Nicole meaning

: People Of Victory

Nicole Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \n(i)-co-le\
Number of People 👶 591,000
Rate in 2021 572
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Nicole Name Meaning

The name Nicole holds a special meaning that has captured the interest of many. Derived from the Greek name "Nike," meaning victory, Nicole carries with it a sense of strength and triumph. It is a name that has been embraced by cultures around the world, symbolizing resilience and success.

Nicole is often associated with qualities such as grace, elegance, and charm. Those who bear this name are seen as individuals who possess a natural charisma and an ability to captivate those around them. They have an innate sense of confidence and determination, which allows them to overcome obstacles in their path.

In addition to its powerful meaning, Nicole also carries a sense of warmth and compassion. People with this name are known for their caring nature and their ability to empathize with others. They have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world around them, often choosing careers or paths that allow them to help others.

Overall, the name Nicole encompasses both strength and kindness, making it a truly remarkable choice for anyone fortunate enough to bear it.

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Additional name description Nicole
Additional name description Nicole

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The name Nicole in other languages

In Spanish: Nicholas

French: Nicolette

In Portuguese: Nicole

Italian: Nicolette

The personality  of the name Nicole

Nicole is an open and outgoing woman. She advocates fun and good vibes. She represents joy to him.

Nicole is fun and outgoing. She loves meeting new people and enjoying relationships with others. Therefore, she is often surrounded by people. However, she sometimes shows difficulties in establishing deep relationships.

Professionally, Nicole is hard-working and has leadership skills, characteristics that lead her to assume leadership of the work team.

Celebrities name Nicole

Nicole Kidman. World famous and Oscar winner, Nicole Mary Kidman was born in 1967 and in 2006 she was the highest-paid film actress. The Hawaiian has appeared in movies like The Others and Moulin Rouge.

Nicole Scherzinger. Another Hawaiian, but by profession a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. She was the lead singer of the girl group The Pussycat Dolls. Scherzinger was born in 1978 and in 2011 she released one of her best-known songs: Don't Hold Your Breath.

Nicole Richie. Born in 1981 in the United States, Richie is a fashion designer, model, and actress.

Saint Nicole's Day

The saint's day of Nicole is December 6 when Saint Nicholas is celebrated. In the saint list, we find eleven saints with this name; the most prominent is Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, patron saint of Bari, and the most revered saint in the Greek church.

Nicole Name Numerology

According to numerology, the number that corresponds to the name Nicole is 4.

The popularity of the first name Nicole

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in Spain, there are a total of 4,778 women named Nicole, whose average age is 17.2 years. Therefore, we could say that Nicole is a young and unpopular name. The Spanish provinces in which the name Nicole is most common are:

Santa Cruz of Tenerife

Balearic Islands

the palms




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Comments on the name Nicole
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Nicole and It's a good name. But it is really common so I go by Nicki and my family calls me Coley.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is jennifer nicole nicole is a really popular name i know 5 nicoles on my cheer leading team i swear and like 3 in my grade

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My nam is Nicole, but most of my friends call me Nikki, of cole

01/14/2024 00:00:00

There were 5 Lisas in my kindergarden class (1978 - 67) and we only had about 60 kids in our whole grade, so that's a high percentage! I differentiated myself by referring to myself as "Lisa Ann", but it didn't stick. That's OK, "Lisa" by itself is still a pretty name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Nicole. I dont like it because ive always wanted a unique name like Ebony

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Nicole is a pretty Ausome name. I know so many Nicole's there was 3 in my class!

01/01/2024 08:42:52

I like my name! I only had one Nicole I went to school with and I hardly ever hear of anyone else with this name.

12/20/2023 01:21:22

My birthname is Nicole, I'm 23 now. When I was in public school I never had a school year go by where I didn't have at least 2 classes that had at least two other Nicole's in them. It's never felt like It'suited me, and whenever anyone's called me "Nicole" it never feels like they're talking to me. I don't like the way It'sounds, because it can be difficult to tell when someone says it whether or not their irritated. The original name is Greek, but there are versions of it in French, and actually in Irish Gaelic too. In Gaelic in means "over comer", which i've had to do a lot of. Now I intend to legally and permanently discard the name in favor of a different name that holds It's roots in my grandmother's homeland of Ireland. It'suits me much better than Nicole and it feels like me. Nicole is a good name for some women, and I have never been one of them.

12/19/2023 04:11:46

My name is Nichole (spelled with a H in the middle, don't know why) I like it because It's different than Nicole.

