Amy Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-my\
Number in U.S 👶 695,000
Rate in 2021 492
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 French

What is meaning of name Amy?

What does Amy mean?
Amy's female name is the English variant of the Spanish Amanda and means "beloved" or "person loved by all others".

Origin of the name Amy
Amy is an English name that derives from the Old French "Amee", which also derives from the Latin "Amandus". During the Middle Ages, the feminine name Amy was already in use, although it was not very frequent. However, starting in the 19th century, the name Amy began to gain popularity.

Diminutives and variations of the name Amy
Being such a short name, Amy doesn't usually have many diminutives. However, we could highlight the diminutive Am.
Amye, Aymi

The name Amy in other languages
Amy en espanol: Amanda
Amy in Russian: Эми (Amiee)
Amy in French: Amiee
Amy in English: Amy

Personality of the name Amy
People named Amy possess a great gift of creativity and imagination. They are very dreamy and sweet, and it is not difficult for them to express what they feel or what they think, which makes them very good communicators and expressive. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that the Amys end up dedicating themselves professionally to anything that requires extroversion and communication.
On the other hand, the Amys also love to have fun and have a great time, so they will always try make friends laugh and sign up for various activities. Also, people named Amy are very flirtatious, so they always try to look fabulous, which attracts the gaze and adoration of others.

Amy's Saint Day
Amy's Saint Day is February 6 , Saint Amando's day.

Numerology of the name Amy
According to numerology, the number associated with Amy's name is 3.

Additional description of the name Amy

Amy : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name “ Amy “ is a given name that has been used mostly for girls all around the world. This name is the shortened form of the names “ Amanda “, “ Amelia “, “ Amelle “ or “ Amita “. If you are looking for possible nicknames for the name “ Amy “ you can select “ Ameli “, “ Am “ or “ Aimee “. It is notable that this name is originally Old French and Latin.


Popularity of the name Amy

The name “ Amy “ is not a popular name in Arkansas based on the data given by the 1935 researches. For instance, only 12 babies were named “ Amy “ in the year 1935. A total of only 325 babies also near the same first name during the year 1935. The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 1975 with a total of 32251 babies from the year 1880 to the year 2018.

The name “ Amy “ was recorded 693599 times in the SSA public database since the year 1880 to 2018. The year 1880, the name first appeared and 167 babies were given this name. This name became a popular name in the year 1958 with a rank of 97 nationwide and was registered 4820 times as a baby girl’s name.

The given name became a popular girl’s name in the state of Vermont in the year 1970. This name ranked 2 with 85 babies. The all time high record for this name was in the year 1975 in the state of California with 2227 baby girls. For the past 40 years, this name was recorded 107264 times in the SSA database.


Personality of the name Amy

A is for admirable, you certainly are

M is for mystery, the part of you that can not be explained

Y is for youthful, your eternal look

The name “ Amy “ has a secret behind itself. Actually “ Name “ can be personality and heart’s desire. In fact, the name “ Amy “ is a name that indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly. If you are named “ Amy “,  you are expressive and inspiring. Charming and cheerful, you are the life of the party for any social event.

You dislike taking orders and want to be in charge – the boss figure. Your creativity allows you to find new solutions to old problems. You have the ability to generate ideas on the fly and want recognition for your efforts. Also it is notable that you tend to avoid those who are needy and idle on their work.


Famous people named Amy

Amy Acker who is an American actress

Amy Vera Ackman who is an Australian hospital administrator

Amy Adams who is an American actress

Amy Alcott who is an American Hall of Fame golfer


Similar names to the name Amy

Aadolf, Aaliyah, Aapeli, Aapo and Aart

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Comments on the name Amy
12/7/2022 3:06:46 PM

It's an absolutely amazing name! Only I want to spell it as Ami

12/5/2022 12:48:30 AM

My 5yr old daughter's name is Amy. I found out yesterday from a strange woman that Amy is the name of a male fallen angel cast out of heaven and now of some second sphere. The information was disturbing to say the least

11/29/2022 7:54:20 PM

My Name Is Amy And I Love It Because Is My Name And No Other Amy Is Like Me.

