Will Helmet, Protection

William Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \wi(l)-liam\
Number in U.S 👶 4,100,000
Rate in 2021 11
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 English

Meaning of William

The name William is a classical name with English roots that date back almost a thousand years, yet it's still popular name these days.William meaning is "resolute protector" or "strong-willed warrior" and its root comes from Wilhelm, of Old German origin. this name were famous After th introducing to England by William the Conqueror at the time of the his Conquest, it gained as a fashionable name.

there are several kings named William have ruled in the British Isles. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the most famous William wich he is a current member of royal family and will be the eventual heir to the British throne. 

William is not famous only in English and in many centuries william has it equivalent in other traditions as well

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Comments on the name William
9/12/2022 2:47:16 AM

The name Wyatt has been used for over'several hundred years in my family. I searched through genealogy records to find out why. I found out that I was directly related to Sir Francis Wyatt the first Governor of Jamestown, VA. I named my son Wyatt to carry on the tradition.

8/19/2022 6:18:18 AM

my name is Bill, but i wish my name was williI'm at least so i could call my self will, but my name is bill, witch i hate it :( is there any diffrent names for bill??

7/4/2022 3:09:18 AM

I was always called WillI'm as a boy, but from my teens on I was called Bill (except by my parents). My wife calls me Billy and refers to me as WillI'm to other people. I am now in my 60's and have gone back to giving my name as WillI'm. I like the name, wouldn't want any other.

6/24/2022 9:49:48 AM

It seems to me an appealing name which resolutes power.

5/30/2022 5:49:30 PM

My son and his wife just named their newborn son Will. Not short for WillI'm, just Will. I love it!

2/18/2022 1:31:12 AM

My name is WillI'm, the third generation in my family and I am very proud of it, and It's long history. WillI'm the Conqueror, Prince WillI'm, etc. It's very versitile, WillI'm, Will, Bill, Billy or LI'm are all acceptable. Not common as well, which is a plus.

11/27/2021 2:22:30 PM

It's a little weird. You can break it down into Will-i-am. There are also too many nicknames for it. Will, Bill, Willy, Billy.

10/30/2021 8:15:18 PM

I love the name Will, for I have a crush with a boy named Will. But It's such a cute name. >>; (he can't know this!!)

10/17/2021 12:55:12 PM

My brother's name, my dad's name, both of my grandpa's names...and they all go by Bill! If someone yells BILL in our house at Thanksgiving, It's practically a stampede!

9/28/2021 6:50:42 AM

My name is WillI'm and I'm now 24. I have gone by WillI'm, Willie and Will and i've enjoyed them all. I think I will always be known by WillI'm to my family and now my friends all call me Will. I'm excited that LI'm is a nickname for WillI'm! I had no idea!!

9/10/2021 9:42:36 AM

my name is WillI'm. I think my name is cool and I like it.

9/4/2021 4:27:36 PM

I like the name WillI'm because it is my step dad's name he is a JR.

8/28/2021 3:11:06 PM

I think the name WillI'm is great. If for nickname LI'm sounds good but I don't really like Bill, Billy is still ok for a young boy.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name William?
The origin of the name William is English.
*️⃣ How many people are named William?
Almost 4100000 people are named William.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name William?
The names of Jomar, Yamir, Yomaira