12/15/2023 09:05:26

My name is Mariah Nacole. My mom wanted the Ma, Na to play off of each other. Everyone thinks my middle name is Nicole though because it is so common where as Nacole is not. I have NEVER met a person with the name Nacole.

12/11/2023 03:41:56

I was born in the 80's and i've met too many Nicoles to be proud that It's my name as well. Growing up, I had a hard time playing the name game as the name Nicole doesn't have two distinct syllables. I am not fond of the common nick names Nick or Nikki, but I do go by the name 'Nix' which I am far more fond of.

12/04/2023 06:14:22

My name is Nicole Marie and I have seen'that it is quite common for my generation (I'm an 80's baby) I know many other Nicoles and Nicole Maries. My parents didn't want me to be called Nikki so since I was a baby I was called Cozy. The nickname has stuck and my whole family including my husband still call me Cozy today :)

11/29/2023 10:44:28

"NICOLE" is the FRENCH spelling of the name and is hardly ever pronounced correctly. The French pronunciation should be "NEE - CULL" (rhymes with "SEA-GULL"). The'short "i" and "KOHL" pronunciation is NOT French. The ITALIAN version is spelled "NICOLA" and pronounced "NEE-KO-LA. Nicole KI'man uses the pronunciation "NIC-OLE" , but her name is really spelled the FRENCH way and should really be pronounced the FRENCH way. I was given'the FRENCH name, but hardly anyone (unless French!) can even pronounce it correctly. What a shame that the FRENCH pronunciation is almost LOST now... especially in the USA. GOD BLESS !

11/15/2023 00:50:02

It is NOT as common as you make it out to be. I love my name and I feel it's very uniqe!

11/12/2023 13:10:28

everyone spells my name with an h I'mean ther's nothing wrong with spelling it with an h i just hate it when people spell it wrong and everyone wants to call me nikki but i dont like that

11/09/2023 20:13:30

I like the name Nicole - although it is a bit over-used as a middle name (i've met a few people with it as a first name but not many). What I don't like is when parents spell the name differently to make It'seem more unique. And this Isn't just for the name Nicole but for a lot of old-fashioned names. i've never'seen'the point in It'since It's not like changing one letter or adding a letter is going to make it unique. It just makes the parents look shallow and idiotic and teaches their kid that It's alright to just substitute letters with any word they want to make it 'unique'. Just leave it as is or choose a differemt , more "unique name" - like Sharquesha ;)

10/29/2023 14:43:44

i hated my name in school. they would make fun of me by callin me nicola which if u say it in spanish it kinda sounds like "my butt". i begged my mom to change it. :'(

10/28/2023 22:33:54

This does look pormsinig. I'll keep coming back for more.

10/26/2023 21:46:46

My name is Nicole, I also like my name a lot! 199q baby. Nicknames growing up Nikki Nickelodeon, Cole, Coley and the one my family calls me Coco❤️

10/25/2023 18:26:52

i have always loved this name. its my daughters middle name but i spell it..NYKOLE..

10/20/2023 07:04:46

My name is Nicole and I have so many nick names like Nick, Nicki, Nickolodeon, Cole and many othe's and it gets very annoying.

10/18/2023 15:59:32

my 12 year old little sister's name is nicole and it fits her perfectly

10/17/2023 20:53:22

my name is nicole and i like but first i thought it was a boy name and i like this name but i don't like it when people call me nikie but most of my friends just cal me nick.

10/17/2023 05:54:04

My Name is Nicole and I FREAKIN LUV IT! i don't know many Nicole's like barely any so I'm very pleased about that one! =D

10/01/2023 18:43:10

my name is Nicole and i LOVE!!! my name and i have once been called nicola which was really annoying coz i dont like that name i get called nikks nicksta nikki Coley cococola and bob but i dont know where that came from i have 2 friends that are nicole and they are really good friends when i hang out with one of the Nicoles we get all mixed up when some one says nicole YAYAYAYAY DEFFINITLY GO THE NICOLES

09/28/2023 07:50:34

My name is Nicole Marie too (like another person who left a post). I really like my name - I don't think It's too common & I like the French feel of it. I am 35/born in the 70s & it was just starting to get popular then. I am also known as Nici but not as much as when I was a kid. My Dad picked this nickname & spelled it N-I-C-I on a poster that'said "Welcome home Mommy & Nici" when'they brought me home from the hospital when I was born so It'stuck.

09/26/2023 17:02:58

My name is nicole,iluv it,boys luv my name tey think It'sexy,(i dontlike It'spelt with a h in the middle)feel beautiful when I tell people my name."

