Daja meaning

: A unique and nature-inspired name with a cool and classic vibe.

Daja Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Number of People 👶 2,000
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 African
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Daja Name Meaning

Daja is a name that exudes a sense of uniqueness and individuality. It is inspired by nature, giving it a refreshing and earthy feel. The name has a cool and classic vibe, making it a timeless choice for parents who want a name that stands out without being too trendy or common. Daja is a name that can be easily remembered and pronounced, making it a great choice for parents who want a name that is both distinctive and easy to say.

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Daja Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Daja
Additional description of the name Daja

The name Daja has uncertain origins, but it is believed to have roots in various cultures and languages. Some sources suggest that it may be derived from the Slavic name Darya, which means "gift" or "possessing goodness." Others believe that it could be related to the Hebrew name Dalia, which means "branch" or "bough." The name has also been associated with the Arabic name Daja, which means "coy" or "shy." Regardless of its exact origins, the name Daja has been used in various forms and spellings throughout history, making it a name with a rich and diverse background.

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Cool Info About Name Daja

Additional name description Daja
Additional name description Daja

Famous People with the Name Daja:
Daja Dial, an American beauty queen and Miss South Carolina 2015
Daja Bedanova, a former Czech professional tennis player

The name Daja is not very common, making it a unique choice for parents who want a name that is not overused. It has gained some popularity in recent years, but it remains a relatively rare name.

Personality and Other Attractive Information:
People with the name Daja are often seen as creative, independent, and strong-willed. They have a natural affinity for nature and the outdoors, and they are drawn to activities that allow them to express their individuality and uniqueness. Daja is a name that is associated with a sense of adventure and a love for exploring new places and ideas. Those with this name are often seen as trendsetters and leaders, unafraid to forge their own path and make their mark on the world.

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Comments on the name Daja
01/14/2024 00:00:00

HI'mi name is daja tew and i love mi name because it is very unique and many people pronounce it wrong but i give it thumbs upp

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is not Daja but everybody calls me Daja....I like that name, It's cool.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

that is my name and i love it because it is so unpopuler. and i am a girl

01/13/2024 19:18:20

my name is daja and my mom name me off a show but spell it daja like me butpeople pronounce wrong

12/15/2023 07:37:16

Daja is my wife's name. It is a common shortening of Drahomira a rather old fashioned name from what is now the Czech Republic. I think there are name varients through out all the'slav countries. It is well received though most of our friends have given up remembering how to spell it. The first a is pronouned i and the j as y.

12/10/2023 13:53:10

My name's daja, and It's pretty cool to have a different name. A lot of people spell it wrong, and you see people's creativity with all the different nicknames! It's still a cool name though!!!

11/25/2023 01:14:06

my name is Daja and my parents thaught it would be cute to name me and my sister aja and daja. the name is good and all but every1 still calls me aja. (i hate that) or da-ha like the baja sandwhich (i hate that even more) but i like my name alright.

11/10/2023 15:54:56

My name is Daja and my mum says that it comes from Korea da and ja and means many little blessings!!, I pronounce it dar jah.People always say it wrong but I love having a unique name but I didnt realise how popular it actualy was!!!

11/09/2023 17:17:10

it is not my name...but a nickname i created for myself and i had no idea it has been'that popular lately...even'though..there is a character on Circle of magic named Daja...i love it!! BTW i am a Boy and proud to be called Daja (pronounced DA-HA)

09/23/2023 02:38:46

Well my 14 year old daughter embodies the name, and I had to be extra difficult I chose to spell it with an ❤️ X❤️ similar to how Xerox is spelt. She gets ❤️X-here❤️ a lot but she just corrects them and then she gets told how beautiful her name is. Our family name is Malcolm so when she is asked for he last name and firs initial she is Malcolm X. Like I said she embodies the mane, Xaire is strong willed, independent, adventurous, smart and beautiful. Zaire is also a unit of money and so I equate the name with prosperity as well.

09/16/2023 21:03:24

i have a daughter due in may whose name is already daja so i love the name

08/23/2023 09:34:22

i only give this name thumbs up, because It's my name! i kind of like it, but i hate when people spell my name wrong or when'they pronounce it wrong. i think It's still pretty cool though...

08/22/2023 15:38:44

my name is daja but i spell it dashia most people love my name they say It's a very diffrent spelling so they like it and It's so cute

08/12/2023 05:32:46

people always seem to think my name is spelled deja

07/17/2023 12:58:02

my name is DAJA and at first i didnt know alot of people had my name i didnt know it was common but fromn the looks of it, it is common and i love it

07/14/2023 00:02:00

My daughters name is Daja, pronounced Day-a. She has a twin who's name is Deja, pronounced Day-ja. People often call Daja Deja, but they eventually realize that they must have pronounced something wrong.

05/23/2023 10:10:24

yeah! I'm Amanda to, I'm sure that every Amanda has gone through the "Hey It's a man, duh" well when I was in the 9th grade one of my teache's wouldn't call me A-MAN-Duh he would call me Wo-MAN-da. Since I was a woman not a man he refused to call me amanda. yeah that was pretty lame. but in all and all I love my name.

