Wyatt meaning

: War Strength

Wyatt Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \wya-tt\
Number of People 👶 166,000
Rate in 2021 38
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Wyatt Name Meaning

Thanks to Wyatt Earp, we think of Wyatt as a distinctive American Old West name when, in fact, it derives from an old Franco-Norman surname, itself originating from an Olde English personal male name “Wīgheard.” The name is made up of Old Anglo-Saxon elements “WIG”, meaning “war, battle” and “ear” meaning “hard, firm, solid, not soft”, derived from the Proto-Germanic root *hard- meaning “severe, cruel, very hard”. In other words, Wyatt is a badass. It's almost like Wyatt Earp was meant to have such a name - as Sigmund Freud said, our names are perhaps a "piece of our soul". In any case, Wyatt was a name made famous to Americans by Wyatt Earp (for more on Wyatt Earp, see the historical references below).

Cool Info About Name Wyatt

Additional name description Wyatt
Additional name description Wyatt



The number eight personality has a lot to do with power, wealth, and abundance. In some ways, this personality has been blessed on the material plane, but his authoritarian and problem-solving traits provide evidence that his good fortunes are not just lottery luck. They are well deserved. Eights are intensely active individuals, with high energy. They are remarkable for their ability to see the bigger picture down to the smallest details and organize a strategy around success. They then can lead a group around them towards any goal and develop individual potential to get the most out of their team.


The name received several reinforcements in recent years with the release of many popular films about the famous lawman, Wyatt Earp, reminding the parents who expect the name of all Americans. However, Wyatt didn't take over the charts until the mid-1990s. The name finally reached Top 100 status in 2004 and has been gaining ground ever since. The name will forever be associated with ruggedness, pioneering ruggedness, and the Old West. From this perspective, the name is "all boy" (not to mention its "battle list" etymology).

Famous people named Wyatt

Wyatt Earp (old west legend lawman)

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Comments on the name Wyatt
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Yes Emanuel is my name, People spell it wrong, they always spell it as "I'manuel", I rarly mean people with my name

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I just think Wyatt is a really cool name to have and a really popular name that no one cares about like u see lunchboxes with names like Josh Carrie Austin Caleb but NO WYATT but I get the fact that Wyatt is a AWESOME WIZARD and no one else can say that because Wyatt said it first

12/23/2023 07:14:12

I love love love the name Wyatt. I think everyone's right, it is a very strong, bold, masculine name that suits a male at any age. This will be my first boy's name (when I get pregnant).

12/20/2023 08:42:12

we named my 1st born Denver Wyatt Ray, but he goes by Wyatt all the time...we just love it...the book i found the name in though says it means "little warrior" which i think describes my strong willed little man to a Tee...beautiful!!!

12/14/2023 18:59:02

My name is Wyatt and I just think my name is really cool because it was a famous persons name called Wyatt Earp.One thing that my mom thought was funny was that when I was a little kid my grandma used to call me wyatt burp.HAHA HAHA HAHAHAHA

12/10/2023 13:00:16

my husband's name is wyatt, he is an amazing man, and now i want our son's name to represent him in some way but cant without using it. but its a good name! very strong and full of personality

12/06/2023 03:29:54

lol i find it weird as a first name as this is my last name!

12/05/2023 17:12:44

We have an Aimee Nicole. When she was born we added the accent to her first e and they did not add it to her birth certificate. Wish they had. We wanted the accent because after all, it is a French name.

11/28/2023 09:28:00

This will be our daughters name when she is born. I have loved the name for years now!

11/25/2023 00:38:50

i loved this name, from the first time watching Charmed now i want my son to his this name....... And now he will be here in May but i dont know if i want him to have it as a first or Middle name.

11/21/2023 04:21:58

My husband and I finally agreed. (Pretty quickly on this name, which is rare) I think we are going to go with Wyatt. We have a pretty generic last name and there is only 1 Wyatt that I googled. That is why I like this name even more. You don't hear it that often and it sounds strong.

11/08/2023 21:53:22

My new grandson is Wyatt Jessee. Since he's still a small baby he gets called "Wyatt Burp"! :)

11/06/2023 15:13:34

My first son is Wyatt Holden. We started calling him Wit when he was two because he is so clever. It stuck and now my whole family calls him Wit or Witty-Boy.

