Jada meaning

: wise.

Jada Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \j(a)-da\
Number of People 👶 66,000
Rate in 2021 1054
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Jada Name Meaning

The name Jada holds a rich and intriguing meaning that has captivated individuals for generations. Derived from various cultures and languages, the name Jada has different interpretations and significance.

In Hebrew, Jada is believed to mean "he knows" or "wise," reflecting qualities of intelligence and knowledge. This interpretation portrays an individual who possesses wisdom beyond their years and has a deep understanding of the world around them.

In Arabic, Jada is associated with the concept of generosity and kindness. It represents someone who is compassionate, giving, and always willing to lend a helping hand to others.

Furthermore, in African cultures, specifically in Nigeria, Jada is often linked to strength and power. It symbolizes resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges with grace.

As a name with diverse meanings across various cultures, Jada carries a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Whether you resonate with its intellectual connotations or its associations with compassion and strength, the name Jada embodies qualities that are admired by many.

Ultimately, the true meaning of any name lies within the person who bears it. Regardless of its origins or interpretations, it is up to each individual named Jada to bring their own unique essence to the world and define what this name truly means for them.

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Jada Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Jada
Additional description of the name Jada
Jada is a name of Hebrew origin, specifically from the Old Testament of the Bible. In the Bible, Jada is a male character who is the son of Onam. However, in modern times, Jada is predominantly used as a female name. It gained popularity in the late 20th century, especially in the United States, largely due to the fame of actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

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Additional name description Jada
Additional name description Jada
Famous people with the name Jada include Jada Pinkett Smith, an American actress known for her "The Nutty Professor" and "The Matrix" series. In terms of popularity, Jada has been a popular choice for baby girls in the United States since the late 1990s. As for personality traits, those named Jada are often perceived as intelligent, wise, and sophisticated. They are seen who are mature beyond their years and who possess a natural grace and elegance. The name Jada is also attractive for its unique sound and its cultural and historical significance.
In conclusion, Jada is a name that exudes wisdom and sophistication. It's a name that is modern yet timeless, making it a beautiful choice for a baby girl. Whether you're drawn to its meaning, its sound, or its history, Jada is a name that leaves a lasting impression.
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Comments on the name Jada
01/14/2024 00:00:00

hI'my name is jada ,i am from am arabic country,i am the only jada in my fomily adnd my school ,many people spell my name wrong (jad,jala,jara) but it is will be funny!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Jada too! I love my name and I think It'suits me a lot It's a very beautiful name

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Might I suggest "Autumn"❤️

01/07/2024 08:43:12

I am 25 years old. Growing up, I was the only Jada in my schools (including college), organizations, etc. The name comes from the Hebrew word that's pronounced Ye-da. Since there are no Js in Hebrew, the English translation is Jada. The meaning is He knew. Sometimes it can mean Knowledge. Either way - It's a very good meaning!

01/05/2024 20:16:40

When I named my daughter Kate in 1988 it was very rare Now it has become too popular but I love it.

12/04/2023 05:03:50

We are naming our third child, a boy, Kade. We love it and we like its meaning. To the person that'said Kade Isn't a name and doesn't have a meaning❤️ Kade has been around for quite a while. Do You'research.

11/29/2023 17:12:24

If Jada meads stubborn and self concious, it would fit the 3 jadas i know.

11/18/2023 16:07:08

My sister's name is Jeida. So far we only know of one person with a the name'spelled that way. It is so beautiful and unique. I wish I had a name like that. Nicole

11/12/2023 09:21:14

I love the name Jayda-Lynn for my little girl.. please tell me what you think about it..

10/21/2023 23:20:32

I named my daughter after Jada Pinkett-Smith, too. But her name is Jadah-Lee Alexia. She is a little fire-cracker like Ms P-Smith. She is bright and beautiful. I love her name!

09/26/2023 02:21:18

I love the name jada.It's the best one to me.I was born in 2017 the best time of my life.:-) .Thumbs up.

08/08/2023 09:15:54

We're calling our girl Lexi Lucia (Lexi Lu) 2 months to go!!!

07/23/2023 22:05:00

my name is jada and i love it. almost everyone I'meet comments on it. most people say it wrong the first time they say yada, hada, joda, yoda, jena, jana, dana... the list goes on

07/14/2023 22:22:08

one of my really close friends name is Ijada Mercades but we all call her Jada i love it!!!

07/09/2023 00:25:14

It's جيداء in Arabic and means slender.

06/19/2023 21:04:20

My daughters name is also Jada Lynn and I think it is the most beautiful name. I first heard that name when I was in 6th grade and a new kid at a school I had to share a locker with a girl named Jada she was the prettiest girl (we didnt end up friends) but I knew in 6th grade that somday my daughter would be named Jada. Lynn is my uncles name.

05/09/2023 16:08:10

I think the name Jada is absolutely unique. Some people even have the name Unique!

