Defender Of Man

Xander Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \x(a)-nder, xan-der\
Number in U.S 👶 30,000
Rate in 2021 325
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Xander Name Meaning

The name Xander meanings and origins

The name Xander is another form of the name Alexander, it is pronounced as “ Zander “. This name is the Latin form of the Greek name Alexandros. This name’s meaning is interpreted from “ alexein “ which means “ to defend “ plus “ andros “ which translates to “ man, warrior “ in a relationship or possessive form. This name has been commonly given to boys.


Personality of people who are named Xander

The secret behind this name can be like :

X is for Xanadu, your place if paradise.

A is for absolute, for you know your mind

N is for neatness, your orderly way

D is for desire, your thoughts do aspire

E is for easy going, no ruffles here

R is for rely, everyone’s trustworthy friend

If you are named Xander, you are charming and cheerful, you are also the life of the party for any social event. You can fascinate others with your creativity. Your heart’s desire is to help and care fore those you love. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. Giving advice to others and encouraging people is one of the most brilliant abilities you have.

Your most likely careers might be, musician, artist, designer, teacher and commentator. This name’s lucky colors are, all shades of purple, violet, mauve and lilac. Also lucky gems are, garnet and amethyst. For the lucky days we can mention, Wednesday as the lucky day of your name, if you are given Xander.


Popularity of the name Xander

The name Xander has been used in the United States since the year 1990. Over 30496 boys were given the name in the past 200 year. The given name gained the most popularity as a baby name in the year 2003, at that time the usage of that went up by 344%. Also at that year about 1424 babies were named Xander, which was 0.0377 of the baby boys born in the United States of America that year. The brilliant time period of this name was the time that about 2000 babies were given the given name.


Famous people named Xander

We have a list of well known people that have influenced this name’s popularity positively. For example,

Xander Schauffele, who is a golfer

Xander Bogaerts, who is a Major League Baseball shortstop

Xander Berkley, who is an American actor

As you see, most famous people named Xander are successful and well known, But remember that this name has been used more for boys. If you are looking for a possible name similar to this name, you should select the feminine form of this name.


Similar names to Xander

Masculine names similar to Xander are :

Xavier, Leo, Xaine, Alex, Liam and Noah

Feminine names similar to Xander are :

Elise, Camilla, Zoe, Xanthia and Teyla

The names mentioned can be also suitable for your next baby as Xander’s siblings or you can select them if you are looking for a rare name.

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Comments on the name Xander
05/23/2023 06:38:48

Xavier is a very typical catalan name. But I think Isn't used as much as decades ago. Its pronuncation correct, I think, is between "Sha-BEE-er" and "Cha-BEE-er"

05/18/2023 09:05:28

We all think she's a dude cause her name is a guy's name!

05/18/2023 02:37:32

Xzavier is my sons name. We decided to use the "Z" because it is easier to pronounce to our family in Mexico. Plus as an artist and b-boy it is my duty to keep it uN!9U&! Think of it as street leet? 01011000010110100100000101010110010010010100010101010010

05/15/2023 14:22:42

My son is a Xander and will be six in July. We do get the people who call him X-Zander, Alex, or even spell it with a Z. But, now he corrects them because he loves his name just as his mama and papa do!

05/15/2023 12:19:16

My husband and I named our son Xander and we love the name. he's only a month old but I think it fits him already. We thought we were being unique but have some to find out that Xander is a very popular name right now. We are just happy that its not as common as our names John and Sara.

05/09/2023 20:50:18

My son is named Alexander. We had a tough time deciding between Alex and Xander for an everyday name. We finally decided on Alex, but I'm still not sure we did the right thing because Alex is so common.

04/25/2023 18:16:42

As far as I can'tell, the only reason people name their kid that is because of Xander on Buffy-- yes? That character's full name was Alexander, anyways.

04/23/2023 14:15:36

well i no this 1 voy named caden he'spells it like caden i luv the name caden

04/14/2023 18:04:20

I absolutely hate this name. You're kidding yourself if you think It's unique. It's seriously over'sed, and only by women who think they're being super original, which makes it that much more aggravating.

04/13/2023 06:30:42

I love the name. My four year old is named Xander Ryan. Yes, I chose the name because of Xander (Alexander) Harris on Buffy. What's wrong with that? Other people chose names because of a tv character, parent, family member. How you found the name doesn't matter. If you like the name, you like it for whatever reason.

04/05/2023 23:03:36

after I heard this name in XXX I know that the day I have a boy, I am giving him this name. The name remindes me of Vin Diesel in xxx, strong, confident and sexy.

