Madeline meaning

: Woman From Magdala

Madeline Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-deli-ne, mad(e)-line\
Number of People 👶 191,000
Rate in 2021 236
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Madeline Name Meaning


Madeline is a feminine name that comes from the traditional French name 'Madeleine'. To make a distinction between Magdalene and the other Marys named in the New Testament (i.e., the Virgin Mother and/or Mary, the sister of Martha), Madeleine was formed as another version of Magdalene in Medieval France. Mary Magdalene was from “Magdala” which was a small town on the Sea of Galilee. The name of this town comes from the Aramaic “Maghdela” which means “tower.” Christian families around the world show respect to her by naming their daughters Magdalena (Spanish); Magdalene, Marlene, Magda (German); Madeleine (French); Madeline (English), and several new respellings like Madelyn (largely considered American).

This name was brought to England by the French in 1066. Its earliest form was Maudelen which later changed into Madeline.

Cool Info About Name Madeline

Additional name description Madeline
Additional name description Madeline


What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name her Madeline?

Making the world a better place is something that you strive for. You always use your creative and artistic talents to reach your goals. You are beautiful, knowledgeable, and stylish, both in appearance and the way that you carry yourself.

Peace and harmony are your main priorities. You need friends and society. You have a gentle nature and try to avoid unnecessary confrontations. You do not like to be uncertain and uncertainty creates an inner battle for you. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to share what is in your mind. Unfortunately, you’ll give up when you face a more aggressive person. It is because you try to avoid tension. You do not like to use force.

The only time you stop working is when you have reached your desired goal. You have a lot of energy at work. A structured workplace is good for you. This kind of setting makes you feel safe and financially stable. Your attitude toward life is very reasonable.

How do people react to you?

When people hear this name, they think that you are mysterious, is not dependent on others, and must be respected. Others think of you as an intellectual and a noble person. Being well-dressed increases your confidence and dignity.

In general, people think that this name is formal, classic, and from the upper class.

Lucky colors: Red, pink, crimson, and other deep shades of red

Lucky day(s): Monday and Friday


Here are some famous people named Madeline:

Madeline Kahn (actress)


For more than one 100 year, Madeline has consistently been present as a popular female name in the list of the most popular names in the U.S. Its lowest periods of usage were between the 1960s and 1980s, but it came back to its previous place in the mid-1990s and achieved Top 100 status for the first time in 1994 (this name even made it to the Top 50 in 1998). Since then, Madeline has managed to stay in the mixture of the Top 100 list of most favorite baby girl names (it must be noted that Madelyn is now the preferred spelling in the U.S.).

In short, Madeline is still a classic name that has a “cute” feeling to it (thanks to the popular children’s book character), and yet, it works well in adulthood as well

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Comments on the name Madeline
01/14/2024 00:00:00

hI'my name is Madalin with an A not an E but most people call m maddie or smiley babbezz cuzi alwas smile cuz thats whats us madaline or madeline do we brighin up every days

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am pregnant with my first child and we have decided that her name will be Madeline. I think this is a beautiful name that although is becoming more popular, it is still unique. I don't think there is a "right" way to spell this name, but this is the way we chose.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Mad-ah-line is how I pronounce my daughter's name when I don't call her Mads or Chickadee. She's four and loves to introduce he'self to people. She'says her whole name in a rushed introduction: Madeline Aurora Esperanza, all great names. IMHO, lol

01/02/2024 22:19:56

My name is Madeline. I was born into the pronunciation, Mad-uh-line but since kindergarten It's been Mad-uh-lynn. But people don't really call me Madeline other then my family. At school I'm called MC for my initials, and at summer camps I'm called Maddy (I don't like it when people spell it Maddie- it annoys me). Sometimes people will spell my name Madeleine which really annoys me, Madeline is so much prettier looking and I love the names girly frilly pastel sound- especially when pronounced Mad-uh-line.

12/28/2023 17:08:08

My name is Madeline, and I love it! I didn't like it when I was little because little girls always hate their names, but now I appreciate how simple and sophisticated it is. i've gone by Maddie since I was a kid, but plan to start introducing myself as Madeline when I start college this fall so I can go back to it. This name was also very uncommon when I was born (2004) but now It's rising in popularity like never before! Copycats :P. Also my name is pronounced Mad-uh-lynn. I hate when people try to pull that Made-uh-line bs with me!

