Gertrude meaning

: Strong Spear

Gertrude Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \gur-trood\
Number of People 👶 177,000
Rate in 2021 7474
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 German
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Gertrude Name Meaning

Gertrude is a name with deep historical roots and a rich meaning. Derived from Germanic origins, the name Gertrude holds significance and symbolism that has stood the test of time.

The name Gertrude is often associated with strength, power, and wisdom. It carries an air of authority and confidence that commands attention. Those who bear this name are often admired for their strong-willed nature and their ability to navigate challenges with grace.

In addition to its powerful connotations, Gertrude also carries a sense of nurturing and protection. It is believed to embody qualities of motherhood and caretaking, making it a fitting choice for those who have a natural inclination towards taking care of others.

Furthermore, Gertrude holds historical significance in various cultures around the world. From ancient Germanic tribes to medieval Europe, this name has been passed down through generations, carrying with it stories of resilience and determination.

Whether you bear the name Gertrude or are simply curious about its meaning, know that it represents more than just letters strung together. It represents strength, wisdom, nurturing qualities, and a connection to history. Embrace the power behind your name and let it inspire you to live boldly and authentically.

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Comments on the name Gertrude
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My names trudy and its such a unique name and no one else in the'school has trudy as there name! I like my name'so!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name Gertrude. A beautiful, classical name. And I especially like the Dutch "Geertruida" (pronounced G'air-troo-da)

12/21/2023 04:41:16

Come on now. Please don't name your child Gertrude...Trudy either.

12/18/2023 10:33:46

Love the name Gertrude:). I would really, really like to name my daughter Gertrude. It has such a lovely, old-fashioned sound that I really like. The -trude part of it is really so vary lovely sounding and dosen't sound at all like 'rude' to me, and Ger- sounds so pretty before it. It is one of my favorIt's. :)

11/30/2023 01:08:30

A very horrible old-fashioned name. It's bad enough having a child called Edith or Florence - or even Arthur, Harold, Leonard, Albert, or Frank which are grandad names, whereas Edith and Florence - and Gertrude - are names associated with old ladies.

11/23/2023 07:30:10

When someone calls me Dennis the menace, I always respond with "Boy, i've never heard THAT one before! You think of that all by yourself❤️"

10/24/2023 01:18:12

An ancient royal name, I think, and there was a Queen Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet, in which she was the mother of the hero. Unfortunately, though, this names sounds too ugly, whereas Beatrice - borne by the heroine of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing as well as by the Princess Beatrice of today - Isn't so bad.

09/29/2023 14:42:04

Known for having two pet forms - Trudy (just plain boring) and Gertie (which like the full form is associated with old ladies).

09/27/2023 19:29:58

This is my name and i used to hate it but not that im in my late teens i love it yeah ther's alot of people with the name but there so many nicknames you can have her's all my nick names some make since and othe's done "Manda, Manderz ,Mandy, Mandie, Manda Panda,, Amandizzle(Fav), Dizzle, A-Dizzle, Mandizzle, CoBY, Jonsey, Pumpkin" Thos are just a few but everyone seems to call me Dizzle. After Amandizzle so yeah i <3 it

09/08/2023 11:26:56

The name Warren originated in Bellecombre, Normandy, France. Willian De Warrenne took the name of the river...La Varrenne which flows through the town. He he had built a castle there the ruins of which still stand. WillI'm joined the invasion of 1066 and married the daughter of WillI'm the Conqueror. They are entombed in Lewis in Sussex, England where WillI'm built a replica castle as to the one in Bellecombre. He formed Lewis Priory and his sons Reigate Priory and castle. In todays value WillI'm was worth more than Bill Gates! The Warrens were signitory to the Magna Carts and travelled aboard the Mayflower as a Pilgrim Father to the new world - America. Hence the prominance of the name in New England. Other decendants setteled in Ireland Warren is a very proud name originating from a small river in Normandy.

08/27/2023 06:26:30

don't name your child this... ever... im begging you ^.^

08/13/2023 09:27:56

As a girl growing up with the name Trudy I was picked on and treated badly because of my name. It'seems that Ignorant people never quite grow up. As an adult i have come to love my name. I don't get mistaken for anyone else. People love my name almost as much as I do. It gave me the opportunity to be unique and realize that I am a very special person who sees people for their true worth.

