Knowledge, Wisdom

Veda Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \v(e)-da\
Number in U.S 👶 12,000
Rate in 2021 1742
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Indian

Veda Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Veda
Additional description of the name Veda
"Veda" is a popular name for girls that has Indian origin. Meaning of the name Veda is: "Knowledge, Wisdom".

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Comments on the name Veda
05/26/2023 00:28:40

It's my daughter's name! she is ten and adorable. :-)we spell it Veda (and pronounce it vay-duh). yes, we've heard the darth vader thing...but you can'try mentioning the AVEDA spa/salon products. that has helped people to remember how to spell it/pronounce it. we hear "Vee-da" too.we just politely correct as we do the vay-duh pronunciation. Prettiest name ever!!! ;-)

05/15/2023 19:40:06

Our daughter is due in 5 weeks and we're planning to name her Veda (vay-duh) after the'sanskrit meaning wisdom/knowledge. I also loved the character in My Girl, so that's a bonus. I like that it has ethnic roots, as well as americana roots. Turns out my husband's great aunt was also Veda.

05/12/2023 19:22:18

Vera is a name associated with old ladies. As the Italian feminine word for "true", it corresponds to the masculine "vero".

05/11/2023 05:09:58

I have a daughter that's named Veda. Some people call her veeda and some vidda.I am familiar with the meanings, but he's was to mean the Hindu version. She is 6 and she is full of wisdom and knowledge. Many people haven't heard of it unless they liked My Girl. I love that its fairly uncommon where I live!

04/24/2023 22:00:00

I am my mothe's first girl, my name is Vayda pronounced "Vay-duh", my mother was watching the movie "My Girl" before her water broke & then she decided to call my Vayda. I admit that when your younger "darth vader" bugs you, Im 17 & not many people call me "darth Vader" as much when i was around 10, when your younger it also makes you feel good that no one knows how to spell or pronounce your name, overall i love my name its pretty unique

04/20/2023 21:53:54

My middle name is Veda and I love it .... I use the initial with my name'shirl V as in victory

04/02/2023 02:29:06

My name is Veda. I am 53. I have never met another Veda. I love my name, but, of course, people pronounce it incorrectly all the time. Vayda, Vedda, Rita, Anita, and, yes, Velveeta. I get Darth Veda all the time, as well as In a Gada da Veda, Veda Las Vegas, and Veda Peter Pumpkin Eater. There are more, but not enough room here to write them. One person said, "Shouldn't that be spelled V-I-D-A?" What an idiot!!

03/23/2023 13:15:06

My name is Veda and I'm actually 12 rihgt now. It's pronounced "Vayduh". My middle name is Rane and I was born on June 18. I actually love my name and couldn't ask for a better one. I do get the "darth Veda" sometimes. I actually know 2 other Vedas. They were both named after me tbh. Bc they're both really one and ones middle name is Rane too! I don't like it that much.... But It's fine. I love my name though and none of my friends have a name like it. Even'though my sisters name is Nova.

03/21/2023 16:34:50

We are planning on naming our babies name Hannah and after'seeing the photo of the hot babe who posted her picture i am even more convinced :) As my wife's surname is Ahn and is a palendrome it is very appropriate. Moreso as my wife is Korean and Hannah means 'one' or 'first' in Korean and it is our first child :)

03/21/2023 03:56:36

I named my daughter VEYDA...I got tha name from the movie MY GIRL...Its a Unique far I have not met anyone with the'same name as my daughter...

03/15/2023 05:59:42

I love this name. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I want to use "Veda" if I have a girl. I think Veda Sophia would be nice.

02/22/2023 03:02:12

I'm pregnant and considering Veda as a name. I like the'spelling but maybe to avoid confussion I'may just spell it Vaydah. Now to convince the hubby :) Thanks for all the other comments!

02/14/2023 18:42:12

My daughter's name is Vada. We love it and she is complemented on this name always.

02/13/2023 07:43:50

This is my daughters name, But with the K. My husband is Dan and I am Katie so her name is ours together :)

01/25/2023 07:54:32

My name is Veda....and I was the first born girl ....My mother had 5 six boys and then me...and one more boy and 3 more, I got the name Veda....pronounced with the long e it looks....I love my name....when I was young one knew how to pronounce it....and still bank teller's get it wrong....But, I like it for the knowlege and wisdom factor and the uniqueness of the is not common in NC.....and I am not a Hindu...I am a born again Christian! And I guess the Lord knew I would need all the wisdom and knowledge I could get ...he had my mother to call me by that name....(smile) xoxo's Veda

01/08/2023 06:31:18

My name is Vayda Savannah and I love it! I always get many compliments and questions regarding origin and meaning. Like many here I was named in part because of My Girl, but my mother also read an obituary of a woman named Veda in the'same week of watching the movie. She altered the'spelling and here I am! I think Vayda is such a cool name to have, I'm glad it was bestowed upon me and I definitely recommend definitely come to embrace the unique-ness!

