Delicate, Weary

Leah Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \leah\
Number in U.S 👶 232,000
Rate in 2021 124
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Meaning of Leah

Characteristics of the Name Leah:

They are very aggressive people. They decide according to the direction of events. They like to learn by doing. However, sometimes decision-making takes longer and they may fail. They are very honest and tolerant people. They love to do good. They love to travel. They may also have clumsiness due to their attacks.

They are people of love. They live for love. They are very fond of their freedom. They love to live life. They love to have fun outside with their friends. They have the ability to see and evaluate events from different aspects. They are objective thinkers.

He is a natural leader. He has his own opinions and thoughts. He does not make decisions under the influence of other people. He does not shy away from taking responsibility and duties. They are brave people. However, in some cases, they should not control their courage and make decisions immediately, be flexible and take into account the opinions of other people.

Name group 4: PLANCI

The most distinctive feature of your character is planning. You are an orderly and meticulous person. You are in favor of acting in a planned manner in all areas of your life. After you set your goals, you prepare your plans and take slow steps. You do not like uncertainty. You want to stick to the schedule. This habit of yours can be boring sometimes. You don't like surprises. You want to be able to see the future. You discover and create tactics. Most of the time, you reach your goal.

What Are the Advantages of the Name Leah?

Although each individual has different advantages, the general advantages of people with the name Leah are: Talented, Emotional, Sociable, Calm.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Name Leah?

Although each individual has different disadvantages according to their own, the disadvantages of people with the name Leah in general are that they are Gluttonous, Unnecessarily Stubborn.

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Comments on the name Leah
9/25/2022 2:39:12 PM

I spell my dd's name Leigha which didn't even show up. I think It's so pretty spelled this way

9/18/2022 6:39:48 PM

my name is Leah and i am 11 years old. i hate it when people spell my name wrong. a boy at my school spells it like this. Leagh. i dont know why but he does. i love my name xxxxxxxx

9/18/2022 1:04:46 PM

My name is friends Anoy me by calling me princess laia . And it works to!I get so tired of it I act like I am mad at them for days(i've gotton good at it)!

8/8/2022 3:07:30 AM

At the time I had my second daughter, my oldest daughter was 16. I wanted there to be a special bond between the two, even though there was so many years between them. I made my oldest daughter,along with my husband, one of my birthing coaches, so she could witness her little sister come into the world. I also named my baby girl after her. My oldest daughter's name is Taylor Leigh (pronunced Lee), and my baby girl was name Leah Shea. I feel that both of my girls have very strong and beautiful names.

7/21/2022 4:09:36 AM

My name is Leah Marie and I'm 20 years old. I absolutely love it, though I went through a phase in middle school where I wanted to change it. I have only known 4 other girls named Leah and 1 Leigha. Infact, I didn't know anyone with my name until high school. People always compliment my name, which I love. I don't like how it regularly gets pronounced Lee. As if people don't know what sounds letters make. My parents chose it out of the bible and liked it because it wasn't common but still very pretty. I have gotten plenty of star wars comments, a lot of "See ya, Leah"s, and a male teacher in 7th grade started singing "Ah, Leah" by Donnie Iris the first time he met me, in front of the class. Awkward. Still, It's a fun conversation starter, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

7/13/2022 2:59:24 PM

Well I am 9 and I am called Leah but when I was born my dad only knew 1 person called Leah and then I was called Leah everyone gets called it 😅

7/9/2022 11:09:00 PM

I like the name Leah, but I think it makes a better middle name, because It's plain. Still a very cute name! Would make a good first name paired with another name too, maybe like Leah Marie. My friend is named Leah

7/8/2022 11:21:36 PM

my names lucy i think mines a pretty name too but i really wish i was called leah

7/1/2022 1:02:24 AM

My name is Leah, and I used to not like it, but now that I am older, I love it. Everyone in my family calls me Leigh or Le, however you want to spell it. I was always the only Leah growing up in school. I think It's a timeless name and glad I have it.

6/29/2022 6:02:06 AM

my name is leim 14 and i like it alot i would have pick a better name

5/23/2022 1:48:18 PM

i named my daughter leah and i think its such a pretty name!!

5/16/2022 8:52:12 AM

Leah Avraham will set you free! God is Leah! Love is Leah! Italia is Ita-Leah! Australia is Autra=Leah! In the beginning God said, let there be Leah, and Leah is good! Leah is ChicaGod! Leah Is AmeriGod! There shall be no other God before Leah! Honor thy mother Leah and thy Father HerziLeah! Amazing Leah How sweet the'sound! Hail Leah Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee! Holy Leah Mother of God! What this world needs now is Leah sweet Leah! God Bless Leah and Leah Bless God! Its very nice to be important but its more impportant to be Nice Leah! Peace on Earth begins with Leah! The whole world is a single Leah! Love thy Leah as thyself! Thou shall not lie Leah! Thou shall not Steal Leah! Thou shall not kill Leah! Thou shall not commit adutery Leah! Leah is a Jewish American Princess! Leah is a J.A.P.! Leah in the morning, Leah in the evening, Leah at suppertime, won't you be my Leah and love Leah all the time! When I go to sleep I never count sheep I count all the charms about Leah! Good light leah!

