Kaylen meaning: Keeper Of The Keys, Pure, Slender.

Kaylen Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ka(y)-len\
Number of People 👶 8,000
Rate in 2021 2690
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 American

Kaylen Name Meaning

In-Depth Meaning: The name 'Kaylen' is associated with purity, innocence, and sincerity. It encapsulates an individual's honest and unadulterated nature, often used to symbolize a person free from pretense or deceit. It stirs imagery of wholesomeness and genuine character.

Kaylen Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kaylen
Additional description of the name Kaylen

Origin and History: The name 'Kaylen' has varied roots. In some cultures, it is seen as a blend of Kay and Lynn. In its Gaelic roots, it is considered a variant of Kayley, meaning 'slim and fair'. Over time, it has been adapted and used in various cultures, giving it a rich and diverse history.

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Additional name description Kaylen
Additional name description Kaylen

Though not extensively common, the name 'Kaylen' has touched various spheres. It's used in both genders, reflecting an in-touch-with-modern-times attribute. The name implies a gentle, caring personality with artistic tendencies. While there aren't many famous personalities named 'Kaylen', those with this name have a unique charm that sets them apart in any crowd.

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Comments on the name Kaylen
11/28/2023 22:23:52

I'm a girl. I love my name, however, I always have to introduce myself as "Kaylen, no t"

11/10/2023 21:12:20

My daughter was born July 24, 2019. I am right now in the process searching for the meaning of her name. I read a message posted on her birthday saying that'she had to intoduce he'self with the "no t". We introduce my baby the'same way. :) I love her name Kaylen Dawn

10/26/2023 20:53:52

my name is kaylen and i love it its really nice but people always get my name wrong or spell it with two e's or say kaytlin or kayleen with the e's sounding long

10/25/2023 20:47:56

my little girls name is Kaylen & I would not have it any other way. She is as sweet as can be. she i now 6 months old & I love her & her name'so much!!! <3<3

10/20/2023 12:04:32

My name is Kaylen and i've always loved my name. It's hard to tell people my name when I go to coffee shops because I have a southern accent and they think I say Taylor or Kayla. But my biggest pet peeve is when someone calls me Kaitlin.

10/19/2023 22:51:02

Well, my name is Kecia, also. I am caucasian, and it is properly pronounced Key-c-a. I was named after Kecia Neiman (sp?) who was modeling in 1977. I don't like having a different name! Everytime I'meet someone, I have to explain where, why, how I got the name. Ack!

10/09/2023 22:44:36

We live in New Zealand and Kaia is our daughter's name. We thought people here would have no trouble with pronunciation as 'Kai' is a word in Maori (indiginous NZ language) and known and used commonly by all New Zealanders but spelling is a different matter and even close frends and family sometimes spell it Kia. It drives me nuts! Some people pronounce it Kia (Key-ah)and I am always flummoxed by how they can get that from the actual spelling. Oh well, It's a small sacrifice for a beautiful name.

10/08/2023 00:00:54

My name is Kaylen Renee, and I was born in 2002. My family and close friends call me Kay. I used to HATE my name when I was little, and wanted to change it to a "normal" name like Sarah or Kayla. Now, though, I absolutely adore my name. I wouldn't give it up for the world! You meet a lot of Sarahs and Kaylas in the world, but how many Kaylens? (Apparently more than I thought, judging by this site!)

10/07/2023 14:36:38

people always pronounce it as kayleen or something other than what it is. Its not hard It'sounds exactly like its spelt. when i tell them my name they say 'what?' and i have to repeat it over and over again. It gets annoying sometimes but its different.

10/04/2023 19:00:58

I love my name! It's Kaylen! But you will never find a backpack, water bottle, keychain and so on that has Kaylen on it! It's rather not even an option or It's spelled differently.

09/25/2023 06:04:36

i luv this name *even if every school i went to no one but me was named kaylen* and yah i have the'same problem when people call you kaytlin or kayleen it gets really annoying and you just want to shout ITS KAYLEN NOT KAYLEEN OR KAYTLIN KAYLEN SO GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME DOOFUS and people use to look at me weird when someone called my name THEY ACTUALLY STILL DO look at me weird but anyway even'though i get frustrated and disapointed when i cant find my name on a mug or keychain like my cousins sarah or josh i still love LOVE love my name because one ITS TOTALLY UNIQUE and two it matches me perfectly *unique and weird but still pretty ;)* *and yah i gotten over the mug and keychain stuff now im just happy that my name is so UNIQUE they havnt even heard of it yet :)* *this was a long comment but anyway THUMBS UP for the name KAYLEN YAH and sup all kaylens in da UNIVERSE*

09/20/2023 11:09:58

hI'my name is "Kaylen" and im 12 years old i get called kaitlin and kayleen but it makes me soo mad. Even by my subs. But i have good nicknames like kaycee kaykay kay or even kat sometimes kitkat so its ok i guess lol.

