Born On Christmas Day

Natasha Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \n(a)-ta-sha\
Number in U.S 👶 96,000
Rate in 2021 1771
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Russian

Natasha Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Natasha
Additional description of the name Natasha
"Natasha" is a popular name for girls that has Russian origin. Meaning of the name Natasha is: "Born On Christmas Day".

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Comments on the name Natasha
05/20/2023 21:20:18

My name is also Natasha. I really like it. People always compliment me on it. I'm glad it is unique and stands out. When I was young, I wished for a more normal name, but got over that around junior high and realized I actually got a good one.

05/16/2023 09:28:52

well my name is Quentin james and i have no worrys with it but the name 'sam' i hate for some reson

05/02/2023 19:15:52

My name is, obviously, Natasha. I think It's quite exotic and beautiful! On one hand when I hear the name I think of fashion, style, and good taste. On the other hand it reminds me of a fierce, passionate warrior... like an Amazon or something, hehe. The only problem I have with my name is the nickname Tasha. I can't stand it, It'sounds awful to me. There's such a small difference between'that and the full name, but I just loathe it. Of course, everyone tries to call me Tasha. I wish people would either call me Natasha or if they NEED to shorten it up, Nata. i've seen'the name'spelled out 'Natasza' before and although I like my name's spelling as it is, I'm seriously considering changing it. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous that way and I'm very sensitive to the way things look. It could just happen soon enough. :)

04/17/2023 01:01:46

This is my name, and I love the'specialness. I am now 11 and never will want to change my name.

04/09/2023 20:13:22

My name is Natasha and it rocks! Everyone calls me tasha or toshie. The little kids call be batasha. Our name is unique.

04/08/2023 16:53:28

I love the Name Natasha. Its my 15 month old daughters name. I dont mind Tasha, but we call her just Natasha. Im always correcting people on Natty. I HATE Natty, its gross!

04/02/2023 03:39:38

welll.... i would like to say that my name I leah... not leeeeeeee or lay-a you know like the princess.yep... thats my name... i bet half the people looking up the name wont read it. DID YOU KNOW!That 98% of people cant lick there elbow. AND! 99% of people try this. DID YOU KNOW! That hummmmmming makes you smarter

03/31/2023 10:48:36

I'm myself natasha. Really i like this name to a deep extent. Pretty nice experience.

03/27/2023 23:38:22

My name is pronouned "Natasha" but spelled "Natacha." i've met quite a few othe's with the'same name here in the U.S. I love the name because It'seems to be used by so many different ethnic groups.

03/26/2023 00:19:24

Hello fellow Natasha's!! my name is Natasha and I love it!! its unusual, and I always get compliments about my name, my friends call me tash, tasha, tish, my sister calls me tishman which I'm not to keen on. I used to really hate my name when I was younger but now I love it!! the first thing my boyfriend of 4 years said to me when we first met, was that Natasha was such a beautiful name! and very sexy haha :)

03/19/2023 15:30:04

I'm also called Natasha and have always loved my name. I always introduce myself as Natasha but almost everyone I know calls me tasha which I like, but my niece who is just 2 can't say it and has called me all sorts from Ra-Ra when she first started talking, to TaTa now. Its quite cute, but can't wait until she can say tasha properly! My brother and sister used to call me Tish-Tash-Tosh when we were young, but they've grown out of that now, thank goodness! HATE being called Nat though.

03/17/2023 20:35:36

Yeah, my name is actually on here! I never come across my name'spelled correctly in the girl section. Until moving to Austin, I had never came across another female who spelled their name like me. Since living here I have seen it many times. People rarely pronounce it wrong, but they always spell it wrong, or expect a guy. When I got married in 2014 there was actually another girl named Cary, and she had the'same last name as me.

03/17/2023 01:47:04

my name is actually natalie but a majority of my family is european and they prefer to call me natasha or tash.. i love natalie but i think natasha is so beautiful and unique i sometimes think i should change my name haha

03/15/2023 08:56:02

Heyy Natasha's everywhere ! I'm well NATASHA of course (: Its so inter'sting to meet other people with this kind of unusual name , yaa know ?! Well , byeeee . :D

03/14/2023 23:14:08

"My mom's name is Natasha people call her Tasha or Tash she loves her name!

