Kellie meaning

: War, Lively, Bright-Headed

Kellie Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(el)-lie\
Number of People 👶 51,000
Rate in 2021 8099
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Irish
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Kellie Name Meaning

Are you curious about the meaning behind the name "Kellie"? Well, you're in luck! Let's dive into the fascinating world of name meanings and uncover the significance behind this beautiful name.

The name "Kellie" is of Irish origin and has a rich history. It is derived from the Gaelic word "ceallach," which means "bright-headed" or "warrior." This suggests that individuals with the name Kellie possess qualities of strength, courage, and intelligence.

In addition to its Irish roots, the name Kellie can also be traced back to Scotland. In Scottish Gaelic, it is a variation of the name "Kelly," which means "warrior woman." This adds an empowering and fierce element to the meaning of Kellie.

People with this wonderful name are often described as confident, charismatic, and full of energy. They have a natural ability to inspire others and are known for their strong leadership skills. With their bright minds and warrior-like spirit, they tackle challenges head-on and strive for success in all aspects of life.

So if you know someone named Kellie or if you bear this remarkable name yourself, embrace its powerful meaning. You are a shining force to be reckoned with – a true warrior ready to conquer whatever comes your way!

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Comments on the name Kellie
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name! When I was 10 years old I changed the'spelling from Kelly with a "y" to Kellie with an "ie". I loved the fact that it was different and thought that it looked much prettier that way. Now it is officially spelt with an "ie" on my passport, license and all other frms of identification. I love when people sing the Famous Kelly Song from Cheers to me...."Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...kell...yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy❤️ because she is Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,Kelly" and that's when I can correct them and say its Kellie with an "ie"!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my daughter Kellie (with ie) so of course I love the name. She is 17 and there is not one other Kellie in her class. I like how the popularity of it died down awhile ago. When she was born, there were literally no other "Kellies"....It's a beautiful name! My daughter is Kellie Anne btw.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

didn't meet another girl named Kellie (she was Kelly) until I was 14. It was very uncommon for a girl to be named Kellie, especially spelled with an IE at the end. I'm now 55 and they still try to give me a "Y"! Never really get used to it! Hated my name when I was young, LOVE it now!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i totally used to spell my name with an "y" from age 4-6, but like many other kellies i now live my "ie"!!!

11/19/2023 05:03:00

My name is Kellie. I LOVE my name! Its so unique and like no one has It'spelt Kellie. I hate it though when people spell it with a y. I also hate that'stores NEVER have anything peronalized with an 'ie'. One time someone goe me this xmas ornament spelt Kelli I just added the e. LOL! Love my name!

11/16/2023 07:23:54

That's my name most everyone spells it wrong... it annoys me so much... i love my name but i dont love that everyone spells it like a last name.. I'met a kelli and a kelly and it got weird when someone wrote a message to 'kel' and we all got the'same spelling error problem.. Really... is it that hard to spell a simple phoenically close name❤️

11/13/2023 22:23:02

I love the'spelling with an IE, I think ending it in Y is a surname & looks boring. Kellie is a lot more sexy!

10/29/2023 06:47:38

my name is kellie lots of people tend to spell it wrong

10/08/2023 01:29:04

my best friends name is kellie and i think it a unique and great spelling. people somtimes pronounce it keely or spell it wrong anf it really annoys her. and she is the only person i know with It'spelt that way.

09/26/2023 06:28:10

my name is Kellieanne but i only prefer to use Kellie and i find it totally frustrating when othe's spell my name with a Y.

09/25/2023 01:57:44

MY name is Kellie...yeah with the IE! I think its a unique way of spelling Kelly. As everyone may see now a days its usually spelled with a "y" buti like "ie" just the way it is. Its more to my personality.

09/02/2023 14:22:56

My name is Kellie Not KELLY! i always get It'spelt wrong, My best friend cant stand to spell it the correct way!

08/27/2023 10:51:00

haha Myyy names kellie Butterfield and people always spell it wrong i quite like my name though ^_^ everyone says It'sounds like a fake name

07/22/2023 11:24:16

In a sport i played, there we 2 kell [1 y and 1 ie spelling]. So we became known as kelly Y and kellie IE.

07/22/2023 03:10:32

I can't stand people spelling my name wrong!! Its irritates the hell outta me..also I think Kellie with a Y look ugly lol

07/15/2023 09:49:50

My name is Kellie. I love it. The "ie" spelling makes the name look prettier and although it can be annoying when people misspell it, I agree with a previous comment in that it does show you who cares enough to spell it correctly. However, it is almost impossible to find personalized things with It'spelled with an "ie."

07/10/2023 21:58:24

Kellie is the weirdest spelling of my name. When people spell it wrong I want to scream espeacially when its someone I know well.

07/05/2023 21:46:22

my name is Kellie Anne and i love my name and I'm quite proud of it. when i was younger i would write my name with a y because i would hate people picking out the fact it was written with an ie but now i just love it.

07/01/2023 16:40:30

This is my name, although my real name is Elizabeth. I love it because it is so unique!

06/22/2023 16:40:00

You've not listed the anme aidan and i will have you know that's a girls name'so list it!!

06/19/2023 16:57:28

My name is Kellie and I love it as well. I rarely meet another Kellie spelled the'same so I feel unique in that'sense. Yes it is misspelled all the time, but so are a lot of names. I love it and hope there will be more new girls with our name!

