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Nicholas Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \n(i)-cho-las\
Number in U.S 👶 908,000
Rate in 2021 150
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Nicholas Name Meaning

What does the name Nicholas mean?

A name with such a unique power could not mean anything other than the "victory of all", which reminds us of the legends. her name is Victoria , it means success and victories achieved.

The personality of this big name is selfless and very helpful, caring about the well-being of others, their comfort and their lack of anything, so he is always worried about every detail, always helping everyone. Who needs and deals with their problems, be it friend or stranger.

The workforce is always superior to others, They do not do this consciously, but what makes them stand out is their character, kindness and dedication, people who are dedicated to work, do not rest until they reach their goals and are willing to achieve anything. they set out to do it.

They like puzzles or puzzles, So it's common to find plumbers or electricians, but they can be great engineers if they apply, they work as a great team, so it's common to have one in our work environment.

Love life will always be very happy because Nicolás always gives 2005 what he gets, he doesn't expect to get the same and he is very conformist, falls in love easily   and their relationship always goes well, so they find the love of their life very easily, likewise sometimes if they don't find the right person they are very conformist. overwhelming and may result in a collapse as they may overwhelm or overwhelm them. too much. other person.

They are wonderful parents, so they know how to make it perfect in the family environment, they love everything they need for their children without letting them have everything they need.

Where does the name Nicholas come from?

Thanks to the Greek term Niké-laos, we can enjoy this magnificent name today, which means "Victory" and "the people", when the soldiers returned home and they had a boy, they gave it this name in honor of their war, it symbolizes what everything is. The war had represented a passion for victory and dishonor for defeat.

As for the feminine name, they have Nicholas and their abbreviations or diminutives Nico, Nick and Nicky.

Nicholas in other languages

There have been many variations of this magnificent name around the world.

English we find  Nicholas that notch .

We have Nicholas in German  .

We can write in French  nicolas .

We'll greet you in Italian  , Nicola .

Which celebrity do we meet by the name Nicolás?

There are many lucky people who got this name and became famous.

Nikola Tesla XNUMX. great inventor of the century

Nicholas Cage  The great player of our time.

Nicholas Sarkozy  is the recognized former president of France

Nicholas Copernicus is the great scientist who developed the heliocentric model.

Nicholas Name Origin and History

- Nicholas
While you are in the sweet wait, one of the most beautiful and magical tasks is to find the most appropriate name for the baby. If you already know you're having a boy, there are many naming options available. That yes, you must not forget that the selected name must be striking and with a deep meaning, since it will be something that will identify it for life.
One of the most attractive alternatives is Nicolas. It is an old name, but it has not lost its validity or its popularity over the years. If you are interested in this peculiar anthroponym, in this MyCuteName article you will discover the meaning of the name Nicolas. Likewise, we will take a tour of its numerology, saints, celebrities who are called that and we will also tell you the popularity that this name has in Spain. You will see that it is a classic, elegant and very strong name. Nicolas is a boy's name.

What does Nicolas mean?
The name Nicolas has a very imposing meaning, since it translates as "the victorious man", "the victory of the people" or "the one who leads the people to victory". It is a name that denotes distinction and elegance. In addition, it is a name loaded with a lot of history, since it has been borne by Popes, emperors, princes, politicians, writers and distinguished researchers who have had great renown in humanity.

Origin of the name Nicolas
Nicolas is a name of Greek origin. Specifically, it comes from the words "nike", which translates victory, which joins with the root "laos" which means the town. Therefore, by joining both words, the expression "the man who leads the people to victory" or "the victory of the people" is formed.

Diminutives and variations of the name Nicolas
The name Nicolas has several associated diminutives or hypocoristics, as well as different variants. Next, we show you some of the best known:
Nico, Nic, Niqui, Nick, Nicky, Col, Colin, Nikolas, Nikola, Nicolasito, Nicolasillo, Nicolito, Nicolasa (this is its female variant).

The name Nicolas in other languages
Now, let's learn how to write the name Nicolas in other languages:
German: Nikolaus, Niklaus, Klaus, Niklas .
Aragones: Colas.
Catalan: Nicolau.
Croatian: Nikola, Niko.
Scottish: Nicol, Col, Colin.
Basque: Nikolas.
French: Nicolas.
Greek: Νικόλαος (Nikolaos).
English: Nicholas, Nick.
Italian: Nicola, Niccolò,
Portuguese: Nicolau.
Russian: Николай, Nikolai.

