Gabriel meaning

: God's Able-Bodied One, Hero Of God

Gabriel Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \g(a)-briel, gab-riel\
Number of People 👶 361,000
Rate in 2021 58
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Gabriel Name Meaning

Gabriel is a name that holds significant meaning and symbolism across various cultures and religions. Derived from the Hebrew name "Gavri'el," it translates to "God is my strength" or "God's hero." In religious contexts, Gabriel is often associated with divine messengers and angelic beings.

In Christianity, Gabriel plays a prominent role as the archangel who announces the birth of Jesus to Mary. This portrayal symbolizes Gabriel's role as a messenger of God and a bringer of important news. Similarly, in Islam, Gabriel (known as Jibril) is believed to have delivered the revelations of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad.

Beyond its religious connotations, Gabriel has become a popular given name worldwide. It carries an aura of strength, protection, and guidance. People named Gabriel are often seen as confident leaders who possess qualities such as courage, intelligence, and creativity.

Overall, whether viewed from a religious or secular perspective, the name Gabriel holds deep meaning that resonates with individuals seeking inspiration and strength in their lives.

Gabriel Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Gabriel
Additional description of the name Gabriel

The name Gabriel derives from Hebrew and has been Latinized as GaḇrīʾEl. It is a theophoric name since it contains in itself that of a deity. Etymologically it comes from gebar which translates as "strength", and from El whose translation is "God."

Cool Info About Name Gabriel

Additional name description Gabriel
Additional name description Gabriel

The popularity of the name Gabriel

The name “ Gabriel “ is a name that has been used all around English-speaking countries
The name Gabriel has contentedly increased, 
since 1900, when it was at No 564 until now it's continued competition with other names, and now its No. 21 of name ranking in the U.S

The given name is the 10th most popular baby boy’s name in Florida based on the data given by reliable American resources in the year 2010 in the United States of America. For instance, imagine that about 900 newborn babies in Florida were named “ Gabriel “ in the year 2010. A total of about 13000 newborn babies also bear the same first name during the year 2010 year in the United States of America. From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of this name was related to the year 2008 with a total of about 13100 newborn babies.


From the year 1880 up to the year 2018, the given name was recorded 360000 times in the SSA public database.

The name appeared in the year 1880 for the first time on the popularity charts and was given to about 16 newborn babies. It became a popular name in the year 1976 with a rank of 80 nationwide and was registered about 3500 times as a baby boy’s name. The name “ Gabriel “ became a popular boy’s name in the state of New Mexico in the year 2003. This name ranked 3 with about 154 Newborn babies. The all-time high record for this name was related to the year 2003 in the state of California with about 2000 newborn baby boys.

This name is a consistent top-ranking boy’s name in the state of Arizona for about 55 consecutive years, ( from the year 1914 to the year 2018 ) It’s also popular in the state of New Mexico for 55 years ( but may not be consecutive)

For the past 50 years, the name “Gabriel” was recorded about 337000 times in the SSA public database.


The personality of the name Gabriel

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Gabriel “

G is for a genial, pleasing personality.

A is for accomplished, in all that you do.

B is for bestow, as you give so much.

R is for relying on, everyone’s trustworthy friend.

It is for instilling, the lesson of life.

E is for excellence, your passion, and your drive.

L is for love, your love of life!


Famous people named Gabriel

Gabriel Fauré was a late-Romantic French composer

Gabriel García Márquez was a Colombian novelist, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 1982

Gabriel Hernández (singer) is a singer, member of the band No Mercy

Gabriel Iglesias is an American comedian

Gabriel Macht who is an American actor

Gabriel Morrissette who is a Canadian illustrator

Diminutives and variations of the name Gabriel
Los diminutivos The most common names of the name Gabriel are:
Gaby, Gabby, Giban, Gabrielle, Gabi, Gael

The name Gabriel in other languages
In French, German, and Spanish writing is the same. Let's see the different variations of Gabriel in other languages:
Catalan: Biel
Italian: Gabrielle.
Turkish: Cebrail.
Greek: Gavriil.
Bulgarian: Favril
Chechen: Dzhabrail.
Hungarian: Gabor.
Romanian: Gavril.

Saint of Gabriel's Day
September 29 is the day on which the men called Gabriel to celebrate his Saint.

