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Landon Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \l(a)-ndon, lan-don\
Number in U.S 👶 164,000
Rate in 2021 111
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 English

Meaning of Landon

Characteristics of the Name Landon

They are very aggressive people. They decide according to the direction of events. They like to learn by doing. However, sometimes decision-making takes longer and they may fail. They are very honest and tolerant people. They love to do good. They love to travel. They may also have clumsiness due to their attacks.

He is a natural leader. He has his own opinions and thoughts. He does not make decisions under the influence of other people. Landon does not shy away from taking responsibility and duties. They are brave people. However, in some cases, they should not control their courage and make decisions immediately, be flexible and take into account the opinions of other people.

They are creative and unique people. They like to see things differently. They are very determined in what they do. They like a systematic and orderly life. They love to write. They love to keep a diary.

They like to have their feet firmly on the ground. They do not like to act without thinking. Perfectionist people. It is very important for them to be systematic and organized. However, at times, this can make them stubborn. They are quite successful under pressure. They know how to overcome difficulties.

They are people who always keep their limits at the highest level in life. They have both intuition and perseverance. It has its own limits. They like rules and laws. Besides, they are deep-thinking people. However, they can be envious people. They can be very skeptical and pessimistic.

Horoscope for the Meaning of the Name Landon

The most distinctive feature of his character is stubbornness. The nickname "goat". It is impossible to make you do anything by force. You want the decisions about your own life to be yours alone. Therefore, you do not listen to the words of those who warn you. This sometimes causes you to make mistakes and make you sad. Apart from your stubbornness, you are a devoted person to your family. The most valuable person for you is your mother. You take his behavior as an example. Your self-confidence and leadership ability make you have a respectable place in the society. You continue the success you have achieved in human relations in your business life. Your hard work and determination open all doors for you. The traits you look for in the opposite sex are loyalty and honesty.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Name Landon?

Although each individual has different disadvantages according to their own, the disadvantages of people with the name Landon in general are that they are Gluttonous, Aggressive, Dreaming, Powerless, Introverted.

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Comments on the name Landon
9/20/2022 12:03:08 AM

I was met with dead silence back in 1998 when I told my in-laws that the boy-name we picked out for our baby (we knew it was a boy) was Landon. Now a grown man, my son has always loved his name. It used to be unique --but there seems to have been an uptick on the name's use after 2012. He was named after both of his great grandfathe's on his maternal side: Landon Glenn. He got called "Brandon" a lot while growing up and was very vocal about say: R and Landon with an L...!'

9/19/2022 2:38:52 PM

I cant beli've how popular this name has become recently. I named my son Landon after my father, Donald. We just mixed all of the letters around. Love it because it means so much to my family.

9/18/2022 8:05:00 AM

I named my son Landon and I LOVE it! It is not the most common name in the world but is definitely getting more popular. Looking for a girl sibling name and am thinking Rowan or Brooklynn. can't decide? Also, love the name Amari and Blakely.

9/10/2022 10:16:50 PM

My cousin is having her first baby boy in January. She is going to name it Landon Ray.

9/7/2022 5:34:32 PM

My son is named Landon Matthew and we love it! It fits him well!

8/18/2022 11:54:00 PM

My son is named Landon Ethan. I love it! My husband wanted to name him it because of Landon Donovan, good thing I liked the name before we even met because I'm not a soccer fan.

8/4/2022 4:52:48 AM

We named our son Braden Ellis in 2001.At the time we did n't know or hear the name mentioned.Now nearly two decades later it is an extremely popular name in our area. Although I feel the Braden spelling is far more masculine it is often spelt Brayden Victoria Australia

7/22/2022 11:09:54 PM

i am from england and i have named our little boy landon i have not herd anyone else with the name here every one loves it but i live in london so It'seems that people might mistake his name for london wich i do not want we herd the name on tv and just said when we have a baby thats what he will be named and so we did

7/5/2022 4:40:12 PM

We had a daughter in May 2018 and named her Madelyn. I have always liked the name and when my pregancy was coming to the end I kept hearing it and so we knew that would be our little girls name.

7/2/2022 9:52:30 PM

I love Landon!! If its a boy it will be Landon Blaze!!

6/7/2022 11:34:12 AM

I had a very dear friend die in an accident yesterday, and I loved him and his name Landon Thomas, I wouldn't be surprised if my husband lets me name our son Landon. It is a great name!

5/14/2022 2:46:48 PM

Great name, we will name our 2nd son Landon. This would be our first choice, but we both love the name Ian for our first.

5/4/2022 10:22:12 PM

I love the name Landon! It's an easy name to spell and is a unique kind of name. I'm pregnant and if It's a boy, I'll probably name him Landon. The only person i've met with that name was a couple of years ago and was he ever'soo hott! lol. -Brianna

4/20/2022 4:15:54 AM

My wife and I named our little boy Landon James in 2019. We get compliments all the time from everyone.

3/26/2022 5:45:00 PM

I named my son Landon James in 2013. Several family members and great grandfather have/had Landon as a middle name, apparently the name was passed down because it was the maiden name of a grandmother'several generations ago...not sure exactly. We have always had lots of compliments on the name and have since had two friends name their boys Landon as well!

3/26/2022 2:11:42 AM

4 boys, yes 4 boys of friends or aquaintances have named their son Landon in the last year.