03/09/2023 17:44:42

my name is natasha but my friends call me tasha,tash,tashie i think it is one of the coolest names in the world

03/07/2023 02:33:32

I just realized it was spelt backwards like ah satan. And heaps of natashas a called Tash. So Natasha is cool

03/05/2023 15:17:32


03/04/2023 15:11:36

yeh this name rocks i only meet one grl in my 12 years named kaelyn but she'spelled her name like this"kaylenn" but this way rocks kaelyn love kaelyn

02/21/2023 02:38:38

My name is Natascha as well....Growing up I wanted to be a Stephanie, but now I love the name and wouldn't want to have any other.

02/12/2023 14:41:06

LOL GAWD MY NAMES NATASHA :D ive been called Tashi, tashie, Nat, Tasha, Tash, TicTacTash, tashi tipsy because im always hyped up, tashlee, tashy, tasho, tashasha,TASHANAY,Tashatini, tashidelic, tashini, tashipenezzer, Tashkent and tashur

02/05/2023 03:42:24

My naes natasha, It's pretty boring, and very annoying so i shorten it to Tash. Natasha just seems like a five year old's name!

02/02/2023 23:58:56

I love my name it used to be really unique but then imoved and there's tonnes of people with the'same name but still at least it a cool name.

02/01/2023 11:50:02

my name is also natasha but every one calles me tasha tashe's tasharonnies and nat and tash and ect it gets to be really anooying sometime when'there is some one else names natasha and then'they get there named called and then u go up to the person that is calling ur name and then'they say the never called u name i get so inbarrassed

01/29/2023 05:39:34

In 2005, I named my new kitten Natasha, after the only female biker on the video game "Road Rash"

01/28/2023 19:04:46

I LOVE IT!! can't stop saying it. It's not my name. My Wife's name is Natasha!! I Love Her!!! Just too Much!!

01/26/2023 20:21:04

My name is Natasha, but my friends always call me Nat. I kind of like it because it is unique. I only know 3 other people named Natasha.I think the origin is from Russia, but I am not Russian.

01/13/2023 03:29:22

My name is actually Tasha which is hard for some people to understand. I get alot of them saying, 'but its Natasha really right?' I keep convincing that im legally named Tasha! I introduce myself as Tasha but they automatically assume It's Natasha and I suddenly get people calling me Nat or Natty? Lol!

01/12/2023 14:33:30


01/09/2023 01:37:28

I love my name now, but when i was little i thought it was boring. Most people call me tash,tasha or tashbash but some of my teache's call me nat and It's the most annoying thing!

01/08/2023 02:59:42

i L O V E my name, everyone calls me tash who r my friends, othe's call me tasha and very rarely i get called natasha by teache's! But my really close friends call me tashyy. i love itt x

12/30/2022 10:37:40

Yay.. I'm a jacqueline. and so was my Nana. I usually go by Jakie though.. its easier to spell.

12/16/2022 10:07:30

My name Natasha.My family calls me tasha, tash, tashie, or Cha Cha train.I love this name cause everyone comments it to me.

12/11/2022 03:27:32

hI'my name is natasha too! i think natasha is a class name cause there is loads of ways to shorten it!!! i only know i person with the'same name!!

12/06/2022 05:36:34

My name is Natasha and I love it. As I get older I am starting to appreciate the name and It's origin. Natasha means "Christ's Birthday" and I was born on Christmas. I like to write my name as "NaTasha". My mom is deceased but she would always called me Tashy. I thought that was her own little pet name for me but It's amazing to see so many people with the'same nickname. I am also called Tash, Tashy-Washy, Ta-Ta (even'though I don't care for those names).

12/01/2022 21:34:22

My name is Natasha but only people who dont know me call me by that or mum when she's trying to be serious haha, everyone calls me tash or tashy, someone tryed nashi at school, eww, some peeps call me 'tash' that'sounds like 'ash' which is quite funi. Ive read that natasha is a pet name for natalie in russian which is pretty cool too, and means christmas day or birth of christ, and is given'to those who are born around christmas day, although i am not, but who cares, It's a beautiful name and I love it! P.s read the bronze horseman by paullina simons and you will be proud to have a russian name!!! seriously x

11/25/2022 02:10:14

Im a Natasha, But I like the'spell it a little diffrently Natassja. I actaully love my name now. I was called Tashy when I was growing up, I have no IDEA WHY. Where you? Or like TrashCan, ..... But i really really really love my name now

11/22/2022 13:55:24

My name is Natasha too! My Dad was reading War and Peace while my Mum was pregnant with me and named me after the character Natasha. Ive never read It'so have no idea what she was like! My nicknames are tash, tasha, tarsh, tarshie, tarshie tonkins and tom!