Numerology of the name Gabriel
The number 9 is associated with the name Gabriel and is related to a humanitarian, idealistic, and devoted personality.


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Comments on the name Gabriel
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love that name for a Girl...i love that girls can have boy names...It's beautiful

01/14/2024 00:00:00

alot of people hear it wrong and say gilbert but after it all its a pretty cool name i hardly ever meet a lot of people named gabriel

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Our 2 year old son is named Gabriel John. We still call him "Gabey" on occasion... But most often Gabe. I love the name and It'suits him. I think it will transition perfectly through the'stages of cute boy, cool teenager, and distinguished adult.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Gabriel should be for a boy because Gabrielle would be for a girl.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is Gabriel but now for more intrest i write it gabreal It'seems more origonal

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is Gabriel and I'm also a girl. At first I thought my name was weird because It's usually for boys but I actually like it a lot It's unique and different. Every new school year we get teache's and when'they role and get to my name, they look confused but I don't really care. Besides, I don't like how there's "a lot" of gabby's,Gabrielle's and gabriella's.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My son, Gabriel is six. He leapt in the womb when his father'spoke his name, and that is how we chose it. Everyone compliments me on my son, which I feel I had little to do with. He is my angel, my Gabriel. We call him 'Riel' for short.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We chose the name Gabriel for our first son because we knew he was sent to us from God. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to have kids and then God blessed us with our son!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Well, its my name. and I'm a girl. sigh. i've been'teased about it and alot of times, it has been spelt incorrectly as 'Early' and I haven't met anyone with the'same name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I hear often from people that it is a beautiful name.

01/13/2024 11:39:52

I named my firstborn as Gabriel, having dedicated him to the ministry of God. I would want him to spread the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, and his second coming, just as the angel Gabriel did for his first.

01/11/2024 19:41:44

My husband and I are naming our next son Gabriel Matthew(I see someone else here is using the'same first/middle combo as well)I have ALWAYS loved the name Gabriel and we both come from religious families so they like it also. My husbands middle name is Matthew and this will be his first child so we wanted our son to have his middle name.

01/04/2024 08:25:24


12/26/2023 10:45:58

My daughter was born a month ago and we named her Gabriel Caitlin and I always call her Gabe.

12/25/2023 17:43:14

I too used this name for my first son who was just born.

12/24/2023 17:19:40

My son's name is Gabriel and I love it! He is an absolute angel, born Jan 2021 so It'suits him perfectly

12/06/2023 22:36:04

This is my baby boy's name. Adalberto Abner Nova 3rd. I love this name! It's also my cousin's name.

12/06/2023 10:15:28

I feel Gabriel's a little too feminine to put on a boy, but I think It's perfect for a little girl. I think It's unique but not crazy. I don't think that if you want to name your girl Gabriel you have to go with Gabrielle, because, despite looking similar, it has several parts different from the more "masculine" version(the'sound of the a and which syllable to stress). People may think It's too much of a boy's name, but you never know, it may be the new Courtney or Ashley (Popular girls' names which started out as boy names).

12/06/2023 09:40:12

I love it and if our first child is a boy, It's a very likely choice!

11/27/2023 07:36:16

I have a 6year old named Gabriel Hunter. I think it is such a strong name and love the biblical meaning behind it. He told me a few weeks ago that he has the best name ever! The fact that he likes It'so much is such a bonus :)

11/21/2023 07:53:34

My son is Gabriel Francis Danger and he loves his name! He gets called Gabe by most people which I think is cool too. He hates it when people mistakenly call him Gabrielle - to which he gives them a telling off! Always amusing. He is nearly 5 now and says he has the best name.

11/14/2023 09:33:06

i think this name is awesome because it comes from the arc angel Gabriel and thats cool cause the boy will be protective of his siblings and it is so beautiful

10/27/2023 13:56:36

My son is now 7 years old and he loves his name. He knows that he is named after an angel in the bible, a 'messenger of God'. I have hardly come across other 'Gabriels', so I feel this was a great choice as not too common and not strange either. Also, It'sounds great in spanish and english. I do call him Gabe alot. Great biblical name!!!

10/15/2023 14:31:12

My son's name is Gabriel and he loves it and I love it.

10/11/2023 06:46:38

Cute and I'm very religious.....So its a good choice.

