Brendan meaning

: prince or little raven.

Brendan Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \b-ren-dan, br(e)-ndan\
Number of People 👶 91,000
Rate in 2021 1490
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Irish
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Brendan Name Meaning

Brendan is a name of Irish origin, meaning "prince" or "little raven." It carries a sense of nobility and leadership, suggesting a person who is strong and influential. The name Brendan also implies a connection with nature, particularly the raven, hinting at intelligence and mystery.

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Brendan Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Brendan
Additional description of the name Brendan
The name Brendan has a rich history, originating from the Irish language. It is a variant of the name Brendanus, which is widely recognized in Irish folklore and history. Saint Brendan, known as the Navigator, was a famous Irish monk who is the patron saint of sailors and travelers, making the name Brendan synonymous with adventure and exploration.

Cool Info About Name Brendan

Additional name description Brendan
Additional name description Brendan
The name Brendan has been used by several famous individuals, adding to its appeal. Brendan Fraser, a well-known Canadian-American actor, and Brendan Gleeson, an acclaimed Irish actor, are two notable examples.
In terms of popularity, Brendan has consistently ranked within the top 500 names for boys in the United States over the past century. It peaked in popularity during the 1990s but remains a beloved choice today.
As for personality traits, those named Brendan are often perceived as strong, intelligent, and adventurous individuals. They are seen as leaders and influencers, mirroring the princely connection implied in their name.
In conclusion, the name Brendan is a strong, classic choice with deep historical and religious roots. Its noble meaning, coupled with its timeless appeal, makes it a wonderful choice for a baby boy.
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Comments on the name Brendan
01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is my husband's name...Kade. I love it. he's not so hot about it only because people have called him "Katie" but w/ a "d" instead of a "t." People spell it w/ a "C" all the time, that's also annoying because we like the "k" version of the name. So this name has It's up's and down's. I love it because it is differnt, but not wildly different, but where it is not so popular people can really have a hard time with this name. Sometimes, I think It's out of ignorance though, people don't take the time to read and think through a name before speaking it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name but its spelled differently its Brenden and most the time people call me by my last name because they mess my name up almost all the time.

10/21/2023 23:55:48

My name is Brenden, but I'm a girl. At this point i've accepted it and like that It's unique, but I'm still looking for an'ther girl that'shares my name!

10/15/2023 08:38:32

I think brendan is a lovely name, if I have a boy he's going to be called brendan after my mum brenda. But seems everyone on here has same problem with people misspronoucing which must be really annoying but hay still think its a real nice name.

08/17/2023 05:44:48

My husband and I often went to St Brendan's Church while we were dating, and also got married there. So, it was only appropriate to name our son Brendan. This is a great name!

07/17/2023 07:40:38

they normally spell out my name..sometimes they call me jackilyn.

07/04/2023 18:44:06

Brendan Is an Irish name meaning "Little Raven", often used for dark haired babies. St. Brendan'the Navigator traveled all the way to North America and then managed to find his way back to Ireland again. Christopher Columbus had St. Brendan's route charted on'the maps he used to cross the Atlantic. Clearly a superior name.

05/19/2023 08:00:52

My name is Brendan, many people say it it is pronounced brendin. many people have difficulties pronouncing my proper name and call me brandin. I have only ever once met someone with my same name in'ter's of pronunciation and spelling. Although n't as common as the improper pronunciation, a common misspelling is Brenden. Once I'met a guy in a gas station. I looked at his tag and thought It'said Brendan. When i looked a second time It'said Brenden. I gave a n'ticable sigh as it had gotten my hopes up. They guy at the gas station aked what i was sighing about and i told I thought we had the'same name but i was wrong. He then asked what my name was and i told him it was Brendan. He then commeted that his name tag was just a misprint and his name was actually Brendan, i asked him how the real spelling was and it was the'same! I'made a point of calling him brendan and said bye brendan as I was leaving. So there is my only encounter meeting my own name.

04/13/2023 08:34:08

"ew. too easliy confused with brandon" Brandon❤️! Bleagh! i've met several dozen Brandon's in my life, but only two Brendans. (I was named in 1987.) We're a much rarer breed. I'met a Garifuna guy named Brendan in a small village in Belize -- we made an I'mediate bond. Incidentally, Saint Brendan, a warrior monk from Ireland was one of the first Europeans to set foot on North America, way back in'the 5th Century. However, I read somewhere that in gaellic, Brendan means "dirty hair." That may be apocryphal.

