Kadin meaning

: Companion.

Kadin Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-din\
Number of People 👶 5,000
Rate in 2021 8006
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Arabic
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kadin Name Meaning

Kadin is a name with Turkish origins and carries a significant meaning. In Turkish, Kadin means "woman" or "female." It is often used as a given name for girls and holds cultural significance in Turkey.

The name Kadin reflects the importance and strength of women in Turkish society. It represents femininity, grace, and empowerment. The name can also be seen as a celebration of the qualities associated with being a woman.

Parents who choose the name Kadin for their child may do so to honor their cultural heritage or to embrace the values and qualities that the name represents. It can be seen as a beautiful choice for parents looking for a meaningful and unique name for their daughter.

It's worth noting that names can have different meanings and origins across various cultures, so it's essential to consider the specific context when interpreting them.

Kadin Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kadin
Additional description of the name Kadin

Originating from the Arab world, "Kadin" has been used for centuries across various Arab nations due to its pleasant meaning and connection to social harmony.

While not among most popular choices for boys' first names according to data available up until September 2021, this distinctive first name holds appeal for parents seeking something different yet rooted in cultural tradition.

Cool Info About Name Kadin

Additional name description Kadin
Additional name description Kadin

Famous People Named Kaden:
While there aren't many globally renowned figures named 'Kaden', it's quite common in Middle Eastern regions, particularly among Muslim communities.

While not among top hundred names for boys globally, it maintains steady popularity among parents who prefer less common but culturally significant names for their sons.

Personality Traits Associated with Name:
Individuals named ‘Kadins’ are often seen as friendly & sociable individuals due their connection to its Arabic origin!

Other Attractive Information:
If you're seeking a unique boy’s or girl's name that stands out while remaining connected to positive attributes – then look no further than “Kadins”! They strike perfect balance between uniqueness & cultural significance – making them great choice if you want something special yet meaningful!

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Comments on the name Kadin
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my son Kadin in 2007. I loved the meaning, companion. I also liked it due to it not being used much. didn't take long for the name to take off!

12/27/2023 04:23:58

My last name is Kadin (American dialect), and I beli've it has to do with my Jewish heritage on my father's side. Just like any American, I can butcher the Arabic language and use the Arabic dialect's meaning for the American saying. Whoops. i've adopted it as a first name; I find it astounding how popular It's become after many people "making it up" online.

12/25/2023 11:32:56

:O) he's very intelligent, yet arrogant and I'm so proud that he's my 12 year old nephew. It's a great name.

12/22/2023 20:57:02

My son, born in 2013, is named Kadin. All the meanings of his name kind of collide with one another within my child. Whether it mean friend, he is friend to all or little battle, he is a high functioning autistic...they all seem to pertain to him. I love his name, his dad picked it out and even'tho we are sure we didn't i'vent the name, we didn't even know of It's meanings until my son was about 6. It's a great name, I think, strong but sensitive sounding.

12/08/2023 06:38:06

I want to send you an award for most helpful internet wiertr.

11/19/2023 20:02:18

I named my son Kaden in 1980. I pronounce it Kay-den because it is a combination of 3 friends names: KAren, Dianne, BrENda so it is not mispronounced nor is It'spelled wrong!

11/19/2023 01:49:02

My grandson was born yesterday, Nov. 28/2019. My son and his American wife chose name Kadin for their son. I love it. Its a beautiful name. Altough we are Persian but it is a good name and it means compassionate.

11/14/2023 15:08:08

I named my son Kadin After Kadin Is. in Southe'st Alaska. The Island was named after a russian map maker.

10/31/2023 16:06:08

we named our son kai he is now 5 months old and we love the choice we made its unusual but not agI'mic name. we love the meaning of it and its just the best name we could have chosen for our gorgeous son sarah&mark;

10/17/2023 06:29:20

Kadin is my horse's name. When I go to horse shows, judges don't mispronounce it, either. I really like the name. It's cute.

10/14/2023 00:54:08

We are expecting our first and we love HANK! It's not awkward and not too common.

10/09/2023 06:17:08

People often spell it like Hayden and with a C, (Cayden). But its a lot better Kadin. Born 2002, must be one of the originals! its a fantastic name, very original every likes it!