10/09/2023 14:30:52

Gabriel is the most perfect name for our son, je is boystrous and masculine ans we him and his name very very much x

10/02/2023 19:06:44

my son is called Gabriel and It'suits him perfectly!he was born to have this name. when i was pregnant no other name made sense or grabbed me and the name Gabriel kept comin to me, i initially didnt want to call him this cz he has an uncle with the name, but the name wouldnt leave me i liked a few names but on other kids! my son was meant to have this name, everyone loves it. i get a few people that call him Gabrielle and i just have to correct them. "strong man of God" "messenger of God" "spirit of truth" i love all the meanings of this name. he is nw two and loves his name too! i dnt really nickname him but when im txtin bout him i write gabs other than that its just Gabriel. i have a friend who calls him Gabsey....which neither of us like....Gabriel totally ignores this, lol. hoer you love the name as much as everyone who has it or choose it. it is an absolutely beautiful regrets ever

09/28/2023 11:39:48

My Niece and her husband just today had their 3rd son and named Him Gabriel. Love it !!

09/21/2023 02:26:54

My name is Gabriel, and I'm a girl, and It's pronounced the way Gabrielle is spelt. I don't find it bothe'some at all. Everyone calls me Gabby because I'm not very used to hearing Gabriel, but I find my name quite unique for a girl. I also find the meaning very inter'sting.

09/16/2023 08:42:48

I also hope my friend Gabriel lives up to his name. I love this name and like Michael Gabriel if I have a boy

09/15/2023 12:08:28

I just named my first son Gabriel and it is a strong yet gentle name which suits him well - everyone who's met him thinks It's an incredibly awesome name!

09/10/2023 16:56:12


09/10/2023 00:28:44

We just found out that we are expecting a baby and decided on the name Xzavier if it is a boy. I think all the people saying the parents cant spell if the use this spelling are just stupid I love the way it looks and a lot of people like to spell their kids names different. I have to girls Shanel and Madisyn and they are not spelt the normal way and everyone I'meet loves the'spelling so I want sons name'spelt different to if this is a boy.

09/03/2023 22:24:58

We just named our new daughter "Valerie Rose" and have received three cards from people so far congratulating us and telling us that they love the name! We love it!

09/01/2023 23:23:38

The reason I am on this page is because I never hear of anyone being named Frances anymore. I am Frances, age 79, and have always disliked my name. I too got kidded about "Francis The Talking Mule."

08/16/2023 23:34:30

Called my little boy Gabriel, coming from a deeply religious catholic background (even'though myself I'm not overly religious (I rebelled a bit!)),I just think its a beautiful name. Gabriel, does get the female version quite often at his daycare nursery where he goes, which is annoying, and I am a little concerned about the teasing he may experience at school, but once Gabriel reaches adulthood, I hope he apreciates it. I think its beautiful, and despite being a little devil at times, he is an angel, my angel.

08/16/2023 21:48:42

One of my twins is called Gabriel and his middle name is Scott (my maiden name). We adore his name and It'suits him so well. We call him Baby Gabey right now as he is only 3 weeks old! His twin is called Miles and we love that too. Gabriel is great for life: cute for a baby, cool for a teen and strong and masculine for an adult. I just love It'so much!

08/08/2023 14:15:40

I named my son Gabriel and every 1 loves it, they say it fits him perfect, and it has a great meaning.

08/04/2023 17:58:48

I am thinking of naming my son this. It's a beautiful name but... I'm afaid of him being teased later in school, or people calling him Gabrielle.

08/03/2023 14:38:54

there are millions of Pamelas, It's such a common name

07/27/2023 23:04:00

I named my first son Gabriel and everyone loves it! I feel it is not so average that u meet a Gabriel everyday BUT, it is also not a weird name. He loves his name and he is only 3 1/2.

07/27/2023 00:26:14

My son is Gabriel Dante... He loves his name and so do we. He often goes by Gabe which sounds nice too, everyone loves his name!

07/13/2023 11:59:02

Our son was born in 2018 and is Gabriel Thomas. We call him Gabey, Gabes and Gabe. It'suits him so well. He was born in the USA but we now live in Germany and It's a classic name that works well in many cultures and languages. He is tall and big for his age (was almost 11 lbs at birth!) and it is a sweet but masculine name. He was born on the Feast of John the Baptist, June 24th and Gabriel announced John's conception.