11/18/2022 07:03:44

i love my name my friends call me tash tasha and tashi :P rock on fellow Natashas!!!

11/01/2022 15:57:40

I absolutely love my name. Sometimes, people pronounce my name Nu-to-sha which is really kewl! Anyway I love the name Natasha and always will!

10/16/2022 05:33:44

HI'my name is Natasha, i also love my name. My nicknames are mainly Tasha and Tash. I hate it when people pronounce it incorrectly i used to have a teacher who always called me Nah-tascha. It must be a popular name here in Newzealand as i have met at least 10 othe's from the'same small town with the'same name. People do seem to really like it though. Apparently its also a traditional Indian name as i've had several comments from random Indian people saying it is.

10/13/2022 03:47:46

My name is Natosha. Notice the'spelling. I had a teacher who pronounced it Na-Toe-Sha, which was absolutely retarded. It is not a difficult name to pronounce, so I am not sure why so many people mess it up. People mostly call me Sasha for short (just like first daughter, Sasha Obama! Not sure when'that'started, but I love my name!

10/09/2022 15:27:00

I love my name! My Grandparents hated and couldn't pronounce it when I was born, thought my parents should have used something from the bible like Mary. They couldn't understand why my parents would pick a Russian name (were nowhere close) I'm so glad they didn't.I find only the people close to me short form and call me Tash and I like that'shows how well we know eachother.

10/09/2022 03:06:24

yeha alot of people spell it wrong... lie using a "Y" and its real annoyin... not too many people have it and it cool.. my best friend her name really suits her...

10/05/2022 04:10:50

My names Natasha and its ok i usually get acalled tasha or tash , i was born on boxin day so the connection between natsha and it meaning christmas born is quite weird!

10/04/2022 23:28:42

my name is nataasha. with the double a. lots of people pronounce it as natasha. it gets very annoying after a while.but ive gotten used to it.

10/04/2022 07:54:08

My third daughters name and I love it. natashas to me are unique and my litle one sure is. We call her Nana

10/02/2022 14:10:12

LOVE IT! . Best name ever !. and ofcourse It's also My name :) . ppl. call me Tashie, Tasha, Natashka , Tashkie, and a lot of other nicknamse.. but It's pretty enoing that i have to correct all my teache's! :s .

09/25/2022 04:57:18

I love it, don't know many other Tasha's. My nicknames are: Tash, Tasha, Tishtash (slightly annoying cos It'sounds so cutesy) Tashikins (see before mentioned comment) and once Gnasher (from Dennis the Menace)

09/20/2022 10:20:18

hey . my names natasha :)] um people call me tasha tashey nati & nani . but i really lOve my name i havent really met tO many girls with thatt name its very unieqe .

09/09/2022 06:36:20

my name is natasha i have lots of friends one is a nun her name is olivia the other is a horse named kelsey and the other is a drunken maniac named natalie. peace out LOVE NATCHA

09/04/2022 06:24:18

I have a friend named Natasha and i like to call her TashiNay!

09/03/2022 16:52:48

Hey :) This is my name ironically as I was born in August :) I never really use Natasha and I really prefer Tasha. I joke that the Na is silent to some friends :) But I guess It's a good name as if you want to be formal in any way you can use the whole thing but otherwise you can shorten it to sound more friendly. I only know of two other people with this name'so far. I normally go by Tash or Tasha but most people just make up their own names for me so the list is endless. And as for the Ah Satan thing I found it the other day and It's kinda funny :)

08/25/2022 22:25:48

My Name Is Natasha && iLoveIt.!! At First iDidnt Likee It But Then iThouhqhtt What The Hayy.!? Lol(:

08/21/2022 06:48:00

hey im called natasha and my friends call me taz :)