Personality of the name Nicolas
Nicolas is usually a noble man, of good character, compassionate and with a kind spirit. He doesn't like lies, so he always behaves honestly and with reason. Sometimes he can pass for a shy person, but he is really a reserved person who, once he feels confident, shows his more communicative and sociable side.
At work, he is very intelligent, dedicated and analytical. In addition, he likes to communicate with his peers to find out their points of view. This makes many people consider it a very important support point in any organization. He likes to take on innovative projects that require maximum effort. Also, he is creative, persistent and tireless.
With his friends, Nicolas is cheerful and charismatic. Therefore, he will always be in a social gathering. Of course, he will rarely be the center of attention, since he prefers to observe the environment and share quietly. He doesn't like his loved ones to suffer, which is why he is always willing to help those who need it.
On the love plane, he gives himself without reservations and will do everything to please his partner. In fact, he is romantic and very protective, without being absorbing or jealous. With his family he is also very attentive and carefully watches each of the members of his family group. Without a doubt, the men named Nicolas are people with great hearts and great moral courage.

Day of the Saint of Nicolas
For the Catholic saints, the day of Nicolas is December 6. On this date a very famous character is commemorated worldwide: San Nicolas de Bari, better known as Santa Claus or Papa Noel.

Numerology of the name Nicolas
The lucky number for Nicolas is 1.

Additional description of the name Nicholas

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Comments on the name Nicholas
2/19/2023 8:37:04 AM

My name is Nicholas Mico I'm from Rwanda i like my name ?nicolas? so much

2/1/2023 3:18:40 AM

we too spell nikolas when I spelt it that way I thought it was oringal but too me surpise well its not he was born in 2002

1/17/2023 3:17:50 AM

My cousin's name is Nicholas Joseph, and I guess you could say that he has a little bit of "devil" in him, but he's only 8, so I guess It's normal.

1/4/2023 3:31:50 PM

My oldest grandchild is named Nycholas. His nick name is Nyc, which his Mom and Dad call him. His younger sister is named Nyah. Their mom is expecting another girl in June, 2010 and is searching for a name starting with "N-y". We are of Celtic/Irish orgin. Any ideas for them?? I love Nycholas' name. It suits him!!

12/21/2022 11:30:04 AM

how does Nicholas-James John sound??

12/19/2022 4:15:00 AM

The name nicole is okay.. my first name is nicole but i wished it was spelled differently like nicolle,or nikole even'though i like my name i wish it was more unique!<33♥

12/7/2022 8:24:10 PM

my boyfriend's name is nicholas and he's the'sweetest, most thoughtful guy ever :)

12/5/2022 1:06:08 AM

We named our son Nicholas. It's a strong name for a boy and we call him Nico as a nickname. The challenge will be, when he goes to school, for people NOT to call him Nick.

12/4/2022 9:52:10 PM

I named my boy Nicholas back in 92. I love the name even now. When he was 10 he exclusively started going by "Nick" which I knew would probably happen. The one thing I have noticed is that anyone else with the name of Nick or Nicholas seems to be a very busy boy with tons of energy and full of pranks and a bit of "devil" in them.

11/26/2022 11:08:08 PM

I absolutely love my son's name (victory of the people), very powerful name. We call him Niko, but his name is Nikolaos, not Nicholas.. We are Greek on both my side and my husband's side, 100%. Niko's name with his middle name is Nikolaos Andreas, and he sure suits it.

11/24/2022 11:46:12 AM

my real name is nicholas but i go by nick just because its very proud of my name and where it comes parents did a good job naming me

11/18/2022 9:07:10 AM

I have a brother named Nicholas. Nobody pronounces it wrong and spelling Isn't an issue. When he was in first grade, he wanted people to only call him Nicholas. Then he tried to write it, and he decided to be called Nick. lol

11/16/2022 11:54:36 PM

About a month before I had my son I finalized his name. I never told anybody his full name (he has 5 names including his last name). NIKOLAS SCOTT LAZARUS BAILEY plus his last name. I just fell in love with the name. It suits him perfectly. We call him Nik though. He's a year and a half and he'll tell you his name is Nik.

11/14/2022 10:29:14 AM

It's a wonderful name. i've liked it all my adult life and recommended it to a friend for her new son. And she named him Nicholas! Yay!