07/12/2023 14:49:26

I to believe that God will use my friend Gabe I pray it everyday tha God use him to be the man of God that I knowhe is

07/12/2023 11:53:06

7 years ago my son was born and I gave him name Gabriel. I live in Sweden, in this country name Gabriel is still more and more popular, but never was in top 10. There is a tradition in Sweden, that we celebrate namedays, and my son was born on 27th February, Gabriel's nameday. I loved and still love name Gabriel, so I called him Gabriel and it was one of the best things i've ever decided in my life. Gabriel is manly, strong and in the'same time cute name for boy. My Gabriel is angelic, so I think that archangel Gabriel cares for him. He even'thanked me few times for this name, and said that he is proud because he's name is Gabriel. We pronounce it Ga-briel, but some people say Gabri-el. It Isn't correct, but I don't mind, It's also fine.

07/08/2023 13:15:10

I love my name very much. It has a deep and profound meaning: "God Messenger". I work in global markets and travel extensively to different countries. I don't need to spell my name! Everybody knows how to write it! I try to honor my name as much as I can. It has also helped me read, study and teach about The Lord.

07/02/2023 10:18:30

My husband and I plan on Gabriel for our second son. We love the strenth and heritage of it! We still have yet to decide a middle name. I am leaning on Gabriel Brogan❤️❤️❤️

06/29/2023 13:14:40

I think Gabriel is a great name. It means messenger of God and is unique. Gabe is also a cool nickname. Its easy to say and spell.

06/24/2023 09:31:02

i love the name gabriel ryan

06/19/2023 23:25:24

It's such a strong and nice name. Deffinitally one of my favorite boys names!!!

06/15/2023 20:58:14

oh my gosh!!! i love love love love love this name! it is such a beautiful, strong, masculin name!! i love it!! My brother's name is Gabriel David Anthony, but we all call him 'gabe' or 'gabes'. beautiful name...I LOVE IT!!

06/09/2023 10:40:44

I'm a 53 year old woman named Gabriel. When I was a kid I went by Gaby. My parents were English an it is definitely a girl's name. can't imagine being anything else.

06/08/2023 05:17:24

My son's name is Gabriel but always goes by Gabe except for by me who is constantly uses the more serious "Gabriel!" My son is 8 and wears very stylish glasses, has a longer hair style and loves sports, especially football. I have an aunt that calles him Gaber. it is the perfect name for him.

06/07/2023 17:14:26

My son is named Gabriel. My husband chose it and I love it. It is a beautiful and meaningful name. Very masculine. The nickname Gabe is fun and fits my kid perfectly!

06/05/2023 09:41:44

My son's name is Gabriel Jose. and I so love his name. Strong name. And my son loves it.

05/28/2023 17:08:00

Well, thats my name also, but I pronounce it Alaina, with a long "a". I love it because I have yet to find someone else that'spells and pronounces their name like mine. And not many people can figure out my last name either, its allll the time ever'since I was in kindergarten I had to correct the people that really just cant figure out how to pronounce it the right way..but I still love my name!!!

05/25/2023 11:32:48

I love this name, that is why we chose the name for our 2nd son! He is 4 and already loves God! I do believe that God will use him for His kingdom!

05/25/2023 10:39:54

My little cousin's name is gabriel and I love the name. It's so sweet and innocent. It really fit him as a baby!

05/19/2023 18:53:18

My son's name is Gabriel Matthew. His father's name is Michael Christian. We not only wanted to follow the tradition of a religious name, but I have always loved the name Gabriel. We call him Gabe, and he loves it.

05/15/2023 01:26:50

Way too over'sed and all the'spelling variations are way too made up. People think It'sounds cute and classy but it really spells white trash!

05/14/2023 01:03:16

My son's name is Gabriel and I simply love the name. He loves it too and thinks it is cool. It is a symbolic name and well respected among Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. People often do pronounce it and spell it wrong. I do not meet many people with the'same name, which is quite a prvilege I think

04/28/2023 06:13:54

I know that the name Gabriel is a very strong name.And so is my grandson! Gabriel means the'stren'th of God.Whom ever has the name of Gabriel should be so proud!