12/09/2023 21:43:20

My name is madeline, I don't know much other madelines other than my sisters friend. But she is two years older than me so I don't really hang out with her. Sometimes, if I tell someone my name is maddie, they will end up calling me "Madison" I really dont like that name that much, so It agrivates me when someone says that. And I have also been mistaken by the name "Natalie" If someone hears my name really quickly and its not really going to matter later they wont pay attention to your name, Like one time someone forgot my name and was like "Your name is Gianna right❤️" I was like "NO❤️ That doesnt make any sense❤️!!!❤️" say them, Maddie, Gianna❤️❤️❤️❤️ WHATT!!❤️ \ Another thing I hate is when people spell my name with a 'y' an 'ie' is soo much more awesome! I love my name, and If your reading this and your name is madeline too, I hope you enjoy your name! -Madeline

12/01/2023 10:38:42

My name is Madeline Elizabeth, pronounced like Madelyn. Everyone calls me Maddie.

11/27/2023 20:49:46

So do you pronounce it Mad-uh-LINE like I do❤️ I think It'sounds sweet.

11/27/2023 09:04:26

I pronounce my name Mad-a-line but I spell it Madeline and i've never had anyone pronounce it right when'they read it, they always pronounce it mad-e-lin. Sometimes even when I tell them how It's actually pronounced they forget and keep calling me mad-e-lin. It's really annoying.

11/24/2023 19:03:48

If you lived in France, the name Madeline would be pronounced Mad-eh-LEEN not Mad-eh-LINE. The proper French spelling is Madeleine and is pronounced Mad-eh-LENN. The extra E makes a difference in the way the French pronounce the name. Most of the world pronounce Madeline as Mad-eh-lenn similar to Mad-a-lynn. Only Americans mispronounce Madeline as Mad-a-LINE with a long I.

11/20/2023 18:04:48

my name is madaline and i spell it oddly like madaline.

11/20/2023 12:47:24

My name is madeline, It's the best name in the world! I pronounce it Mad-ah-lynn, I don't like how LINE sounds. I absolutely HATE it when people pronounce it Mad-ah-LINE too!

11/02/2023 01:18:42

I love this name, I named my baby Madeline, but it bothe's me when people think It'should be pronouced Mad-a-Line. It's pronounced Mad-a-lynn.

10/12/2023 18:02:38

I love my name because even if thats my name i can have many nick names but many people spell it Madelyn or some other weird spelling. Over all i wouldn't trade my name for anything!

10/09/2023 10:06:22

My name is madeline and I love it. I always was called deli and then when i told people my true name , they uses to say ohh what a pretty name.

10/07/2023 11:40:18

My name is Madeline (Mad-ah-line) which sounds sooooo mcuh better than boring Mad-ah-lyn, most Maddies in Aus are either Mad-ah-lyns or Madisons which is really annoying because my school teache's can never pronounce my name. Otherwise It's a pretty cool name, I like how you can be called Maddie or Madz and sound pretty tomboyish and Madeline sounds so pretty and delicate.

10/03/2023 10:41:18

i like it because u cant rhyme any thing with It'so people cant take the mickey out of u

09/04/2023 19:52:12

I love my name. My dad gave me that name.. he said it's very classy and unique.

08/22/2023 19:27:58

Since Madison is SO over'sed and popular, kids with this age will be just another "Maddie" out of ten othe's in her class. It's too bad, because I LOVE the name. Madison is the only thing that holds me back from naming my daughter Madeline :(

08/05/2023 23:22:08

I love this name, if i ever have a baby girl when im older im going to call her Madeline and Maddie for short Pronounced Mad-uh-Lin :)

08/01/2023 21:47:52

My daughter is named Madeline (pronounced Mad-eh-lynn). I didn't realize just how popular it was when we chose it a few years ago. Almost everywhere we go, there is another Madeline or Maddie. We still love the name, but wish it weren't so common. We also prefer our daughter not be nicknamed Maddie, but people automatically assume that'she is and call her Maddie.

07/27/2023 09:15:14

I love my name! My father passed away when I was a baby but I have a picture he carried of me in his wallet and he wrote Madelyn although my birth certificate is Madeline. It's mispelled all the time or people shorten it to Maddie or Mad. I love the meaning behind my name. People i've met in the past with the'same name get excited to know someone else shares the name. It's cool! :)

07/23/2023 12:40:44

I agree 100% with the first comment. Those are my EXACT thoughts that i think ALL THE TIME! I really don't like the name maddison and I don't like being called it even more. I also think that ie is a much better way to end maddie than y because i think it looks more like a name than just a nickname. A lot of people call me Mad eh Line though and Ive gotten so used to the'sounds of both Mad eh lynn and Mad eh Line that'sometimes I have to say them both to myself to find out whether or not the person said my name right! I never wanted to be just the common Maddie so I'make up for it with the rest of my name... Madeline Laura Anastasia. Madeline can either be french or hebrew, Madeline for hebrew meaning "from magdala" (like Mary Magdalene) or french- Madeleine.