09/21/2023 09:47:44

I have always loved my name. I think it is beautiful and classic. I wouldn't change it for anything! I don't like Nikki though! Or the Nichole spelling.

09/11/2023 01:45:12

My name is Nicole, and yeah I love it. I also love the meaning as well. At some point when I was a kid, around 3rd grade, I wanted my name to be different. For some reason Nicole didn't seem like enough. But as I got older I realized how wonderful my name is and how much I love it!!! Of course, it is great to have had people tell me how beautiful my name is! I go by Nicole, Nikki, and Nik.

09/02/2023 03:30:30

My name is Nicole (too) and I like it. There are three other Nicole's in my school (of almost 1000) and i've had classes with two of it can be confusing sometimes. However, I still like the name.

08/08/2023 19:33:04

I can't really imagine having a different name. I'm called Nic, Nikki or Nicky (however people spell it), Cole, Coley, Nickelodeon, or Nicky Nac. I do admit, sometimes I do not like being called Nikki and much prefer Cole. But, my bird says "Nikki" now so I am definitely stuck with it. Actually, now that I think of it--Nikki Isn't so bad. My little cousin is Nico and we call him we don't know who is calling who lol. =D

07/26/2023 17:23:02

the name octavio fits very well to a baby boy because It's something that you dont hear very often and different It's totaly awesome

07/24/2023 22:10:56

People often spell and say Nicole wwrong although I answer to nearly anything. The correct way to say Nicole is Nic-hole. Yes I do meet othe's with the'same name.

07/19/2023 12:52:16

My name is Nicole Mary and I hate it because its so common. I wish I had something that was different and a little more classic. People constantly spell my name with a "h" and its always getting shortened to Nic or Nikki which I hate. Overall, pick a better name for your little one.

07/06/2023 18:03:04

My name is Nicole.. And i absolutely loooove my name.,my frnds calL me Nikki,cola,nickelode0n ,niKnas,coLe.. I realLy dnt mind wht thy calL me! I love the nicKName NikKi*

07/05/2023 01:47:18

i like the name nicole :) i only know 1 person weith this name.. i also know a girl called micol (rymes with nicole)

07/01/2023 11:23:06

my name is nicole...oh my gosh there are SOO MANYYY nicoles at my school It's NOT EVEN FUNNY, seriously. my teache's call me Nic and i don't really care, my parents call me Nicole, and OCCASIONALLY my friends call me Nikki (but rarely)

06/29/2023 01:11:42

My name is also Nicole and I really like it! There are soooo many nicknames that you can have from it! My basketball teammates call me Nic, but usually my frieds call me Coley or Nikki. My favorite is either Nic or Coley but Coley is kind of kiddish.

06/24/2023 14:13:10

oh my god lol, i like totally love my name. its steph nicole and like i totally think my parents did a super job with naming me cuz like all my girlies are like OMG your name is like so cute. and im like i know. and there like all jealous. and im like yeah you. and like omg...i just think its great. GO NICOLES!!! LOL!!

06/21/2023 16:34:04

I used to hate my name (Nicole) because I thought It'sounded too harsh. Now I embrace it. What a fabulous name it is!

06/18/2023 05:23:50

Nicola is not a french name but comes from the Greek origin meaning vicory of the people.

05/28/2023 14:46:56

I like the name Nicole. It's very pretty. No on can say it wrong because they are so familiar with the name. Also, you can change it to Nikki, Cole, and many other nicknames. Yet, There are TONS of Nicole's in my school. I get so confused sometimes when a teacher calls on a girl with the name Nicole!

05/27/2023 17:02:04

This is my little boy's name :) I love it because there are no other kids in his class with this name. We call him Jamie sometimes, or Jamison. It's really cute and suits him really well. I'm glad we chose this instead of the dreaded over-popular Jayden.

05/15/2023 01:44:28

my names nicole! an am the onli nicole in me skool! woooooooo

05/14/2023 19:51:48

Well I like the name, It'suits me. I'm different, and it is too. but people have issues. it really Isn't that hard. its funny the way we correct people, we just have someone say my name correctly really loudly when'they're talking to me, or we right back thank-you cards with the correct spelling. Spanish teache's have a ton of trouble with my name.