06/11/2023 01:28:20

to me the name Bob is just Plain and remindees me of the cartoon bob the builder. thank you bob of bob town!

06/04/2023 09:18:10

this is my name i like it because i rarely see anyone with it but sometimes it bothe's me cause cups and stuff have names on them but never the name makenna! :{D

06/03/2023 18:01:14

alot of people spell my name kelly when'the correct spelling is kellie. i like my name and how my parents have choosen'to spell it.

05/29/2023 05:28:36

My best friend is named Kellie. With an IE. And don't you forget it! I think It's cool that'she has a more popular name, but It's more unique because of the way she'spells it.

05/22/2023 01:33:06

My name is Kellie. I loveee my name<33 I hate when my friends and family spell it wrong but it doesnt bother me when'teache's spell it wrong. I really like IE i think that Y is kinda boring. IE is unique. and i lovee itt(:

03/05/2023 09:24:52

my name is kellie . i hate pplz spelling it rong i like It'so all you peeps can get stuffed if they dont like it

03/04/2023 17:32:40

my names Kellie and ive had this math teacher for three years and she always goes on and off with the IE and the Y its weird its like a pattern haha i dont like it when'they spell it with a Y when'they know its a IE

01/21/2023 21:19:34

This is my name and i love it. I think its great and unique. It's not as common as some names but It's not completely unusual. I do kind of get mad when people call me hay-lee when my name is hal-lee but everyone makes mistakes. I would recommend this name to anyone.

01/15/2023 01:55:26

the way Naomi is pronounced in Hebrew (biblical Hebrew) is Nah-oh-mee. I'm Jewish, I speak Hebrew, my father's a Rabbi, this is my daughter's name, I should know.

01/05/2023 07:59:18

My name is Kellie Anne. I like it, mainly 'Kellie' though. I don't know many other Kellie's especially with my spelling. I HATE the nickname 'Kell' though... drives my INSANEE.

01/03/2023 21:53:50

Of course... My name is Kellie too! spelled with the IE! I love it! I get soooooo P.Oed.when people dont speel it right(and then usually spell it wrong)! I think It's creative and unique (like me!)I was on wikipedia when i saw that the original way to spell Kellie is kellie(not Kelly!) Thanx for listening!

12/11/2022 05:30:58

I like my name. It can be annoying when people always say "It's with a y, right❤️" But I still like it.

12/10/2022 13:38:46

My name is Kellie. The most annoying thing in the whole world is when people spell it with a Y. I have had my English teacher'since september and to this day he'spells it with a Y when I constantly remind him that it is with an IE. I like the IE becuase it is fun and the Y is boring to me. But thats jsut me, I think that most names that end with a Y look better with an ie. but thats my opinion.

11/15/2022 07:56:28

well obviously im called sabrina, my nicknemes are sabrin, sabri, bina, bean, bean bag, beanis, a certain 5 letter word that'starts with p and rhymes with beanis, pina colada (i have no idea how it ended up as that but oh well) and yeah. the whole sabrina the teenage witch happens ALL the time, but i just laugh at them and tell them they have no creativity whatsoever

11/11/2022 17:32:16

i love my name! i do hate when people spell it with a "y" but i think since it is spelled differently if people spell it right It'shows that they know you and they care enough to know!

11/08/2022 15:28:40

im 15 and ive been'threw millions of different spelings so my name haha! I was christened a Kellie! but in year 4 - year 8 i insisted on it being spelt Kelly, now it annoys me so much when people spell it with a Y ! :@ i get so fustrated! pretty sad realy lol!

11/02/2022 09:53:18

My name is Kellie. the most irritating thing is when people are writting my name down they always ask "is that with a y or and i❤️" im like "IE". think its very unique and i love the way its spelled. :-)

09/23/2022 17:06:02

This is my name, and I am one of those people that love their name. I don't usually hear it to much around but alot of people have told me they really like my name.

09/05/2022 02:41:00

I Love my name, but it annoys me when people spell it wrong or pronounce it wrong. Cuz hello its KELLIE !!

09/04/2022 16:06:12

my name is kelli! and i think "KELLIE" is ugly. hahhaha fu.

09/01/2022 11:48:36

Well Farah Means Happiness in Arabic it has nothing to do with religions here in the Arab world Muslims and Christians and other religions name their girls with this name.

07/24/2022 10:51:00

I am INLOVE with that name. I am for sure gunna name my future daughter that (=

12/08/2021 12:03:54

my names kellie the only thing is tat people always speel it with a y :(

10/17/2021 01:56:24

Got the " i e" thing too. Still separated me from the other Kelly's. Don't see it used much anymore which is great!!!

09/25/2021 08:23:24

A pain to have this name in the 80s. There was at least one other Kelly in my class always so I ended up as Kellie Jo. i've accepted that It's never going to be spelled correctly by othe's, but It's my name and I do like why my parents picked this spelling

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Kellie FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kellie?
The origin of the name Kellie is Irish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kellie?
War, Lively, Bright-Headed
*️⃣ How many people are named Kellie?
Almost 51000 people are named Kellie.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kellie?
The names of Quinn, Kane, Kian, Kenna, Kiana