Nikita Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \nih-kee-tuh\
Number in U.S 👶 13,000
Rate in 2021 3243
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Nikita Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Nikita
Additional description of the name Nikita
"Nikita" is a popular name for boys And girls that has Greek origin. Meaning of the name Nikita is: "Unconquered".

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Comments on the name Nikita
04/16/2023 16:48:02

Heya, my name's Nikitha, It's spelt very unusual from well, the usual way however It's inividual & unique and special, even'though I prefer being called by my nickname AKA Niki.Period.

04/13/2023 19:44:12

My name is spelled Nikitha, but people always say NikiTa when it is obviously NikiTHa

03/25/2023 14:19:52

My friend spells it Nikkita, we call her Nikki or Kita.

03/06/2023 05:06:18

im changing my name to nikita. It'sounds very independent and strong. btw im a girl

02/26/2023 05:47:00

nikitta is my best friends name and no one spells it like this!

02/26/2023 05:29:22

I spell my name Nikitta. People spell it wrong all the time but i love it and haven't met anyone with It'so far. When I'mention my name, the first thing most people say is Elton

02/24/2023 18:31:00

hI'my name is nikita, ma friends call me nikki and ma amily col me "niku" ever'since i was a little girl,,i love the way whIt's pronounce ma name,,i love ma nick names and real name too...:)

02/12/2023 15:51:38

My name has always been a source of pride. It is very Russian, and we've always been a strong people. I didn't meet another Nikita until I celebrated my birthday at a night club, turns out there was another Nikita there and we had the'same birthday. The name is getting trendy and people are giving It'stupid spellings now. Stick to the traditional Nikita,Nakita as we really don't need stupid spellings of a beautiful name.

02/10/2023 20:39:32

My name is Nikita. I'm 17 born on November 7th. 2009. I hate my name at times because people tell me your parents must have hated you because they gave you a guys name. I love it because It's a unique name. I'm Canadian and people always ask me if I'm Russian or Indian. My dad named me Nikita after elton johns song.

01/27/2023 14:51:58

An old-fashioned boy's name in Russia (as in one Monsieur Kruschev who was a politician), but a modern-sounding girl's name elsewhere. In the Eighties, BrIt'sh singer Elton John sang a song called 'Nikita', which probably made some parents want to give this name to their daughters.

01/23/2023 07:25:02

people are constantly spelling my name wrong, "Nakitta", "Nikitta", "Nakata"... well you get the point. but i love my name. havent met anyone else who has had it yet, and everyone always refers to the'show "La Femme Nikita" or Elton john's song when'they hear it

01/20/2023 16:13:52

My name is Nikita. people spell it wrong all the time. but i think it is really cool.

01/03/2023 18:57:30

My sister's name is Nikita, she is 15. I call her Niki or Kita. I love unique names, and i've only ever met one other Nikita.

12/18/2022 12:05:10

Well I am naming my son Jaiden. I just love the name

11/25/2022 00:24:26

my name is Nickita, I go by Niki. I haven't met anyone else who spells it the way I do and I have only met 2 other Nikita's in real life. Neither were actually their first names. I was named after the Elton John song and based on the chart around the'same year the name Nikita peaked. I like my name, but it can frustrating having to correct the pronunciation and spelling all the time.

11/13/2022 07:44:36

My name is Nikita. My parents named me after the Elton John song that came out the year I was born. As a child I was mostly called Niki, but I go by Nikita or Nik now. So far I have only met one girl with name. It's a unique name and even'though It's spelled and pronounced wrong alot of the time, I like it. I get a lot of compliments on it.

09/15/2022 13:57:30

My name is Nikita. People always spell my name wrong and pronunciate it incorrectly. I don't meet many people with my name AND spelled the'same. When I was younger I didn't like that my name was so different, now I embrace it and the meaning. I truly fit the build for my name :)

09/08/2022 06:12:46

I am considering this name for my daughter.I think its a very nice name and in my language ie: Hindi it means 'The earth' but just wondering how common is it now?

09/05/2022 21:29:32

Actually My name is nikitha. Nikitha means an earth.I love this name.but people spell my name nikhitha.I love nikitha name

08/20/2022 21:39:00

I'm Nikkita. It's always complimented and Ive only ever met one other in my 24 years! Some people have TRIED to call me Nikki which personally I am insulted by since I hold my name in high such regards haha.

08/10/2022 09:06:36

My boyfriend's name is Nikita, which causes him much grief. Nikita was the name of a Russian folk tale hero and means something like "strong man."

06/07/2022 17:03:36

I'm an east indian girl and my name is Nikita. I love it, people always say its really beautiful and cant tell what race i am because of my name haha ive gotten russian, indian, black, mexican because of the name. Many nick names go by it like nikki, niku, and my closest friends call me nikk haha. I love it its really old fashioned and different!

06/04/2022 16:46:30

My name is Nikita. My family, which is Indian, like me, pronounce it NikiTHa AND NikiTa. I really like both ways. I have never been called Kita always Niki, Niku and Nikia by my parents. I really LOVE my name, but it really annoys me when people call me Nicitia or spell my name wrong. They mostly spell it incorrectly like Nikkita, Niketa, Nikitta, Nikitha, Nakita, once someone spelled it Naikkettia! That was the worst! I rarely meet othe's with the'same name. I love the Earth, and coincidentally, my name means Earth in Sanskrit. I rarely meet othe's with the'same name, and it really is a treat when I do. My family is Indian, and I am the first person EVER in our family to be named Nikita. The name is NOT Russian,at ALL. I think the Russians just liked the name, and that's totally fine. I like the name Erin, my friend's Mexican and named this, but I think It's originally French. In short, I LOVE my name, and my experience with this name is AMAZING!

11/08/2021 10:07:48

My my name is Nekita I'm 16 years old...I like the fact that people strugge to pronounce my name'some call me Nikita Kito kita niki .. I'mean Isn't that great...I was given'the name by my dad and I love bragging about my name and I say Nekita Isn't just a name It is a name given'to legends like me ...bruh that's the coolest name ever ..It's a name that is unique that has It's own meaning

10/10/2021 10:43:48

I have two cousins with this name, one is 10 and the other 19. This name is rare otherwise, but I like it. It has something exotic and warrier-like about it.

09/21/2021 00:59:42

My name is nikita and I'm Belarusian. The country is Belarus I love when someone else has the'same name cuz then I feel not so odd but I like being different. It's funny cuz I'm adopted from Belarus and whenever'someone learns my name theory are like" that'sounds v very Russian" also I am female so It's odd cuz everyone says It's a boys name but someone I went to school wIt's name was nikita and they were a girl. sorry this is long but I always wanted to share how I felt about my name with it other people. Oh I am born in 2013 also


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Nikita?
The origin of the name Nikita is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Nikita?
*️⃣ How many people are named Nikita?
Almost 13000 people are named Nikita.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Nikita?
The names of Carlos, Alex, Ashley, Octavia, Octavio