03/28/2023 23:44:18

My son is Xander Cage (after Vin Diesel in XXX) awesome name!

03/26/2023 17:22:08

i named my son this...i love it! but it is more popular these days..there was another baby boy named "Xander" two doors down from us in the'same hospital the'same day my son was born!

03/12/2023 20:58:50

I wanted to name my son Xander but my husband didnt like that name he'said it was too common so we ended up naming him "Xandon" because my name'starts with an "X" so since this was our very last child I decided to name him after me. Why is it everytime I take him to the doctor they pronounce the X and the call him X-andon look people X has a sound too.

03/02/2023 08:49:26

I named my boy Xander, after Vin Diesel from XXX and the name is amazing. Strong, fun and unique plus it leads itself to a TON of fun nicknames...X-Man, X, Xan, etc. For those of you who claim that Xander is a nick name (Alexander) and not a real name how do you explain all those people that are named Alex, Isn't that a nickname of Alexander as well and widely accepted?

03/01/2023 15:11:26

My 3 year old's name is Xander- my husband came up with it and we love the name! Since having him I have come across 2 other little boys named Xander and I'm always surprised to hear it! That is a really great feeling

02/26/2023 09:53:52

It feels a little forced, like everyone is trying just a bit too hard to be "different" by giving their kid a unique pronunciation or wacky spelling. Being special or quirky comes from within and It'seems tacky to try and impose that. Having said that I would NEVER tell my sister how I truly feel about this name'she gave my gorgeous nephew. That is way out of line and those that do are horrible human beings.

02/25/2023 13:01:54

My three year old son is named Xander. We never'saw XXX or Buffy, we just liked the name and thought it was unique. Turns out that there were 3 other boys born in the hospital at the'same time my son was born. Go figure!

02/25/2023 05:41:04

My fourth child's name is Xander. My name is Alexandra so in a way he is named after me though I really got a kick out of hearing the name on the TV series, Buffy TVS, and later the Vin Diesel XXX movie. It's a unique stand alone name, that my son is very happy to have. All his buddies think it is a most awesome name. The only occasional problem we have is some wish to spell it with a Z, they learn not to very quick though.

02/19/2023 03:19:40

I love the name It's my sons name and my pet hate is also when people spell it Zander or ask if I am a buffy fan - I am not fyi

02/17/2023 20:28:10

Im due in June and Im naming my son Xander. We hated the name Alexander cuz we didnt want people to call him Alex. So we stuck with Xander. And when people ask why its spelled with an X, I tell them its just like Xylophone. Then'they get it. And yes, I have been getting people saying X-Zander-which is really annoying, and Im finally getting people broken of it.

02/17/2023 08:25:12

My husbands name is Alexander, we are thinking of naming our son Xander after his father. Its just a name, not everyone has to like it or even spell it right. My name is Jessica and through out my life people have called me Jessie for short and spelled it Jesse or just correct them or ignore it, no biggie.

02/17/2023 06:57:02

I love the name Xander! Ive never heard it before, i just discovered the name when looking at names in a baby book. I think It's a very awesome name and sounds very powerful! If i have a son i definately want to name him that!

02/09/2023 22:01:46

I'm six monhs preg. and my hubby and i have are having such a hard time thinking of a name. but when my sister inlaw asked if we like the name zander, we liked it allot allthough we would spell it with a x instead of the z.not sure if will keep this name,but even if we don't i still love the name..

02/07/2023 08:36:24

Im 7 months pregnant with my first child and my boyfriend is dead set on the name Xander for a boy, if its a boy. Im not crazy about it and the more I hear it or the more I say it, I don't care for it. I'mean, this baby has to live with that name for the rest of his life and I have to say it the rest of mine. It just sounds like a super hero name. No offense to anyone else with that name. I feel like since hes going that route, why doesn't he just suggest we name him Optimus Prime?

02/05/2023 10:27:58

Our son's name is Xander Riley and we've only had two people mispronounce it...mainly older people. My mom initially hated it before he was born, but now she'says she can't imagine him with any other name. He has tons of cool nicknames..."X," "Xan," "Xan-the-Man!!"

01/29/2023 07:07:44

I love the name, for a child or a pet. Great name!