09/18/2023 16:15:30

My name is Kaylen. I love the name!! I hate it though because when you are at a store with peoples name's on it you can never find Kaylen even'though it is popular. People always call me Kayt-lynn. But I just correct them and all of my friends know It'so It's all good

09/15/2023 19:29:18

Hiya guys geuss what yup my names KAYLen'too im 13 years old. At first i didnt really like the name koz naeone else had it but now i really enjoy all the attension when people say oh ive never heard of that name before so yeah i luv it xx

09/12/2023 23:00:44

I love it because it is not a common name like Emily. People know who my daughter is becasue of her name.

09/04/2023 21:20:22

people spell my name kaelynn wrong all the time. they spell it kaylin kaylen kaylynn,and many more.

08/18/2023 09:57:36

I always think of names to name kids when I will have them in a couple years and Kaylen just popped up in my head. I can't wait until a have a baby boy to name him Kaylen.

08/13/2023 23:34:20

My daughter's name is Kaylen. The first time I ever'seen her name I fell in love! Where else can you find the meaning "beloved sweetheart."

08/13/2023 05:21:04

HI! My sisters name's KAylen...well i think the nmae is .... ummmm. weird.... yep

08/11/2023 21:01:24

I love my name! My parents concocted it for me from my two grandmothe's Kay and Helen. So I'm Kaylen Joy, i get the KayJay from some of my aunts. I love that It's not a name you hear all the time, but if it is slightly annoying getting called katelyn. oh well, i'll take it!

08/08/2023 01:37:26

My husband named our grandaughter. His name is Glen Kay. Switch it around, drop the G and you have Kaylen! Kaylen Hope gets so annoyed when people call her Kaitlyn and this 6 year old is quick to correct, their mistake, pointing out the fact that a T was not enunciated when'told them her name.

08/03/2023 09:03:52

I had the name Kaylen picked out when i was 16 years old. I knew that if i ever was.blessed.with a daughter, that would be her name. When i looked in the baby book when i found out i was pregnant at 20, the name wasnt in there but i didnt care. Since then 4 years later, it has become much popular. My 3 year old beautiful daughter is Kaylen Ireland Elizabeth. She loves her name, which for that i am thankful. Thumbs up to every Kaylen out there!! :)

08/01/2023 04:09:52

My name is Kaylen, I always used to think that like no one had that name but I guess I was wrong. It kind of bugs me a little when I get called Kaitlyn or Kayleen but you just get used to it. I love my name I think mainly because It's different. My name is Kaylen Koontz I usually go by KK or Koontz. I guess that's a little easier to say/spell.

07/15/2023 06:18:14

In response to the Kaylen who was born in 2002, sorry to uproot you from your position, but I was born in Aprilof 2001 as a girl Kaylen! I always get compliments on my name, everyone says It's so pretty and I have grown to love it!

07/11/2023 00:19:28

My name is Kaylen. :D I was born in '95. I love my namme! <3

06/25/2023 17:33:04

I think its the best name in the world because you dont find it on keychains!!! I was supposed to be named Kaitlyn, but my grandpa couldn't pronounce it. Helooooo Kaylen!

06/15/2023 09:12:54

my name is Kaylen and i LUV my name!! :) everyone I'meat hasent even heard of the name Kaylen! I'm very proud of that. It makes me feel so special!

05/27/2023 12:02:18

My name is Kaylen, and it has It's ups and downs. I personally like it, but some people often pronounce it as 'Kayleen'. It reflects some of my Scottish Gaelic and Ukrainian/Russian background. If you want to name your kid Kaylen, maybe pick a spelling like Kaylin instead.