11/05/2023 13:57:06

I love my sons name is Wyatt Bryce. A little old with the new. He def has a big personality and lots of charI'ma. He is only 3 but lots of people have commented on how well the name fits him even'though they didn't like the name when I picked it before he was born!! I think its a great name!!

11/04/2023 17:22:46

its my sons name and I love it so much! it was the only name the father and i could agree on haha

10/01/2023 01:40:26

This is my name! I like it and people tell me they like my name all the time. But I didn't meet any other Ethans until recently. I'met only one other guy my age in college named Ethan. I know that many kids are now named Ethan cause I see young mothe's yelling "Ethan!" at the mall and different places and I can't help but think they are talking to me. LOL I think actors like Ethan Hawk and Labels like Ethan Allen kind of "popularized" the name. Its not too common for teens, young adults, and older adults.

09/27/2023 22:08:40

I know some called Wyatt and he's pretty cool guy. neve heard of it before I'met him though. I like the name and It'suits him.

09/23/2023 21:44:56

My last name is Wyatt & have always been called Wyatt becuase in school & sports they usually cal you by your last name. Im 32 years old & hearing it used as a 1st name is cool although I have always been called by my Last name but i doesnt bother me since my 1st name is Walter.

09/11/2023 03:13:22

Oh no, over'sed suburban name, so bourgeois, so soap opera.

09/08/2023 14:58:32

My sons name is Wyatt with the middle name Dean after my dad. My son was born October 8th 2021. He gets the whole Wyatt Earp and quiet wyatt which fit until he began to talk lol. Wyatt is very outgoing and a social butterfly. He loves trains and cars too. All in all its a very strong name.

08/18/2023 08:29:26

My surname is Wyatt by birth. Yes, it rocks. From the middle-aged crowd I get a lot of,"Oh, like Wyatt Earp!" yes, yes, whatever floats your boat. In fact, that's my friend's dad's unimaginative nickname for me when I'm not around. Oh yeah, I'm a girl and I WAS born in Texas... but I'moved to VA when I was four. Any jokes were from adults and always related to cowboys, of course. Not being particularly fond of "cowboys" it was always slightly annoying, but nothing more. People a bit younger'sometimes act as if they've never heard the name before or need me to spell it. i've also had SEVERAL apparently simple teache's call out my name as "Watt." I'mean, how dumb do you have to be❤️ Does "Wyatt" look like "Watt❤️" Anyway, i've found many meanings to my name'such as: "stren'th","warrior","little warrior","small fighter","war brave","brave, strong, hardy, war","water","wood","guide" and my personal favorite, "Son of the forest guide." I like the last one because I love forests... to a strange pagan-like degree and I have a spooky sense of direction. I never get lost. I have a photographic memory AND an internal compass. Seriously. My dad is the'same way with nature and, I think direction. So in a sense I am the "son of the forest guide." hahaha, only, I'm the daughter. My brother, strangely enough, couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag...

08/14/2023 13:05:28

my oldest sons name is Wyatt. He gets called Wyatt Earp a lot, but I actually fell in love with the name from the witch show. I can't even remember the name of it now haha. It'suits him to a tea. He also gets Quiet Wyatt alot. The only person who has ever misspelled it is unfortunately my poor mother who wanted to spell it Whyatt for the first few months of his life haha.

08/04/2023 10:37:58

When I have kids I want to name my son Kaleb with a k. I like that it is less common than with a c.

07/27/2023 21:53:28

My son's name is Wyatt James (born March 2021). I love the name and picked it out years ago. We live in a small town. Since he was born I have seen about 5 birth annoucements using the name Wyatt in the past year. I am afraid Wyatt is becoming the new "Jackson".

07/22/2023 20:48:32

It's my grandsons name means little warrior and it fits him well...

07/12/2023 09:14:24

I'm having twin boys and my husband wants to name one Maverick. The other I believe should be named Wyatt considering the last twins in my family was my great great grandma and her twin sister was Wyatt Earp's mother. My husband won't agree on that name at all though! What do I do❤️

07/07/2023 05:30:46

My soon to be husbands name is Wyatt and and he is the'sweetest and funniest person I know!

07/06/2023 18:38:20

Xander is a very strong masculine name, and If Xander'sounds too feminine (like the previous commenter'suggested), you must be saying it wrong.