01/25/2023 08:29:48

i am due the middle of march and if it is a boy we will call him xander. out of all the boy and girl names i went thru (and i swear i've seen everything under the'sun!!!) this is the only name i absolutely fell in love with! i saw this name for the first time in a baby magazine and i knew I'mediately how it was pronounced. i don't understand how educated people can have difficulties pronouncing this name?! don't they know how to spell/pronounce "xylophone" for example? anyway, i've gotten many positive responses to this name'so far - i think It's a great name! :D

01/18/2023 07:13:00

Just named our four day old Xander and got an email from my grandparents telling us how weird they think it is and its not the kind of obstacle you want to place for your child. I know they are way out of line, but if they feel that way, i know othe's will too. I dont want to disadvantage him later in life where your name is judged- job interviews, scholarship essays, work reports, etc. Considering calling to change it to Alexander and leaving Xander for everything unofficial. He would get to move to the front for everything alphabetical!

01/16/2023 23:28:36

I named my 3 and a half year old Xander and he loves it! He always walks into a room and announces himself "Look, It's Xander!" it is so funny.

01/06/2023 00:26:46

My godson's name is Xander and It'suits his personally well. He is a born leader and an awesome athlete. Somehow the name Xander just fits his personality

01/05/2023 11:48:32

i have a 3 year old son named Xander, i get the'same problems with people calling him x-ander. i don't even bother correcting them anymore, really, whats the point? i do however find it annyoing that his own grandfather calls him z, no matter how many times i correct him! great name! strong, and unique!

01/05/2023 07:06:24

well im 13 years old and my name is macy jean. i love my name.. its pretty uncommon in my town.. i was named 'jean' after my grams, whos still alive. my full name is macy jean marie, and i love it. i have light brown hair, grey eyes, and im 5'3', which i dont consider'short. :))

01/04/2023 19:03:26

Me and my wife love the name Xander, our babys due in May and its definitely a boy so this will be his name. My mum doesnt like the name wants to call him Sheridan (!) which i hate, my sister doesnt like the name and says she wont call him by his name which i think is disrespect to myself my wife and my baby. my mother in law says nothing. the baby will be called xander'simple as that if they dont like it tough!

01/01/2023 11:42:26

This is my last name and I don't like it. It is always prone to mispronouncement and misspelling. It doesn't help that there are several different spelling versions out there such as Talmage and Tallmage. Talmadge as a first name'sounds odd.

12/30/2022 14:44:32

good name, but pronounced xarnder rather than xan.

12/26/2022 00:14:24

We've just had a son and called him Felix and It's surprising how many people appear to be uncomfortable actually saying the name and refer to him as "little fella" etc. It is unusual and takes some getting used to, but we love it.

12/23/2022 15:13:32

I named my son Xander. For the most part people under 40 seem to get it and think It's cool. People over 40 often have no idea what I'm saying. His own grandmother'spells it Zander. Sigh. We've run into one other little boy named Xander that's about the'same age while at a doctor's appointment. But for the most party, people think It's a pretty decent name, and Isn't one that's often heard.

12/03/2022 06:29:18

I love this name. It was what I named my son, but I had never heard it anywhere else before, so that is why we named him Xander. I have never meet another Xander, and didn't realize how popular of a mane it was. But it is the most amazing name ever.

11/28/2022 23:55:16

I named my son Xander for several reasons... First I hate the name Alexander, Second I didn't want him to be in a class like I was with 5 Jason's. I first saw the name in the Vin Diesel movie XXX and loved it, so I checked it out and found some inter'sting things: It actually comes from Sandor (Hungarian). To the person who wrote It's nickname (13 June 2020), sadly you have shot your mouth off before doing some research. If you use your statement then everyone in the world would have one of about 20 names tops.

11/20/2022 21:04:22

My name is Xander. My mom or dad dod not give me this name like other parents might, yes i did give my self this name when i was about 3 back in 2008. My full name is Alexander and i could not pronounce It'so i just said "xander'. At first i soelled it with a "Z" but when I was 6 i switched it to a "X" now i hve to correct Ecc-ander and Z-man...its a lot of fun!

11/16/2022 09:12:56

My full name is alexander - so i decided to shorten it. at first it was xander but It'seems many people had that name'so i converted it to xandie! inter'sting huh.

11/07/2022 20:40:08

I really like Xander. I like Alexander as well but I can't stand the nn Alex so I'd use just Xander as a full name if I could.