09/27/2023 19:47:36

This is my sons name.. I didnt think it was that popular

09/16/2023 10:10:58

Our son is due in 8 weeks .... my Mother passed away 10 years ago & I wanted to name our baby after her. It wasn't easy to do considdering we're having a boy I her name's Karen ... So, I took the first 2 letters of her first name & then combined them with lettering from her middle name "Dianne" Ka = Din & came up with KADIN :) This is the first time i've looked up the name & found this page. I love it! I'm happy to see that Other people like the name (^_^) AND to find that It's meaning is "friend to all" makes it even more special.

09/14/2023 21:09:10

My name is also Kadin, and I am told that my name is derived from a World War II'march called Cadence March. The first "C" was changed to a "K"and the "E" was changed to an "I" then'the "CE" was dropped. I was told my name means warrior, and my personality definitely matches my name.

08/28/2023 06:32:26

My son's name is Kadin and we love it! We loved the name and wanted It'spelled differently from Kaden or other more familiar ways of spelling it. Some people call him Kah-deen, but we correct it to say Kay-din. We also loved the meaning and the arabic origin.

08/25/2023 09:46:14

i name my son kadin alvaro oliveira he is the cutest lil button in the world.. the father and i came up with the name .. me and my son have the'same int.

08/14/2023 19:33:24

01/31/09 Kadin is soon to be my grandson! I think the name means courage, LOVE! We already Love you Kadin! Kadin is our little warrior! Happy soon to be birthday Kadin! I LOVE YOU !!! Thank you Ryan & Lindsey XOXOXOXOXO Mom

07/26/2023 05:20:04

This is my son's name and I get a lot of compliments on it.

07/17/2023 19:25:58

I was born in 1998 and was named Kadin, officially making me one of the very first in America with that name by like 10 years! I have only heard of one other Kadin, different variation of spelling, and he was 15 years younger than me. I love having a unique name and definitely think Kadin sounds cool. I do like the'spelling Caden as well. But since my parents derived the name from Adin (Uncle), my name has no meaning. I often get from other people that Kadin is the coolest name they have ever heard. And it is!

07/16/2023 06:41:48

my boyfriends name is kadin and he is the exsact deffinition of the name!

07/13/2023 00:13:42

I named my son arabic it is (kah-deen),,,but everyone says it wrong. So we call him (kay-din) or Kay-Kay for short. Companion or friend...Celtic for little warrior. He is both of those!

07/08/2023 09:43:34

Some People Say it Wrong and ALOT Of People spell it wrong

06/19/2023 18:08:00

I named my son Kadin after finding it in a baby boy name book for 2012...I liked the meaning it gave "friend to all" and that is exactly what my son is!

06/13/2023 09:53:56

sup my names kadin and im 18 people always spell my name wrong but its all good

06/09/2023 01:51:44

"Kadin" means 'woman' in Turkish. That alone makes this a rather poor name for a male boy. Nevertheless, this name likely comes from Arabic.

05/30/2023 20:33:50

Gosh. Aren't all names made up at one point or another❤️ Cool name whether Islamic or Gaelic.

05/30/2023 14:58:48

This is an atirlce that makes you think "never thought of that!"

05/29/2023 07:32:02

my name is kadine female my father was from saudi arabia and my mom from panama city. sorry guys I'm female

05/28/2023 01:51:04

Hi, my DAUGHTer's name is Kadin (KAY-den) born in 2018, She's beautiful. Honestly I just knew that i thought of that name on my own but then I looked up the'spelling that "I" thought of and it had already been confI'med. Shortly after my Muslim friend told me that is pronounced (Ka-deen)Arabic, meaning Companion. Thats fine, I definetly chose that name after that.

05/19/2023 06:32:42

Kadin is an English varient of the name Caden, it is Gaelic and means little battle.

05/10/2023 11:49:36

i am currently pregnant.. if it is a boy (which im praying) i will name him kadin (KAY-den) :)

05/05/2023 06:55:26

What if the two of you looked on the Internet togteher at various baby name websIt's❤️ I like Or the two of you could go to the bookstore and sit in those comfy chairs to look. Or if you hear a name you like, pitch it to him and see what his thought are. If I were you I would explain to him that it is important to you that he be a part of the process of choosing a name for your baby. Hope this helps! Good luck and Congratulations! Was this answer helpful❤️

05/03/2023 05:15:24

To the 21 yr old Taleah. Sorry you are not one of the first. lol I am 48 yrs old and am named Taleah, spelled exactly like yours and was named after another Talea spelled without the 'H'. My mom added the 'H' because she thought that it looked more classy. Everyone loves my name as do I. Too bad it hasn't caught on like Whitney, Ashley, Lauren, etc. lol

04/02/2023 07:28:52

hi... i have a daughter named Kadin... i never heard the name before my husnamd came home in 2016 with it... so i have a female Kadin

03/19/2023 23:08:32

This is an italian boys name. I am italian and we are naming are son this. NOT a girls name at all. I guess anyone can name yor children whatever you want but I wouldn't name a girl "Doug" so I wouldn't name a girl Luca either

03/10/2023 03:44:14

My son was born in 2008 and I named him Kadin. We use the Arabic pronunciation kah-deen. When he was in high school there was another'student with the'same name and spelling, however he pronounced his name KAY-den. I absolutely love this name !!!

