Kirsten meaning

: Christian or follower of Christ.

Kirsten Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(i)-rs-ten, kir-sten\
Number of People 👶 53,000
Rate in 2021 4364
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Scandinavian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kirsten Name Meaning

The name Kirsten, a variant of Christina, primarily signifies 'Christian' or 'follower of Christ.' It embodies the principles of faith, love, and virtue. Hence, people bearing this name are often perceived to reflect these attributes markedly in their personality.

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Kirsten Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kirsten
Additional description of the name Kirsten

The name Kirsten owes its origins to Scandinavia, specifically Denmark, where it was traditionally used as a female given name. A variant of Christina, it means 'Christian' or 'follower of Christ', reflecting spiritual devotion and commitment to faith.

Cool Info About Name Kirsten

Additional name description Kirsten
Additional name description Kirsten

Famous Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst has brought significant recognition to this name. Moreover, the name Kirsten is associated with grace, charm and determination. Those named Kirsten often exhibit a strong sense of self-confidence and are usually known for their leadership qualities. Numerologically, 'Kirsten' corresponds to the energetic number 1, implying those carrying the name may have leadership qualities, an energetic spirit and a desire to pioneer. All these resistless attributes contribute to Kirsten being a standout choice that's rooted in faith and history, yet carries contemporary appeal.

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Comments on the name Kirsten
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I like this name because It's unique. It's cool and my name is Kirsten and I pronounce it K-ee-r-s-ten. I love the name! :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kirsten. You pronunce the IR as EAR. I'm okay with my name but my children will have better names. For example, Christine Noelle Grace, Frederick John, Lilianna Marie, and Jack Daniel. My beautiful boys and girls. :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Yes! Its my name! Lots of people spell it wrong but I like the way its spelled! Not alout of people spell it that way so its cool!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our daughter Laken, she's 2 and tells everyone her name is annie because she dosent like her name! I hope she grows to love her name like i do. We havent come across any other Lakens in New Zealand yet, when people mishear me and think i've called her Katelyn, I tell them It's Lake with an n.

01/03/2024 09:12:22

My name is Kirsten, it was originally suppose to be pronounced k-ee-rsten but because people found it hard to pronounce I go by the pronunciation Kir-sten. Although people still mess it up even with the easier pronunciation. Every teacher'says Kristen which i've never understood because if they read my name there❤️s no r in front of the i and It's bothered me for as ling as I can remember. I sometimes like my name although it just sounds weird like I repeat my name a lot and I'm my head It'sounds soooo weird and I'm not a big fan of the name but I'm stuck with it. I guess It's alright considering It's unique but i don't know it just seems like It'sounds sooo weird.

12/26/2023 08:07:16

My name is Kirsten as in K-eer'sten. I like unusual names, but I wish my name was more popular. But other than that, it is also the name of an American Girl book series, actresses have that name, and it is a good name.

12/13/2023 18:17:50

My daughter was born in 1975 and we named her Kirstin. I always loved the name,as does my daughter.

12/08/2023 08:41:32

My name is actually Kyrsten, pronounced K-eer'stin. I love that not many people have this name, it makes It'seem more special. i've met dozens of Kristie's and Catherine's, but never another Kyrsten. The main problem is the'spelling, but it means people are more likely to remember my name when I correct them. And as for the pronunciation, I just stopped correctly people that I only meet once. If their not going to use it, don't make a big deal out of it. The only issue is there aren't many nicknames. Yes, Kyrst and Kyrsty. So my friends made up the nickname Kyr Kyr, which I love also.

11/19/2023 19:44:40

I think KEer'sten is great. It is popular enough people should be pronouncing it right by now! WAY BETTER THAN KRISTEN!

11/09/2023 22:34:34

My name is Kirsten and I love it. Everyone has the name Kristen, but mine is different. Depending on the way you say it, it can sound "sexy" or "exciting", I love it!

11/09/2023 07:17:38

It is a great scottish name - full of life. My daughter particularly likes the'short version Kirsty

10/24/2023 09:49:34

This is my name! I never liked my name until i realized that no one else had it. I don't like when people call me kinsey, i like when its with the KENz sounds better. The only problem is people never know how to spell it, its always kenzie or they ask is your real name Mackenzie, no its not!

10/20/2023 17:57:12

Nobody gets my name right, not even My FAMILY I still like my name cause nobody else i know has that my name!

