Lesa meaning

: Flax

Lesa Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \l(e)-sa\
Number of People 👶 11,000
Rate in 2021 24539
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 American
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Lesa Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Lesa
Additional description of the name Lesa
"Lesa" is a beautiful name for girls that has American origin. Meaning of the name Lesa is: "Flax".

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Comments on the name Lesa
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My Name is Lesa . I get people who because they know someone with that'spelling,of course It's me "because no one else spells their name that way"I get accused for what the other one has done.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Lesa is also my name. Named Lesa Marie (along with countless othe's who were Lisa Marie for the Elvis times). Reason for spelling is my Grandpa said I is pronounced 'eye' and e is pronounced eeeee so hence the'spelling. Unfortunately he called me LessUh as well. Oh and let us not forget i grew up in Norweigen area so they would add a 'f' in le(f)sa for lefsa haha. After 39 years I have gotten quite used to it and have fun with correcting people who spell with an i.

12/22/2023 07:43:32

My name is Lesa also. As a child I did not care for the'spelling cuz I could NEVER find anything spelt this way. As an adult I like it as it is rather unique. I have been called Less uh but anyone who knows there grammer knows the "e" is short ONLY when followed by two of the'same constanants i.e. lessa. When followed by a single constanant it is a long "e". So bah to those that do not know how to pronounce Lesa.

12/11/2023 02:31:24

my name is lesa to and no one has ever'spelled it right and i get less a to

11/25/2023 15:38:08

I am a Lesa. Named After my Grandma whose name was Leatha (pronounced "Lee-a-tha"). My mother thought It'sounded like you had a lisp to say it. She thought It'sounded like the name Lisa but kept the e. i'very much so enjoy my name and It's spelling. A lot of my friends have know me so long they say It's weird now to see the name "Lisa".

11/12/2023 11:24:40

I know a Lesa, but admit I'misspelled her name at first. Lisa is more common, an abbreviation of Elizabeth, which may be why othe's get the name wrong as well. Compare Lesa pronunciations with Mesa or Peso; always the "ay" in it (sounds Mexican), versus Lisa pronunciations with Dino, Fino, or Pizza; always to "ee" in it (sounds Italian).

11/09/2023 16:59:32

My name was spelt Lesa after my mum asked my 6yr old sister on how to spell my name.. I love my name'spelt differently.. makes my name unique:)

10/26/2023 00:01:54

My name is Lesa and people hardly ever'spell it correctly. When I adamantly tell them It's "Lesa with an e" they are most times very surprised. Some people think i've changed the'spelling to be different or unique. When spelled correctly people are unsure of how to pronounce it. To me, just looking at it this way makes perfect sense (to me)that It'sHOULD be spelled this way instead of with an i. I have yet to meet another person with my name'spelled this way. Pretty rare I guess❤️❤️

07/14/2023 12:22:36

I love the fact that my name is different, I have never met another Lesa yet and I always get comments on how different the'spelling is. I think our name is FAB!!!

07/02/2023 12:04:18

My Names Lesa but people call me Lisa which i dont really like id prefer them call me Less-Uh because i feel thats the right pronounciation surely it has a E for Something!!! But i got named after my Grandma it was part of her first name which was her nickname!! But i love my name and yet i get annoyed when people say it wrong! People Spell it with a I and i dont meets much Lesa like I'meet loads of Sarahs or Daniels but my name is unique and i love it all my life i have not met another Lesa!

06/21/2023 01:34:46

My name is Lesa. I also get called "Less UH" I agree, very annoying. It has made me very intent on spelling and pronouncing other peoples names correctly. I also get asked or told that my name is spelled wrong. Imagine - I don't even know how to spell my own name!

05/25/2023 23:00:30

Lesa is my name, i've had people i've known for ages spell it wrong. As has been mentioned it has also made me careful with spelling and pronouncing other people's names. I love my name. It'seems more common in the U.S., but here in Australia It's fairly unique, people are always surprised by how It's spelt.

04/21/2023 10:49:46

I get "Less UH" as well; I hate that. I agree that it has made me more sensitive regarding the pronunciation of names. As an English Second Language teacher, I encounter a variety of names from Korean to Spanish. So I don't feel so alone about explaining my name anymore. My mom said she wanted me to be different and to speak up for myself. I never imagined there were so many of us named "Lesa". :)

03/27/2023 09:49:36

NO one says my name right. I get called "Less Uh" and everything else but "Lesa" And no one spells it right either. It is quite annoying.