3/24/2022 12:47:06 AM

My boyfriend's last name is Landon... i love it :)

3/11/2022 5:20:42 AM

my sons name is landon dean...dean is his great grandfathe's name...i love the combination of new and old and i love how they are both very manly names

3/9/2022 2:06:18 AM

My Husband & I are 20 weeks along & found out its a little boy. This is our first baby and have liked the name Landon for six years when we watched the movie a walk to remember. We love it. He will be called Landon John after my father. So he may get LJ for short.

2/26/2022 6:14:42 AM

i fell in love with the name Landon. i hate that it is becoming more common.

2/19/2022 4:51:54 PM

My father was killed when I was three and I grew up wacthing Michael Landon. His show Little House on Praire taught me how to treat and respect people. I said from day one if I had a child I would name him after Michael Landon. In 2014 I had a boy named Landon.

2/16/2022 3:39:54 PM

Yes!My boyfriend's name is spelled "Brett". He is the most amazing guy i know...When ever I am around him i can't help but smile...he is the love of my life....

1/23/2022 3:19:12 AM

The first time I know about the name "Yadira" was in my infancy years (around 1972)in a mexican comic magazine called "Kaliman". In that comoic she was a pretty girl, partner of the comic heroe. Yadira was my choice to my first daughter's name. Until now i've known Yadira is from hebrew and means "friend". When a pregnant woman heard about my daughters name and its story, decide it to give her daughter the'same name due to its originality.

1/15/2022 4:53:42 PM

Me and my Husband are expecting our first baby in October. It is a boy and we are going to name him Landon. I love that name from the moment that I heard it, but it took some time for it to grow on my husband. We are getting mixed reactions from people when we tell them, but we don't care becasue we LOVE it!

1/11/2022 10:18:36 PM

It was my grandfathe's name - born in 1924. It is now my 9 years olds name :-)

1/8/2022 7:16:48 PM

I named my son Landon Gabriel in 2011. I loved the name from the moment I heard It'several years before that. My son wishes the name were more common. He feels sort of unusual with it. Does anyone know of any famous Landon's (other than Michael)?

11/28/2021 3:59:42 PM

My name is Landon its not to popular in Canada and a little tough to have sometimes but over all I like it better than regular boring names like John.

11/26/2021 5:26:06 AM

i know 3 people wwhi named there kids that but i wouldnt because its to popular

11/22/2021 11:39:36 PM

my name is landon and i like it alot. it is pretty cool not mant people have it but you are hearing it alot more now

11/10/2021 1:22:12 PM

I named my son Landon John in Oct. 2021. We love it. He joined Big Brother Jackson Thomas.

11/5/2021 10:45:36 AM

My name is Landon Paul Warren, I am "ONE" day old when 6 p.m. comes today. My mom is Christy and Daddy is Paul Warren (JR.) and I have 2 brothe's Jackson and Hunter. We will live in Pontotoc, MS when I go home tomorrow!

11/3/2021 3:45:18 PM

I'm 56 years old and my name is Landon Harrison. In the 60's and 70's no one had ever heard of the name Landon. Old timers refered to me as "Alf Landon" from the presidential candidate who got beat by FDR in 1936. My grandfather, born in 1880 was Landon Harrison. The name goes back several generations in my family. I'm glad that the name is getting popular. Although I'm still wierd, my first name Isn't any more.

11/1/2021 7:50:06 PM

Named my son Landon. The name is #51 on the most popular name list for 2017, although i've never met another Landon.

11/1/2021 6:55:12 PM

my 2 1/2 year old son is named Landon. I got the name out of my favorite book by my favorite author... A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. When I saw that I knew that was my sons name.

10/26/2021 1:46:30 PM

I wasnt sure until i read the comments above, thank you!!

10/22/2021 2:43:12 AM

I know 2 landons and they both hate having that name!!

10/6/2021 2:25:12 AM

Im having a baby'soon and at first I loved the name landon but my boyfriend didnt , but its such a cute name it ended up growing on him. Now its our number one choice for a boy.

9/27/2021 1:33:54 AM

I always think of Michael Landon. Love him! Love the name!

9/19/2021 11:28:48 AM

I am almost 12 weeks pregnant with our third (AND FINAL!!) baby... I already have one boy and one girl, so I don't care at all what this one is. I'm like whatever, I'll be happy with it. We will name this one Landon if It's a boy. Love the name!

9/12/2021 3:41:42 PM

My grandson Landon (English: Open grassy meadow) Matthew, born July 26. His great grandfather was a true English gardener who loved the outdoors. A connection between'the generations.....its a great name.

8/29/2021 1:08:42 PM

My name has been Landon since 2003, and I am glad to say that It's my name. A lot of people have said what a great name it is.

8/4/2021 1:49:12 PM

My son s name is Landon, I had a very difficult time finding a good name. When I found his name I loveeeeed it. I liked the way It's spelled, people still try calling him London or spell his name landen? Lol.. My first son's name is Isaiah, I wanted to choose a good name, that went with landon. Now m pregnant again, and yes it' s another boy. Not sure what to name my baby? Any suggestions would be helpful:)


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Landon?
The origin of the name Landon is English.
*️⃣ How many people are named Landon?
Almost 164000 people are named Landon.
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The names of Noah, Harmony, Mya, Colin, Luciana