07/27/2022 17:32:24

hiiiyyyaaa all you Natasha's out there i llluuurrrrvvv the name natasha my main nick name is tasha but my teache's call me tisha which gets REALLY annoying some times i think the name natasha is awsome and unique

07/21/2022 05:04:30

I love that my name is Natasha since it is known, but not common. I like the formality of it. :) It fits me especially since Christmas is my favorite holiday. I have overall enjoyed my name, even'though I didn't like it when I was younger because I thought it was too uncommon. I love it now though because I am always told that it is a beautiful name. There are only certain people that can call me Tasha or Natash without it bothering me though. I absolutely loathe when people try to call me Tashi.

07/16/2022 19:51:00

This is my name, and I love it! I'm 37, and really never had anyone ever make fun of it (n'thing really rhymes with it or is a playground tease)...except for some people a few generations older than me who associated it with the movie "the Omen", but it was never my peers. Many people throughout my life have complimented it. Don't expect anyone to spell it right without you telling them, but it doesn't bother me.

06/20/2022 14:19:48

My Name is Natashia, I luv my name party because if i wanst named natashia I would be a martenique and i hate that name. I know 1 other natasha but knowone that'spells it like me :) Its very different and exotic! peace out natashia's!!!

06/20/2022 05:10:48

im natasha, i dont really like the 'na' bit,as It'seems many of us dont, however i like the fact i can have a million diferent variations of my name! tasha is my favourite and what almost everyone calls me but also tash, tishtashtosh, sasha, sashi, nat, natashashi, natashooshi, nutty natty, natty sash, and babe. hahaha but, yeah i like the name and it means girl born around christmas and i am born early jan so its perrrrfect! my family loves unpopular names, and i love them too!!

06/08/2022 22:20:24

My name is very similar. It is Natishia pronounced Na-tie-she-ah and not Na-ti-she-ah. I get many compliments on how unique and original my name is. My nickname is Tashia or Tash....

05/15/2022 09:59:42

mine also is natasha.. i do love my name.. but they kinda tease me bcoz it is a brand name of a shoes.. i really love my name.. my classmates call me Tasha and tasha.. some calls me nat and natty.. but my family and close friends call me Shang.. but i hate the way my bestfriend calls me "Shangot".. but hey i love it and its unique

05/12/2022 11:32:24

I named my daughter Natasha -- so many people have said it is such a beautiful/exotic/elegant name (and my daughter fits those descriptions perfectly too -- she is part Irish/Scottish from my husband's side and Malaysian/Indian from my side. Of course there are a few people who have never heard of it or mispronounce it. But my daughter loves the name and it has generally always gotten a positive response.

05/11/2022 12:39:54

I also love my name. Despite the fact that in Brazil there arent so many Natashas, I beli've that the pronouciation is ok! But the difference is that we say like its written. It just drives me crazy when people call me Natalia. My nickname here for almost my friends and family is "Tashinha" (really common), its something like "small Natasha". I also find inter'sting how its spellt in other countries! When I went to UK, they used to call me NaTOAHsha, it was strange at the beginning, then I love it as well! :P

04/11/2022 04:19:30

i LOVE my name! little boys call me Matasha and little girls call me Sasha! My parents call me Tasha and my friends call me Tash.

03/28/2022 10:55:30

My name is Natasha and my friends call me Nash...sounds weird but i've never met another Natasha that gets called Nash I like it :)

03/20/2022 21:45:18

hiI'my name is natasha aswell :) i think it goes well with my last name, willoughby, but the main nickname i go by is tash. i like nat the most though :) natasha named people ROCK!

03/18/2022 07:32:06

my name is natasha and I used to not like it cause everyone said it was a russian name but I LOVE IT NOW! everyone calls me tasha tash or nat.. the only thing is the meaning I dont understand.

02/24/2022 01:10:30

I'm a Natasha, and I'm Russian, and the full name is actually Natalya.. many people prefer that to Natasha, which is the informal australia, its a pretty unique name, but in Russia, It's as common as amy or kate

02/04/2022 05:22:30

I just named my newborn daughter Natasha. I liked the name and it went well with my Eastern European last name.