05/10/2023 04:46:24

My name is Nicole AND I HATE IT. It is spelled Nichole. Some people in my class call me cole (which is a boys name) so some of the jerks in my class say cole, that's all your going to get for christmas cole. And scenes my middle name is lynn and if u say it really fast together it sounds like colin ( also a boys name

05/02/2023 23:22:44

My name is Nicole and I'm so in love with it that I'm giving it a thumbs DOWN...because like the poster commented on May 2, 2019, NO ONE non-French can pronounce it the real, French way like It's supposed to sound! No wonder not all love this name...if it was only pronounced the right way! Too bad the French didn't teach us Americans how to say this elegant French name! I'm surprise they even let non-French people borrow it lol. I did painful research on this name...did you know there are a few places in France with this name❤️ Did you know I found over 20 rues (or streets) that are named with that name❤️ Rue Nicole, or Rue Pierre Nicole....or, Rue de Nicole! Amazing how we can't even pronounce it correctly! No wonder why the French don't like jk! I love my name! I love French names! I would't trade my name for another! It's mine forever...something I truly own. It's a luxury...almost! Nicole

04/19/2023 08:16:50

im 16, my names nicole and i hate it there are soo many cool names that'start with "N" but i get stuck with nicole, people call me nikki. but id much rather have Nakita, Natalie, or Natasha. there so pretty

04/05/2023 16:53:18

this is my name and its the best name you can ever give to your kid

04/03/2023 19:55:24

It's my name. I'm 31 and I knew very few Nicole's growing up. I liked my name a lot growing up and still do. It's a new classic, not too trendy or different, but also not your everyday Jennifer or Amy.

03/21/2023 08:56:22

I grew up in a small country village you may say, and i think i was the only Nicole - pretty unique. Even in College i think there was only 1 of 2 othe's with the'same name. My family calls me Niki, while my mates call my Nicoley or Nikerz or Nicz. I love my name, im proud to be a Nicole :P

03/16/2023 00:30:36

This is my daughters name and I love it! She does get called Giavanna, Gianni and Gina a lot which doesnt make much sense but it is very pretty regardless. Gianna Marie is a great name!

03/13/2023 21:57:40

My names Nicole! About 2 years ago I hated it because i thought it was so plain, but now I love it! I think its a cute name and its popularity varies! For example their may be a lot of Nicoles in your school but not that many in your camp or visa versa. Also no one says my name incorrectly or spells it incorrectly and usually when someone dos't know how to pronounce or spell their name, they get annoyed. Im glad I have my name! I think it goes really well with my last name too! It also has so many nicknames which is really usful if a "Nicole" dosnt like their name they can shorten it to Nikki or Coley or anything however the name Ava cant (but i love the name ava its really pretty)So Nicole is a great name in my opinion!!

02/24/2023 01:10:38

I don't really like it there is a mean girl in my school and she'should lean to be nicer

02/13/2023 12:25:58

i dont like many people named nicole so i dont like the name

02/06/2023 20:15:48

Nicole is my name and alot of people and I'myself love it.

02/04/2023 07:08:04

I love my name. And of course, its Nicole. i really hate being called nikki, though. but i dont know why. people call me koley. for short/ a nickname.

01/13/2023 07:53:52

I am a Nicole and the great thing about it is that people do not pronounce my name incorrectly because people are familiar with the name. However, it is not so common that I have had several Nicoles in my classes. I can only think of one class where I had another Nicole and I went by "Nikki" instead. Nicole allows for choices since it can be shortened to Cole, Nic, Nikki, etc. Much better for a child who Isn't 100% happy with a name like Sarah since it can be adapted later on to better fit the individual.

01/06/2023 20:08:12

My name is Nicole Marie. I like it and it fits to the tune of the Mickey Mouse song, so that's pretty cute. I didn't allow people to call me Niki when I was young (my mom hates it). But now I don't mind to much, I just prefer to spell it Nicci, It'seems more down to earth. ;)

01/01/2023 02:00:32

My name is Nicole. I can only ever recall my family calling me 'Nic' or 'Nicky'. I only ever get called Nicole by people who don't know me that well or people i've just met. When'those people start to shorten my name to 'Nic' or 'Nicky', I take it as a compliment that they are being less formal and more friendly and are probably comfortable enough with me to call me by my nic name (no pun intended!).

12/16/2022 19:49:24

Nicole is a beautiful name, known all over the World and very elegant and Girly

12/12/2022 08:33:14

I didn't really like my name Nicole when I was younger but as I grew older, the name just started sounding more and more pleasant to my ears! I think It'sounds and looks very feminine and I love it. My name Isn't really common where I live so yeah haven't really had problems with many Nicoles around me. :)

12/08/2022 20:30:06

I used to hate my name, but have grown quite attached to it. It's only downfall would be other people assuming I go by Nikki, and I despise being called Nikki.