07/13/2023 16:58:48

Gertrude is a hideous old lady's name,and you'd have to be a complete nutcase to give it to your child.It's in the'same category as Edith,Edna and especially Bertha.

06/16/2023 02:15:38

I was just thinking about the name for a little girl, nicknamed Gertie, and It'suddenly hit me as quite cute and refreshing as a name.

06/07/2023 00:29:20

I love it! It's beautiful and uncommon. Like many of the other older names I can see this one returning. Must be a generational thing to dislike this, I have not met any old women named Gertrude. I can see the younger generation liking this, as It'seems "fresh" to us, while also having a really cool meaning and cute nicknames! Love Gertie!

05/27/2023 14:58:38

Uhm, Kaylynn is definetly not the worst name, I'mean what about Shaniqua❤️! My names Kaylynn & i love it! It amazing! (: Yeah it does get pretty annoying when people dont know how to speel it or say "Caitlin" But i still love it! & So what if you think its a kids name, how would you like having an adult name when you a kid❤️! I'mean names are names!

04/16/2023 13:34:04

My name is Gertrude but I liked to be called Trudy. didn't like the name Gertrude growing up. My mother had same name called he'self Gertie. didn't like Gertrude either. I asked my mother why I was named Gertrude. She'said my father wanted me named after my her. So OK.

04/03/2023 21:23:34

i like the name gertrude, it is the middle name of my grandma, and auntie *RIP*

02/02/2023 01:21:10

Gertrude is my name. As a young child I was called Gertie. At 13, my new best friend said that I should call myself Trudy and if kids still called me Gertie, "Just don't answer them." So I did and now hardly anyone even knows that my name is Gertrude. I love the name Trudy, and, although It's quite uncommon, i've met several othe's with that name.. I love having an uncommon name. It makes me feel special and unique.

01/24/2023 09:34:24

My friends name is Gertrude! It's awesome because she's awesome. The name doesn't make the person. The person makes the name. We often call her Gertie or just gert for short Eric

01/05/2023 14:09:36

This is my name, and I hate it. The meaning of it is, literally: "glory". How cheap.

10/25/2022 21:44:04

According to a recent report, Gertrude has become the most shunned out of all the traditional girls' names in the United Kingdom - ahead of Edna in 2nd place, Ethel in 3rd place, Irene in 4th place, and Elsie in 9th place on the female endangered list. To me, they're all still old ladies' names, and Gertrude, I beli've, is probably the worst of them all. Not that many people would be surprised, as i've met several other dislikers of this name (not to mention those othe's).

10/06/2022 06:20:12

Gertrude is a beautiful classical name. I love it!

07/29/2022 03:23:42

All you negative people are a riot cause I personally LOVE the name Gertrude. It's quite lovely!!! God bless us all positive or negative!

05/03/2022 16:10:30

I worked with a Trudy and she was very nice looking (hot❤️). We always wondered if Trudy was her actual name or if it was Gertrude.

03/08/2022 00:29:06

I have a niece named Gertrude Vera Brown (birth name) her birthday is April10,1996 I'm hoping she may fall upon this site and look me or her birth mother up on facebook... Charlene Mara Frode-Hansen... her mother Malinda Brown :-)

03/05/2022 21:14:42

I think one of the main reasons why people are not fond of this name is because it carries the morpheme -ewd, which doesn't seem to evoke pleasant meanings in English

01/18/2022 01:37:30

It's a horrible old lady name like Ethel, Bertha, Beulah, Mildred, Hortense and I'ma. Yuk!!!

10/09/2021 22:50:06

It is an old ladies name. After looking at the graph I can see why "Gertrude" conjures up images of someone in their 80s.

09/18/2021 00:42:36

My name is Gertrude but people call me Gerty - though a few of my good friends call me by my full name (I hate when people spell Gerty with an "ie") I also hate when people call me Trudy (sorry but I absolutely hate it) I hated it when I was younger but have grown to like it because its unique and means stren'th and female warrior which I love because It'suits me I think

08/13/2021 21:04:48

I honestly am not too fond of the name Gertrude. It is old fashioned, people mispronounce it and spell it wrong. My second cousin is named Gertrude and she hates that name'so everybody calls her Trudy.


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Gertrude FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gertrude?
The origin of the name Gertrude is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Gertrude?
Strong Spear
*️⃣ How many people are named Gertrude?
Almost 177000 people are named Gertrude.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gertrude?
The names of Angela, Garrett, Elisha, Clarene, Gloriana