01/25/2022 16:37:30

Since it my name, thumbs up!!! I used to hate because it was diffent. Now I love it, I'm glad It's unique! I prefer to go by just Tasha though.

01/24/2022 21:24:36

My name is Natasha. People always comment on it. Men particularly seem to love it. I do get called Tash occasionally or Nartarsha. Its unusual but not weird. Ive never had a problem with people spelling it.

01/10/2022 18:51:36

My name is Natasha also. People often mis pronounce it as Natarsha but I pronounce it Nah-Ta-shah.Most people call me Tash or Tasha. It's quiet rare

12/31/2021 06:19:12

Hello! My name is natasha too. my mum calls me mustacha and my friends call me tash, tasha and Nappy Basher!! And my maths teacher calls me nat. i hate NAT.I love my name though it rocks!! and i like the'spelling natashia so I'might switch to that??!! :p

12/22/2021 09:07:30

My name is Natasha and I love it! I never liked being called "Tasha", though, my nickname is "Tash". Hardly anyone calls me Natasha, but when'they do, I'm okay with it because I love my name. No one has ever had a problem spelling it, and I remember getting compliments on it when i was younger.

12/19/2021 06:05:42

I love my name but i like Miyako better they are both sweet and lovely names my nickname is Tashi, Tasha and Natty but my teacher call me Tash my other friends Maryssa, Laura and Tia all have nicknames Maryssa's is MJ or Maryssy laura is loz or laur tia is tea bags or tattia I love making nicknames :D

12/13/2021 16:30:18

My name is NaTaShA too and I don't not like it but I guess its not bad. Its definately not unique where I'm from there were 4 of us just in my high school class. But its not bad.

12/08/2021 02:00:00

i love having the name natasha because it has so many differnt nicknames, but im bored of being called tasha and tash. i also really hate being called nat! any ideas?(I)

11/20/2021 07:36:36

It's a nice name... It's my little sister's name and I really like it... we call her Nat...

10/26/2021 03:42:36

yep evry american pronounces it wrong even'though in spanish It'sounds so beutiful. i tell evryone to call me yadi so It'saves me up time in repeating my name.

10/19/2021 00:36:18

Hey! My name is Natasha and I like my name too :) Everyone calls me Tasha, Tasher, Tash or Natasha. I don't mind. I'm not to sure what the origin of my name is all about. Someone care to tell me? Anyway, HEY TO EVERYONE WITH MY NAME

10/13/2021 18:20:06

hI'my name is natasha i always get called tasha which i prefer but mostly my nickname is Tashii

10/08/2021 14:48:36

My name is spelled Natascha, which really throws people off some times, but it is pronounced just the'same as "Natasha". Anyway, I love my name, too, and am glad to see there are othe's.

10/03/2021 10:22:12

my name is Natasha but I'mostly get called Tasha or Tash or sometimes Tish, Tish-Tash, Mash, Nat (hate that)or Mustash :) :)

09/03/2021 01:06:54

i love my name its really nice but a lil to common so thats the only bad part

07/28/2021 08:53:06

Omg! I love the name Natasha! sometimes people call me Tash or Tasha, but never really anything else.

07/25/2021 15:55:12

Hello fellow Natasha's! Yes Natasha is an awesome name I also share the many nicknames you all have posted, but I have another one for the crock pot, ah-satan. Of course this is hilarious, because Natasha means "born on Christmas" but say Natasha backwards and val a ah-satan! enjoy :)

07/18/2021 01:50:06

God, i think I'might just join the club too, my name is Natasha (surprise surprise) and I totally think its a pretty useless name. It's got three syllables so its a long name (to me) and kinda sounds like a sneeze what you say it fast. That's why when I'm intoducing myself to people I say Tasha. People use Tash when'their in a rush (like in when i play netball) and I dislike the name Nat. My dad used to call me Nat the Rat or Nat-a-rat, so the only person who is allowed to call me that now is my brother. If I could change my name offically, i wouldn't, its too sentimental, but if i could be given a nickname, I would want Kira.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Natasha?
The origin of the name Natasha is Russian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Natasha?
Born On Christmas Day
*️⃣ How many people are named Natasha?
Almost 96000 people are named Natasha.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Natasha?
The names of Christian, Nicholas, Kyle, Amelie, Nick