11/26/2022 3:29:40 PM

My name is Amy. Amy Darleen'that is and I love my name. Most people don't know that Amy means beloved. When my parents had me they brought together two familys. My mom had three kids at the time and my dad had five kids. Altogether that makes nine kids including me. I am the littlest and sencie my name means beloved one every one thought it was perfact.

11/24/2022 4:10:42 PM

My husband insisted on the name Amy for our daughter, I wanted Amelia. She got my traditional middle name of May. I often have her called Amy May because Amy, Aimee seem quite common again. Now we just laugh that'she could marry a Mr Yam to have every combination of the 3 letters.

11/23/2022 11:05:00 AM

This is my name, and I was told that it means "beautiful smile," and every person I tell that to I'mediately tells me that It's a lovely name. I agree with everyone above; those who have this name know how difficult it can be to get non-indian people to pronounce your name correctly AND remember to keep saying it right. It's NAY-HA, not NEE-HA, NAY-A, or NY-HA. It's not that difficult to say, just imagine the "E" as an "A" instead. Other than that, I like my name!!

11/15/2022 2:42:02 PM

AMY Louise :) born december 2003 and i know loads of people called Amy my best friend is also called Amy Louise !!

10/31/2022 12:02:30 PM

I was born in 1983 and it must have been'the peak year for the name Amy. I think there were 10 Amy's in the 6th grade. I always had to go by Amy H. Fun thing is my best friend that I have known since elementary school is named Amy. We were always known as Amy 1 and Amy 2. It was fun to have such a easy name to spell and I like except when'trying to do a credit report. With a common first name and a popular last name (Anderson now)it can be confusing when you go to the doctors or other places that need ot know your name.

10/28/2022 5:52:02 AM

It's sooo common- don't you want a name that's more unique? gosh.. It's so over used...

10/14/2022 11:32:10 AM

The name Amy truely rules. It's a very pretty and girly name, but also quite sophisticated. I love my name. ;)

10/2/2022 6:31:44 AM

They best I can describe my name is - sexy. It has a Y and an s. It's very unique. It's a classy name for classy ladies. I feel honored to have that name. I am my own person, unique, as this name is not commonly found. It's very feminine. To have this name comes with some responsibility. It's not for everyone.

10/1/2022 6:11:08 PM

I don't know any Amy who has ever'said they did not like their name, which is proof positive that It's a good, satisfying name. The name'seems to produces confident, self assured adults and to some extent keeps you feeling young since It's just a joyful, happy name!

9/28/2022 4:39:50 AM

Amy is such a beautiful name. It means beloved. Such a classic. Some celebrities with the name. Amy Adams, Amy Smart, Amy Lee, Amy Jo Johnson. I also knew a woman named Amy, she was very sweet.

9/23/2022 12:41:32 PM

i am called amy amd the ONLY problem is i don't get a nickname as it is too short. But Amy is really PERFECT P.S i know loads of peaple called Amy so It's unfair!!

9/22/2022 6:10:38 PM

My name is Amy ❤️ I love my name but can never find anyone else with the'same name ?

9/19/2022 12:53:04 PM

My name is Amy and I like the name. It is somewhat common though.

9/13/2022 5:49:32 AM

i have a "friend" called amy and she's sooooo boring and smelly. she alsways goes around w horse shut all over her and she walks like a turtle

8/8/2022 1:11:24 PM

My sister is named Amy-Leigh, she gets called Aims, which gives the Amy part of the name an extra letter'so it is hardly a shortened version :) The only problem is that my name is Emily, and the two names are very similar, I get called Emi, so Emi and Amy tend to get mixed up alot.

5/18/2022 10:16:48 AM

I love the name Amy...i've hardly ever met anyone around here where we live that has the'same name. It's short and easy to say.

