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Zina Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \z(i)-na\
Number of People 👶 5,000
Rate in 2021 8267
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Zina Name Meaning

The name Zina carries a beautiful and profound meaning. Derived from various cultures and languages, the name Zina holds significance in different contexts.

In Arabic, Zina is often associated with beauty and adornment. It symbolizes elegance, grace, and attractiveness. It is a name that reflects inner strength and confidence.

In some cultures, Zina is also believed to represent intelligence and wisdom. It signifies a person who possesses great knowledge and insight.

Furthermore, the name Zina can also be found in African cultures where it signifies abundance and prosperity. It represents a person who brings blessings and good fortune to those around them.

Overall, the name Zina holds a powerful meaning that encompasses beauty, strength, intelligence, wisdom, abundance, and prosperity. It is a name that resonates with positivity and inspires those who bear it to embrace their unique qualities with pride.

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Comments on the name Zina
12/27/2023 02:38:10

My name is Zina, i was named after Zina Garrison the tennis player. People tend to pronounce it correct, however I get called "Xena the warrior princess" a lot even'though it is spelled differently. I have met other people with my name not many, but a few. And a couple of them spelled it Zena instead of Zina, but i have never met a someone who spelled it with an X.

12/19/2023 10:22:04

My name is Zina ,and yes people do pronounce this name wrong,but that's okay. I like my name and as far as the Princess Warrior goes, why stop there when I can be the QUEEN❤️❤️❤️❤️

12/17/2023 16:02:52

in 2005 i named my first daughter Zina. But unlike most she really is a warrior princess like Xena. i hate the fact that'she has to fight with other females. they are soo jealous of how she looks and her popularity. there even has been a time where one girl appologized for picking a fight with her. the girl omitted she "...didnt think my Zina could fight because she is pretty..." then proposed they be friends. lol

11/13/2023 22:40:40

My name is Zina and I love it. My mom named me. Im like so unique with a different short and simple name.I get a lot of sighs, but its still my name and I love it. I beli've you do actually follow the meaning of your name!

11/05/2023 04:32:50

Most of the time it is spelled incorrectly. When i was little people use to think i was named after the Zen'th television.

11/03/2023 01:59:54

I have named my daughter Zina, everyone feels she has a special name, my brother who is in czech did tell me about the zinas. I feel good to have given her this name as she is bright in her activities and it makes the name all the more wonderful.

10/22/2023 07:16:38

My name is Zina(: I was born November, 3, 2005. I was told I was named by the tennis player Zina Garrison, but im not so sure. I think it is a compliment when people call me Xena the Warrior Princess. its not always likely for me to meet somebody with the'same name, so when'there was a girl in my class named Zena we would always get confused when'the teacher called out "our" name.

10/03/2023 14:12:54

Well I am a Barbra and people always spell it wrong... Im also 21 years old and the only Barbra or Barbara under 30 that I can'think of... Its okay... not great... but okay.

09/22/2023 11:21:50

Hi, my name is Zina as you know. I was born in 2005. Most people call me Xena the warrior princess:) Sometimes I think its weird cause I thought hardly anyone in the world has this name. But until now I never knew so many people had this name! Now I think my name is awesome! Do you guys think so too❤️ Thanks, have an Zina-ish

08/20/2023 22:47:42

Yes they pronounce and spell my name wrong so many times, but after You'reach about thirteen you become used to your name being called wrong. LA-KEI-SHA, is the correct way to prounce my name. Yes many different cultures have my name and I love that my name is very unique.

08/11/2023 02:12:52

I am also named Zina.... I was born in 1979. I was named after Zina Bethune from the'soap opera called the Doctors and the Nurses! I also get called The warrior princess!

08/07/2023 19:09:30

My grandmother's name was Vincenzina. She was born and raised in southern Italy. My sister's name is also Vincenzina, Zina for short. I have always been so jealous of my older'sister. My name is Melissa, and I wish I had a unique name like her. Zina is such a beautiful name, people never forget it after they meet her and she is always well known just because she's the only Zina around.

07/18/2023 23:21:08


07/12/2023 02:28:50


07/07/2023 14:19:46

It's a great name, you only have to give your first name and not your whole name because there is never anyone else about with the'same name. You just say Hi I'm Zina, unlike someone with a really popular name who has to include their surname like Hi I'm Lisa Smith. Make's you more memorable too!

07/04/2023 12:33:48

hI'my name iz Zina as well my Mom named after Zina Bethun She was a ballerina i like my name cwer unusal and not alot of people have the'same Name i was born in 1981 and live in the USA

05/29/2023 20:27:54

I was alos named after Zina Bethune. My middle name is Beth also

05/20/2023 14:34:44

My name is Zina and I like my name. I was born 1974 and nobody I knew had that name. People like to say Zina the warrior princess and of course I say no not the warrior princess but I am the warrior Queen.