03/22/2023 16:58:24

My name is Brendan, I know that everyone here says their names are always mispronounced, but almost everyone i know pronounces my name correctly.

02/28/2023 08:55:12

This is a helpful spelling when people wish for their child to have the name pronounced "" or sometimes in quickly spoken english "". The traditional spelling of "Xavier" is pronounced "Ha..v..heir" in the Basque country and in Spain and pronounced "" in English speaking countries. I feel this is a fantastic spelling of this name because it helps English speakers clearly pronounce the name with the "X" as the parents intended. If this is not your intent and you wish for it to be pronounced "" use the traditional spelling.

01/24/2023 18:58:40

I know someone with this name, but It's spelled Brendon. I like Brendon better than Brendan. Anyways, yes he gets called Brandon (Brendon is SO much better than Brandon) and i've heard his mom call him Bren. I love the name Brendon :) <3

01/01/2023 05:49:46

well It's my name as well and people like it very much where i live 'egypt'.. it is originally arabic means 'she who weans'! lol the dughter of the prophet's name Isn't Fatma . It's fatemat-al-zahraa tottaly diferent meaning. but I like my name cos some people think It's exotic and some think its classic or traditional which is nice too. although it is arabic but only a few egyptian women are called fatma nowadays people cal their daughters Sarah, Dina, .. you know modern names. and since fashion repeats itself hehe fatma repeats itself. its gettin cooler now. Farida as well old and means 'unique'. the n ame fatma gives impression of originality and class. also of tenderness and uniquness and femininity. the only down side here is that it may be considered old but stylish at the'same time!!

12/18/2022 00:02:12

Quick questions for all you Brendans out there...Im the little sister of a Brendan, and I have always shortened his name to Bren, is this common for all of you❤️ But I feel for all of you with the'spelling and pronuciation, my name is Kacie and people never get that right.

10/09/2022 19:33:52

Love the name Brendan. It's always mispronounced; my six-year-old son Brendan already spells his name out when giving it to someone who doesn't know, like at school, because they're con'tantly calling him Brandon. When he was a baby and people would ask, I tried pronouncing it as "Brindin" so people wouldn't hear a short "a" sound, but I just felt stupid and gave that up. Still love the name though; my name is fairly uncommon and always mispronounced/misspelled so I'm used to it I guess.

09/24/2022 00:09:14

Love the name! Of course, everyone also says Brandon. Brendan is n't that uncommon, but I get sick of people calling my son'the wrong name and misspelling it. It's n't rocket science people!

09/01/2022 22:47:24

My name is 'Brendan' and everyone spells it Brendon when i say mi name to them but hey i dont really worry that much as long as i hear Brendan ill answer, but i do like the name brandon i perfer it any way. I have a name bag that has brendon written on it. Its a nice name i like it

08/29/2022 17:00:54

My little brother's name is Brendan. Like everyone else, people mistakenly call him Brandon... though it doesn't seem to be happening as much as it used to. I always thought that mistake was weird, as I knew 3 Brendans (aside from my brother) just in my very small high school, and have never known a Brandon. I like Brendan way more than Brandon. Better flava.

08/19/2022 03:33:36

My name is Brendan and people have got my name wrong since the first day of kindergarten. When I first meet someone and tell them my name, I'd say its a 50/50 split on whether or n't they get it right, or call me Brandon. It's cool that actors like Brendan Fraser are popular so more people know about this name and get it right more often.

05/31/2022 13:02:24

I think I speak for all Brendans when I say that we feel far superior to those lesser folk, the Brandons. (We need n't even speak of the Brandens, who must have difficulties enough.) Brendan is, demon'trably, the proper'spelling for our name, no matter how popular that'stupid zip code Fox show was.

09/13/2021 10:54:36

In'the U.S. people mispronounce and misspell my name all the time. I pretty much answer to an'thing that'sounds remotely close to Brendan. That being said, I love my name and the fact that's It's relatively unique - at least in'the'states. I rarely meet anyone with the'same name as me and when I do I feel a special connection with that person! :-)

07/15/2021 08:52:12

i love this name'so much my favourite character is called that lol


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Brendan FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Brendan?
The origin of the name Brendan is Irish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Brendan?
prince or little raven.
*️⃣ How many people are named Brendan?
Almost 91000 people are named Brendan.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Brendan?
The names of Maritza, Briseyda, Brizeida, Briceyda