Kiersten meaning

: follower of Christ.

Kiersten Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ki(e)-rs-ten, kier-sten\
Number of People 👶 15,000
Rate in 2021 4742
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 Scandinavian
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kiersten Name Meaning

Kiersten, a variant of Kristin or Christine, symbolically means a follower of Christ. Its references to faith suggest key personality traits of compassion, and righteousness. Those named Kiersten are often perceived as individuals with strong moral compasses, showing empathy for others and striving to act with integrity and fairness.

Kiersten Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kiersten
Additional description of the name Kiersten

Originating from Scandinavian roots primarily in Nordic countries, the name Kiersten is derived from the Old Norse name Kirstin and the Latin Christianus. Christianus means "a Christian," denoting follower of Christ. The popularity of the name spread through European regions and eventually to the English-speaking countries.

Cool Info About Name Kiersten

Additional name description Kiersten
Additional name description Kiersten

The name Kiersten retains a modest popularity without being overly common. Individuals named Kiersten are thought to possess a mixture of strength and empathy, reflecting characteristics associated with leadership. It is also the name of several notable individuals, including actress Kiersten Warren, lending it a level of fame. Though not exceedingly common, the name conveys a distinct sound and familiarity, making it an intriguing option for families looking for a name with a balance of uniqueness and classic appeal.

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Comments on the name Kiersten
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Named our daughter Kiersten, hoping people in Canada would pronounce it properly. They get it right about 1/2 the time. Being of Danish decent, we wanted it to be Kirsten which in Denmark is pronounced Keer'sten but we all know how it is pronounced in North America.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i was born in 2007, i use to hate my name. i wanted to be called by my middle name'so bad cause i got tierd of people sayying it wrong. now i love my name. it is so unique the only comlaint i have is i want to spell it KIERSTYNN

01/13/2024 00:29:48

My name is Kierstan, and I have yet to meet anyone with my spelling :/

01/12/2024 01:16:46

I think this is awesome. I knew a girl with this spelling in elem. school. It's good since it makes sure no one will say KERR-sten or Kristen.

01/08/2024 17:38:08

OMG, im a kiersten 2, but i spell it kierstin. i thought i was the only 1 name kierstin. i absolutely love my name. how many other people do u meet with the name kierstin❤️

12/19/2023 20:03:58

My name is Kierstin, pronounced Keer'stin. I'm 33 years old, and when I was younger I hated my name, because everyone mispronounced it...but as i've gotten older, I have come to like my name :) i've been called Kursten, Kirstie, Kristine, Kristina, Christian, Kristen, Krystal etc...I went to school with a girl named Kjierstin, pronounced the'same way as mine, but that is the only time I have personally met/known someone with the'same name as me.

12/17/2023 09:17:18

my name is kiersten'to i love that name but people always call me kristen or kirsten its so annoying!

11/19/2023 08:34:36

I like this name its very different.... its better than some BLANK popular name

10/24/2023 03:21:38

There is at least one girl Bentley. My great granddaughter is Bentley.

10/01/2023 06:57:50


09/10/2023 06:03:46

My name is Kirsten but it is said Kiersten when people say kirsten is oh so annoying!

08/04/2023 18:51:42

My name is Kiersten'too! When i was younger I thought I was the only person with this name. So many people misronounce my name, even people that know my name do. I usually just go by Kier by people that mispronounce it. I love me name! :)

06/05/2023 14:59:08

My daughter is Kiersten, pronounced "KEer'stin." She's named after the title character of the young adult book "Kirsti," who is Finnish & pronounces her name "KEer'stee." My husband's ancestry is partially English so we used the English spelling.

06/01/2023 02:50:04

ahh, my name is Kiersten! i love my name now.. but i absolutely hate it when people call me KERR-sten.. ughh

03/23/2023 14:25:38

i've had the name for 42 years and people tend to like and respect it. I always tell folks to "smile when you say it" so that it will come out of their mouths correctly. KIER (like the German word for cherry) can't be said correctly if you are frowning or pouting!