5/13/2022 1:15:54 AM

My best friend is named Leah. I love the name but it doesnt fit her that well. It is simple, biblical,classic, and easy to pronounce!

4/24/2022 1:35:42 AM

People always complement me on my name. thay say how unique and beautiful it is. my parents surely did a great job!

4/15/2022 12:38:06 PM

My name is Leah and people always pronounce it Lee. I love my name but that drives me crazy (I think Lee is an ugly name)! Adding an 'H' at the end clearly makes it Lee-ah, even without the 'H' It's clearly Lee-ah and yet at least 70% of people who read my name'say Lee.

4/1/2022 12:49:48 PM

People pronounce it "Lee" all the time, but I think its a pretty name and have had many compliments.

3/19/2022 5:29:42 AM

My name is Rhea I have a friend that is Leah They are like the'same exsept I have a R at the'starting of my name'she has a L.

3/14/2022 8:22:30 AM

I love the name Leah. One of my favourite books (Twilight) has a girl called Leah in it and she is a great character. In general it is pronounced "Lee-ah" but the bible says otherwise. I am thinking of naming my daughter Leah, if i have one. It is a very pretty name.

2/7/2022 3:43:30 PM

People spell and mispronounce my name ALL the time and I don't understand it because It's so simple. Anyway, I love my name! You don't hear it much and I think It's pretty.

1/31/2022 5:11:42 PM

Hello to other Leahs as well! I also have trouble with misspellings and mispronouncing, but it almost makes it better because It's nice to see someone spell or pronounce it right the first time and if someone cares enough, they'll work to get it right. Sometimes I dislike it, but most of the time I like it because It's so feminine, simple and sweet, plus not many people around my area seem to be named Leah.

1/25/2022 7:22:12 PM

My name is Leah, I'm twenty years old and I absolutely, purely hate it! I didn't mind it as much as a kid but when I got into my teens, mostly my late teens, it just sounded so childish. When I complained about when my mother named me that name'she'said, "It was unique at the time! If you hate It'so much, change it love." I would love to change it but when I ask people to what, they say, "Nothing. Your name'suits you.."

12/28/2021 1:21:18 PM

of course i give it a thumbs up its my name and its beautiful!

12/7/2021 9:31:48 AM

I have always liked it(it is my name), but it is annoying to be called "Lee" which is my uncle's name.

11/25/2021 7:28:30 AM

People never know how to spell my name and they pronounce it "Leigh." It'seems like it would be clear in this spelling. Le-ah but its not I guess. Overall everyone thinks its a very cool name and one that I wouldn't trade! I also get the'star wars reference but like it as well.

10/16/2021 7:38:24 AM

People call me Leigha, Lea, Leia, Lee, and I get called an oxymoron cause it means weary and I barely sleep.

10/12/2021 10:18:36 AM

Leah is pretty. WAY WAY better than those other Biblical names like Rebecca. BORING REBECCA. I do wonder if the name as noted by othe's would cause confusion with spelling and pronounciation.

9/12/2021 1:03:18 AM

My name is Leah and I like my name, it means "weary", but Leah was the ancestor of Jesus! a lot of people take to calling me "Princess Leah." It'shows on the chart that it was reeally popular in the 80's, but i've still only ever known a handful of people with the name. Amazingly, It'seems to be very difficult to pronounce and spell. i've been called : Lia, Lea, Lee, and I tell people "It's been around for thousands of years y'know." I think It's really pretty and I'm glad It's mine:-)

8/31/2021 9:52:30 PM

My name is Leah. I like my name for the most part but I hate it when people spell it wrong. I'mean i could name over a thousand different ways that people spell it. It gets annoying when you have to spell it out for everyone cause they can't figure out how. I also absoloutely hate it when people call me Leah like princess leah from star wars. I'mean hello do you see any cinna-buns sticking out from the'side of my head? I love the meaning of my name. The wife of Jacob (well one of the two). And mother of the'six tribes of the chosen. The other two meanings of Leah I don't really like. They are weary and....COW! I'mean do I look like a cow! Do I walk on four legs like a cow! Do I eat my lawn for breakfast? Do I have freakin spots on my back. whatever. I like my name i just wish people would learn to spell.

8/20/2021 9:26:24 PM

My name is Leah and I am 35 years old. I hated the name when I was a kid but now I really like it -- I think It's classy.

8/20/2021 2:13:30 AM

HI'my name is Leah, i go to a french school so people call my Lay-Ah, i love it! My nickname at school is Princess Lay-ah from Star-wars.i know 3 other Leah`s.

8/12/2021 1:58:12 PM

My names spelt Leah but people always pronounce it as lee

7/12/2021 2:04:30 PM

My daughter, born 12/8/09 is named Leah Shea. I love the name, I hope she likes it when she's a "big girl"

7/7/2021 5:03:36 AM

People often say incorrectly. i've gotten "Lee" and once someone even said "Leech." And the jokes about Star Wars and the Roy Orbison song are getting a little old. In addition, some people wonder if It's pronounced "Lee-uh" or "Lay-uh." I don't have a preference, really, so my friends choose the pronunciation they like.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Leah?
The origin of the name Leah is Hebrew.
*️⃣ How many people are named Leah?
Almost 232000 people are named Leah.
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The names of Luna, Leo, Leon, Lane, Lena