04/17/2023 17:29:14

I was named after Zina Bethune, an actress on the'soap opera "The Nurses" back in 1975. I too have lots of people say things like, "Oh, you mean like the Warrior Princess".... which I take as a compliment.... :)

02/02/2023 19:16:48

i am a twin and called zina as well and my twin zita. we had the name wrongly spelled right from the primary school because of the pronunciation. it is suppose to be spelled zena and zeta but now It'stands as zina and zita. we cher'shed the name'so much because it has similarity with our father's work.he is a plant engineer. as he design his machine to entice customers that is to the meaning of zena(woman, zina (design) and zeta(entice). zina is not common as to zita, therefore unique. it is a short name and easy to call.

01/08/2023 01:31:32

My name is derived from the name Vincenzina, and old world italian name.(named after my grandmother) When I was growing up I didn't appreciate the uniqueness. Teache's were always mispelling it. Now I run an afterschool program and the kids call me "Zina the Princess Warrior." I could live with that. I love my name!

12/25/2022 16:35:56

We named our daughter, ( she was supposed to be a boy) Walker and when she arrived, we kept the name. She is now 34 and we have not met one girl "Walker" yet.

12/12/2022 02:05:18

my name is zina and its not short for anything. zina is an arabic name and it is very popular name in middle east

12/04/2022 13:20:48

it is my name and i love it.nothing has my name on it, it kind of makes me feel special that almost no one has my name

11/22/2022 01:17:10

i like my name zina alot of people call me xena the warrior princess.Not alot of people have the name like zina so it is an odd name at this type of the year

10/13/2022 19:39:58

My name is Zina (pronounce with an i not an e) like everyone else her I here the warrior princess joke way to often. As far as my name goes, I love my name. Most people called my Z or by my last name b/c it irritates me to correct my co-workers daily how to pronounce it (after a year my manager'still spells it Zine and pronounces it Zena) but all that aside it is great to be in a crowd and here your name and KNOW that they are calling you and not the 300 othe's with the'same name.

10/05/2022 07:24:48

My name's Zina as well,I'm 14 years old, and a model. I think the name is unique in Europe but not in the Middle East. I like it but i would rather have another name.

09/17/2022 07:41:26

Hello, my name is Zina and I just love my name. I was born in 2003. There are only handfull of Zinas here in Finland, but I like that becouse everyone remembers me by my name. I'm called warrior princess too, but my parents and friends pronounce Zina like "Gina". It's really nice to see that'so many people share this gorgeous name with me.

09/10/2022 21:23:56

My name is Zina . my family and friends always told me that zina is nice and simple name.i know some girls named zina too.

09/03/2022 07:43:48

Nearly everyone spells my name wrong with a 'e' instead of an 'i' or beginning with a 'x'

07/25/2022 03:19:12

I named my daughter Zina Lea(first and middle name).She is not named for or after anyone.I just thought it was a pretty name. She's so special that the name has very much suited her'since she was born.Makes me a very proud Dad.

03/27/2022 18:27:18

i love my name people call me a warrior a lot its good cool awsome i think

01/09/2022 13:34:48

My name is Zina and I as well get called Xena the Warrior Princess. A lot of girls under'stimate me because I'm small but I pack a big punch. When I get called Xena the Warrior Princess I take it as a compliment because our personalities are very alike.

01/09/2022 12:39:54

My name is Zina, I was born in 1975 and I don't think i've ever met another Zina. Although, a couple of people have said they've known another Zina. I LOVE my name!

12/13/2021 02:46:48

My name is Zina with a long i. My mother was 18, went to the movies and saw a movie with Tyrone Power in the 40's. It was about the Mormons going west and someone on the wagon train was named Zina. The name impressed her and right then she decided if she had a daughter that would be her name. It's been a good name, also been called the warrior princess. I have only met one other Zina.

11/01/2021 20:45:00

Hey my name is Zina, and i have had loads of people call me Zina The Warrior Princess, but whenever they do i just say 'exactly, im so strong i could beat you up' and then'they realise thats good for me, so they shut their mouths =). Pretty smart Eh ❤️ I love my name. Its original, and you see about a thousand people with the name Mary or something like that... Jane or something ordinary like that, and then you meet this one strange little Funky Punk girl called Zina, and your like, Cor WICKED ! =)

07/28/2021 20:46:48

I'm 14 years old ,born and raised in Haiti I now live in South Florida , and my name is ZINA but It's sometimes spelled (ZINA) like (XINA) ,but any ways I love my name not a lot of people in the world have It'so that's a plus XP

07/15/2021 10:42:00

I named my beautiful baby girl Zina soon to be 1 year ago. This Mothe's Day on May 12, 2017 my little princess will be turning 1. I named her after my beloved grandma Zina from Russia. Zina is a Hebrew name and it means Radiant. Zina was a popular name back in Russia and yes I have known a bunch of Zina's. My little Zina is very beautiful, smart and is definitely Radiant! I love her'so much and she brings me and my husband so much Joy! :)

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zina?
The origin of the name Zina is Greek.
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Almost 5000 people are named Zina.
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The names of Luna, River, Phoebe, Orion, Raven