04/27/2023 00:15:18

My son is named Gabriel Lee and I just instantly fell in love with the name when my husband suggested it to be when I was pregnant. He is definatley a Gabriel..a unique, masculine tough boy sweetheart pretty much describes him. He is the love of my life and couldn't have a better name.

04/13/2023 18:33:40

I honestly always thought of Gabriel as a boy's name, but after watching something where one of the main characters (they're all female) was named Gabriel, I decided to look more into it. Now that I think about it and have pronounced it out loud multiple times, I'm realizing how terrible Gabrielle sounds (in my opinion. If you like it I won't judge). I guess these things are based more on opinion and where/how You're raised than how it actually sounds. When I was little, my sister had a big pink plush unicorn named Sampson (I think she named it, she was around six or seven years old). I thought it was a girl's name for years. I still can't think of it as a boy's name only, though, and instead always end up thinking of it as gender neutral. On a completely unrelated note, when I was around one year old I had a plush frog that I'd named after a website that my dad went on (or at least mentioned) a lot. I don't even know why or how that happened.

03/19/2023 11:40:50

My sons name is Gabriel!! And he is my Angel, my protecter, and my friend!! He is a Man of God!!

03/17/2023 02:22:20

Our little one died from a miscarriage, and we never knew the'sex of the baby. So we wrestled with many names, and Gabriel is what we picked. It can be for both a girl and a boy, and I love the meaning...stren'th of God!

03/12/2023 18:55:24

My name is Gabriel. I am female. But this is my english name. It'sounds like my original name thats why i got this name. also i love my name "Gabriel".

03/01/2023 09:18:46

My name is Gabriel and I'm an athe'st, and so are my parents. Take THAT obvious religious motive.

02/24/2023 14:24:08

Love the name for a girl. Some think that the Angel Gabriel was actually a girl, if angels really have genders.

02/24/2023 01:28:16

My name is Gabriel, I'm 17 and live in Canada, and the name is very popular in French. People usually call me plain Gab, English friends call me Gabe. Yes, I do have some problems with the pronunciation but It's nothing compared to my last name (Gauvreau), it was pretty common to be called Gabriella as an insult or tease when I was younger.

02/21/2023 15:52:08


02/15/2023 12:20:12

Our oldest son is named Gabriel WillI'm. We love his name and thought it was a perfect fit. The nickname we use the most is Gabe.

01/24/2023 18:05:46

my name's special,nobody else that i know has my wonderful name...

01/16/2023 04:22:26

I love the name. i've had it for the twenty years of my life so far, and I think I'll keep it for a while.... The Hebrew origin of Gabriel, means; "God's able-bodied one". I have been picked on through the years, but I am thankful for the name that was given'to me.

01/09/2023 22:47:04

I named my grandson Gabriel who was born this past March 1st.They kept mispronouncing it in the hospital, thinking he was a female.I just love the name, I know no one else with it, I wanted something unique as to where my name is too common as well as Gabriel's moms name is as well

01/07/2023 09:21:42

I just had a new baby and after a long period of trying to come up with a good bilingual name...the name Gabriel just came to me. I love it.

01/05/2023 11:30:54

My son is named Gabriel, Gabe for short, and I love it! I'm so annoyed by how many people call him Gabrielle. Some people (American adults) even'tell me I gave him a girl's name. I tell them that is ridiculous because Gabriel was an angel - a male.

12/23/2022 00:31:52

My son is called Gabriel, I sometimes call him "Gabes", I love his name but get annoyed when receptionists at doctors/dentists awlays call out his name as Gabrielle!!

12/19/2022 19:31:56

Far too masculine for a girl. Gabrielle or Gabriela on the other hand are beautiful names!

12/19/2022 00:25:46

My name is Gabriel, and i think this website is really REALLY weird.

12/16/2022 09:32:14

My grandmother was named Gabriel (and went by "Gabe"), and my wife and I are considering naming our daughter after her (with the possible nickname of "Gabby" to deal with the bozos who think that Gabriel is "too masculine" a name for a girl).

