Commander Of The Army

Walter Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \wa(l)-ter\
Number in U.S 👶 627,000
Rate in 2021 529
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 German

Walter Name Meaning

Etymology and historical origin

Walter is a boy name that means the ruler of the army. Walter has an ancient history and we bring a brief part of it here for you. Walter was pronounced as “water” in early Medieval England. It was a name that came from Germanic portions; “Wald” which means “rule” and “Heri, Hari” which means “army”.

The French form of Walter is Gautier. One important person who first seems to generate the name was the legendary Visigoth hero from the 5th century, Walter of Aquitaine who had his story in the Middle Ages. Walter has been a popular name for the English that remained from medieval England.

More about the boys named Walter:

They are really aware of their own spirit and others. They are mystical. They are highly preferring to spend their spare time alone and are not extroverted people most of the time. They prefer to think about different philosophical, natural, critical, and economical matters to be in a crowd of people doing routines or having fun. They are always eager to know more about the universe, our place in the universe, and nature in general.

They are wise and active people. They can solve complicated problems as easily as we cannot predict and they really work them out as best as possible! We cannot understand or believe their talent and wisdom because of their introversion and the sense of internal shyness in showing their abilities. It is a very good idea for you as the parents to encourage them to show their abilities where needed. 

On the opposition side, they are so poetic and artistic. Their soul is integrated with art and poetry. They are so sensitive about the world around them. This characteristic makes them good artists and poets.

They are very humanistic as they are always taking care of other people and the people they love more. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for their families and love. This is a very admirable point in their trait in fact. They are good husbands to their partners and devote all they have in their lives to their mates. You can be a lucky woman if you get married to them.

Moreover, people react very friendly to their greetings. They love them as a consequence of the love they received. When people meet them first, they perceive a personality who loves elegance, being well-dressing, impressive, and self-sufficient. They admit you with all of the positive and negative points in your personality. They should be so careful of their words in front of them because Walters can catch the problems easily and fast.

As a whole, their main personality traits can be shortened as; solitary, wise, imaginative, intuitive, mystical, and philosophical.

Their most favorable vocation: poet, writer, composer of music, philosopher, historian.

Lucky colors: yellow, gold, green

Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday


The popularity of the name Walter:

This name used to be very popular from an early age and always experienced a good position on popularity charts. Between 1880 and 1940, Walter was ranked in the top 25 most favorite names in the United States. That is a record that few names can make!

Even after 30 years, it remained famous and was placed in the top 50 best names on the charts. In 1973, Walter experienced its first falloffs. Since the 1980s, it has experienced out-of-datedness. This was a break-down for Walter.

We hope to have Walter on the popular male names chart again. This is a fabulous name for you baby boys; especially if you are in a military or army family.


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Comments on the name Walter
3/5/2023 7:03:48 AM

We named our son Walter. We love the name and he'seems to love it to. We weren't fond of Wally as a nickname and have taken'to calling him Waltie.

3/2/2023 7:06:36 PM

My family have been using this name for hundreds of years. I love it and named my son Walter. It's uncommon these days, but people never forget a Walter and it connotes wisdom, respect and tradition.

2/28/2023 9:48:06 AM

my name is walter, i never really did like the name because It'sounded old fashoned. I was named afer my Grandfather( It was Walter or Chester'so whick do you perfer:D) When my Grandfather grew sick and passes on I an so thankfull that I was named Walter. If fact our little boy due this year will also carry the name Walter

2/14/2023 2:14:44 AM

I named my lil brother walter but many people comments negative .what can i do

1/11/2023 11:31:14 AM

Well I think my doughter is the youngest Tamara in the world. She is only 15 days old. I choose this name for her and i love it. It's a great name, and my little baby is so beutiful. Greetings from Durres-Albania

1/8/2023 10:41:08 PM

I am Walter III and named our son Walter as well. It is a distinctive name and rare. It means tradition. It is a strong name that carries a sense of legacy. Meaning " strong warrior " It'says that trends and fashion are not important. Heritage come first.

12/20/2022 6:09:42 PM

Sometimes people say it wrong. And everyone thinks its a cool name to have.

12/17/2022 4:03:08 AM

My name is Walter. I love it. It makes me feels special and unique. It is a classic name of all times!

12/9/2022 5:57:20 PM

Like many of the comments stated about the name Walter, I had to grow up being laughed at about my name. I was nicknamed by many as "the old man". I never thought of myself as such, but found that I worked hard at being the one that lived up to the title of "the old man". Afterall, "the old man" is usually associated with "the one in charge". I love my name and its meaning. To all of the Walter's out there, "Toujours en Vedette".

12/1/2022 6:17:26 AM

My name is Walter. Nowadays I guess it is a unique name. Actually it is a very venerable almost ancient name that I'm proud to have. Nothing phony about it.I'm named after my uncle. Throughout history many remarkable men have had this name.

