Mallory meaning

: unfortunate or ill-omened.

Mallory Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-llo-ry\
Number of People 👶 56,000
Rate in 2021 1112
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 French
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Mallory Name Meaning

Mallory is a name of Old French origin, meaning "unfortunate" or "ill-omened." Despite its somewhat gloomy meaning, the name has a certain charm and elegance to it. It has a classic and cool vibe, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a unique yet traditional name for their baby.

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Mallory Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Mallory
Additional description of the name Mallory
The name Mallory has its roots in Old French. It was originally a surname derived from the phrase "malheure," meaning "unfortunate" or "ill-omened." Despite its less than positive meaning, the name gained popularity as a given name, especially in English-speaking countries. It is both a male and female name, but it more commonly used as a female name in recent times.

Cool Info About Name Mallory

Additional name description Mallory
Additional name description Mallory
Famous people named Mallory include Mallory Jansen, an Australian actress known for her roles in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Galavant," and Mallory Pugh, a professional soccer player for the United States women's national soccer team.
In terms of popularity, the name Mallory peaked in the 1980s and 1990s in the United States but has since declined. However, it remains a beloved choice for parents seeking a classic and cool name with a touch of uniqueness.
As for personality traits, people named Mallory are often thought to be creative, independent, and strong-willed. They are known for their determination and resilience, a nod to the name's original meaning of "unfortunate" – they are individuals who can turn adversity into strength.
In conclusion, the name Mallory, with its rich history and unique meaning, is a beautiful choice for any child. Despite its original connotation of misfortune, it has come to symbolize strength, resilience, and individuality – traits that any parent would be proud to bestow upon their child.
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Comments on the name Mallory
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm a Mallory and prefer it that way. I once met a Mallori, but felt the 'i' felt flimsy and demonstrated character weakness :) I love my name, but wish the Mallory in the Babysitter's Club had been more attractive. She gave a bad name to Mallorys in my opinion!

12/14/2023 13:06:22

Mallory is my grandmother's maiden name. Several in my family were wanting to use the name but they had boys, so my Mallory got it. She's now 5 and It'suits her perfectly. I just have to work on in-laws that want to call her "Mall'ry".

11/28/2023 15:03:02

I named my daughter Mallory Ellynn, she was born in 1999. I liked the name because it was so unique----we didn't hear of a another Mallory for years! People at first thought we named her Valerie. Mallory suits her personality to a T. I read that Mallory means "warrior" and that is her, very strong willed.

11/02/2023 09:50:04

My name is spelled "Malorie" and I love it. Most people will spell it "Mallory" b/c it is the'standard spelling. A lot of people say they like my name and it is uncommon. I have been called things like "Melanie" and "Marjorie" many times.

09/29/2023 19:06:34


09/11/2023 18:30:18

My 2 yr old daughter's name is Malorie. We love the name and get many compliments on it being original, but not being a trendy name. People refer to family ties all the time... My daughters character'stics are as follows:very independent, great imagination, mellow/laid back personality. Her nicknames are Mal, Mali, Malicat, Mali-boo... when she's older I am sure Mal will stick... One time someone thought I called her Valorie, but no other mix-ups. I LOVE MALORIE!

09/08/2023 17:19:36

I love the name Mallory. I named my teacup yorkie Mallory and people compliment her name all the time.

08/07/2023 13:16:50

I almost never meet anyone else with the name Mallory. Most people say what a unique or unusual name. I love it, It'suits me well even if many people spell it incorrectly.

07/26/2023 19:26:28

i named my daughter MALERIE no one ever'spells it like that,.lol..i named her after juliette lewis in natural born killers i love her,.i did spell it different as u can see,but i also love it cuz It'sounds like a comman name like valerie but has a lil twist to it,..

07/22/2023 06:06:52

I love being a Mallory! As someone said, It's a rare name in Australia and I am yet to come across another person by that name :) Unfortunately, when I introduce myself to othe's I have to repeat my name because they call me 'Valerie' -_-

07/06/2023 21:17:02

My name is Mallory and i've had many similar experiences as these other postings... I never really appreciated my name too much, except I have always enjoyed having a unique name. i've met a handful of other Mallorys in my lifetime, but only because i've moved around so much. What kept me from really liking my name, aside from all the mispronouncing, was that I read it means "the unlucky one" or "the unfortunate one." But every name has many meanings and I do like to think that I am a conqueror of misfortunes, not a victim. In the end, the name has grown on me. It, like me, is very different from most and yet somewhat familiar to everyone.

06/15/2023 05:58:56

hello fellow mallorys i am also a mallory who lov the name mallory i am named after my grandmother named mally.I think the name mallory is unique and pretty for girl.

05/27/2023 14:05:44

there's a guy in my class named kai. i call him bi.

05/16/2023 09:46:30

My name is Mallory. I like how my mom spelled it with two Ls and a y not ie . i've met maybe one Mallory. But I hardly get called by it Iv grown to like my nick name mal mal and for a while I was like okay call me mal mal couse Mallory mean unlucky :( . But it also means warrior. So put Mallory with my middle name Alana ( and yes I like It'spelled with all A not E) and you got warrior light. And Alana also means precious so give the name a spin and I'm a precious warrior. Man I love my whole name! <3

04/22/2023 06:13:34

My name is Mallory!! i've only met one other person with the'same name as mine. And that was when I was like.. 7 years old in my gymnastics class :) But I agree, when people first ask for my name, they mistake it for Valerie, Hillary, Melanie.. lol. I always correct them, cuz i don't wanna be introduced to somebody else as one of those. I didn't use to like it, cuz i thought it looked stupid written, and I didn't like saying it outloud. But I love it now! And, of course, people always ask me if I was named after the girl on Family Ties :D

04/15/2023 12:17:36

My only daughter is named Mallory. Love this name because when she was born in 1998 it was a very rare name. It has become more common since then.

