Isabella meaning

: God's Promise

Isabella Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \i-sa-bella, isab(el)-la\
Number of People 👶 349,000
Rate in 2021 14
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Isabella Name Meaning

The name “ Isabella “ is a name that has been used all around English-speaking countries. This name is more common for girls all around the globe. But if you are considering this name as your baby Boy’s name, do not let the gender separation change your decision in the name selection process

. In Hebrew Isabella means "God is my oath." Isabella and Elizabeth changed to Isabella in England in the 13th century. 


Isabella Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Isabella
Additional description of the name Isabella

Isabella is the Spanish and Italian version of Elizabeth, which has a Hebrew name Elisheba

Cool Info About Name Isabella

Additional name description Isabella
Additional name description Isabella

The popularity of the name Isabella

The name “ Isabella “ is one of the most common names in the world, but you should note that this name is not a very popular one in Ohio based on the data given by reliable America researches in the United States of America in the year 1922.

For instance, imagine that only 10 newborn baby girls were given the name “ Isabella “ in the year 1922 in the United States of America. Also, a total of only 149 newborn babies bear the same given name as your baby, “ Isabella “ in the year 1922 in America.

From the year 1880 to 2018, the highest recorded use of the name “ Isabella “ is related to the year 2010. Imagine that about 22000 babies were given the name “ Isabella “ in the year 2010. Since the year 2000, the given name was recorded 335000 times in the SSA public database.

The given name, “ Isabella “ appeared on the popularity charts in year 1880 for the first time, 50 newborn babies were given “ Isabella “ at that time. This name became a popular one in the year 1998 with a rank of 84 nationwide and was registered 3 thousand times as a possible baby name. Also in the year 2006, the name “ Isabella “ became a popular choice for families in the state of Colorado. It ranked 1 with 300 newborn babies. The all-time high record for the name “ Isabella “ was in the year 2010 in the state of California with 3 thousand newborn baby girls and boys.

This name is a consistent top-ranking name all around the globe for families in the name selection process.

The personality of the name Isabella

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Isabella “

I am for intense, your zest for living

S is for sensitive, the side shows

A is for affirming, the certainty of knowledge

B is for beloved, as you are too many

E is for enchant, for enchant you will

L cab be for the look, the way you look at life

L is for the look, the way you live the life

A is for accord, the harmony you spread


Famous people named Isabella

Queen Isabella, the name of many other queens

Isabella of Aragon

Isabella of Castile

Isabella of France


Names starting with the letter “ I “

Ivy, Ian, Ibrahim, and Ishmael


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Comments on the name Isabella
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Isabella is my middle name, or second first name (one of the two!!), and I absolutely love it! With my name being Chloe Isabella it just sounds so nice, don't you think❤️❤️ I always thought it had a ring to it.. ;]

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i really love the name bella, but i dont want to just name my baby bella, this name is a great name to name my baby because it's beautiful altogether and it has bella in it so i can still call my little girl bella

01/07/2024 22:14:20

My daugther's name is Isabella Rose and we call her Bella for short and she loves it. No one's ever called her Izzy, thankfully cuz i do not prefer that name.

12/03/2023 16:25:36

I love that name in the bible ther was this Queen named Jizabel and she thought that women should be equel to men and was exacuted so isabella is not a bad name in my opinion

12/02/2023 01:02:44

My son and his wife want to name their daughter Isabella but his wife's Mom is against the name b/c apparently Isabella in the bible is a bad name. I can't find the reference anybody have any idea❤️❤️

11/11/2023 13:04:32

Holly, I'm not sure if the name Isabella is a bad name in the bible however, I do know that the name Gisabel (not sure if that's even spelled correctly) was described as a "bad," person in the bible. If I'm wrong please correct me. I'm also going to name our daughter, if it is a girl, Isabella. My wife LOVES that NAME, regardless how popular it is.

11/05/2023 16:53:26

i love this name and IT IS SPANISH!

09/20/2023 06:45:28

I like the name Isabella very much and plan to name my first daughter if and when i have one. Her name will be ISABELLA AMOR(Amor is Spanish for LOVE, in English her name is Isabella Love. =)

09/08/2023 10:51:40

I LOVE THIS NAME! i would totally go for this name if i have a little girl. i can't wait to call her Bella or Bells, or the whole thing...ISABELLA... huhh...the name just rolls off your tongue. I love it!! I can name her Isabella Rose or something.

07/29/2023 03:52:04

my name is isabella and i have been called izzy for my whole life i love it, although my aunty calls me bella and has since i was 3 so really i have 3 names its great x

06/28/2023 09:19:30

I have loved this name ever since I was about 14 years old. I plan to name my first daughter Isabella May. I want her to be known as Belle after my favorite movie- Beauty and the Beast

06/11/2023 06:10:28

I absolutely love that name its so pretty and if and when i have a baby i'm going to name her Isabella Noelle, or Isabella Luna (Luna is Spanish for the moon) cause its just sounds so pretty. I also like Bella cause it sound very Beautiful and princess like.