05/27/2023 02:38:02

My daughter's name is Kaylen and we LOVE it! She was named after my parents (Kay and (G)len). She gets called Kaitlyn a lot, but at 5 she now will respond with "There's not a T in it!" 8)

05/13/2023 18:52:58

My name is Kayylen. I love it. People do spell it 'kaylen' and it bothe's me. And I HATE it when people call me Kaitlyn or Kayleen >.< I really do love my name though<3 I know no one has It'spelt like mine, but there's people out there with the'same name (:

05/05/2023 18:05:30

my name is kaylen n im just completely awesome so my name is too

04/20/2023 15:43:36

Hello Everyone ! You guessed it my name is Kaylen also. My mother corrects everyone if the'say it wrong ... I have been called KAYLEEN

04/19/2023 10:37:54

I love my name because no one has it! but you cant find it on any of those keychain or mugs with peoples names on it. Thats the only sucky part. But atleast my name is unique!

04/11/2023 02:29:36

My name is Kaylen and I like it a lot. I think It's really rare and unique, although people often pronounce it incorrectly like "Kaitlyn" or "Kayleen" but everyone seems to like my name because they've never met anyone else with the'same name. (:

04/11/2023 01:01:26

i have chose the name kaylen for a boy,it did start out as kaydon but my husband decided that he prefered the name kaylen instead it is a very nice name and very usaual.

04/05/2023 13:21:42

This is my daughter's name and I love it. She is something special.

04/05/2023 01:01:06

i am kaylen and i love my name, especially with my last name. Elyse. Kaylen Elyse

04/03/2023 17:51:58

my 3 yr. old daughter is Kaylen Danelle and I LOVE it!!! when i was working my managers grandaughter name was Kaytlene and ever'since i heard that name I LOVED IT and I told my husband if we r having a girl I want to name her KAYLEN! And we did!!!

03/22/2023 19:37:06

I have a daugter named Kaylen- she is 9 now and she couldn't be any happier with her chosen name.

03/18/2023 00:07:12

i love this name very much even'though It's not my name . i know someone with this name , It's so easy to pronounce . people who pronounced it wrongly are so stupid .

03/05/2023 14:07:00

I named my son Kaylen I think its a lovely name that can be used by both male and female

03/01/2023 22:49:54

People often spell it wrong like "Kalin" in letters or they will call me Katelyn. I do get compliments on it often'though because it is unique. I do get the nickname K-K from my friends but i guess that also because my last name'starts with a K. I have not had to many special experiences with it but I like it alot. I hope that other people will use this name in the future, it is a great name.

03/01/2023 12:32:44

My name is Kaylen and I thought i was the only one who had the name because i never heard it before or no one spelled it like me and people always misprounce my name and spell it wrong they always spell it kahlen.

02/15/2023 17:55:14

I just gave birth to a baby girl in Feb. 2021 and kaylen was the perfect name for her. I have had very posi've remarkson the name but lots of questions on the pronuciation. andi am very clear its (len) not Lynn!

02/12/2023 10:34:14

I named my son Kaylen. I got it out of the girl section in to name book, but it was spelled different. I'met one other but her name was spelled Kaylynn and she was much older.

01/31/2023 08:47:46

my name is kaylen at first i hated it but now i love love love love love my first and middle name im the only one thats named kaylen here with my spelling wouldnt change my name for the world

01/29/2023 22:42:18

My name is Kaylen also, and yeah it does get really frustrating when people call me Kaitlyn, or spell it like "Kayleen". But my name is Kaylen Kyle, so i just have most people call me KK. :)

01/28/2023 00:33:52

my name is kaylen Mari but i don't really like it that much everyone makes fun of me because of my name and the way its spelled my mom found it in the boys section of a baby book she really wanted a boy. but i am a tomboy and i love to hang out with the boys more than girls so my mom sortof got her wish

01/07/2023 05:14:50

Kaylen is always mixed up with Kailin or Katylnn and It's really annoying. A lot of people have a hard time pronouncing it and It's really not as hard as it looks. The name came from the Russian name Kaylena. But we cut the a off because it rhymed with my last name. i've only met one other and It's really not that common but I like it, It's unique and different!

12/27/2022 00:02:42

i named my daughter kaylen even before she was born i felt it in my heart that when she was born i knew this name would fit and sure enough she is my kaylen(my sweetheart)i haven't encountered anyone mispronouncing it but i've had people misspell it and i haven't met anyone else with it.and most of all she is very special....

12/23/2022 17:34:36

Many people try to say it with a T if they have not seen'the'spelling before pronoucing it. I named my daughter Kaylen - her grandmother's names are Ester Kay and Joan Kay and she had two aunts Ellen Margaret and Jean Ellen - so we combined Kay and len (from Ellen) to form Kaylen.