10/01/2023 01:58:04

My name is Kirsten, pronounced Keer'sten. As a child I didn't like my name, I thought it was long and weird. As i've gotten older, i've grown to love it. I didn't know any other Keer'stens as a child, but have been hearing that pronunciation more often as an adult. I like that it has a danish origin. In Denmark, it would be Kjrsten, with the j as the ee sound. That is unique and pretty cool, to me. :)

09/23/2023 17:02:48

We named our daughter Kirstie in 2011 when she was born. I never can find her name. Everyone seems to mis say it or spell it wrong. But she loves her name

09/17/2023 14:59:02

my name is kirsten'too.... i think my name is cool.....i feel like i am one of a kind but there are more kirstens around now

09/04/2023 04:35:16

I am proud for my name even'though some people call me "curse in"i am really proud it is sorta odd but i like that, people tease u because they want to have these beautyful diffrent names #go team Kirsten! !!!

09/02/2023 17:36:54

my name is kirsten and it is the best name ever my school dont even know my name that is and i have been'there for 6 years i know 1 persons name that is kirsten and that is all.

08/20/2023 10:44:44

I love my name my name is KIRSTEN as in KRSTEN NOT Kristen or kyrsten othe's cannot pronounce it correctly I don't know why they said its popular and my name means follower of Christ and Christian oh I really love my name ❤️

08/19/2023 12:24:36

Love it. It is my name althogh I spell mine with a "Y" at the end instead of an "E". Kirstyn, which I think is very unique!

08/15/2023 13:46:40

I named my daughter Kirsten as in EAR, and everyone pernounces it wrong. I think I should have spelled it KIERSTEN, but I still think that it is a beautiful name.

07/19/2023 17:34:24

My name is Kirsten and sometimes I hate it! Its never pronounced right and everyone asks me if I was named after the doll! I am 28, so no! It is a good way to test if someone thinks you are important to them... they will pronounce it correctly, if they care. Case in point after 4 years my boss still pronounces it wrong. When i have a to go order I usually use my middle name, Ellen, so that a "Kristin" doesnt take my order. (that has actually happened)

07/12/2023 00:43:02

my name is ker'sten not kiearsten like every one of my teache's says it

05/16/2023 01:50:24

My name is Kersten, pronouced Curse ten. I have a love hate relationship with it. I like the fact that not many people have it!!! I havent met a person whose had it yet in person..only as a last name

05/05/2023 18:23:08

Alright I get kRisten ALL THE TIME! But then I also get Kirsten as in Kiersten... my name is pronounced more like Kursten as in cURb... It's so annoying! I love my name but i've just given up on correcting people!

05/04/2023 05:38:58

I love my name. The only downside to my name is that everone spells my name wrong and prounces it wrong too.

04/13/2023 05:20:10

My name is Kirsten, pronounced Ker'sTEN. I really like the name as it is unique but not unusual. I think it is beautiful for both a child and adult - it looks professional on a business card. I have only met two Kirstens, and one is now a good friend. The most common mistake people make is to call me or write my name as Kristen. I have also been called many other derivations including Kristie, Christine etc.

03/20/2023 15:53:38

Hey , It's Kirsten, and It's K-er'sten or K-ur-sten NOT KIERSTEN OR KRISTEN! Dude I really really reallly do NOT like my name! Pretty much every teacher and everyone who doesnt know me always pronounce it wrong. ): It's sooo embarassing! Hellloo please pronouce it right esp if I tell you more than once. Gahh, mann I need a different name. :P

03/15/2023 23:20:04

I don't understand how anyone can give the name Kirsten and expect it to be pronounced Kiersten. If they want their daughter to be Kiersten, then'they should name her Kiersten, not Kirsten-- I get really annoyed when people don't say my name right too...especially if i have to correct them over and over. But I love the name, and would never want to change it! Thats inter'sting that'some people spell it Kirstyn. I never thought of that, but its cute!!! GO KIRSTEN! --Kirsten 2000--

03/15/2023 21:16:38

My name is Kirsten and I LOVE MY NAME! But Please if you meet one of us Kirstens on the'street PRONOUNCE OUR NAME THE RIGHT WAY (Ker'sTEN)!!! Not Kristen, Kyrsten, or Kristeen! - THANKS SO MUCH Kirsten 2000

03/11/2023 13:14:26

My name is kristen, which is similar to kirsten. i like my name better because people can always pronounce it right. kirsten can be pronounced many different ways. That would get really annoying to always have to correct people!

02/18/2023 14:23:48

My name is Kirsten and i hate it! Teache's constantly get it wrong and one of my best friends is called Kirsty so i get called KIrsty all the time! I also hate the name Kirst which loads of people have tried o call me that, its horrible! Ther's nothing feminine about Kirsten. I go by Kirry now cos i think its lot more cute and girly!