5/17/2022 2:09:00 PM

Although my name is Amy, people usually think that I am saying that my name is Mamie. Some people think that my name is short for Amelia, which it is not. I also get asked how to spell my name, which always puzzles me because Amy is such an easy name to spell. I guess people are unsure which Amy-the French Amy or the American Amy. My mother wanted to name me Tabitha or Bridget, but since Amy was much more popular in 1988 the RN in the delivery ward convinced my mother to name me Amy. I'much prefer my middle name (Suzannah), which is less cheerleader-ish and serious sounding.

3/23/2022 1:54:36 AM

I was born in 1991. Amy (middle name Aileen.) I can't say that I have hated my first name, but when I was younger, I sometimes wondered what it would be like to have a more unique name too.

3/6/2022 12:48:00 PM

I love it! Short and sweet but do u know how hard it is to say I'm amy? I don't have anyone else in my school and dont meet many othe's with the'same name

3/1/2022 2:52:12 AM

My name is Amy and I was born in '73. It was my dad's favorite name. There were 3 Amy's in my high school French class (class size was ~22)! Love my name and would never change it.

2/23/2022 6:52:30 AM

My name is Amy and my middle name Elizabeth I love it. I only know 2 other people with the'sam name!:)

1/15/2022 5:00:00 AM

im naming my lil girl Amy cause my sister died & her name was Amy so i could pass it on 2 my lil girl

1/6/2022 12:29:06 AM

I love my name! I agree, there were WAY too many Amy's in the 70's. fortunately there were only a few others in my grade

12/19/2021 6:54:18 PM

I love my name it is simple but a classic. wouldn't change it for the world!

11/24/2021 11:20:42 AM

MY NAME IS AMY AND I DONT LIKE IT!! yeah its alright n all but i dont kno wat people can call me for a nickname..cept amo n amez..its quite annoying but by the end of the day its my name n yeh i spose i'll havta live with it :-)

11/18/2021 8:56:42 AM

I was born in 1949 and all the way through college knew only one other Amy. These days most of the Amys I know are at least 25 years younger. I have always felt like a kid at heart so, I LOVE my name. Always have, always will. I am so happy my parents named me Amy.

10/2/2021 2:20:42 AM

My name is Amy, I was born in 1988 and i've always loved my name. There were a lot of us in the 70s but It's not that common anymore.

9/29/2021 6:31:48 PM

I like the name Amy. My girlfriend is named Amy and she's quite attractive with an astounding libido to boot. Two thumbs up for Amys

9/25/2021 11:56:42 PM

This is my name and I love it It's pronounced rain- a

9/22/2021 4:26:42 AM

I have always liked my name. i've never wanted to change it because It's so classic and yet fun.

9/4/2021 1:42:54 PM

My name is Amy and I love my name. I was born in 2003 and nowadays there aren't very many Amy's (that I know of )and thats good with me

8/18/2021 6:18:18 AM

This is a very uncommon name. I come from a spanish speaking family and had no problems with the pronunciation of my name until I decided to go to college in the US. In spanish "U" sounds like "oo" in moon. "ri" as in "reel" and "el" as letter "l". So it would be something like oo-ree-"l" as you might know the'sound of "r" in spanish is much stronger than in english. Americans pronounce my name like You're-"l"; It is kind of difficult for people to pronounce my name but I really like It'since it is very different and unusual.

7/6/2021 9:44:24 PM

We named our little girl Ava seven months ago.. Going into delivery, we still hadn't chosen a name-- Ava wasn't even on our radar, but as soon as I saw her, I said "she needs a name as beautiful and feminine as she is...I'm thinking Ava". My husband I'mediately agreed and loved it. We named her Ava Jude... I doubt I'll ever meet another "Ava Jude".


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Amy?
The origin of the name Amy is French.
*️⃣ How many people are named Amy?
Almost 695000 people are named Amy.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Amy?
The names of Evelyn, Daniel, Anais, Anahi, Annahi