03/21/2023 05:24:46

We named our daughter Kiley after the band Rilo Kiley. This is why we spell it K-I-L-E-Y

03/15/2023 00:07:02

It is my name. People do spell it wrong quite a bit. I have a friend who is named Kirstynn, but It'sounds the'same.

01/24/2023 02:13:34

i luv this name because it is mine pof course i lu it because because it is so different from othe's it is sooooooooo cool to be a KIERSTEN

01/13/2023 11:07:50

my name is kierstin to thats totally boss im 10 now but i thought i was the only one

12/05/2022 14:19:38

does anyone know the origin of this name❤️ It's beautifully pronounced KEY- ER- (rolling the R of course) Sten. i love it.

11/25/2022 16:16:38

My name is Kiersten, KEEErsten. i've meet only one or two other people with my name. It's always fun to watch people try to pronounce it. I get very happy when'they say it correctly. I love my name and I actually really like how un common it is.

11/23/2022 00:47:50

I named my daugter Kiersten, but people say KURSTEN instead of K-EAR-STEN.

11/12/2022 21:45:04

I named my second daughter Kierstyn and I love it. We never get a bad response about her name people are actually intriged about it. Sometimes we do get the occational wrong pronouncation, but for the most part people get it correct.

11/06/2022 07:38:20

i've had the name for 38 years and I love it. Gets mispronounced alot but still a great name.

10/15/2022 16:55:30

I named my daughter Kiersten and people get it right most times. I love her name and it is easy to correct if people do get it wrong.

09/25/2022 02:18:36

I nameed my daughter Kiersten. I have always loved the name and spelling. I get a lot of mispronounciation, which can be fustrating.

07/08/2022 20:36:54

This is my daughters name but we spelled it Lilyen. We spelled it like this because she is named after the flower. Her full name is Lilyen Ella.

06/20/2022 16:09:36

My name is Kiersten and spelled keer'sten (: I used to hate my name but I'm starting to love the uniqueness. Everyone mispronounces It'so often'that I turn even when I hear the name Kirsten haha. My friends started calling me Kierstie a few years ago. I don't know if I like it though ;)

04/03/2022 23:23:24

I would actually spell it Kierston..just a little different :o)

03/31/2022 21:16:30

I love love this name we are having a baby girl and her name is going to be Kiersten...pronounced KEer'sten. Very different! Will not blend in the crowd.

02/04/2022 06:17:24

My name is Kierstyn :) I have loved the name'since birth. Of course, this all came with complications. I have to teach people how to pronounce it. It's pronounced KEer'sten. not KIR-sten. "Kier as in steer, not Kir as in fur," as I say. i've been searching so long for a proper nickname'so it would be easier on other people, since most of them have never met a girl with a name'such as mine :)

01/13/2022 02:40:30

My name is Kiersten. Most people pronounce it weird. I am 12 now.. I love my name'some of the time! I think that it is a good name!

12/18/2021 03:33:36

My daughter's name is Kiersten Ryenne. My eldest son named her, they are nearly 18yrs apart. I was ready to name her Cadance. When he came to see her at the hospital for the first time, he looked down at her, and said, no mom, she looks like a Kiersten.

11/12/2021 12:57:00

My name is Kiersten. I used to hate my name because I thought I was the only "Kiersten" in the world! I feel much better about my name, And I L-O-V-E it now!! It is pronounced, KEer'sten, But people usually call me KURR-sten which REALLY infuriates me. Haha, Anyways, I love (my) this name!

10/01/2021 08:02:42

My name is Kiersten'too! I always get called Kristen and KERR-sten. I love my name! I also think it is very pretty! I think it is very cool we have our own Kiersten comments. ;)

09/22/2021 02:36:54

This is my name!!! People always mispronounce my name but hey you learn to correct them all the time and deal with it. The way my name is prounounced with an i in igloo Iliana. i've only met one other person with the exact name and spelling. Other than that I love my name!!


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Kiersten FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kiersten?
The origin of the name Kiersten is Scandinavian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kiersten?
follower of Christ.
*️⃣ How many people are named Kiersten?
Almost 15000 people are named Kiersten.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kiersten?
The names of Chloe, Khloe, Khole