house of figs.

Bethany Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \b(e)-tha-ny\
Number in U.S 👶 99,000
Rate in 2021 1179
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Bethany Name Meaning

The name Bethany is of Hebrew origin and it means "house of figs". It's a Biblical name, as Bethany was a village near Jerusalem where Jesus visited Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The name is also associated with the resurrection of Lazarus, as it was in Bethany where this miracle took place.

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Bethany Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Bethany
Additional description of the name Bethany
The name Bethany originated from the Bible. It's a place name, as Bethany was a village near Jerusalem. The name has been used in English-speaking countries since the Protestant Reformation. Despite its Biblical origin, Bethany has become quite popular and is now used in many different around the world.

Cool Info About Name Bethany

Additional name description Bethany
Additional name description Bethany
There are several famous people named Bethany, including Bethany Hamilton, an American professional surfer, and Bethany Joy Lenz, an American actress and singer. The name Bethany is also popular in literature and media, with characters named Bethany in books, movies, and TV shows. According to the Social Security Administration, Bethany was ranked as the 481st most popular name for girls States in 2020. People named Bethany are often described as compassionate, faithful, and strong. They are also known for their love of family and community, and their ability to inspire with their faith and resilience.

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Comments on the name Bethany
09/03/2023 13:53:36

My name is also Bethany! I am 16 years old and wanted to found out the meaning of my name! Which I think it is really cool. Haha I also sometimes get called Stephanie or Brittany too, which I hate. But I love my name & the meaning. God & Jesus ROCK! I wouldnt have my name any other way!

08/21/2023 09:40:08

My name is Bethany...its not my favorite name, but at least not everyone else has it!

07/16/2023 02:52:34

seriously, how do ppl get brittany? i used to get it all the time:P luv my name:D GO BETHANYS! haha

07/15/2023 23:38:36

i didn't like my name when i was five, i vowed to change it. but now that i'm older it's grown on me...there's really nothing i could think of replacing it. yeah, the meaning my mother got when she named me was 'house of joy' however i have seen variations on it. but i did research and it was a town mentioned where jesus resided, so i'm guessing that's why it was 'house of joy'. the comment of 'house of figs' is funny to me, but either way i think it's a good name.

07/03/2023 21:34:30

my name is Bethany... I was born in 60s not a very popular name in those day's. I have never meet anyone with my name before. Recently going through my kid's facebook friends I have noticed lot of Bethany"s. I have never liked my name and my friends call me B and my family call's me missy. I go by Bethann..

07/01/2023 11:05:28

My name is Bethany and I love it...but i've been called Tiffany, Stephanie, Brittany, and Beverly by mistake!!

06/08/2023 01:10:32

i love my name! no one i no has this name! its so great! woo! :D

06/02/2023 01:27:50

I was named Bethany, after my grandmother Beth and the area 'Bethany' in the Bible near Bethlehem. There are other names that I think sound more melodious, but i've always loved this one as It's so personal to my family. The actual translation of the name from Hebrew, "House of the Poor", Isn't very nice, but as I'm the'sixth child of the family, It's not totally irrelevant.(haha) I don't like being called Beth, but Bethy is nice to me IF It's someone I'm close to.

05/27/2023 01:27:30

My little girls name is Bethany. It wasn't until this year that I actually learned that Bethany was the town where Jesus stayed just before the crucifixion. My daughter is 6 now. She came home from Sunday school and was so excited about her name being in the bible. The discovery got her tuned into the story and study of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am truly blessed with her and I thank the Lord for sending me the unique name even when I was a lost sinner. Thank you JESUS! (She also gets called Brittany and Stephanie!)

05/25/2023 00:58:00

My name is Bethany. I disliked the name quite a bit growing up, but love it now (I'm 27). It is unique, and I always get compliments on how beautiful it is. One thing to note is that people often call me Britney, Stephanie, even'tiffany. People often assume that I go by Beth, which bugs me. My school friends still call me "B", which I don't mind so much.

05/19/2023 11:14:50

My name is Bethany, and quite honestly I think there are betters ones to fit me. It's a pretty name and all, but I can't say that It's very... me. Plus, people always call me Stephanie, which is stupid. By the way, I'm also African American. All the Bethany's i've met are white. xD

05/17/2023 03:06:52

My name is Bethany and I like it. You never have to worry about being Bethany K. of Bethany U. My mom's name is Beth, so whenever'someone calls me that I get kind of annoyed. Some of the girls at my school call me Betty. Some other nicknames you could use are Ann, Annie, and Thanny.

05/03/2023 13:46:46

I don't understand why people think that when we say our name that is is Brittany? Stephanie I can understand because it rhymes, but Brittany?!?!?!?! I don't understand this!

04/28/2023 17:41:36

When i named my daughter Cadence 5 years ago it was unheard of. i lov ethe name but hate that it is everywhere now. At least i was at the front of the trend.