01/04/2023 20:31:36

My name is Veda Vanessa, age 58. I see that there is another person with the very same 1st and middle name. How uncommon. My aunt named me. My name is pronounced Vee-da with the long "e". people always call me vayda which to me is incorrect.

12/29/2022 02:53:16

I am having my baby girl in one week. and i want to name her vayda. i found it the baby book and from my girl. i absolutly love the name it is a adorable and unique but my boyfriend doesnt like it. he think she will be teased. i also have an uncommon name but get lots of compliments on it. i hope to get my way and name her vayda shea!!!

12/27/2022 22:58:06

My name is Veda, pronounced Veeder. I was given'this name by my midwife Godmother. The reason I was given it was because I was born on VE day so I'm dated. A lot went on when I reached the age of 50. I was on the TV & the radio. How will I spend my 100th!!! I get called Vayder, V, Vidder & worst of all VD. I'm a Christian, the dictionary says It's the name for Hindu manuscripts. I see that one Veda here has the middle name of Marie, mine is Mary. It's a shame we can't all be in touch with each other

12/25/2022 18:21:44

I named one of my lambs Veda. Veda is now a bottle baby'since her mother died unexpectedly and she follows me everywhere! i've never heard the name before. I took the letters from the'state of Nevada to make her name. Everyone loves her name and when I have female grandchild, I hope my children will conssider this beautifull name.

12/18/2022 03:33:48

My name's Veda and I love it! I didn't always though...growing up, no one could pronounce it (especially substitute teache's) or spell it and kids always taunted with Velveeda or Darth Vader or Aqua Veda. I told myself over and over that I'd change it to my middle name (Marie) when I turn 18, but 18 came around and it was starting to grow on me. You spend the first 15 years of your life trying be like everyone else and the next 15 being thankful for everything that makes you unique. I'm 24 now and couldn't be happier with the name Veda. :)

11/30/2022 12:57:04

Oh this is so exciting to have found this site.My name is Veda.Born March 17,1974.I'm 56.i've met only one lady with is name.While cashiering at Walmart oneday a lady seeing my name tag said her name was Veda too spelled the'same way.I laughe's in great joy and said really? Mam I will have to see some I.D. Haha she laughed and shows me her drivers license.And yes!! Her name was Veda.She and I neither one until that day has ever met another Veda.I didn't like my name at.all.for years.But have grown to love it.

11/23/2022 01:40:44

I was named "Veda" after my great- grandmother whose name was "Vida." I pronounce my name "Vee-dah" instead of "Vay-dah" and all through high school I had to correct my teache's

11/05/2022 12:14:32

Veda was my mother in laws name. I had never heard it before I'met her and have met no one else by that name. I had an aunt Vida (long i sound)

11/02/2022 17:31:46

Our Veda was born on Halloween, named after her paternal great-grandmother. Her namesake was a very strong woman who raised her 4 children alone after her husband left her with them and his own ailing father when he took the family car. She didn't miss a beat, taking care of all of them without complaint and with much compassion. Our Veda is named for these qualities as well as the meaning, "knowledge, wisdom." Some people say "veeda" but I don't care. Some people mispronounce my common name. You can't name your child to please other people. I like that it is unique. It gives automatic character and stren'th.

10/30/2022 11:21:18

We named our daughter who was born November 07 Ava Grace and really love the name, very feminine and really suits her.

10/24/2022 13:42:02

My name is Veda. I have been called Vida Vaydah and a host of other names. I am 68 years was born in BrIt'sh Caribbean Islands in a community of Hindu (Indians) - hence Veda (of the Vedas)SanscrIt's sacred books. My father was born in China and my mother African. Also means life in Spanish. I love this unsual meaningful name. It is always a topic of discussion - always make me feel very special. I am very spiritually influenced by my name Veda.

10/20/2022 18:18:04

We are nameing our baby girl Ava who is due in March 2019. My husband and I have used the nickname "Bird" for each other'since we have been married so it fits well with us. The name is beautiful on It's own. It's simple, classy and sweet.

10/04/2022 17:00:46

Yes, this is my name. It used to be misspelled a lot more. My parents told me that in the 70s the'spelling Kelly was for a boy and Kelli for a girl.

10/02/2022 02:42:30

We are considering naming our daughter Eden in memory of my beloved grandmother Edith. I hope that'she will love her name and I hope it will pay tribute to her amazingly heroic and loving great-grandmother.

09/17/2022 20:02:02

My name is Veda and I dont know anyone with this name and was really curious about it.

08/31/2022 05:36:54

My name is Veda, and I absolutely love it! There is nothing wrong with this name and in English(usa) it means knowledge. I recommend this name, but for non-pronunciation mistakes I suggest spelling it as Vayda. I beli've that this name is lovely and unique, and will represent your child a beautiful, one of a kind, and very unique and important.

08/25/2022 11:27:00

Our youngest is Veda (pronounced Vay-day, not vee-da. Only a few people get it wrong. Her older'sister is Neena. I like the two names together. Never met another Veda.

