Wade meaning

: Able To Go, River Ford

Wade Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \wa-de\
Number of People 👶 71,000
Rate in 2021 673
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 English
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Wade Name Meaning

The meaning behind a name holds great significance as it often reflects the characteristics and qualities associated with an individual. When exploring the meaning of the name "Wade," we uncover a rich history and symbolism.

The name "Wade" is of English origin and carries various interpretations. One common meaning is "to ford," which refers to crossing or wading through a body of water. This conveys a sense of resilience, adaptability, and determination in the face of challenges.

Another interpretation suggests that "Wade" derives from the Old English word "waed," meaning "advocate" or "protector." This implies that individuals with this name may possess strong leadership qualities, a desire to stand up for others, and a natural inclination towards justice.

Furthermore, the name "Wade" has been associated with bravery and courage throughout history. It evokes images of warriors who fearlessly navigate obstacles in their path, symbolizing strength and fearlessness.

In contemporary times, those named Wade often embody these characteristics by embracing their unique journey through life. They approach challenges head-on, displaying resilience while advocating for themselves and others.

Ultimately, the name Wade carries deep-rooted meanings that reflect strength, determination, protection, bravery, and advocacy. It serves as an empowering choice for individuals who embody these qualities or aspire to do so.

Cool Info About Name Wade

Additional name description Wade
Additional name description Wade

Personality traits of the male name Wade:

They care a lot about romance. Nurturing, love, care, energy and life are the most important factors they care about. They believe in love in its idealized form. They believe that without love, one cannot live normally. They are like magnets in social relationships and draw people toward them. People love to have them around all the time.

They are very sensitive about harmony and balance in their lives. They love to see this harmony in the world, too. They do their best to create this harmony wherever they are. They are conscientious, service-oriented and hard working. By posing this characteristic feature, they can what they want on Grand and small scales.

They attract money with ease and earn a lot of money by working hard and trying new trades. They try to build their lives by doing two or more careers. They are very punctual so that they can work anything out on time!

They are motivated in many form fields, however, they rarely light up themselves for achieving their goals. They are not automatic people in general. They like to be forced or pushed by others. They are great teachers, counselors and ministers.

They have steady and balanced personalities. More to that, they have artistic and creative personalities. They are certainly very critical of their goals.

They like to be the leader in many groups. They like to have responsibility rather than not taking orders. They resent being a passive person. They are very good problem solvers besides their boss figure. They listen to others' problems very well in a way that they can count on.

They are used to caring for their loved ones. They know that family is very worthwhile. They respect the traditions and culture of the family. they sacrifice themselves for others’ benefits and lives. They are ready to devote all they own for the sake of others. People are thankful for the love they give them. They have artistic souls which help them grow up well.

How do people react to your name?

When they meet you for the first time, they understand that you are impressive, elegant and Noble. You are like famous people in their point of view. They admire your confidence too much that sometimes some of them become jealous of you. You resent working solely; rather, you like to work on a grand scale. This may be because of your cooperative personality. You are willing and active. Being passive is never in your dictionary. You cannot admit it anyway. You are friendly and love to meet people and talk to them. You can attract them, inspire them and impress them with your creative ideas.


Your most likely vocation: teacher, philosopher, educator, religious zealot, scientist, minister, instructor, writer, producer of luxury and beauty goods, horticulturist, zoologist, a shipping magnate.

Lucky colors: All varieties of blue except the very bright blues

Lucky days: Sunday, Monday and Friday

The popularity of the name Wade:

Wade has been popular in the American male naming chats for a long time that you can never think of. Some people may think that it is not a common first name, but It dates back to the late 19th century in the United States.

At the turn of the 20th century, Wade experienced great success and it lasted until the 1900s. It reached its peak in the period of the 1960s to the 1970s. It reached the position of 23 surprisingly.

Wade is a cute masculine name that we suggest to you just if you like to name your boy a celebrity.

For the past five decades, the name Wade was recorded nearly 35,000 times in the SSA database.

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Comments on the name Wade
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Wade. I'm 26 and i've always been proud of my name. Also my father's name. I don't get a lot of mistakes with it, though every now and then people get it wrong over the phone. i've met 3 other Wade's over my life. Which is pretty pretty awesome.

11/16/2023 06:48:38

My name is Wade, born in 1971. i've always liked my name easy to pronounce but I have been called Wayne quiet a bit, I think that is a common mistake people make with my name. My son's middle name is Wade and my grandson's middle name is Wade. I'm proud that the name is being passed on to future generations.

11/08/2023 23:21:32

As a fellow Wade, i've found You'really need to enunciate when giving people your name. Try "Way-duh". Otherwise I end up being Wayne, Dwayne, Dwade, Waden, or my all time favorite BLADE.

10/14/2023 08:14:58

my son is called wade,isnt tht common in u.k..he's only 5 so dont wht he will think of it ,in yr,s 2cum.but i think its a kl boys name....i never heard of it ,until i watch th fI'm (th hse of wax) ..

10/11/2023 12:39:18

Just named my son Wade. After Deadpool... Of course!