11/30/2022 5:03:56 PM

The only way to spell Zachariah (Zachary is an insult!) i've yet to meet another in real life. Here's to hoping none of us run into one another.

11/25/2022 9:31:04 AM

My name is Walter, and I always felt self conscious when meeting a girl. After I'made a great impression she would ask me for my name and I would just feel like it didn't sound right for a young good looking guy like me. With age I realize this was very stupid on my part. Now I'm 28 and I like my name because people always remember it and it also makes me sound smart and inter'sting : )

10/21/2022 3:42:20 AM

Wanna hear my song? Mmkay here goes! My name is Ardis, it rhymes with Fartis, and I love my name'so so much, the time has come for our review, so use your brain while I explain the importance of a name like mines!! STRUCTURE! It's strong and sturdy like structure! POISE! The name looks good on paper! SOUND! It is pronounced, so so well! And now my song is done, hope you had fun, come watch the Ardis show l8ter! LOL!! My friend Dea and I'made that up. Have a wonderful day now. God bless you.

9/16/2022 7:35:30 AM

Well i used to hate it, but now i love it! My mom did it cause she wanted my name to have 7 letters like her's. It makes me unique. I know of a few other Rachael's. Like my boyfriends last ex spells it the exact same. It's weird, but i like it.

9/9/2022 6:56:56 PM

We have decided to name our dtr. Cara. I understand that the origin of it is pronounced Car-ah, but we prefer Care-uh. When I have looked it up, I have seen'that either pronunciation is acceptable. It is all in what sounds right depending on where you are from. I guess we will just have to let othe's know, but be prepared that it will be pronounced either way.

9/5/2022 7:26:06 PM

Walter rocks! My dad was called that and I loved It'so much even as a kid that I called my first son (born in 2003) Walter as well. The name has become quite rare but give it a few years and it will become fashionable again, I'm sure, like other names like Jack or James have. Overall It's a very cool name :-)

5/3/2022 6:00:18 PM

My young son's name is Walter, and I love the name. It's not a family name, just a name that his dad and I loved. It was the only name we liked for a boy. Boys names are tougher than girl names. Most of them are so boring. Walter is a classic name and the nickname Walt is great too. Love it.

3/6/2022 11:53:06 AM

I am a Walter and in my youth I never liked the name. In the early black & white movies or T.V. Walter was always a strong name but some where down the road movies and t.v. made the name Walter into a nerd. I always thought it was either an older man's name (because they were the only ones I knew who had it) or African American name. Later I read Walter was a strong, intelligent, talented yet sensitive name and that of a leader. Which to me was funny, because though I don't see myself that way people have always told me I was. Now I don't know what all that means but I have grown to like it and whenever I hear someone call out to Walter I always comment that I am a Walter too. I have noticed even a few Walter's younger than myself, I am a 48 yearold Walter Daniel named after my mother's father and he was strong, itelligent, talented and sensitive.

11/15/2021 12:25:30 AM

Grandson is Walter named for his great grandfather

9/18/2021 7:55:30 PM

I'm a Walter and have always loved my name. As a boy it was a good fit. i've gone by Wally, Walt. I recommend it as a boy's name. People don't forget you, and It's a simple yet formal given name. Lots of neat famous Walters: Disney, Cronkite. My pediatrician and my father were Walters and I idolized them both.

9/9/2021 8:05:24 AM

My grandson is named Walter and we call him ?Walt? and LOVE the name!!! It'suits him since he is outgoing, smart and a leader already at a young age. The person makes the name....own it and be proud!

9/3/2021 2:56:42 AM

My name is Walter and it predisposes me to think beyond norms, and to engage my intellectual side. I think the name'suggests distinction, which encourages me to strive for credibility. I like being one of a few with this name.

7/16/2021 1:20:24 AM

In the UK it will be forever associated with Walter the'softy who was the victim of Dennis the Menace in the Beano comic!

7/15/2021 3:16:30 PM

I'm only 19 and growing up with the name 'Walter' was a hassle to say the least, although the minor teasing stopped around 7th grade (ironic because this stuff usually STARTS in high school). Being named after my grandfather (also taking his middle name, Joseph) who fought in World War II and after reading of the name's German roots (the majority of my ancestry is German) and being synonymous with 'powerful leader', i've come to accept it. I don't recommend naming your child Walter in this day and age but if your name is Walter, don't be ashamed of it.

7/14/2021 3:29:06 PM

I never knew the meaning of my name "Walter". However it is not what my nature as the meaning tells.

7/5/2021 6:17:24 PM

HI'my name is Walter too named after my grand father who fought in world war two, very proud of the name, and i think its suits my personality, did not have a problem with it in school, one of its good points is when you say your name and by in large to are taken seriously and remembered, Walter J.D


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The origin of the name Walter is German.
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Commander Of The Army
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Almost 627000 people are named Walter.
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