05/24/2023 13:30:18

My 2 year old sons name is Wyatt Samuel Lee ..he is a very outgoing child. People love his name.They do sometime refer to Wyatt Earp..but never in a bad way. I think its a good solid name for a boy.His middle names are after his grandfathe's. My one friend made the'statement that "that's a gun slingers name if i've ever heard one"! I love his name!

05/22/2023 13:36:04

wyatt is an awesome name, my close friend;s son name is wyatt and he's adorable, cute and adorable, wyatt is a great name

05/21/2023 19:40:26

My Husbands last name is Wyatt and my first sons FIRST name Wyatt my second sons name is Christopher

05/19/2023 03:01:06

My son's name is Wyatt, he was named after a character the George Strait played in the movie Pure Country. I like the name because it is a little different, but not so different that people would wonder if I did drugs growing up. According to my research the name is French for Little Warior. It is a strong name and it fits my son's personality.

04/28/2023 07:42:04

We named our son Wylie, he is 18 mo. We love it because it is unique and somewhat country-ish. Some people cannot pronounce Wylie (both our grandfathe's) He is Wally to one grandfather and Willy to the other. I hope he grows up liking his name.

04/24/2023 15:14:26

I have a 2 year old son (born July 10th, 2019) and his name is Wyatt Matthew. I had not heard the name before and I loved it. My son fits the name'so well. He is smart and outgoing. He loves trains and cars. Very talkative and loving. He is just so handsome and he makes me laugh all the time by the'silly things he does. This is a strong name and all of my friends and family have loved it.

04/21/2023 01:25:30

i like the name but it just don't sound good with my last name WHYKNOTT

03/30/2023 01:00:46

I love the name Wyatt. It is very different and Isn't very popular yet. My husband and I are trying and (if It's a boy) Wyatt is one of the names we love. Olivia

03/25/2023 06:06:08

Love it! We are expecting in 4 wks and have decided if it is a boy ...he has a 99% chance of being Wyatt Jake.

03/10/2023 21:22:14

...but it is growing in popularity which is really annoying because it is one of my favourite names!! I cannot use it now!!

03/04/2023 14:36:20

The name XI'mara is a great conversational opener when meeting new people! My father is a Panamanian native who named me after a singer he'say on a marquee when he was a little boy. I feel blessed to have such a unique name and love hearing about all the other XI'mara's out there!

02/18/2023 22:19:54

I prefer to say it WHY-IT. and this is the same name that is on page 4, same spelling too!

02/09/2023 03:30:52

M son's name is Wyatt he was born a couple of years ago Feb of 2018. Me and my husband could decide and my father in law came up with it. Since we already had two girls, one named Bobbie after her dad, Robert was out of the picture. So we have Wyatt Robert. I haven't heard anyone in my area with the name at all! And most of all It'so fits him, bad a#s,but curious and a go getter,very smart

02/08/2023 21:02:56

My sons name is wyatt steen both unusual in england. My son is 5 and we are yet to meet another wyatt. I think all the other wyatts must live in america. I chose the name wyatt from the programme charmed and i love it. Im pregnant with a daughter and cannot find a name for her. Im due in 6 weeks help!!!

02/06/2023 19:22:54

My first Son, Wyatt James just entered the world yesterday. I think It's the coolest name ever. Also, Very strong.

01/24/2023 06:02:48

I am in love with this name my first boy is going to be name Wyatt Matthew!!!

12/27/2022 06:48:16

On April30th we will be having a Wyatt introduced to our family, my first child and i love the name.

12/25/2022 00:26:06

I picked this name out as part of a double first name combination. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage so we didn't get to use it. I still love the name though. It was going to be for a girl.(I know It's not a girl's name but I have always liked boy's names for girls,not really sure why)

12/18/2022 21:47:04

I can check this name off my list. I want something uqnuie. This sounds WAY too popular.

12/10/2022 23:55:56

My friend is Wyatt and he is alsome! a little quiet but a lot of fun!

12/05/2022 23:08:38

We are expecting our first child in a couple months, and if it is a girl, her name will be Hadley Veronica! I heard Hadley in a movie and loved it...It's different so there won't be 15 in her'school, but very pretty!

11/13/2022 12:09:06

This is my four year olds name. It makes me sad to see It'so common, since i wanted him to be unique. His name is Caden'trevor. He even has a girl named Kaedyn in his class!

11/06/2022 04:06:44

My last name is Wyatt and can't wait to name my first son Wyatt

11/03/2022 09:23:58

I just married a WYATT!!! I love him, and his name!