05/21/2023 10:16:10

This is my name as well spelled Halie and I also would get called Halle like Halle berry all the time. I had a teacher that called me ms. berry cause he thought it was funny. I have never met someone with my name'spelled the'same way however. I love it!

04/20/2023 18:22:18

Daija is my name too, people call me deja vu and stuff but i dont mind

04/18/2023 01:25:20

the following names all suck: Jake, Jamie, Jarett, Jason, Jeremy, Josh, & Justin. Too cute and trendy.

04/14/2023 08:40:04

awwwsz my name is daja to and at first i didnt like my name but know i think my name is beautiful

04/13/2023 03:16:44

Daja is my name and has been my name'since June 1986. My father made it up. He had no idea what it meant. He just loved the'sound of it.

03/12/2023 20:05:56

my name is daja and i like it because it is very unique because It's not a very common name. but i know many people whos name is daja but they spell it different than i do for instance i spell it daja other people spell it deja, dajah, deaja, deajah, dey'ja, day'jah, and da'ja

01/29/2023 18:53:04

My son's name is Da'ja and everyone one who hears the name "for a BOY" feel It's a very powerful name. I can't take credit for my son being named this, he was named by his fater who named him after his best friend

01/28/2023 01:09:08

HI'my name is daja I never thought there was a sight with my name it is really cool though to know somebody know my name

01/26/2023 18:17:38


12/27/2022 12:40:56

my name is daja and its spelled DAJA i always though it wasnt a common name but it is**

12/25/2022 11:53:48

my name is daja and i really don't know to many people with my name and a lot of people spell it deja and it don't even sound like daja but daja is a sexy name'so that's why i love it

12/04/2022 09:31:34

well my name is daja pollard and most of everybodt at my school spell it wrong they might think it is spelled like ; deja but its daja and every body always get my last name wrong Daja Cher'e Pollard Age: 12

11/24/2022 12:56:44

well my name is Dana but im a girl. and yes alot of people think that mnme is for a guy. so i get picked on alot.but i love my name n't alot of peope have It'so its n't a common name which is nice.

10/26/2022 13:36:16

hI'my name is daja and mI'mom got mi name from mi cuzzin

10/24/2022 04:35:24

my name is daja. i love it. i once hated that no one could say it and now i love that no one else has it! :0)

10/15/2022 09:52:18

Daja' pronounced like deja va. This girl is very intelligent for her age, creative, great personality (meets no stranger) easy going.

10/11/2022 16:49:24

My name was Daja previous marriage as surname and is custom to change after marriage and take the husband surname. Even in Romania is a rare name and everybody was spelling it differently. I was happy and proud to have this name!!!

10/11/2022 10:21:28

Well my name is Daja.Alot of times people say it or spell it wrong'I hate that.But my name means butterflie and I like that.My family Loves that.My mom picked out my name

10/07/2022 03:47:26

This name is great! I hated it when I was younger, b/c I couldnt get anyhting printed with my name on it, but now I think its uniqueness defines me

09/05/2022 17:40:18

I named my daughter Daja but spellt it Daisha people might pronounce it wrong but at the end of the day all I have to do is correct them, easy! Gorgeous name for my gorgeous daughter.. FYI - I got the name from the movie Higher Learning, played by Tyra Banks, best movie ever!!... From a chick in Australia

08/21/2022 09:32:42

My name is Daja, and I did not like it growing up. But now I LOVE it!!!

07/18/2022 15:46:12

My name is Daja and I love my Name..many people dont say it riqht but i love my name no one that i know spells it like me

07/16/2022 15:16:30

I'meet alotofother Daja' say it like(Day-ja).

06/30/2022 03:59:42


01/30/2022 22:53:42

My name is Adaja.Most people pronounce my name wrong,but after i tell them how to pronounce my name they love it!it is the pronounced like almost everyone elses who is leaving a comment,daja(day-ja) but with an A in front so It's Adaja(uh-day-ja)or(A-day-ja).I really love my name'since it is unique and everyone who hears It'said the right way loves it too.My name was about to be Daja(day-ja) until my aunt thought of putting an A in front. I am really proud of my aunt and her creative mind.LOL.If my name was just Daja i would be proud too because adaja and daja are both beautiful names!

11/08/2021 05:33:18

It's my nick name and i just wanted to see if there is someone else with the'same name. i have never met anyone with this name, but i know one indian shop is named *daja*

08/23/2021 16:14:06

my dad couldn't name me for 3 days an when my mum showed dad another list of names ;as soon as dad seen daja that was my name an I'm turning 10 now an a lot of people cant spell my name.I really love my name as it is so rare.

08/16/2021 20:27:00

My daughe's name is Dasia, she is mixed with hispanic and black. I love my daughters name. And because of the way It's spelled everyone out side of our family say it wrong.

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Daja FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Daja?
The origin of the name Daja is African.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Daja?
A unique and nature-inspired name with a cool and classic vibe.
*️⃣ How many people are named Daja?
Almost 2000 people are named Daja.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Daja?
The names of Amir, Danielle, Tamir, Tamara, Demario