03/24/2023 20:41:52

My name is Lesa many people missplell my name,before i was a teenager i hated it because i thought my parents spelt it wrong.I am 28 years old and i dont think that there is anyone in this world who loves there name more than me today .

03/06/2023 03:55:46

I am a Lesa and as a kid, I didn't like being different. Now I love it! As someone else said it is a classic with a cute twist! I get Less UH and correct them. As far as I am concerned LESA is phonetically correct!

01/05/2023 18:16:28

People insis on writing it with many 'e's - Leeesa or Leesa. Go figure

01/04/2023 23:10:18

My name is also Lesa. I have always loved it because it is classic and unique and the'same time. I also get "Less UH" and now all of my friends will call me that as a term of endearment:) At 24, I have gotten over people spelling it wrong (I have a very unique last name too so I'm just numb to both of them being spelled wrong). But I am always very happy when I tell people my name and they say "ok, L-i-s-a, right❤️" and I get to say, "no, It's actually Lisa with an e". And people ALWAYS compliment:) I get a compliment on my name just about every day!

12/09/2022 10:54:08

I love it. I think having the name Lesa spelled with an E is just plain cute. It's simple but with a little, out of the ordinary, spin. Which is a perfect way to describe my personality. Only the coolest people on earth are allowed this name.. so please factor that in. I'm kidding, relax. Peace and love-Lesa Also- Congrats on the new girl!

11/26/2022 18:43:38

My name is Lesa. My mother got my name out of a book about a girl that was named Lesa spelled with and E and since my last name was long (Kincheloe) and hard to pronounce, she thought it would be easier to say. I get asked how do you say your name all the time. I had one girl tell me she was just going to call me Le . And I'am always haveing to spell it for them. I don't know where they get the i to begine with

10/02/2022 16:31:16

I was actually happy to come across this web site and see that there are other people with the'same name "Lesa". Now I do not feel so alone. For the longest time I didn't beli've my mom when she'said she found the name in a book of baby names on different ways to spell Lesa. I figured she read it wrong. I also get the whole "Less Uh" thing to. Other then'that I love my name.

07/22/2022 07:36:36

I get called Lessa alot or I have to correct people. I have lost count at how many times I have had to spell and pronounce my first name. I, however really dig my name.

06/12/2022 10:31:12

Oh yes, It'stated that Lesa was most popular in 1974. Coincidentally, I was born in 1974!! On point, my mom, I guess! If I don't make it a mention to spell it L E S A, I always get LISA. But I like the way it was spelled. So big up to all the LESA....GOD BLESS

05/26/2022 14:05:24

I am a Lesa too. I'm Australian. The name is rare here. I only know of 2 othe's. My Mum wanted to name me after a friend she knew when she was 16, but my Dad hated normal names. So I'm named after a Lisa but mine us spelt Lesa.

02/19/2022 09:32:42

I'm a Lesa also and I always get Less-UH. As a kid i hated the'spelling of me name but today I love it and I always get complements on it.

02/05/2022 21:38:06

My name is Lesa and my mother thought Le sounded more like e than I. That was in 1970 and when I started school there were a lot of Lisa but mine was the only Lesa. My doctor had a daughter with my first and middle name that thought my name was prettier. Every place I ever worked by the time I left the boss was spelling Lesa with an e no matter if it was another worker.

10/06/2021 07:54:36

My name is also Lesa and live in UK. As a child people would often call me Lessa. I was always correcting them saying its pronounced the'same way as Lisa.. On many occasions i've wished it had been spelt Leesa just so people would pronounce it properly. It is annoying when people can't even pronounce a 4 letttered word easily. I'm now 44 years old and have past caring. I now enjoy correcting people and when meeting new people its a great topic / ice breaker. I do still however get annoyed when I fill out forms and my documentation comes back with my name'spelt Lisa. Why do people insist that they know best and think that I can't spell my own name properly.. Overall it is unusual and it Isn't a bad name to live with.

07/08/2021 18:34:30

The only problem I have found with naming my daughter this, is that a LOT of dogs also have the'same name...maybe It's just me. But EVERYONE has named their dog Bella! Even Oprah!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Lesa?
The origin of the name Lesa is American.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Lesa?
*️⃣ How many people are named Lesa?
Almost 11000 people are named Lesa.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Lesa?
The names of Lina, Lance, Katerina, Linus, Lonzo