Dominic meaning

: Lord

Dominic Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \d(o)-mi-nic\
Number of People 👶 173,000
Rate in 2021 151
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Dominic Name Meaning

Dominic (name) has the following meaning: the Lord's man (woman); a day dedicated to god; Sunday (day of the week, also dedicated to the Lord - for visiting churches and temples, for prayers, missionary services); a child born of the resurrection; Lady.

Dominic Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Dominic
Additional description of the name Dominic

Dominic. The name, the meaning of which we will analyze, is of Greek-Latin origin. It is extremely popular with Romantic people living in Spain, Catalonia, Portugal, and Latin America. It has male and female variants and has been used since ancient times, as soon as Christianity began to spread widely in the Old and New Worlds. Translated from Latin


Cool Info About Name Dominic

Additional name description Dominic
Additional name description Dominic

Characteristic features of the name Dominic

The character of Dominic is complex, and very independent, she has a strong will that tries to subdue people, sometimes she shows excessive rigidity and prudence. It is interesting that in childhood it cannot be suspected that Dominic was such an iron woman, because she is always calm, quiet, and obedient, although sometimes stubborn. The difficulties with Dominic begin in adolescence when her character acquires courage, tactility, skepticism, and impatience with people. It is often very difficult for parents to get along with their daughters in such a period, because the girl is completely beyond her control, while trying to build a life on her own, she often acts impulsively and finds many problems. It is difficult for Dominic to read at any age, but at the same time, he has a lively mind and can realize his ideas and desires thanks to his energy. The owner of this name, as a rule, is very amorous, but it is difficult to build relationships because he cannot live without disagreements, and conflicts, loves to contradict and likes to say "no". He has few friends, and most of them are psychologically repressing, so his friends try to communicate with him rarely and at a distance.

Love and family relationships

 In family life, Dominic shows herself as an incomparable hostess: she cooks well, loves to take care of the house, and is very loyal to the interests of the family. But getting along with her is not easy, so she should choose a man with a very strong spirit as her life partner.

professional field

In the professional field, the owner of this name indicates "masculine" assertiveness, so he can well prove himself in the profession of a police officer, store manager, surgeon, farmer, cook, stuntman, animal breeder, freight forwarder, and broker.

OriginAs an adult, Dominic is characterized by strong character, independence of judgment, and clear leadership qualities. Dominic easily gathers people around and finds a common, but personally useful job for her. She is an attractive person and she knows how to present herself. However, the ability to appear and be are different tasks. Dominic is very demanding and few can bear her nagging. Dominic has very few close friends. Few can withstand its difficult nature.

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Comments on the name Dominic
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name dominic, my son went home to god. I love to see his name.

10/22/2023 03:45:02

I love my name. Wouldnt change if for the world. DOMINICS UNITE!!

10/16/2023 20:47:26

My son is called Dominic Mason who is 21, I love his name & so does he I think he likes it because It's not to popular, he really suits his name.

09/29/2023 04:24:54

My sons name is Dominic but we always call him Nico. I get tons of compliments on it. People think its cool that I call him Nico instead of Nick or Dom.

09/21/2023 00:58:44

This is my son's name; obviously, I love it. It'suits him.

09/20/2023 23:12:56

I love the name Domonic, Im leaning toward this name if our next child is a boy and I would call him Dom for short =) I love the meaning of the name too.

06/17/2023 23:48:48

If I have a baby boy I want to name him Dominic because it is strong and masculine. It also makes the person seem playful and interesting.

06/12/2023 19:29:54

i named my son dominic to go with his sisters name destiny and i love my choice

06/02/2023 05:52:20

We named our son Dominic and call him Nico as a nn. I love it because when he becomes a man he can use Dominic, which sounds like a very masculine name yet be called Nico while he's a child.

05/07/2023 17:59:44

Dominic will be my second son's name. Absolutely adore the religious meaning and sound of the name!

04/16/2023 17:05:40

This is a beautiful exotic name.Hardly anybody has it.

04/03/2023 07:17:10

since i was five i planned to name my son Dominic, and when i had my first son that was indeed his name, i love the name. We use Dom or Dommy for a nickname.

03/23/2023 21:11:12

My husband and I were trying to think of a middle name for our second son and we were asking everybody. My mother in law said her Dad's middle name was Dominic and that's all it took. I still had to look for a middle name because Dominic was the new first name. I was worried about calling him Dom because I didn't like it, but It's not so bad, and we call him Dommers or Dommie too. It's a name he can grow with and it will also so great. A couple times i've had the Dominique problem too and it is really frustrating. Luckily it doesn't happen'too often.