10/21/2022 9:02:42 PM

My Name Is Nicholas I love it I know heaps of other nicks so its very common.

10/21/2022 12:31:20 PM

ohh yeah nick. thing i like about this name, it rhymes with everything. haha i hope to name my son this someday and call him Nick JR. haha

10/10/2022 10:53:46 PM

I love the name cause my boyfriend is name nicholas were totally in love!

10/8/2022 7:45:34 PM

I prefer to go by Nick, other than that It's a pretty nice name. Someone once spelled my name "Nic" instead of "Nick". People mistake it for "Dick" or something.

9/19/2022 3:28:48 AM

My husband and I really enjoyed Nick and Nora from the Thin Man movies from the 1930's and named our oldest son, born 2002, Nicholas. I had trouble when he was younger with people (both adults and other children) trying to call him Nicky. I just couldn't see him as an adult being called Nicky so we would just say that we preferred Nick. As a teenager, he's really happy we did.

9/8/2022 5:55:08 AM

I named my son this and I used,to always watch nickolodeon as a kid. I didn't make the conbection til later. I wanted to name him xavier but so many kids around that time has the name. So its nicholas xavier...

9/8/2022 2:41:10 AM

We named our son Nikau (prounounced Knee-co, there is a macron over the i) it is a Maori word meaning palm. I love the name, It's unique and strong.

9/8/2022 12:02:28 AM

The name Nicholas dos not sound good to me. Now the name Reid dos!!!

7/23/2022 3:38:06 PM

My grandmother(Olga)pasted away when I was 16 and she was truly my best friend. She was born and lived in Greece till she was 30, then married a american in the service and came to the states. My mother was born on the way in Turkey. I love the fact that I was able to name both my children in honor of my grandmother's heritage. I named my daughter Alexandra and my son Nicholas. I know she would have loved it. --love you grandma and can't wait till the day we see each other again.

7/19/2022 10:04:12 AM

I named my son Nicholas, but am frustrated when people call him Nicky. I really don't like Nicky as a nickname, I prefer Nicholas or Nick.

7/11/2022 3:24:36 PM

My husband and i named our newborn son Nicholas. We wanted something classic, and with my husband's name being Rick, Nick was the next best thing to junior.

5/16/2022 12:38:06 AM

We named our some Camden after the Camden Family on "7th Heaven" (one of my favorite shows)...I also think It's a great name for a girl too.

4/10/2022 9:06:36 AM

I am Nicholas LI'm, and have always loved my name, except my middle name which no one ever heard of when I was younger. but now LI'm is more popular than Nicholas ever was! Everyone in my family calls me Nicky, which I hated when I was a certain age. Almost no one has ever called me Nicholas, except one girlfriend (I loved to be called Nicholas by her) and my parents when I was in trouble...which was often. People in fiction and life named Nick or Nicholas are almost always inter'sting and energetic and popular. The best name ever...and Nick is the original nick name!

3/15/2022 11:43:12 PM

its like nick carraway from great gatsby I HATE THAT BOOK

2/28/2022 10:17:42 PM


2/28/2022 2:58:30 PM

A great name for a boy. Can also be shortened to Nick which is easier to say and spell.

2/12/2022 12:57:00 AM

Ugh. My sister in law named her daughter Hadley and it makes me cringe almost as much as Riley on girls. Why do people do this to their children?

11/11/2021 8:28:48 PM

If we have a baby boy in the future, we'll probably name him Nicholas.

11/5/2021 6:11:06 AM

My "guy friend's" name is Nicholas. And I really like it. It can be formal-Nicholas or friendly-Nick. It's a multi-purpose name. And It's cute

8/5/2021 1:36:36 PM

i've been "Nick" all my life. Now in my professional circumstances I'm beginning to prefer "Nicholas" since It'sounds much more mature and unlike a soap opera character.

7/10/2021 2:36:00 AM

Nicholas is one of my best friends.No one pronounces it wrong but sometimes spells it wrong.Though his name is a boys name Nicholas looks like a girl!

7/9/2021 8:18:00 AM

Thats my Dad's name. I

7/4/2021 11:59:24 PM

Our son is named Nicholas and we love it! People NEVER pronounce it incorrectly, however they spell it wrong quite often!


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The origin of the name Nicholas is Greek.
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Almost 908000 people are named Nicholas.