07/22/2023 04:21:04

I love my name--It's a family name, aunt and great grandmother have my name. I am saddened by its recent popularity. No one ever'spells it correctly.

07/21/2023 01:01:10

my name is mad a lyn but even my friends pronouse it the other way

07/15/2023 03:04:16

I've been thinking about naming my daughter Madeline Belle for a while. I think both names are lovely and flow nicely together. (:

07/06/2023 23:55:44

My best friend's name is Madeline and every one always asumes she wants to be called Maddie even'though she just goes by Madeline. Also, some people call her mad-ah-line(like the cartoon character) and she pronounces it mad-ah-lynn.

06/27/2023 11:17:00

I have a friend called Madeline. Her nickname is Madi though... It gets confusing sometimes becuase of another Madi but her name is Madison :L

06/24/2023 16:34:14

My name is Madeline and I love it, simply because It's sweet and pretty and individual and it was my great grandmothe's name. I can't stand some really commom names. It's also cool as I can shorten it to anything I like such as Maddy, Del, Lin. It's cute and I'm glad more people are warming to it now, although I hope it doesn't get hugely popular, I want a little uniqness to remain

05/28/2023 13:01:08

My name is Madeline. I was named after my great grandma Madelena(from Italy) However, my french teacher calls me Mad-Lenn, not Mad-a-Line. So I always wonder if I go to France if they'll call me Mad-Len, or Mad-a-line.

05/23/2023 13:42:00

I love being a Madeleine. It fits me to a T. It's inter'sting to see how names become more and less popular as the years go by. When I was little I was really proud to be the only Madeleine. Now, there seem to be thousands of little girls with the'same name... and a lot of them don't necessarilly look like they fit the name.

05/11/2023 14:34:14

My daughters name is Madeline Rose

05/11/2023 11:37:54

My name is madeline. And I love it. I love how It'sounds. I love when my friends calls me maddy. The correct way to spell it is mad ah line.

05/10/2023 01:32:26

I love this name, but am hesitant to use it because of that little red-haired french cartoon character of the'same name :)

05/05/2023 11:02:18

My name is Madeline, (Mad- a- lynn) but i go by Maddie. It's a great name! Maddie I think is a cute fun name, and then when It's time to be serious Madeline comes out!

05/01/2023 04:45:54

I love my name but hate when people mispronounce it Mada-LINE, so I'll probably change the'spelling in the near future. It's become too popular, though, but I'm the only Madeline even close to legal drinking age I know!

04/02/2023 10:25:12

My seven yr old daughter is named Madeline! I just love the name, It'suits her to a T!

03/27/2023 14:14:06

I love the name Madelyn. It is the name I gave to my first daughter. It'sounds beautiful and elegant. I hate when people assume she is Maddie. Her name is to pretty to shorten'to such a mediocre sounding nickname.

03/27/2023 00:42:58

My name is 'Madeline' - but I pronounce it like 'Madelyn'. I'll respond to either pronunciations though, and it doesn't really matter much, seen how most people call me 'Maddie'.

03/13/2023 16:22:38

I have just named my baby daughter Madeline Rose. I love the name, its just so pretty! And she does go by Maddie most of the time!

02/16/2023 01:51:20

my name is madeline and i like itz sounds better in french that is why at school i always tell my teacher to call me madeline don't pronounce it like madelynn. i don't like when'they pronounce it in english. to me in french It'sound special hehe. mon nom est especial. lolz. :)

02/15/2023 23:30:16

i love this name I'm going to name my little girl madeline grace

02/04/2023 17:07:36

If You're going to name your daughter Madi, name her Madeline. Madison is a boy's name. It means "SON (MAN) of a warrior." Madeline means "WOMAN from Magdala". The'same problem applies to Allison. Allicine or Alicyn can be used instead. But this is a side issue. Madeline is a GREAT NAME TO USE if you want to call your DAUGHTER Madi. No "-SON" name needed. :)

01/28/2023 12:01:34

I love this just named my baby Madeline!!

