Kitty meaning

: Pure

Kitty Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \kih-tee\
Number of People 👶 12,000
Rate in 2021 16586
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 American
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kitty Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kitty
Additional description of the name Kitty
"Kitty" is a beautiful name for girls that has American origin. Meaning of the name Kitty is: "Pure".

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Comments on the name Kitty
01/14/2024 00:00:00

no i have neva met n e 1 with my name though i hav herd of sum though...yes i hav bin teased!!!

12/05/2023 05:45:02

My legal name is Kitty and I love my name. The best thing about my name is It's different,cute as a kid and has a sexy ring to it for a woman. I got teased a little growing up but then again who doesn't. The name Kitty Rocks!

11/29/2023 11:19:44

i hope i have a daughter one day so i can call her kitty. i know not everyone will like it, but i think its cute and quirky without being wierd.

10/21/2023 15:24:26

My friend may be calling her little girl Kitty this May-thats if it is a girl-not sure on the'sex of baby yet! Like the name tho! quite sweet! x

07/07/2023 21:05:20

My full name is "Kitty Claire-Louise Alice Massie" and let me ask... what the hell is wrong with that❤️ Better than being some boring Betty or something common like Chloe or Ashley... I constantly have people ask what It's short for and It's not short for anything. Yes I get the occasional "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty" but I don't know anyone else with my name and I love that about it! It's unique and cute. I get called Kit most of the time but to whoever left that comment on March 31st '07, ur just jealous 'cause you probably have a rubbish name and you fade into the background with everyone else :) xx

05/14/2023 01:56:10

My daughter, as a nn for Katja, and only used at home. In school friends began calling her Kat around grade 5.

04/11/2023 15:25:28

Heh...People called me Kitty or Kit but I am Kristyna :-D

03/31/2023 18:27:04

My names Kitty. It's not short for anything - that's my full name. It's difficult growing up with Kitty as your name, especially during younger years because you get teased like crazy, but once you get to high school it becomes 'cool'. LOVE MY NAME, It's unique, spunky, cute and It'suits me. From urbandictionary: Kitty (kit'e) n: Soft, cute, playful with fangs and claws.

03/24/2023 10:42:20

My name is kitty. I love it because It's unique but people still love it and It's not a weird name. You'll have to get used to people laughing when'they realise that when'they say hello to you they are actually saying "hello kitty" like the character ha ha very funny it does get old quickly but oh well. The pros of the name out weigh that one con. i've only ever met one other kitty. But most people have never met one so when'they meet me they always comment on how cool my name is and are shocked when'they find out It's not a nickname. Name your children kitty. It's the best name ever. I'd never change my name even if someone paid me to do it

03/20/2023 02:40:08

This is one of my personal favorite boys names It'sounds masculine and strong and it is n't heard of much. My son and I reci've many comments on'this name. We call him Brons for short and his friends call him Bronnie.

11/10/2022 08:19:42

I named my daughter kitty she loves her name and I was worried at first but the older'she got I realize that I have nothing to worry about. her first and middle name is Kitty Ann.

09/12/2022 07:11:46

My names kitty and I like it just want a more mature nick name Rather than kit kat

04/11/2022 12:33:36

My full name is Katherine but i've always been known as Kitty. It feels weird to be called anything else. I still occasionally get "Here Kitty, Kitty", "Meow", or "Miss Kitty" (Gunsmoke) comments but not nearly as much as I got when I was still in school in the 60s and 70s. (Though I have encountered a very weird quirk in some grown men in business situations who refuse to put me in their phones/Blackberries as Kitty because their wives would object...presumably It's considered like putting down "honey" or "sweetie" or something in their cultures but It's still funny)

01/13/2022 10:54:36

I named my 10 month old Kitty last year and I love it. She's the'sweetest, smiliest little lady. I hope she loves it just as much when she grows up and that'she doesn't get teased. Her full name is Kitty Marjorie-Rose, her middle names are after great grandmother's on my side and my husband's.

10/19/2021 18:54:18

whos gonna name there girl Kevin thats so boys name the parents must be on crack

08/28/2021 19:45:36

I was name kitty as my birth name after my Grandmother, through my younger years I resented the name after constant teasing, but, as i've grown up i've learned to accept and love my name, thankful for its uniqueness.

08/03/2021 17:41:24

I love this name!! I hope to name my daughter Kitty. I'd love to call her Kit-Kat and Kat when she's older. I'm on the fence about name her Catherine as a full name, though.

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Kitty FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kitty?
The origin of the name Kitty is American.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kitty?
*️⃣ How many people are named Kitty?
Almost 12000 people are named Kitty.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kitty?
The names of Cristina, Kristina, Kristen, Kirsten, Kiersten