12/15/2022 11:47:22

my name is gabriel. every foreigner can pronounce it properly, but its funny how half the americans I'meet(im an american'too but my parents arent) cant even pronounce it. from receptionists to teache's, its almost pathetic. GA-BRI-EL. nothing special about it haha. i like it. i do get sick of being called gabe sometimes though. girls call me gabey or gabey baby, there are some per's

12/13/2022 05:07:34

My name is Gabriel Ryan and I'm a female, but I find it cool to be a chick with such hot masculine names!! My boyfriend is actually named Gabriel but he calls me Gabby and I call him Gabe. I am 17 in four days!! Yay me❤️

11/24/2022 04:07:44

i dream about this name..lets say i was dreaming that GOD says to me "the name of your son is gabriel" then I woke up questioning GOD "theirs so many names in the world why do you chose Gabriel as a name of my son"....and im surprise coz my girlfrend is only 1 month pregnant in this month..and we all know in that month you couldnt see uf youre baby is a boy or girl..and im sure 100 percent my baby is a boy..

11/20/2022 19:00:56

My fiancee's name is Gabriel, Gabe for short and I think it is a very strong yet gentle name. A lot of the time people think that his name is Dave so we have to say Gabriel, then'they get it. He was named after Roman Gabriel the former NFL Raider.

11/11/2022 00:11:54

Gabriel is definitely 100% a boy's name it has always been a boy's name'since the beginning even if you go on Google and type in the female version of Gabriel it is pronounced and spelled Gabrielle and then'there's also Gabriella. It's very confusing when women are called Gabrielle but spelled her name Gabriel. It makes othe's pronounce Gabriel as Gabrielle for boys and that's very irritating.

11/06/2022 17:55:30

We just name our newborn daughter Nina. All the feedback from friends and family has been positive. It is a cute name for a little girl that will still suit an adult. An uncommon name that is not too strange.

11/01/2022 01:16:00

it is my name i like this choosen of my name, it is a special holy name , Gabriel is the name of the messenger of allah to prophe's, it is mentioned in the holly quran and muslims like this name, in arabs lands they named Gabriel for only male babies

10/21/2022 13:24:14

My son's name is Gabriel Scott. He was named after my husband's sister, who is Gabriela and our dear friend Scott who passed away a few years ago.

10/03/2022 10:44:32

My name is Gabriel. Honestly, it wasn't the best name growing up with; but it is a great unique name when you get older.

10/03/2022 05:09:30

My 10 year old son's name is Gabriel and we call him "Gabe" for short. He loves it, we love it and no one ever forgets his name. Now we just need to find something as perfect for his baby brother

09/24/2022 12:29:50

I love the name Gabriel. Its such a wonderful name for a boy. I dont know what I would give as a middle name yet, but I know I will have a son with that name. It's just so perfect.

09/24/2022 05:44:16

I think this is a great name.. very strong.

09/11/2022 07:41:06

My husband's name is Gabriel (goes by Gabe) and we named our first son Zen Gabriel. It's a name i've always loved. His name wasn't chosen for religious reasons, but because they thought it was a beautiful sounding name.

08/01/2022 15:34:30

An awful, masculine name for a girl. Gabriel is definitely a boys name. You want a girl name, then go with Gabrielle, It's not super girly and feminine.

07/23/2022 13:48:18

I named my 10 month old Gabriel and he looks just like a Gabriel (Gabe) for short. It is a very masculine name and it fits him perfectly. I also agree that'some adults do try to say his name wrong, as if they do not notice he has on all blue or etc. With basketballs, footballs, etc on it. My remedy for that is to say that adults name just as wrong

06/27/2022 03:42:36

My husband and i chose to name our son Kenneth Gabriel. I love the name and i am sure he will be called "Gabe" in the future. I like the name. However It'seems that lately in our local town the name has gained much popularity and there were at least 12 babies in the last two months with Gabriel as their first name. I love the meaning "God's Stren'th."

06/21/2022 21:26:24

Im a girl and I love my name! I like that it is masculine! And my parents aren't dumb!

06/06/2022 11:46:48

if i had a kid, i'd name him "gabriel". how gorgeous. the'sound and feel of the name is perfect. "gabe" as a nickname is pretty adorable, too, I'must say.

05/31/2022 19:26:42

My moms last name is Gabriel and she is adopted. It is her biological last name. She keeps in hopes her family will find her. It has always been pronounced correctly. We never had a problem. I'married and took my husbands last name and no one can pronounce it right. I'miss Gabriel.

05/08/2022 16:57:18

My son's name is Gabriel Micheal and I love his name!