04/08/2023 16:35:50

My name is spelt Jada and pronounced jay-duh I like my name because I can spell it like J-duh to be funny but I go to a high school where Jada is a common name

03/31/2023 01:41:58 name is jada,i am from an arabic country,i am the only jada in my family, and in my school many people spell my name wrong ,but it is will be funny

03/30/2023 19:49:18

I am named Jada also! I love it and I get many compliments on it! Some people assume It's okay to call me "Jade" (which is also a pretty name), but I choose to correct them promptly! ;-D

03/26/2023 12:57:38

My name is Jada! I'm the only Jada in my school and It's an arabic name and I just adore the way It's written in arabic الجدع

02/28/2023 10:58:38

hi every one my name is jada im 9 years old i now im to young to be on here but who cares i come from a family with all js i look just like my mom so they call me joy will i am the only jada on here that is spelled jaeda but i put It'short for jada i get bully but who cares i care about myself my dad died when i turnd 1in a halfand hes the one who named me thats my story................................................................. from jaeda

02/14/2023 18:06:56

My sister's name is Jada. I think its a very cute name. Most people pronounce it correctly, its very simple. (Jay-duh). There have been mistakes however where people thought the A was a mistake and just called her Jade. Other than that, ther's really not problems. i've only ever met one other person with the name Jada, and she was a young girl.

02/13/2023 05:22:46

Hey my name is Jada and I like it at times because it is quite unique. In my life I have only met 1 other person called Jada. At times it gets annoying though because when someone reads my name for the first time they pronounce it Jar-dar or Jad-a and when someone wrIt's my name down they usually spell it Jayda or Jaida but overall my name is OK

02/04/2023 09:11:30

I love my name, Jada. I was born in 2014, and my mom had lots of doubts about the name Jada, but she'still chose it. I love my name. It is easy to spell and pronunciate, however, lots of older people pronounce my name as Jah-duh. It is unique and special to me!

02/01/2023 23:00:06

My name is jada and I couldn't be happier to have it has my first name I love It'so much Jada Jada Jada I just cant stop but wveryone in my school loves me and if u k it means he knows and not to boast I k almost everythang

01/30/2023 22:12:58

People don't usually mispronounce my name Jada because it is quite simple and there are only 2 syllables. But of course i've had a couple people say it like Jah-dah, but in a joking manner. It is pronounced like Jay-duh. i've met a few girls younger than me with the name, I a now 22 years old. Other people think my name is beautiful and guys say It's sexy. Lol I love my name I think its beautiful as well. It's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. ☺

01/29/2023 23:35:12

My name is Jada. I am 29 years old and I have always loved my name. Growing up I was the only Jada ever in my school so I loved the uniqueness of being the only one. The only issue I have ever had is sometimes people think I am saying Dana or Jana when I say my name. Today it is a much more common name but still not too common. I would definitely recommend using the name. Jada

11/30/2022 22:21:20

my name is also jada and it is also an albanian name... cuz' my dad found the name jada in an old albanian book.

11/24/2022 18:14:08

I thought it was spelled Jada not Jaeda. What the e is silent❤️

11/19/2022 22:44:14

Im called Jada and its pronounced Jahdah Im 13 and all the teache's call me Jayda its so annoying!

10/05/2022 03:53:12

I was named after a close friend of my mother's. Jada Marie is my name, and I absolutely love it! Thanks mom and dad! hada

10/04/2022 02:36:44

Our granddaughter's name is Jaeda Caroline. Our grandson's name is Dallas Bryant. We thought their mom did a great job of picking out names that were different but not too different or weird. Of course we're now used to both of their names and they seem to fit them to a tee.

07/05/2022 14:50:24

Jada is my G/F's name. She loves but I don't. I call her jadds for short.

06/27/2022 21:05:42

my name is jada i love this name it means alot of things that i am except of the'sometimes i am wise and i was born in 2017

06/13/2022 19:27:36

I love the name Jada.I used Jada Pinkett's first name. My daughter name is Jada Nadine. I don't care for It'spelled Jayda, why complicate things lol..

04/21/2022 21:26:24

Well My Name Is Jake And I Am Most Definately Not a Playboy ;)

02/12/2022 13:45:36

Jada is a Biblical man's name, he was the'son of Onam. Chronicles 2:28.

12/08/2021 16:38:24

I named my daughter Jada Clare in Aprilof '01 and I love it. There is no one in her'school with that name, she likes that her name is unique:)

11/01/2021 01:32:06

I'm 17weeeks pregnant and if my baby is a girl i would love to name her Jada but am not sure of a middle name what do u suggest❤️

10/30/2021 04:42:00

Jada is the name of a girl at our church. People always pronounce her name right. They always spell it right too!

10/07/2021 23:15:18

Hello... I named my daughter JADA in march 2020. I named her JADA-LEI... no one has jada-lei as a name where im from in the u.k. I feel blessed to have jada-lei in my life... Jada-lei is my HEART!!

09/14/2021 05:12:36

My niece's name is Jada. She is named after her dad, Jade! :)

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The origin of the name Jada is English.
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Almost 66000 people are named Jada.
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The names of Jimena, Gemini, Jamin, Jumana, Jamon