03/19/2023 18:08:46

My name is Mallory Alyssa and i've always loved it. :) It matches me perfectly. I hardly ever hear of anyone else with the name, and anyone i've ever met has loved my name. It just has a nice ring to it. I can't imagine having any other name.

02/28/2023 23:01:36

I love my name and people often call me Mollery. And my closest friends call me Mal Mal . If I had a girl I'd name her Mallory!

02/23/2023 11:57:08

My name is Mallory Kim, and I am very proud of my name. Sometimes I think my French teacher is calling me out because Mal means 'bad' in French and a lot of people call me Mal. But I'm the only Mallory in my school! I'm not sure how my parents came up with the name, but its inter'sting that my brother's name is Nick (Family Ties). I like to hope I don't come off as dumb as she does on the'show, or as much of a brat as someone else named Mallory in my town is. I love that I have an original name.

02/05/2023 10:45:36

Occasionally, I hear people calling outf or other Mallory's and I think it is me. It'scares me everytime because I don't know these people. I also get a lot of "Did your parents name you after the t.v. show, Family Ties❤️"

01/16/2023 22:35:42

It's my name. My softball coach calls me Melanie but i don't mind a lot because i like that name. My parents needed a name that'started with an M because my sisters went K, L, and my parents wanted it to go in alphabetical order. I'm not sure how they came up with the name though i've only met one Mallory in my whole life and if i hadn't met her or had that name i probably have no idea it exsisted!!!

12/13/2022 02:28:52

My youngest sister is Mallory and the beautiful name'suits the beautiful girl very well. My other two sisters and I have "M" names too but Mallory is still unique.

10/23/2022 12:07:56

i enjoy having this name because it is unique. People often misunderstand me though when i tell them my name.They think im saying allie or valorie. When i tell people my name they say.."oh like the girl from family ties"

10/12/2022 12:13:12

Hi in the world of Mallory's, I am also a Mallory I absolutely love my name! there is only one other Mallory in my school which is crazy! My closest friends call me mal which I'm okay with It.I know what it means too and I think I am one ❤️

10/04/2022 21:07:38

Actually, my name is Mallori, but no one ever'spells it right. lol But i LOVE it! <3 haha And where i live i know about three other Mallorys or Malories but i totally love how you spell mine!

10/03/2022 19:51:10

I'm thinking about naming my daughter that I'm expecting any day now Mallory Jane. I thinks It'sound very pretty and MJ sounds cute too.

09/16/2022 23:45:20

my name is mallory. i was named after family ties. it is funny b/c my sister's name is jennifer elyse. lol.

09/14/2022 10:37:36

My name's mallory and i don't really like it cuz It's so common around where i live. I'mean i live in a fairly small city and my bestfriend's sister's name is malorie, and another one of my friend's girlfriend's name is mallory. i love my middle name though and at school i go by m.c

09/12/2022 04:15:26

My name is Mallory and I love it! I will never change my name because it is very positive and sweet!! Mallory - age 6.

09/09/2022 21:00:22

My name is Mallory and I was named after Mallory from Family ties because my mom liked the name. I don't really have a huge opinion only i get called melony and Valerie a lot. thats what gets me angry.

05/27/2022 03:48:54

My name is spelled Mallory but people often call me mal because that what i go by most of the time. when i first meet people they call me mel or melonie or margirie so i ALWAYS have to correct them. i've always liked my name tho because i dont know anybody with the'same name and its different, pluse people are alwasy telling me its a pretty name!

02/02/2022 19:31:12

I hear its the most beautiful name. I love it. I'm rather'sick of hearing Family Ties references (my mother never heard of the'show when she named me) though I don't mind the Natural Born Killers references.

01/13/2022 21:53:24

My daughter's name is Mallory Danielle. I love her name. We did not decide on it until she was about 4 hours old, but I have never heard another name that I like as much. People often say "Oh from Family Ties" or "From Natural Born Killers" neither one of them had anything to do with it. I love that her name is so uniquie, not many people have it, but it also doesn't sound like a name I'made up.

12/29/2021 21:22:48

It's cute, and it will soon climb It's way up to popularity, so hold onto your seats.

11/11/2021 04:55:30

My great-niece is Mallory--she's 16. When my niece first told me what she was going to name her, I thought: This is someone's last name--not first! But, after 16 years, I have grown to love the name and it fits her exactly.

10/19/2021 21:39:00

My third child I named "Mallory"(23 mths) after Family Ties which I loved as a child.Being in Australia it is really rare here and I have only ever heard of one other.

10/18/2021 20:01:48

My name is Mallory, and I have been'told many times that it is rarely or never heard of. I like my name in general, the only setback is that many times, because of its rarity, people usually think I say "Natalie" or "Valerie" when'they ask for my name.

09/21/2021 20:12:36

Thats my name... I dont really like it.. It'sounds weird!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Mallory?
The origin of the name Mallory is French.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Mallory?
unfortunate or ill-omened.
*️⃣ How many people are named Mallory?
Almost 56000 people are named Mallory.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Mallory?
The names of Mary, Mariana, Maren, Marina, Marianna