04/28/2023 00:03:36

my name is no bethany it is BETTHANNIE which i love because nobody usually spells it this way... although it gets annoying when people spell it wrong BUT I LOVE IT, my whole name is Betthannie Gabriela which i think doesnt fit to well together but I LOVE IT anyways

04/23/2023 03:05:32

i've always have had the problem of being called stephanie. lol when i was younger i hated my name thinking It'sounded really ugly. my friends call me beth, bee, bethany, or for my one friend from indonesia she calls me batheny lol It's hilarious. n all my family all joke about how she'says it weird lol

04/20/2023 14:50:42

i LOVE my name! i have never met any other bethany's, but people are always telling me of sister's-brother's-mother's-ex-boyfriend's-cousin's who have this name... please name your beautiful baby girl's this and they'll grow up to be proud of it. i heard that it meant "house of figs" but the other definitions are nicer! i think it's a great name anyway, except when people call me brittany :( there's no-one who's named bethany that puts a bad word to our name, so it's the PERFECT name! (i may be a bit too passionate about my name hehe) xxx

04/18/2023 22:17:18

my baby girls name is Bethany'I chose her name because it originated from me Beth. I think Bethany portrays worth and intelligence. Plus it and unforgetable name and so much easier to say in corporate world than the made up ones...

03/26/2023 19:07:56

My name is Bethany and I also get called Brittany! This when I was little I hated my name cause is was so different!

03/04/2023 14:53:58

Bethany is hard to pronounce and not a lot of people have heard it before. And it always gets confused with Stephanie.

02/28/2023 12:09:10

My name is Bethany. I don't really like it. What do you guys think of the name Armell(Princess in Italian) for a baby girl?

02/22/2023 04:48:00

when i was little my grandma made a sign for me it says from the hebrew name bethany meaning:'house of god' has a gift for words and a great memory when you need a friend, you can always lean on her looks for new experiences it is natural for her to come up with new ideas when working on projects, her ideas keep building a totally honest person approaches problems rationally has a ready smile and an outgoing personality

01/23/2023 09:28:28

It's my name! And I absolutely adore it! It really bothers me when teachers call me Beth, cause that's NOT my name! I also really love my middle name! I think Bethany Rose has a good flow to it and I'm proud that it's mine :) I've never been called Brittany, but I am called Stephanie A LOT! Oh well, just the way things go.

12/18/2022 03:16:10

My name is Bethany. I think It's nice because it makes me sound inocent. i've also spelled it , Bethyni, Bethoney, and Bethone, i've found tons of ways to spell it!!

12/15/2022 05:19:26

I really like my name. I was never the Jenny or Amy that had to use their last initial in school. I was the only Bethany all through school, which was great. People always told me that I had a beautiful name. On the phone, people do assume "Stephanie", but that's a little thing.

12/15/2022 01:47:50

My name is Bethany I'm 12 and African American so basically all the Bethanys' i've met are white it is also kind of hard to find a nickname for me like when I'm with my friends they have cute nicknames like MikkI'mimi, Maya, Kiki and on and on . I get beth but hey i like being unique .

12/09/2022 16:29:10

My name is Bethany and I don't hate it but I don't love it I like it BC there is only one other Bethany in my school and I hate it BC people call me Brittany and I hate that BC they should already know my name

12/02/2022 20:12:08

Eliza Bethany is what the father and i have decided to name our daughter due in May. we had many discussions about names before we finally came to this decision and after reading the comments left on Eliza aka Elizabeth and Bethany, i can say that i am soo grateful and i know i will be blessed with this child

11/20/2022 13:43:32

I like my name now but I didn't when I was a kid. I was born in 1987 so very few people had the name then. I used to change my name a lot as a kid. I went by Beth until high school but then I decided to go to by Bette.

11/11/2022 05:29:18

My name is Bethany when I was a child I did not like It because nobody else had it but when I got older I fell in love with it because its so uncommon and unique i have been mistaked for stephanie but I don't care I love my name

10/22/2022 18:29:56

I'm 23 years old and I've always liked my name. I have the same problem a lot of you have though. I get called Brittany a lot or Stephanie and people are always having me spell it which is silly to me because it's in the Bible. A lot of people say they haven't heard it before. It's easy enough for me

09/29/2022 19:09:48

A scholar of Aramaic from the University of Chicago told me Bethany means "house of poverty" or "house of humility." I like my name, except people often'think I am calling from a church or a hospital.

09/08/2022 14:26:30

My name's Bethany, but I go by Beth. I personally don't like it, makes me sound to girly and weak. I go by Beth, so at least It's easy to get a nick name out of.

06/18/2022 09:15:36

My name is Bethany... I love it.. of course I can't get stuff with my name on it but i doesn't matter.

06/07/2022 05:09:54

I love the name Bethany. It's a beautiful name, and it has a beautiful meaning, "The abiding place of God" after the'small town in Israel where Mary and Martha lived. This should prove to be very special to anyone who has been fortunate enough to have been given'this name or use this for their own daughter.

01/02/2022 16:52:48

my name is bethany and for some reason i don't like being called that but i like beth. i do think it is a beautiful name though but i often get called brittany, or stephanie or tiffany! that really bugs me! i know a fair few other bethanys

11/11/2021 14:04:30

my name is bethany!! i absolutely love it because its so unique!!! all my friends love it too!!

09/02/2021 19:37:30

My name is Bethany... i love it! worst part is over the phone people think i say Stephanie


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Bethany?
The origin of the name Bethany is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Bethany?
house of figs.
*️⃣ How many people are named Bethany?
Almost 99000 people are named Bethany.
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The names of Bennett, Benito, Bennet, Bonita, Benita