a lot of people spell it wrong like this: vannessa or vanesa or vannesa... Other than that I like it.. Only downside is that I have no cute nickname

2/6/2022 3:01:12 PM

Like the poster that commented here in dec. 29th, growing up it was annoying because nobody else had that name. I didn't appreciate it to the fullest. I love it now though and I wouldn't change it for the world. Nicknames though... they call me V, Van, Vane, Vani (Vanny) < 2 which i hate, Ness, Nessie, Nessa. And it has been'through the past, oh i don't know 6 years or so that i've come across many people with the'same name and when I do meet somebody else with that name It's like some sort of recognition. It's great!

1/24/2022 11:14:24 PM

My grandmother called me messy nessie when I was growing up, because I was a klutz of a child. I hated my name at first I wanted to be Rebecca. Now I have grown to love it. I was born in 1988.

1/20/2022 12:17:24 AM

i absolutely adooore this name. its beautiful, its graceful, and i love it! ever heard of Vanessa Hudgens? a great singer!

1/16/2022 9:21:54 AM

I named my daughter Vanessa and looked everywhere for a nickname I liked. Wasn't crazy about Nessa or Nessie. I came up with Nea. (like Mia with but with an N)If you look at the last 5 letters of Vanessa and take out the s's you're left with Nea. Cute and simple.

12/20/2021 3:02:06 PM

Vanessa is such an elegant, lady like name. We named our daughter Vanessa and for me there wasn't even a second choice that I liked . I knew she was going to be "Vanessa" and I could"t imagine calling her anything else.

11/4/2021 5:28:48 AM

My Name is Vanessa too..And I know that i am super'sexy & hot as hell. So haters of Vanessa's Name better back off.!!!hahah;)

9/28/2021 7:45:36 AM

My name is Vanessa and I love it. I have the'same problem with people spelling it wrong, though.

9/16/2021 2:02:42 AM

I love my name. It is popular but not around where I live. I like being the only Vanessa at my school. Love ~Vanessa Faye~

9/13/2021 9:53:24 PM

My grandaughter's name is Vanessa.. she's beautiful.

9/7/2021 1:05:06 PM

pretty name! love the name VANESSA! It'sounds so sexy!

9/3/2021 8:26:06 AM

Hello! kedaeee inter'sting kedaeee site! I'm really like it! Very, very kedaeee good!

9/2/2021 2:08:06 PM

i think this name is amazing

8/25/2021 11:08:06 PM

Please reinstate VANESSA COMMENT FROM 12-30-2017 OR 12-31-05 > This was deleted in error.

8/25/2021 2:05:24 AM

this is my name to and i dont think i could be named anything else

7/28/2021 5:13:30 AM

My name is also Vanessa, and I find the name very appealing and exotic. I am only 12 years old, but I am old enough to know how I feel about my name. My family and friends always call me 'Vannie', 'Nessa', 'Nessa-Wessa', 'Baby V', or sometimes even 'Van'. I am proud of my name and I love to tell people what it is, because then'they're like "Oooh, what a pretty name!" I also love my name because it is the name of my favorite actress, Vanessa Hudgens. She is beautiful and elegant, just like the name. My name makes me feel beautiful and intelligent., just saying it..sounds so exotic. :) Signed, Vanessa Camille Bell

7/21/2021 6:41:42 AM

My name is Vanessa.......and I'm not ecstatic about it... but it looks nice on paper....

7/12/2021 2:59:24 PM

What a beautiful name! I love saying it, It's such a strong name.

7/12/2021 10:24:54 AM

my name is vanessa i really love it my mom givi it to me because she love the'singer vanessa paradis


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The origin of the name Vanessa is Mexican.
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Almost 256000 people are named Vanessa.
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The names of Deandre, Way, Gabe, Yoselin, Weyman