10/20/2022 10:04:20

people are weird . alex is a great name , xander'sounds like a star wars character to me

10/20/2022 08:53:48

My 2 week old is named Xander. I knew that if he was a boy, I would be naming him Xander. I don't like how some people have mispronounced it "Ecksander" and I'm not super-crazy about the fact that there will be other boys with the'same name (I hate the idea of him having to go by a last initial) - but, I wanted to give him the "X" initial, and I really love the'sound of the name. (and I don't like the name Alexander. Looking at my little guy, he'sure looks like a "Xander" to me, so it was definitely the right choice! :)

10/14/2022 09:28:44

I have a 1yo Xander, full name Alexander, but everything is Xander. Not sure why people have so much trouble with it, X has a Z sound to it, like xylophone or a KS sound like sex. My mum hates it, othe's seem ti think It's weird, I always say his name is Alexander but we call him Xander, then people tend to get what I'm saying and how I'm saying it better. Sometimes I regret using this name even'though I personally love it, I think mostly because my mum did say that'she hates it and she tells all her friends that her grandsons name is Alexander.

10/11/2022 08:53:18

People may want to imagine that their son is Vin Diesel. A stage name, and likewise, Xander was the name of a character. I think we need to realize that Jody and Carol were once mens names as well. And to the comment left the'same day stating "so strong and bold. Just like my baby boy"....while I admire the love for your child, a baby is neither'strong nor bold. Hard to be either as an infant. The comment regarding "saying it wrong" was left by a fool. Let's not pretend that one persons opinion is lessened by their pronunciation, shall we? Continue as you wish....Xander lovers.

10/10/2022 14:22:24

He will have difficulty in KDG with spelling his own name and learning letters and sounds.... Z sound for X? Why do parents do this?

10/09/2022 18:05:42

We are due in June and my husband has been screaming the name Brody since we found out it was a boy, I love the name! I have n't heard of any animals named brody! We live in'the'south! Good luck!

10/03/2022 15:26:40

My son, born in 2010, was named Alexander, with the nickname Alex... little did I know that he would be one of 3-4 other Alex's in every class or sports team he's participated in... for the past 5 years, i've been'trying to convince him to go by Xander, and I just succeeded! Yeah!

10/01/2022 13:11:22

HI'my 5 year his xander my 3 boys choose it cause we didn't have any boys name I love the name and wouldn't of chosen any other them xander It'suit him as well from Zoe best uk

09/30/2022 08:40:56

My husband Alex and I named our son Alexander. he's the fifth generation of the family name Alexander. Since birth we have called him "Xander." People have misspelled it with a "Z." Come to find out, my husband's great grandfather's nickname was "Zander"! Way to keep it in the family!

09/28/2022 19:56:46

I named my son Xander. Everyone spells it with a Z. I was a fan of Buffy for like a year, but I'm not fanatic enough to name my baby after a character in it. I actually named him Xander because there was this really cool guy that worked at the book store and that was his name and I just thought It'sounded so cool. Lol. I also love Vin Diesel and his name in "XXX" was Xander!

09/17/2022 10:20:08

My sons names is Xander. My mom and several other people in my family do not understand why i chose this name or why it is spelled with an X. I think it is very original and it is not something you hear everyday. It is original and he like his name because he always knows when someone id talking to him

09/17/2022 00:38:14

My 2.5 year old is named Xander. I was set on this name'since I was in first grade with a boy named Xander. I was a little irritated when I saw it used on Buffy and the XXX movie. It has gotten way too popular as a result. My son's official name is Jameson Alexander. We call him Xander. I was unable to convince my husband that the name Xander was a good idea til he was 3 weeks old. People seem to think I am saying dander when I say his name'sometimes, But still, I love it. We have only ran into one other boy named Zander.

09/15/2022 23:21:46

This is my sons name...I love it I couldn't picture him being anything else.

08/21/2022 16:51:54

I like Xander and I like ever I dont like it being too long.So i split it in two....1st Alex and middle Xander

08/12/2022 20:35:06

I am almost 7 monthes prego and my baby boy is going to be Xander and I love it..Well actually his name is Alexander but I am calling him Xander...Its unique!

08/09/2022 02:00:00

We are having a baby boy and he is due May 7th, 2020 and we are naming him Barrett Wayne

07/16/2022 17:06:18

I named my son Xander. I like originality and love the name. People where I live haven't heard of it but find it a nice name.

06/30/2022 11:18:54

I named my new trumpet Xander. I think It's a rad name.

06/26/2022 12:09:18

Our son is due in November, first I came up with Zander because my brother's name is Zachary and I liked the idea of a "Z" name. But the more I think about it, I think I will go with Xander. It's unusual but not ridiculously out there. My family Isn't loving it.. but it will grow on the I'm sure.

