Larissa meaning

: citadel or well-fortified town.

Larissa Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \l(a)-rissa, lar(is)-sa\
Number of People 👶 23,000
Rate in 2021 3138
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Larissa Name Meaning

Larissa is a name that conveys strength and resilience. Its meaning, derived from the Greek term for a fortified city or town, resonates powerful imagery of fortitude and defendability. It reflects a character who is protective, strong-willed, and reliable. Simultaneously, there exists a cool, classic air about the name. Uncommon enough to feel unique, yet with a pleasing sound that prevents it from feeling out of place in any era, Larissa is a timeless name well-suited to those of strong character and firm resolve.

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Larissa Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Larissa
Additional description of the name Larissa

The name Larissa finds its roots in Greek mythology, where Larissa was a nymph who was the mother of Pelasgus. Historically, it's the name of an ancient city in Greece. The vogue for Larissa took place in the 1970s and has maintained a steady presence since.

Cool Info About Name Larissa

Additional name description Larissa
Additional name description Larissa

Though there are not many famed figures named Larissa, an example would be Larissa Wilson, an English actress. The name has consistently graced the charts of popular names in several countries, including Brazil and Portugal. In terms of personality, individuals named Larissa are often thought to be determined, dependable and charismatic, exuding an aura of reliability. They're often open-minded and creative individuals who cherish community and family values. Larissa, as a name, provides an engaging blend of historical depth, personality resonance, and understated elegance – an attractive choice for those seeking names that are both profound and personable.

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Comments on the name Larissa
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Larissa and I really really love it. So many people compliment me on it and I love the nicknames Lissa and Liss for it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00


01/14/2024 00:00:00

i think its a really original name! :) many people complement me because of this name, i think its a realli kool name and i am privalidged to have it

01/14/2024 00:00:00

yeah,ive been a jeff for 17 years and honestly, i dont care. its a name, but yeah i get called joe quite often

12/28/2023 15:04:42

My name is LARISSA.I'm from Brazil!This name is common in many Brasil.Eu know "Larissas" between 3 and 10 years old, I have 13 years old .... I like my name! Here in Brazil is pronounced la-ree-sa!!! By Larissa Loolsie

12/04/2023 04:46:12

Larissa is a very pretty name thats fun to say as well as write

11/20/2023 22:11:40

My name is Larissa Mae Niki. Its beautiful and exotic. I always have people call me Larissa, why shorten a name with such beauty❤️

10/27/2023 10:42:38

My name is spelled Larysa it is pronounced la reesa. i get many compliments on the name especially the'spelling.

09/03/2023 23:17:52

That's my name. Its get really irritating sometimes because people hear it wrong and call me "Marissa", "Melissa", or "Clarissa". They also mispronounce it, and to top it off, they misspell it. I love that my name is unique, but I can't come up with a nickname for it.

08/23/2023 18:41:00

Larissa is a very pretty name I'must say until that ugly fat byatch off of flavor of love ( those of you who watch the'show, you know who I'm talkin about) Bootz, gave it a bad name.

07/30/2023 23:57:04

Larissa is my name. i love my name. yes people do misspell my name ALL the time they mormally spell it larrisa. i think it is pertty cool that larissa means cheerful and i am a cheerleader. funny huh well thank you for letting me search my name on this web site.

06/12/2023 22:26:14

My Name is Larissa but im gonna ch ange it to Tiffany becuz i can

03/01/2023 14:00:54

I love my name. I have been'told that It's very common in Russia where it is pronounced 'la-ree-sa'. May be spelled with one 's' or two, but either way It's pronounced the'same. I have not met another person with the'same name, but I have met a lot of 'Lara's, which is the'shortened form. Read Dr. Zhivago or watch the movie for confI'mation. Also take pride in the fact that Larissa is also a moon of Neptune, a city in Greece, an asteroid, and a sea nymph in mythology.

02/28/2023 05:58:52

My name is Larissa. People do not hear it correctly and think I say "Marissa or Melissa" (even'though I emphasize the "L" when saying my name). But I hate the nickname "La La." I'm 28 and It'sounds ridiculous. I have given my own nickname for my screen names as "Elle", which sounds way more classy. I also love it when people can pronounce my name is Spanish. I'm Mexican-American and It's just fitting.

01/05/2023 12:23:48

Yaa i like it there is only one other Haley in my highschool and soo It's pretty cool. I get called Hales sometimes, one of my friends calls me Halestorm :p Well cheers to all of you Haleys out there! :D

12/25/2022 17:46:28

my name's laurissa and It's a cool twist on larissa. :) also i like it because It's different + unique to you. :D

12/22/2022 08:04:24

I love the name Larissa! So much so that I named my first baby girl Larissa Joy. It's my favorite girls pretty and feminine. I still love it every time I say it!

12/05/2022 21:40:28

HI'my doughters name is Larissa and it meens hapyness. She is from South Africa.Born on the 8 March 2008. This is a very special name and she just love's it

11/22/2022 17:09:22

My friends name is larissa and i think its a cool name but i havent meet any other larissa's besides her and we are off to high school i wonder if there will be another larissa❤️!

11/18/2022 12:56:24

My name is Larissa and I love it, its unusual and beautiful and I like that I can be called Lara for short but have Larissa as my longer, more professional name.

09/17/2022 09:44:52

my name is larissa i don't like bc i get confused with marissa & corissa but i have a nickname crash

09/12/2022 16:00:46

Larissa is a good name. I am a Larissa and i love it lots of nicknames. La la Larissa

08/12/2022 17:50:24

My name is Larissa and i like it. only thing is i wish i had a nickname i could go by because SO MANY people are named Marissa. belive me, it is really hard to tell who people are talking to. i have an Alyssa and a Marissa on my soccer team. that is so CONFUSING. i really wish i had a nickname! but all and all i like my name.

01/02/2022 20:32:24

My name is Larisa and I love it. It's unique, yet feminine. People always say how pretty it is. Othe's often mispell it and add that extra "s." I think it is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

08/19/2021 08:50:24

I LOVE the name Larissa. Larissa with the nn Lacey is adorable!

07/07/2021 20:36:54

i can count on one hand the other larissas i've met in my lifetime. some people say it wrong and pronounce it "la-reesa" in stead of "la-rissa." many, many, many people compliment me on my name and tell me they think It's pretty. i think that's mainly because It's not common. i like having a different name.


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Larissa FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Larissa?
The origin of the name Larissa is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Larissa?
citadel or well-fortified town.
*️⃣ How many people are named Larissa?
Almost 23000 people are named Larissa.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Larissa?
The names of James, Michael, Lavaris