07/11/2023 00:54:44

I loved the name right away, my friends in California never heard of it as I had not either until I'moved to Texas in 1989- fell in love and our Daughter plans on the name going on in our family,

06/30/2023 13:38:14

My dads name is wade by spelt with a wayde and I think It's a cool name! Sometimes people call him Wayne haha And he gets kinda tired of correcting them but he loves his name!

05/15/2023 23:29:20

My girlfriend's cousin is named Wade, and he is (not surprisingly) from Arkansas; nonetheless, he's a gentleman and adventurer.

03/01/2023 16:21:58

My name is Wade and its awesome :) I love my name and would never change it. People do mistake my name'sometimes for wayne of wad or something. I have met a couple other wades and they were all BAMFS People remember me after they meet me when'they hear wade they know its me they're talking about :)

02/01/2023 22:07:12

We named our son Walker and love it. Walker Ross sounds strong. Like a sen'tor.

01/24/2023 09:52:02

I named my son wade in may of 2019 me and my partner loved it but my eldest daughter wasn't too keen on it :(. Only ever heard of one other wade so quite a rare name in the uk

01/12/2023 11:19:32

I named my son Wade in 2018.. The name was distant in the family, but I liked it I'mediately. It was a very uncommon name. I felt it was old and modern at the'same time. I feel like It's growing. We have at no problems with pronounciation. I wouldn't change it for the world. My son likes it too. There is no confusion on who he is at school. It's good stuff!

01/11/2023 15:38:06

I just named my son Wade. It is also my father's name. My dad seems to like it just fine, but has mentioned the need to enunciate to avoid mistakenly being called Wayne. i've received only positive reactions to my sons name and I hope It'stays that way.

11/28/2022 06:34:54

My husband and I named our son Wade in 1991. It was the name of a character in a book my husband was reading, he liked it, asked me what I thought and I was instantly pleased with it. My son does get annoyed with people who don't listen well and call him Wayne, despite him pronouncing his name very clearly! LOL What's worse is our last name is the name of a flower, and also is used for a girl's name... so, the names are often reversed, like in the doctor's office or other places where one's name is called out. My son does not find that amusing, at all. Overall, he is not displeased nor dissatisfied with his given name.

11/09/2022 14:06:26

Except people calling you Wayne till you 15 or so, its a great name and not so common that its a lot of fun.

11/01/2022 07:26:18

My name is Wade. Yeah, "wade in the water" gets old. People remember my name though. i've only met one other Wade. I'm used to being called Wayne (been called Ward, Wendell as well).

10/24/2022 08:59:54

My wife and I are expecting our third child (a boy), in a few months, and we're 99.9% certain we'll name him Wade. Really like/love the name...that It's a name everyone's familiar with, but still very rare. Personally, think i've only known one Wade, in my acquaintance in college. I have never liked my own name and am constantly having to spell it for people, as It's spelled in an uncommon way. Hence, I'm sensitive to those sharing about the Wade/Wayne confusion. Still love the name, though. Also, It's a family name (wife's side), so that pretty much seals it for us. Our first two children have first and middle names after close family members.

09/04/2022 02:17:26

Many people call me Wayne first time i tell them my name, then i have to correct them. Never met anyone else here in England with Wade as a first name.

08/30/2022 22:17:42

My name is Wade, and I too have had to correct people when'they call me Wayne but it never really bothe's me anyway. I haven't met very many people named Wade, maybe three ever. I hear the phrase "wade in the water" too much!

04/27/2022 20:10:48

My name is Wade. I actually always hated the name but I guess now that I really think about it, It's not so bad. Although I do have to tell people It's "Wade, as in wade in the water" about 20 times a day so they don't call me Wayne. It's my father's name just like the other commenter, that's cool. I will probably name my kid Wade as well.

03/17/2022 18:43:30

Love the name and It's rarity. Only have ever met one Wade. Wouldn't pronounce it any other way than Way-de. Think its strong sounding and attractive, established name.

02/01/2022 22:28:30

my names wade ... excellent. spelt "wayde" ... rare name :)

01/30/2022 00:01:12

My name is Wade. I like my name because It's somewhat uncommon. My name has been mistaken for Ray, Weed, and most often, Wayne. The only issue I have with my name is that I can't ever find a mug or one of those little license plates with my name on it... Thats about it.. Good day.

10/15/2021 04:11:24

Yeah, people usually get the'spelling wrong--Jacklyn, Jacqueline, goes on forever. I was named after Jaclyn Smith, Jacqueline Onassis and Jacqueline Bisset...yea all three, because my mum thought they were either beautiful/smart. lol

08/26/2021 12:51:36 name is haley! i love the name! but im tired of people spelling it wrong! i love my name though! there is only 3 haleys in my school out of 811 people! i love the name!

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Wade FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Wade?
The origin of the name Wade is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Wade?
Able To Go, River Ford
*️⃣ How many people are named Wade?
Almost 71000 people are named Wade.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Wade?
The names of Yannis, Yancey, Yancy, Yunus, Yanessa