04/21/2022 15:57:00

My son's name is Gabriel Erik- he loves His name- when in school he was called Gab- I love it

03/25/2022 17:57:36

We are going to name our first-born son Malachi. It is a strong and beautiful name, although I do worry that people will pronounce it wrong (the "chi" part). I LOVE the meaning.

03/22/2022 17:40:30

I am three months pregnant and if I have another little boy I plan to name him Gabriel. I think it is beautiful to say the least.

03/14/2022 06:32:42

I know someone from my school called Gabriel, but he does not like it. Most just call him Gabby

02/15/2022 14:02:42

My beautiful son is named Gabriel. Whenever we go to the pediatrician, whatever nurse it is calls him "Gabrielle". Every time. Its starting to grate.

02/14/2022 16:05:06

This is my husband's name, and the name 'fits' him. He is calm, smart, optimistic, funny, caring, honest, a hard worker, loyal and very loving. I personally think that a name is a lot of who we are as we grow up. If you are thinking about naming your child Gabriel...good choice! It's just a shame my husband isn't into 'juniors' and he refused to allow our first born son be named after him!!!

01/08/2022 17:27:00

If I have a boy his name will be Gabriel, I love the name I love how It'speaks to me and I don't know any one with the name'so it works out great!

01/04/2022 21:57:00

This is my first new born's name and everyone from my family and at work love the name. It means "Protector of Mankind" in greek. I wanted my son to be part of the next generation X. Hence, Xander was born July 1, 2018.

12/24/2021 00:28:12

i think the name is a nice boy name, but for this day and age it is not heard much and might be perceived when'the child is older as a "girly boy name, not a masculine type of name.

11/22/2021 02:36:54

The love of my life was born on 08-08-08 I named him Kaiden'the fighter). There are a lot of "Ks" in my family and I also fell in awe with the name being gthat I tried for years to conceive and when I could have really cared less it came to be for me. I knew I would have to fight to have a happy, healthy, full term pregnancy and my little one would have to fight also. By the grace of God - we are both survivors and fighters for life!

10/31/2021 05:24:18

I'm having a daughter next year and we plan to name her Gabriel.

10/26/2021 00:57:54

We named our son Gage 10+ years after'seeing Pet Cemetery. We found it to be Old French and means Promise and Vision, a perfect match for who he is. He is in a Prep school that runs prek thru 12th and is the only Gage there. He is very popular, kind, a leader and very strong. He excels academically and athleticaly and is working on his 2nd true mudakwan tae kwon do black belt! Gage is the name of quiet, strong leaders!

10/12/2021 14:53:06

My son's name is Gabriel. He is 6 months old. Most people pronounce is Gabrielle (for a girl) It can be tough as he has a twin sister, Jordan, also a boys name. They are always being confused. Not too many people can spell it correctly either. Then'tend to spell it like Gabrielle. Mostly I get comments like, "wow, what Bioblical names you have chosen." I even once got "he has large shoes to fill." A few people told me that it was actually a girls name. I am constantly correcting people. I absolutely love the name, as do most people. You don't hear it that often and that is what I love the most about it.

10/07/2021 07:42:00

I love Gabriel , I want to name my future son either Levi Gabriel or Gabriel something. Go Gabriel , I am a Christian and I pray that all my children will grow to be believers as well.

09/26/2021 15:30:00

My son is called Gabriel, he is 2 and often called Gabe. I am constantly told by people that they think it is a great name. It certainly suits him, tall, blond and boisterous but very, very loving.

09/20/2021 18:35:24

I really like the name Gabriel, but when it is shortened to Gab It'sounds so ugly

08/07/2021 04:02:24

My last name is Gabriel and my Finance want to name our son that but often my name gets Pronounced as Gabrielle and I don't want that for my son

08/06/2021 03:20:06

We are naming our 1st baby Kaylyn, due next week! We I'mediately fell in love with the name and it was the only girl name my husband and I both liked. I have a feeling she will always have to spell it out for people, but my name is like that too so I think it is something she will learn to deal with.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gabriel?
The origin of the name Gabriel is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Gabriel?
God's Able-Bodied One, Hero Of God
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Almost 361000 people are named Gabriel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gabriel?
The names of Noah, Benjamin, Genesis, Orion, Jenesis