12/23/2022 11:24:18

Born in February 2010, I named my daughter Kaylen Nycole and like most of you, she has the'same problem. Most of the time she is called "Kaitlyn" or "Kayla" She used to correct her first cousin who would call her "Kaitlyn", now, she doesn't respond when he calls her that... instead she makes him correct himself before she answers. :-) I LOVE her name and always have!!!

12/21/2022 15:19:18

Does anybody know the meaning of Kaylen? I would really like to know.

12/13/2022 06:00:28

People pronounce it wrond ALL THE TIME!!! It is pronounces KAY-LEN exactly the way It's spelled.

12/09/2022 20:00:46

My Parents names are Kay and Len so they put it together. I grew up in Australia where it is not common (I never heard anyone else with that name there) but since I have moved to the US I hear it alot more and people have less problem spelling and pronouncing it here

11/29/2022 17:50:54

well my name is Keesha Rai and I'm 15 years old I'm from Houston, TX! I love my name people have some trouble sometimes spelling and saying it but i think It's really funny hahaha! anyway yeah i like my name, It's cool!anyway, a name, like it or not, will always be yours so better'start to like it now :)

11/27/2022 18:49:34

My name is kaylen and alot of people call me kaytlyn cause they think thats what i said. but i know alot of people who think its spelt "kaylin" or "KayLynn"

11/22/2022 20:40:58

My name is Kaylen and I too get very irritated when people call me Kaitlyn and Kayleen (that's the worst). It makes my skin crawl. I was born in the 60's and never heard of another Kaylen until I was nearly 20.

11/11/2022 04:36:24

my name is kaylen, pretty mushc every single person I'meet, I have to say "NO T" because they think its kaytlen. I don't meet many other people with this name, but I like it, It's different, I'm glad I'm not just another ashley...

10/27/2022 04:17:56

My name is kaylen, they ckall me baylen is a good name, s0o please stop hating i've had It'since 93, born as a "BLACK" Baby but dtsz kaylen isz ckute, as ckute as ckan be!

10/14/2022 23:35:08

HEY MY NAME IS KAYLEN IM 13!! and yeah its pronounced len not lyn nor lan. i got confused myself till i asked my mother. but I hope you like my name as much as i do even'though people confuse it with kaitlyn it gets me mad but im use to it i try not to respond when people say kaitlyn

09/28/2022 07:36:10

My name is Kaylen and I used to hate it but i have learned to love it. Although it is very agrivating when people call me kaitlyn or kayleen.

09/25/2022 23:28:12

I named my baby Kaylen after the OJ Simpson trail which i was pregnant when'that was going on. I thought it was a different yet pretty name. After'she was born the name became more popular.

09/24/2022 01:37:24

My name is Kaylen and I love my name! A lot of people call me Kaitlyn or Kayla but I don't care. I always correct them anyways. P.S. Take a blank coffee mug and paint it to say 'Kaylen'. Even add some decorations!!!

09/20/2022 12:59:00

My name is Kaylen, and I have yet to actually meet someone with the name Kaylen and spelled exacly like mine. I love it, but I get called Kaytlin alot and it was plain annoying. I was also called Kayla just because it was easier. I didn't mind it as much because only a few guys called me that. And something that I don't get is that'some websIt's say that "Kaylen" is a boys name. but I still love my name and I'm proud to be called Kaylen.

09/14/2022 07:06:00

My name is Kaylen Rene'. I was born in may '95, my sister picked my name even'though she was fi've. I love my name. Even if you can't find it on key chains or anything. I think that makes it more unique. I never thought a lot of people had this name, but now looking at all the Kaylens', it kinda amazing how many there aree. Welll, yeaah. <3(:

09/10/2022 15:48:54

My name is Kaylen Nicole :). I was born in '95 and for part of elementary school I didn't really like it becasue everyone called me Kaitlyn. But now I love it because none of my friends have the name. So I think it is very unusal and pretty. And people always miss pronounce it... just break it up into two syllables; KAY-LEN.. Kaylen :). I love my name and am very proud of it.

09/09/2022 22:28:32

my name is Kaylen and i hate it cause i can never find my name any where i thought it was my mom that was the retarded one but looking at everyone else i guess it wasnt her its just a wonderfull name that our mothe's and fathe's gave us and it is an awsome and unique name

08/23/2022 13:42:00

i've named my daughter Kaylen Rebekah I hope she likes it when she is older, I chose it because it is unusual and very pretty.