08/18/2022 01:01:30

I think people should stop talking about it. Because I named my daughter Vayda because I knew nobody with that name . Now of course it is popping up and it would be great to see it not be a topic somewhere so 3 million people don't copy it . There seems to be no unique names left because as soon as you choose one everybody else does. So shhh you all hate the name It's hideous and you'll never name your kids that'so it doesn't become an Aidan or a Bella epidemic! :)

08/10/2022 10:56:24

Haha my name is Veda middle name Jean so Veda Jean and no one can say it right ever I have met a couple girls named Veda 2 were spelled different one was Vayda and the other was Vaydah but I think the name is a very beautiful name i enjoy the name

07/15/2022 02:40:30

My name's Veda, and in my nineteen years of being alive, i've never met another Veda. People have a tendency to mispronounce it or spell it 'Vada,' or, in the religions department of my college, ask me if my family has any tendencies towards HinduI'm.

06/04/2022 13:06:54

My name is Veda Louise and I am soon to be 51 years old. Now that I am older, I fully appreciate not be named something more conventional. My name however, is pronounced with a long "e." I'm often amazed that people.mispronouce it. I' wanted me to be called "Vada,' she would've spelled as such. bothe'scontemplatingnaming

04/02/2022 09:52:30

I just had my first baby, and we named her Veda (pronounced Vay-duh) Clementine. She's absolutely perfect! And I'm not worried about the Darth Vader thing...when she'starts acting fussy, I call her Darth Veda...our family runs on having an unconventional sense of humor :-)

03/21/2022 22:27:36

I really want to name my daughter Vayda. I hope my husband comes around to the name.

01/29/2022 13:02:24

I named my daughter Veda Maeline. People always have to ask twice what her name is. She is a beautiful 4 yr old little firecracker!

01/18/2022 05:17:06

My name is Veda, pronounced vee-da, often misprounced Vay-da. I don't let it bother me. I'm 50 this year and I love my name. It is unique. My father-in-law used Velvetta as a way to remember how to pronounce my name. And i've been called Veda, Cheetah as well. But I wouldn't trade it for a more common name.

12/09/2021 10:01:30

Veda is also a sanskrit word meaning knowledge/wisdom. In India it would be considered a name your child so as 'the vedas' are ancient texts from the iron age. As far as Indians are concerned it is pronounced 'Vay-da'...the 'ay' is pronounced the'same way it is in 'way/day' etc. the 'da' sound is different from the d in different/dog etc. It's a softer'sound. I can't think of an english word that contains it. Ask an Indian to sound it out for you sometime.

12/03/2021 09:27:18

of course,my name is also veda.I'm 24 years old.I'm very happy to see so many people named 'VEDA'.

11/04/2021 01:49:12

Veda on Macedonian dialect means lightning ;-) My daughter's name is Veda and she is really like lightning.

10/29/2021 03:04:48

My name is Vayda. I'm 17 and my mom got my name from the movie "My Girl". A lot of teache's was pronounce my name wrong, some couldn't even pronounce it at all. I have never met anyone with my name, yet. I never liked my name when i was younger but now i love it because It's unique.

10/24/2021 23:20:42

hi... im 11 and my name is veda. i love my name. what is wrong with that

10/22/2021 13:42:00

My name is Veda vanessa but called the latter as not to confuse as my mother was Veda, I love the name pronounced Veeda. Also I beli've linked to a Greek Goddess so I have been'told. lovely to see it being used these days afar from all the "new" names now appearing.

10/16/2021 08:33:18

My name is Vayda, pronounced like it is spelled. Do not name your baby this name unless you forever want the teasing of "Darth Vader" not even kidding. EVERYONE has done this to me my whole life. It doesn't old to anyone... Trust me.

08/04/2021 07:24:54

My daughters name is Vayda and I absolutely love it

07/28/2021 00:39:00

My husband is muslim, and I catolic. For us it is important to choose the name that is neither muslim or catolic (or orthodox). So, we looked up and found out that it means "wisdom" in sanskrit language. But, today I found out that it is also a muslim name!!! Is it possible that it has an muslim-hindu origin>>?? We are from balkans, and therefore it is extremely important for us to be careful in choosing the "right" name that won't make troubles for her later in her life.

07/08/2021 13:05:06

My name is Veda Louise, It's the feminine of David, and means Truth. And It's pronounced Vee-da. It was my mother's middle name, my grandmother's first name, and It's my daughter's middle name. Most people like the name and think It's pretty. A lot of people say Vayda, which is wrong in my family. i've seen'the name only a few times in my 60 years. So It's very unusual. And I'much prefer Vee-da to Vayda anyday. Blessings.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Veda?
The origin of the name Veda is Indian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Veda?
Knowledge, Wisdom
*️⃣ How many people are named Veda?
Almost 12000 people are named Veda.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Veda?
The names of William, Michael, Brooks, Marie, Smith