06/23/2022 19:11:24

My 7 year old son's name is Xander, and It's not short for Alexander. When i was 8 mos. preg. I saw Vin Diesle's XXX, that's where I heard it first and thought it was rare and very special.

06/15/2022 22:42:00

I love the name Xander. It's actually my husband's fav and has grown on me. We're expecting our first child this year and we plan on naming him Xander Jospeh. (Balancing the trending/uniqueness with a tradional biblical name).

05/25/2022 10:38:24


04/24/2022 05:15:18

Named my son this after going back and forth on a lot of names. No regrets

04/13/2022 02:04:30

This is my name. My actual name is Rachel Abigail, so It's even more confusing for teache's calling roll. The first week I just let them call me Rachel. Me and my friends have this inside joke that if you spell my name wrong then we aren't friends. I'might as well take a post it note that'says "WITH AN E" and stick it to my forehead. Everyone says they think of me when'they see the abbey road album cover though, so that's nice. Overall 10/10 wouldn't change my name for the world, even if some people say it Isn't my "real" name.

04/03/2022 18:48:54

I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and my husband and I have had a really hard time thinking about the right name for our baby boy and just yesterday we came across the name Xander and I'mediately feel inlove!!!

02/19/2022 17:46:48

I'm sure back in 1895, some people thought "you know what? Elmer is a really cool name. It's so unique!" I think "Xander" is the 2012's equivalent of "Elmer." (Probably not even as clever, since It's just Alexander chopped off) It's a trendy name that 40 years from now is going to look as dated as leisure suits. There are tons of trendy names that will look dated, but "Xander" is a particularly egregious example.

02/09/2022 20:47:42

I love the name " Xander". I plan on naming my boy "Xander". But my husband wants to spell it "Zander". He belives that people will say X-Zander. Which I guess is true from al the comments. But like one of the comment said its like saying Xylophone. I am still going to spell it with an X. I love it.

01/25/2022 06:33:36

It's our second son's Christian name and we luuuurve it! I get annoyed when people extend it to Alexander though...

01/20/2022 14:00:54

Great name. It's stylish, sophisticated, proud, ancient-sounding, but also modern and informal and fun. What's not to like?

01/04/2022 00:54:18

We decided we wanted to call our daughter Maggie - and I thought Margaret would be a good name for the birth certificate, but my husband didn't want Margaret as it is my mother's name!!! So we named her Magdalen. I like the way Magdalen rolls off the tongue and I think Maggie suits her- I think she will be a confident and fun loving little girl - she is already showing signs of a cheeky sense of humour and she often has a sparkle in her eye. She's 12 months old.

11/18/2021 23:35:06

Not sure why anyone would want to give their child this awful name. It's about as masculine as Lilac, or Nancy. I dated a woman who's son was named Xander, and every time she'said it, I cringed. I understand wanting to give your child an uncommon name, or something a little different, but this one is a strike out.

11/12/2021 21:11:06

I love the name Xander. The only thing I don't like is how people pronounce it "X-Zander" Why would I name my child "X-Zander?" And people who think I spell it with a "Z" or call him "Z" for short no matter how many times I tell them his name is Xander with an X, it is is full name and not short for Alexander, and is pronounced "Zander" but with an "X". How hard is that to understand?

10/25/2021 06:39:54

I really love the nameee. I also like Ezekiel and Elijah. (:

10/18/2021 01:43:48

My 2 1/2 year old son's name is Xander. For the longest time we couldn't decide on a name. We wanted something original one day it hit us. We also spell it Xander. Some people say "Oh I love that name" and other'say "oh that's different" but we love it and the name fits him to a T!!!

10/12/2021 17:37:48

Like the name Xander has a Sci-Fi character'sound to it

09/27/2021 20:46:48

We have named our daughter - Raina and many people appreciate the name. they say its lovely name pronounced as Rai-naah

09/19/2021 17:53:06

spell wrong with a z instead of x. have to explain how to say the name

07/24/2021 23:27:00

My son's name is Xander. We haven't had anyone mispronounce it in years. We've used the nicknames XanMan, Xman, and X. His name is unique enough still that everyone knows who I'm talking about when I say "my son is Xander." Not like my poor sister who had 3 Kaitlin's in her 1st grade class.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Xander?
The origin of the name Xander is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Xander?
Defender Of Man
*️⃣ How many people are named Xander?
Almost 30000 people are named Xander.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Xander?
The names of Fiona, Yvette, Ivonne, Evonne, Vonnie