08/21/2022 02:13:30

My name is Kaylen, and I'm surprised that It's as popular as it is. I know one person at school who pronounces (Kay-lynn) and spells her name exactly like me, and another girl who's name is pronounced like mine. I like having a rather unique name and the pronunciation problems have worn off in recent years, though I still have problems with people who've never'seen my name'spelled calling me Kaitlin.

08/17/2022 01:14:06

Well I love it. My name is paisley. I am pleased it is a growing name because I'm the only paisley in my hole town.

07/05/2022 23:59:24

My name is Kaylen. I was born in 2002 and was the 1st girl to ever be named Kaylen according to the census bureau and any historical record that me and my mother have searched. However it was used as a boys name and is a variation of Caelan in Gaelic. Though I sometimes hate it when people try to spell it or send invitations to me or papers because they spell it wrong also the computers say it never exists so they try to correct it.

06/27/2022 19:15:54

My name is Kaylen and for a while i never met anyone e=with the'same name. now i know a few but they spell it cailin. I love my name because not many people are named kaylen

06/17/2022 07:38:24

my name is Kaylen, and the biggest problem that i have with it is that people call me Kaylyn, but i pronounce it Kay-len you are supposed to say the end with less stress. I know of 2 other people with my name. i've never met them, but i've heard of them. I love my name because its not kaitlyn. so many people have that name, and I'm glad that im a variation of it.

05/30/2022 16:54:36

Kaylen is my 12 year old daughter's name and I picked it for her before she was born. It's funny how a name'suits someone like they were meant to be that name. She is "Kaylen"...not Kay, not Kayle, not Lynn...Kaylen...and yes, people call her Kaitlyn or misspell it; but I just go along with it.

04/29/2022 04:12:18

I'm so impressed that there are so many Kaylen's out there, here I was thinking I was the only one! I am a 2002's girl, am I seriously one of the first girl Kaylen's? How exciting! And yes, it is amazing how hard people find this name to pronounce...i've been called almost everything everyone else has said. It's so original :)

04/18/2022 04:41:06

My name is Kaylen Elizabeth! Here i thought i was the first and only one to have this name! My mom thought she created it... She took Kaylee and Katelyn! And got Kaylen!I have met 3 girls with my name! All spelled different Calyn. Kaylan. And Kailyn! But never like mine! And no one i knows has ever met any one with my name! I used to hate it because i couldnt ever get any of the pencils with my name on it. Or the rulers or the little Christmas ornaments. But i love my name! I was born feb. 2005! It always makes me mad when i get called outta my name... Katelyn! Im always like thats not my name, or Kayleen. I hate it! But i Love my name! (=

02/28/2022 03:04:48

my daughter name is kaylen amira she will be one soon i hope she loves it cause i do. i named her after a girl i went to school with spelled kaylin i just changed it up a little bit happy birthday kaylen amira

02/01/2022 08:45:00

It's number one on our list for baby girl, due in march 2019

01/30/2022 08:15:18

Hie my name iz Kaylen and i im 14 monfs old i liyk mi name alott itiz a gud name but not gud name wen my mamma dadda uze my midle name wif it and yes i kin type

01/25/2022 17:32:24

well, my name is kaylen, im a girl, and im 13. i really like my name alot. im glad that my parents named me it because its not a common name :)

12/23/2021 08:54:54

My daughter's name is Kaylen. I first heard the name on America's Next Top Model (Kahlen). My husband's name is Kyle so I added a and n them came up with Kaylen. =) I absolutely LOVE her name. Yes, she is often called 'Kaitlyn' and it is very annoying. Kaylens Rock!!

11/14/2021 18:56:06

The main character in the book I'm writing is named Niccola. It's such a beautiful name! I'm jealous of all you Nicolas, and if I ever have a child, I will use Niccola

09/18/2021 01:37:30

I picked the name Kaylen for my child before we knew it was a boy.. Either way we were gonna use the name. His Name is Kaylen Jayden so if he wants he can use KayJay as a name in the future. Ithink its a great name for either gender!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kaylen?
The origin of the name Kaylen is American.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kaylen?
Keeper Of The Keys, Pure, Slender.
*️⃣ How many people are named Kaylen?
Almost 8000 people are named Kaylen.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kaylen?
The names of Keyshawn, Kashawn, Kerena, Katiana, Keshawn