01/05/2023 15:20:08

My husband and I chose this name from a baby book 2014. No one had ever heard of it and now we have counted 10 boys and 1 girl with the name. There are 3 boys in Kindergarten with this name but we have never'seen anyone spell it like him, Kadin.

11/16/2022 01:34:28

Kadin is my son's name. He was born in 1998. I run across this name once in awhile now but not then. I read that is was an Arabic name although we gave it an American pronunciation. I read that it meant "compassionate" and that is why I chose it. I think it is a strong name and he always gets nice compliments about it. Several people in our town have used the name'since he was born. He was involved in lots of sports, music and academics when he was in middle school and high school so his name was in the paper a lot and we beli've that prompted lots of new moms to use the name.

10/10/2022 04:58:08

i think kadin is a very good name ,meaning "friend" or confidant" and belive me my kadin is both of those thing I'm glad i choose this name for my son

10/04/2022 05:33:04

It's a name that'sounds western, eastern and african. I love it.

09/26/2022 15:38:02

I'm 6 months pregnant and my husband I was looking for a real different name for our son.... At first we made up a name kalaivion, but after awhile we thought It'sound too getto (LOL)... So we started searching the Internet and kadin pop out of no where and not only myself and my husband but so does the family.... I love the meaning and the fact that It's rare. Our baby boy is due January 7th,2021. And his name will be Kadin Danell WillI'mson.

09/22/2022 05:50:02

i named my son kadin so glad to hear the boys actually like their name.. i went for kadin as it appears masculine

09/11/2022 05:20:02

My name is Kadin. Lots of people spell it wrong. Ethier Cadin or the very popular misspelling Kaden. Lots of people dont know my name is actully pronounced KAE-DEEN.Sorry i don't know how to put the real pronunciation but thats as close as I could get. But I just go bye KAE-DEN

03/22/2022 03:57:00

I was named "Kadin" in 2000. Lately, it has gained more popularity, but I have never met or heard of anyone named "Kadin" before I was born.

03/13/2022 16:49:12

Its my dogs name. It mean companion. Not sure I would name my kid that.

02/05/2022 15:13:48

This is my sons name! We love the name and get compliments left and right but people have a hard time spelling the name and understanding what we are saying.

01/21/2022 06:29:06

my son is 7 years old , i have not met another Kadin older then him.

01/17/2022 06:24:36

This is a name my husband and I have picked out for our son due June 25 2019.

01/13/2022 01:45:36

I was told that Kadin is arabic meaning companion. My son had a severe heart deffect and passed away when he was a baby. I named him Kadin because he would be with me forever.

01/01/2022 18:00:18

This is an ugly name associated with ner's, please DO NOT name your child this!

10/14/2021 16:17:42

I named my son Kadin. I use the "American" sound (kay-den) as his dad prefers the "Arabic" sound (kah-deen). If the Arabic sound is used, then it captures the Arabic meaning of "best friend". The American version has no meaning.

09/14/2021 20:45:54

My step-son's name is Kadin (Kay-Din) and I think it is awful. I have always liked the girl's name Kadence so that may be a factor...It's too weird, and it is becoming VERY common which I also do not like.

08/20/2021 00:23:42

Sons names Kadin prounounced Kae-din.....I named him that for the arabic meaning campanion....Plus to me It'sounds Very Boyish....

07/11/2021 07:52:48

My name is Kadin (male) and I was born in 1999, so at that time no one had my name around me, but as I was going to school through the years, many younger children started having my name, but spelled differently. Overall I love my name! I have heard that my name means "companion." And NO I wouldn't name my dog Kadin!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kadin?
The origin of the name Kadin is Arabic.
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*️⃣ How many people are named Kadin?
Almost 5000 people are named Kadin.
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The names of Kalisha, Kelechi, Kelisha, Kalesha