03/20/2023 00:19:04

I love the name! It's a good strong name. We called our son Dominic. But, he is often called Dominique and it does my head in. I don't know why it is so confusing, it is pronounced how it is spelt, Dominic.

03/19/2023 06:58:42

My 18 month old son's name is Dominic. He goes by mostly Dominic, although it is a daily occurance for us to call him "Domino", "Nick", "Nico" (European, pronounced 'nee-ko'), "Nicky", "Dom", "Dommie", or even'the'silly "Domino-no" (which works for a baby who is coloring the dining room floor with markers). We have always wanted a son named "Dominic". To me, that name is strong, friendly, approachable, and i think it is just oh-so-handsome on a little boy. Plus, It's just uncommon enough that my husband and i have only met two other Dominic's in our lives. One i went to school with, the other I'met at a craft show. Now i know it ranks pretty high on the baby name charts, but here in Georgia, Dominics seem to be a rare breed. My dad back in Florida knows an Italian family with a Dominic male in every generations and they go by "Big Dommie", "Dommie", & "Little Dommie". So my son gets called "Little Dommie" by his Grandpa. Plus the name has a great meaning, "Belonging to the Lord". We're sold on Dominic. We get positive remarks about it and the only slight downfall i can'think of is the occasional mispronunciation. About once a month someone refers to him as "Dominique", which i beli've is the European pronunciation for this spelling on boys. I get confused because here in America that pronunciation (plus the'spelling with the 'que') is mostly seen on girls. It doesn't bother me enough to ever change my mind about the name. Also for fun, YouTube the Christmas video "Dominick the Donkey". If you are thinking of naming your bambino this, you will get a kick out of this Italian Christmas Song and it may just become an annual tradition in your family!

01/01/2023 00:50:00

Along with Benjamin, Dominic was extremely popular in the early nineties (before Joshua and Jack came into fashion)so there are probably a lot of young boys and teenagers with this name. I don't like it much, to me It'sounds girly.

11/20/2022 03:44:00

i've been a Dominic since 1983. My mom's side of the family calls me Nick or Dominic and my dad's side of the family calls me Dom or Dominic. My nieces and nephe's call me Uncle Nick because it is easier to pronounce. People will pronounce my name Dominique and more often'times than not, it is someone from a different ethnic background than my own.

11/10/2022 10:05:30

Ilove this name i have two really good friends and their names are dominick and i wanna name my SON this ~*AWSOME*~

10/26/2022 21:14:44

i am taking a parenting class at my school and we have to name our baby so i choose the name dominic because it is a sweet soft name but has a big impact on things

10/21/2022 14:34:46


08/14/2022 20:09:54

Dominic is a great name and I have never met a girl or heard of a girl named Dominic so it is a guys name

08/13/2022 16:42:54

love this name.......

06/06/2022 04:27:36

I really like this name but not for mi baby boy because that's his dad's name.

03/30/2022 00:26:24

If I have a boy I am naming it Dominic. I am only 8 weeks pregnant though.

12/29/2021 00:20:06

Our son is named Dominic. The movie, The Fast and The Furious (Vin Diesel's character-Dom) helped us with the name'selection, since we are not of Italian heritage. We love the name'since It's not as common any more.

11/21/2021 13:48:18

I also have an 18 month old son named Dominic. My husband and I picked out the name years ago when we first talked about having children. We love that It's a strong name and we also love the meaning "Belonging to the Lord". It fits my son perfectly as his birth was a huge surprise - he was unexpectedly born at home a month early! So he is truly our gift and thank goodness he arrived without complications. He has also been called Dominique and people have spelled it that way which has totally puzzled me. We only call him "Dominic" though. I have never been a big fan of shortening names as I have a name that people constantly try to shorten much to my dI'may. We do have nicknames for him like "Rascal". My daughter likes to call him "Dominicky". I will raise him Dominic and if he wants to go by "Dom" that will be his choice to make. I think It's a great name and I'm glad we chose it.

10/03/2021 03:03:00

i want to name ma son dominic because thats his fathers name


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Dominic?
The origin of the name Dominic is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Dominic?
*️⃣ How many people are named Dominic?
Almost 173000 people are named Dominic.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Dominic?
The names of Matthew, Jeffrey, Dorian, Darren, Darian