12/07/2022 18:20:44

My parents wanted a boy, and for their first child they named her Danielle, that way they could at least call her Dani, which they liked as a boy and a girl nickname. Then, after i turned out to be a girl, they named me Nicole so they could call me Nicki, which they liked also as a boyish nickname. finally they got their boy, Richard III. I like the name Nicki though, especially with the c-k instead of k-k. it is more boyish, but i grew up a bit of a tomboy too, so i never minded. even now, being much more girly, i prefer Nicki to Nikki.

11/07/2022 02:44:30

my name is also Nicole rellay love my name many people can not call it right but i don't care cuz I love it. I was born on the 26 of April2012 all the love to every one WHO is named Nicole love u all

10/19/2022 09:23:08

its ma name and u get kl names like coley lol a love my name a whud neva change it 4 the world kisses xxxxxxx

10/11/2022 09:46:12

I'm in love with the name Nicole. I just love the way how It'sounds.

10/03/2022 20:44:04

wow i thought i was the only nicole who wore her surname first letter through out school - I hated being nicole s - but I think Nicole is a name for a woman not a child - I hated it as a kid but I love it now

09/04/2022 02:35:04

people always spell mine weird, too. It's just Nicole, but I get Nichole and Nichol alot. But yeah, that's funny, my dad calls me Nickelodeon, too, but I don't mine. I pretty much love all my nicknames, my parents usually just call me Nick, but my grandmother'says Nic-a-nic.

08/05/2022 08:19:48

I love my name. I was born in 1992, when It'seems to have been most popular, and while I grew up knowing a few other Nicole's, its always felt perfect and unique for me. I go by "Nicky" with my family, but now that I am 26, married and working, I think "Nicole" is more professional. I go by "Nick" or "Nic" or "Nikki" or "Nicky" mainly to my family and friends. Its a simple, elegant and perfect name!

07/20/2022 23:35:06

Its my name...I spell it Nicole very plain but my friend speels he's Nicholle which is funky Hehe I tend 2 go with Nikki but i person quite like my name because of the meaning.

06/21/2022 13:12:18

I have a friend named Nicole. It's a pretty popular name, just like mine. -Emily

05/24/2022 13:35:42

I really love my name, It's sophisticated and pretty!

03/13/2022 10:24:54

When my parents christened me Angelia they knew I was going to live up to my name. I have worked all my life to treat my parents with kindness and respect, like an Angel should. That's how I got the nickname Angel. People love my nickname more than my real name (funny enough), but I like my full name just as much as Angel. My daughter Lillian Rose is to be expected in June!

02/24/2022 07:34:48

nicole is an awsome name YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR peoples call me nicky call me on 0403471783

02/07/2022 07:29:24 name is nicole i know you are thinking i am a im not a girl im a boy :):):)..some of people asking me you are a boy but your name is nicole ...i said i dont know why my name is nicole ..hehehe.. :)..btw i swear im a boy and my name is nicole :)

01/31/2022 13:32:06

In 1978 I named my baby daughter Nicole. At that time it was an unusual name in the U.S. I had a girlfriend, named Nicole, from France, who was beautiful and a wonderful artist. I thought her name was so delicate and pretty, while being contemporary and unique as well. Little did I know that in ten years it would be among the most common of new baby girls' names! Had I known this, I'might have chosen a different name for her, but I still do love it, and so does my daughter.

12/06/2021 06:04:48

my little sisters name is nicole. she is 12 and fits her name to a T. she used to hate being called Nikki and people would always assume its okay to call her that. Although now that'shes seen'twilight with Nikki Reed she doesn't mind as much being called nikki. When we want to shorten her name we call her cole

07/21/2021 14:55:48

This is my name and i've never met another Alexis. Although, I'm sure this name was "rare" back then. This name is versatile and people call me lex, lexi, alexa, alexia, alex, or just plain old Alexis! A lot of people seem to like my name.

07/10/2021 10:50:06

I have always thought Nicole was a strange name. I cheer, and being 11 and 5'5, I'm a back. My flyer's name is Nicole, and she gets on my nerves quicker than anything. I guess that's why I don't like most Nicoles! no offense intended :)

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Nicole?
The origin of the name Nicole is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Nicole?
People Of Victory
*️⃣ How many people are named Nicole?
Almost 591000 people are named Nicole.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Nicole?
The names of Noelle, Nyla, Noel, Nola, Nellie