10/19/2022 09:40:46

My first son's name is Wyatt. I love it. We are currently trying to find another name as cool for our second son due in November.

10/13/2022 14:40:12

We named our son Abel, after his grandfather Abelardo. We love the name, though i've n'ticed on'this forum people are confused about the Hebrew translation'to breath... It is n't really meant like your "breath" but more like n'thingness or ephemeral... n't really a very positive meaning, but that has no bearing on why we chose the name. We like that It's a unique and strong name for a boy

10/11/2022 20:38:38

I named my son Wyatt in 1997, the name'suits him perfectly. When he was a little guy "quiet Wyatt" was a common tag, which we turned to "quiet riot".

10/08/2022 17:24:30

My son is Wyatt it was my mom's madien name'so it was an easy choice for us:)He turned one on Tues and we don't know any other Wyatt's besides him!

10/02/2022 20:38:08

okay so I'm going to be a mom for the first time we realy like wyatt not to sure about wyatt earp was he an outlaw❤️ and i do not know of one person named wyatt i like it b/c it is an old name and as alot of meaning to it, but i have a good firend her dogs name is wyatt should that make a differents in how i name my son... so the name will read Wyatt Errol Hohrein what do you think!!!

10/01/2022 12:00:50

Wyatt was the ONLY name my husband and I could agree on, and we have only received positive responses to it. EVERYONE comments on what a strong name it is. I have already prepared myself with the comments about Wyatt Earp and Quiet Wyatt, and figure it will be worth every minute of it. His middle name will be Anthony after my grandfather.

09/17/2022 12:41:12

My son is named Wyatt, I love it, People give me two reactions when'they hear his name, either they love it, or hate it! I think It's a name that has alot of reaction to it!! It's one of the coolest names you can name a boy!

09/07/2022 16:59:16

my name is wyatt and he you are not named wyatt you better change your name to wyatt

09/04/2022 03:27:58

I named my 1st son Wyatt. I saw it on Charmed and thought it was a cute name.

08/23/2022 17:21:36

My first born son is Wyatt. It'screams personality. The name'sounds like a good old boy with a little wild streak but of high morals. I know he'll fill the'shoes.

08/03/2022 14:14:24

Every Wyatt I ever met has looked like a male I named my son Wyatt and guess what❤️ He looks like a cross b/twn Billie Idol and Taylor Lautner. Score!

06/01/2022 18:19:12

Our son is named Wyatt John (born 2017). He is smart, outgoing and headstrong. We came across the name in a Baby Book and also knowing of Wyatt Earp, we loved it. We had also heard it on the tv show Charmed. A few comments have been'that its different, and most have said they love it. A lot of older generation love it because of Wyatt Earp. We live in a large country town in Australia - the name isnt as popular here as in US; we know of one other Wyatt (younger) in our town. Our 2nd son is Ethan (born 2018) so the names really go together..both strong country names.

05/18/2022 12:06:36

My nephews name is Wyatt Rowdy Lane! I love it! It fits him perfectly!

12/25/2021 13:04:12

It is my (year and a half now... but have been in contact for three years via online) boyfriend's name :)

12/18/2021 18:12:00

My name is Wyatt and it is awesome. Of course I get the Wyatt Earp references but it is such a cool name! Yes it does get mispronounced but that's the fun of it!

11/23/2021 01:29:24

My son's name is Wyatt and it suits him to a T. You don't hear it very often but it's not some strange, unknown name.

10/14/2021 06:13:48

We called our 6 month old Lexi. Her middle name is Grace. I love it but I'must admit many people didn't like it. It really suits our little girl. We are in australia. It is unusual here.

07/19/2021 07:06:54

We named our precious baby boy Landon in January 09'. My favorite combo is Landon Matthew, but we did Landon Philip b/c Philip is his daddy's name:) I love unique, but beautiful names and hopes Landon grows to love it too! We call him baby Lan a lot! I think it is funny when I say his name and a rare few think his name is Langden. I wonder if it is a southern thing❤️ lol

07/05/2021 04:33:54

I live in Australia named my son Wyatt. It is an awsome name. It has a strong meaning and is not over used. People love his name when'they hear it.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Wyatt?
The origin of the name Wyatt is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Wyatt?
War Strength
*️⃣ How many people are named Wyatt?
Almost 166000 people are named Wyatt.
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The names of Yanina