06/04/2023 20:45:52

The lady looking for a middle name for Isabella, mine is Louise and although it is a common middle name it does fit well :) Otherwise, Emma❤️ Or Grace❤️ Good luck with finding the perfect name for your little girl :)

05/21/2023 07:55:06

My name is Izzy. It's actually Elizabeth although I've been called Izzy since the second day I was born. I've always received an odd look after telling someone my name however over the past few years I've noticed it's become slightly more common. I don't think I could have been anything other than an "Izzy", it just fits. Regardless of where it comes from, I think when deciding if your daughter is an "Izzy", you'll just know. : )

05/05/2023 06:02:32

I like the name Isabella with the middle name Mae. Isabella Mae. So beatiful. Desi

04/29/2023 21:54:24

omg i love this name always have it's beautiful i'm gonna spell it when i have kids if i have kids "Izzabella" it's unique i like it i don't know any isabella i hardly hear that name it's very pretty!!! :)

04/16/2023 03:16:54

I have this named picked out for my daughter, but I am having trouble finding something to go with it.. I just love this name

04/10/2023 02:58:56

I LOVE the name Isabella! My youngest daughter is named Isabella Noelle...we call her Bella. I was due on Dec 24th so thats where Noelle came in...had her on Dec 17th =) Everyone loves her name!

03/30/2023 06:00:32

Found Isabella Grace... LOVE IT!! I hope I have a girl so I can name her this name!! Thanks for all your comments - never thought about the nickname Bells :)

03/27/2023 04:32:12

My name is Isabella Elena. My friends usually call me Isa, Bella or Bebella. I am Brazilian, but my mother was Italian. The pronunciation is different (I think), but I find very beautiful.

03/09/2023 10:59:08

my name is Isabella Joanna. i love my name, it's so beautiful! im just to be called bella alot, and i think that bella sounds pretty and love it when people call me that. I see it as my name is bella, but Isabella is a refinement of my name.

02/23/2023 01:04:42

i really love this name. its so pretty and cute, and when you just say "bella" its even cuter! great name;]

01/27/2023 18:23:34

I was told that Isabella is the Italian form, Isabel is the Spanish variation, and the Hebrew variation, I have no idea. My husband is of Italian decent and this is the name that we have chosen, if we are blessed with a daughter.

01/24/2023 11:20:12

I love this name. I call my little girl Yza (Eee-zaa)for short. Her school friends call her Izzy.

01/15/2023 14:51:18

I'm absolutely in love with this name. it's so beautiful and i've always told my boyfriend if we have a baby girl i want this to be her name.

01/08/2023 13:34:30

Sorry, I'm not crazy about this name. It is getting very popular though, so lots of people out there must like it!

12/16/2022 19:14:08

I am a quadruplet Of 4 girls. Im the youngest and Isabella and i are 2 minutes apart! I love her name and my middle name is Isabelle. Mum did well chosing names for 4 girls!

10/26/2022 04:12:00

Isabella Catriona is my little sisters name. I love it and for her it fits perfectly! It's so beautiful.

10/02/2022 02:24:52

Isabella is the cutest name EVER!!! But I really need help. What kind of a middle name. Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken!

09/23/2022 12:06:16

My little girls name is "Isabella Marie" I absolutely love the name Isabella, Its beautiful.!

07/29/2022 13:27:36

I think the name Isabella is beautiful! I only wish I could have more children so I could name a daughter that. Maybe one of my girls will name one of there daughters Isabella. That would be very nice...

07/13/2022 09:30:00

LOL my name's Isabel but I usually get called this, but for some reason, I sort of wish this was my name. I'd still have the nickname Izzy, Iz, Izzybird, etc., if Isabella was actually my name. I love the name Isabella Noelle, it just rolls off the tongue 'cos both names have that "elle" sound in them. -Izzy

05/22/2022 05:46:48

I want to name my baby Isabella Grace

05/02/2022 17:18:00

if i have a little girl im going to nane her isabella and call her bella for short

02/09/2022 07:59:06

I call my daughter Isabella and her mom call her Isa and grandma calls her bella. It goes well with my name :- Isabella Ullas

09/05/2021 23:34:12

Im having my baby girl August 15th 2010, naming her Isabella Sophia Martinez...I love it

08/14/2021 16:17:42

My husband and I plan to name our daughter - if we have one - Isabella Elaine. It has a beautiful meaning and we know, especially for us, that if we have a daughter, she will be a true "gift" from God (through the miracle of adoption).


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Isabella?
The origin of the name Isabella is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Isabella?
God's Promise
*️⃣ How many people are named Isabella?
Almost 349000 people are named Isabella.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Isabella?
The names of Isla, Isela, Izola, Izel, Izael