02/13/2023 02:26:26

I named my daughter Kirsten when she was born in 1999, I loved it then and I still love it now, and It'suits her'so much. A gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl

01/11/2023 08:34:54

My 9-year old daughter is Kirsten. I love it. We pronounce it Kur-sten. My brothe's made fun of me when she was born because she doesn't look at all Germanic - she has beautiful dark chestnut hair and huge dark brown eyes. We don't care, though - this beautiful, feminine-yet-strong name completely suits her.

01/05/2023 08:52:12

My 2 year old daughter is named KIRSTEN, I love the name, not everybody can pronounce this correctly, even her grandparents couldn't remember it until she was a few months old.

12/11/2022 21:40:48

I'm also Kirsten! now there are a couple more around, but i rarely meet a Kirsten'the'same age as me! only bad thing is the nickname (i HATE kirsty!!) and always being called Kristen...

12/07/2022 20:41:48

My name is Kirsten, prounced Keerstin, and i love it! I think it is really pretty and sweet; although, i always have people calling me Kerstan and Kristen and i HATE it. But oh well, beauty is pain ;)

12/06/2022 17:39:32

HI'my name is Kirsten, not KRISTEN! Every time I go somewhere for the first time or some new teacher comes to school, they call me Kristen! I hate it! And you know how you can get things with names on them, well there is almost never anything with KIRSTEN but there's always KRISTEN and KRISTY. But besides these two things, I think It's the best name ever!

11/29/2022 05:12:40

my name is kirsten i love my name because i think goes well with my second name but i want to change the'spelling to kirstyn i even make my teache's spell it with a y:)...

11/25/2022 18:02:26

Im Kirsten, even'though many of my friends at first called me Kristen I corrected them and then'they remembered to call me by my real name. Most of my friends call me Kiki. I love My name.

11/23/2022 09:54:28

Hated having this name growing up. I do like unusual names, but too many people misspelled it or said it wrong. I had to correct people every day and that got old. Plus people would forget and become afraid to say my name b/c I had already corrected them. Sounds like a nice name, but it wasnt fun to have!

11/03/2022 15:51:54

I was born in the mid 1962s - the lowest end of the'spectrum for parents naming a girl Kirsten. (Pronounced Kearstin). When I was 13 I realized that I didn't have a "normal" name - Many, including my English teacher pronounced it wrong. It rhymes with EAR or BEER. I love my name now - and glad that my parents chose to give me a unique name for my era.

06/04/2022 00:18:18

My name is Kirsten pronounced Kursten. Many of my teache's call me Kristen or Kirsty, which I hate! I like my name because I am the only Kirsten in my school. I know a Kirstin through a friend but that is all. I really like my name.

04/07/2022 03:20:06

I really like my name i think its pretty original ive only ever met two other kirstens compared to the like 10 megans and brittneys i know. you pronouce it KEYOURSTEN but most people just call me kersten I LIKE IT I REALY DO and ther's only one other girl named kirsten at my school and its REALLY easy to tell the difference

11/09/2021 09:00:18

My name is Kirsten, pronounced Ker'sten as well, but there seem to be many more people who pronounce it K-ear-sten. I personally like my pronunciation better, but both are beautiful names and we are in a unique club!

09/26/2021 03:36:18

People are lazy so instantly assume my name is Kristen or Kirsty. I'm English and pronounce it Curse - Ten . It would sound wrong with my accent to pronounce it Kearsten (sounds too american). Not a popular name in the north of England , so enjoy being unique.

09/23/2021 16:07:48

My name is Kirsten, pronounced Ker'sten. In school every teacher would either'say 'Kristen', 'Keer'sten', 'Christine' or even 'Krista' for some reason. It can get very annoying when only people who have known you for years are the people who can say your simple name correctly. i've only met a few other Kirstens, children and adult. It DOES work well throughout life, it makes you easy to identify and can sound professional or fun depending on the'situation. I love my name, it is unique and fits me well.

08/09/2021 08:11:42

HAHA my name's Kirstyn with a "y". i kinda like my name but people always say it wrong so there is a downside to it. um they spell it kirsten or kristen and say it kris-tin which kind of bugs me.

08/08/2021 23:57:36

My name is Kirsten and people told my mum not to call me this as It'sounds like your cursing her, Kirsten is as old fashioned as Elizabeth or Victoria


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kirsten?
The origin of the name Kirsten is Scandinavian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kirsten?
Christian or follower of Christ.
*️⃣ How many people are named Kirsten?
Almost 53000 people are named Kirsten.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kirsten?
The names of Cora, Crew, Kiara, Corey, Kara