01/15/2023 14:16:02

It's a beautiful name, seems classy, but if You're cute child, it can be maddie :)

01/14/2023 05:56:22

We named our little princess "Adeline" and because we live in the deep south...she gets Addie Jo a lot bc of her middle name...Joann We love it!

01/06/2023 05:08:54

I am thinking about naming my unborn daughter Madeline. It will be pronounced Mad-Ah-Line

01/05/2023 17:41:12

hi my name is madeline to and mostly everybody has called me maddie since i was just a baby but there r so many differen ways that people can call u madeline!!! like they could call u maddie or madison or even double d for instance but it doesnt matter which i way i use but i will always love my name!!

01/01/2023 02:18:10

I have a friend named Madeline, who goes by Maddy, and has said she doesn't like her full name, but she likes Maddy.

12/30/2022 17:58:30

This is my name (spelled Hayley). I like it. It has a good sound to it, It's not overly common for girls my age. But I agree with the above comment that there is always a little kid wherever I am that has it now. And, every person I have ever known has spelled it wrong, even when'they know me for months.

12/28/2022 03:40:14

i love this name because of madeline fitzpatrick a.k.a. maddie the candy girl on the'suite life of zack and cody... ASHLEY TISDALE ROCKS

12/09/2022 01:29:52

Haha My name is Madeline AND I have red hair so when I was little my Godmother always got me merchandise from the French cartoon Madeline(who in fact has red hair). Quite a coincidence that I was named Madeline and I have redhair aint it❤️ lol

12/02/2022 04:55:12

My name is Madeleine Beth, my mom used to call me MadelBeth when I was younger. Some friends call me Maddy, but I prefer Madeleine. (Mad-a-lynn)

11/28/2022 04:31:28

My daughter's name ins Madeline. She actullay has red hair too

11/11/2022 10:46:42

I love the name Madeline I think its so stylish, i wish my name was madeline I know a girl who is called it and people always get it wrong (punctuation wise. We pronounce it Mad-er-lin

11/01/2022 20:22:10

My name is Madeline (Mad-uh-line). It gets kind of annoying when people call me Mad-uh-lyn because that's the usual pronunciation, I guess. i've met Madeleines and Madelines both Mad-uh-lyn. But I prefer being Madeline. It's a good conversation starter to correct someone if they're wrong. I'm in high school and go by Maddie to my friends but I think that I'll be Madeline when I'm older. My last name has 3 syllables and I think it goes well together.

10/24/2022 12:31:30

we named our 16 month old Lyla (pronounced Lie-la) and couldn't be happier with the name. People do frequently mispronounce it as Lay-la which I don't quite understand because there is no "e" or "a" before the y.

10/07/2022 07:36:40

There is a beautiful girl I know named Katherine. She's nice and kind and her name really fits her wonderful personality. I like calling her Kat because it really fits the fact that'she never really listens to me about anything and always does her own thing.:)

09/18/2022 16:01:06

My name is Madeline (pronounced Mad-ah-lynn) and I love it! It's unqiue and elegant. Like a previous poster remarked, my French teacher also pronounces my name Mad-LENN. I can't stand when people pronounce my name Mad-el-INE. I'm so proud of my name--It's simple and beautiful!

08/02/2022 01:38:24

My name is Melissa and I am 8 months pregnant. I'm having a girl and will be naming her Madeleine Isabelle.

07/13/2022 17:44:06

I love this name. I will be naming my baby girl Madeline Rose!

06/21/2022 19:36:36

my name is madeline! I never really likes my name till rexntly when I turned 14! I love my name! All of my friends call me maddie! I really don't like the name maddie but I'm stuck with the nickname'so be careful with starting with the name maddie.

06/18/2022 16:34:48

This will be our second daughter's name - Anneliese. We LOVE the name.

04/07/2022 06:04:48

I love the name Madeleine. I pronounce it the french way, Mad-e-line.

03/27/2022 19:22:12

My middle name is Madeline, but I go by my first name. Most people don't know my middle name. It is pronounced Mad-a-line, and I really hate when people pronounce it Mad-a-lin. I love this name, even'though It's a little cutesy little girl for me.

12/22/2021 18:16:30

I just named my newborn daughter Madeline. I love this name.

10/27/2021 19:03:18

erin, there are many spellings to the name but u can pronounce it any way u want


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Madeline?
The origin of the name Madeline is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Madeline?
Woman From Magdala
*️⃣ How many people are named Madeline?
Almost 191000 people are named Madeline.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Madeline?
The names of Mackenzie, Mckenzie, Gracelyn, Makenzie, Cade