Alex meaning

: Man's Defender, Warrior

Alex Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lex\
Number of People 👶 284,000
Rate in 2021 300
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Greek
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Alex Name Meaning

Alex's name means “the defender of man”. Another of its meanings is "the one who protects men". It is associated with a person who advocates for the most oppressed and who seeks equality among human beings. His efforts are characterized by always trying to maintain serenity and harmony.

Alex Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Alex
Additional description of the name Alex

The name Alex originates from ancient Greece. Derived for the first time from the Hellenic name Alexander, which in turn came from the word "Alex o". As we already mentioned, it is a variant for Alexander or Alejandro.

Cool Info About Name Alex

Additional name description Alex
Additional name description Alex

The personality traits of the name Alex

The meaning of this name has to do with the defenders of man, those who seek balance and harmony, not only for him but for all those who are around him and belong to his life.

It is also characterized by those diplomatic people who are always committed to calm when dealing with their day-to-day lives. Although as in all people, his character and personality have counterpoints, that is, regardless of the degree of harmony or diplomacy that he can maintain in his life, he always manages to reveal a selfish and arrogant side.

People who bear this name have a hard time finding a partner with whom they can spend the rest of their lives. Of course, this does not always apply to all the Alexs, since many manage to bend their character and give their arm to twist to form a united family, the one that deep down longs for.

One of their great attractions to Alex during his youth is his physique long before his shrewd intellect, but he is a person who exudes maturity. That is to say, it is a person who during his life enjoys maturity and strong physical attractiveness, who settles in his life and stays with him throughout it.

On the other hand, this man stands out during his youth in everything related to sports, and with time, when he becomes fond of everything that has to do with the artistic branch.

Alex's character and personality have a lot to do with the meaning of the name in general. So, he is a person who is liked by others and even though he has a very hot temper, he is very noble and has a great spirit. All this means that he is a person who rarely falls for doubts and uncertainty, never finds himself in big trouble, and is constantly successful.

On the labor side, he is a man who is always innovating in many aspects, he frequently changes what surrounds him and this means that he constantly changes work tasks. So, he can go from being a systems engineer and drastically change his work environment to finance.

He is a person with many friends because it is too easy to love Alex, but he is also a person who knows when to make big changes so that everything continues to flow and come out properly so that the affection is always mutual and grows continuously.

At the family level, he always remains constant in his circle, so he is a selfless person at the family level and would give anything to maintain a stable relationship with his loved ones. What makes you never lose your hopes so that everything that arises goes ahead?

In the love part, he is a person who does not fall in love easily, his relationships are not so frequent but when he falls in love he is faithful and detailed. So, despite their strong character, they become the perfect partner for anyone.

Celebrities or well-known people with the name Alex

Over the years the name Alex has become very popular, so much so that by the time 2000 there were approximately more than 16 thousand people with that name. And also, over time it has been used as a diminutive of the name of Alejandro, so it has been imposed on other names for being short.

And this is why many famous people proudly bear that name, such as:

Alex Campos, a rock singer

Alex Chu, a pop singer

Alex Curran, model

Alex Band, a rock singer

Alex English, a basketball player

Alex Ferguson, football coach

Variations of the name Alex in other languages

Around the world, with changing cultures and dialects, people may have the same name but it is pronounced or spelled differently.

Alec or Aleck, is the Scottish form.

Alexey, Aleksei, Alexis, is a male from Eastern Europe.


The number that corresponds to the people of the name Alex is 6, which means responsibility and commitment.


It is usually used on February 4, the same day as the Alexanders because it does not have a known saint list in any of the existing religions.

We hope that the meaning of Alex is to your liking and that you have resolved your doubts about the origin of this beautiful and pleasant name that is normally assigned to men.

Diminutives and variations of the name Alex
The variations of the name Alex are:
Ale , Lex, Alik, Alix

The name Alex in other languages
Alex is spelled the same in almost all languages. However, there are some in which the spelling is different, such as:
Arabic: اليكس
Hebrew: אלכס
Japanese: アレックス
Chinese: 亚历克斯
Korean: 알렉스

The personality of the name Alex
Alex is a brave, generous, competent, and lucky individual who sees every opportunity as a reason to defend others. He is a person who does not go unnoticed and denotes a lot of calm and patience to resolve conflicts. He is a man who will not stop to achieve his goals.
If we pay attention to his temperament, in general, he is a kind and friendly person, who likes to mediate between the parties with a lot of harmony, but he can change from one moment to the next. moment to moment, becoming somewhat unstable. In short, when he must respond firmly, he will not hesitate to do so, without leaving aside his charming and friendly personality. He knows when it's time to expose his dominant character.
Alex leads a free and unattached life. He is not emotionally attached to anyone. On the love plane, he is somewhat insecure, so it is difficult for him to find the ideal partner with whom he will live for a lifetime. But this is not something that worries him, because it is not a priority for him to form his own family.
On the other hand, he is always willing to help and attend to his friends regardless of the place and time. For him, family and friends are a priority. That is why Alex sought to create spaces to share with his loved ones, and in those moments he is characterized by promoting harmony among all.

Celebrities named Alex
Alex Ferguson: dedicated and renowned soccer coach.
Alex Angulo: famous Spanish film actor.
Alex English: an excellent basketball player.
Alex Gonzalez: renowned film actor and TV. (Appears in the image)
Alex Band: Rock singer.
Alex Chu: Pop singer of South Korean origin.

Alex's Saint's Day
For the saints of Alex, the same as that of San Alejandro is usually used, which is celebrated on February 27.

Numerology of the name Alex
According to numerology, Alex corresponds to the number 6.

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Comments on the name Alex
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Alex, too. It's usually just a nickname for Alexander, but I was actually BORN with the name Alex. No joke.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is alex also, and some people spell it wrong and say it wrong, theyll call me alec, lol

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Hi!!! My name's Alex toooo!!! Hahahaha like wow! We're all named Alex! We like should totally like all like hang out or something sometime!

12/29/2023 08:07:26

I prefer the version 'Alexei' which has Russian origins

12/24/2023 09:41:12

My name is Alex and I like love it. I was named after Alexander the Great. there are a couple of other Alexs in my grade, but I dont mind.

12/05/2023 01:55:48

According to ancient Gaelic text, "Alex" literally means defender of mankind. If I were in danger and a guy named Alex showed up, I beli've it would mitigate the'situation. Alex is simply the best name ever.

11/30/2023 08:29:20

I love my name...considering I'm going to become the 1st world dictator

11/27/2023 11:25:30

my brother is named alex. officially alexander paul, but we call him al because we're lazy. but it totally suits him, i love the name.

10/15/2023 23:20:12

Alexander or Alex is a strong name for boys. Alexis or Alexa suit a girl better.

10/12/2023 03:38:36

my name is Alex and I'm a girl and it's just Alex and not short for anything. To be honest I think Alex is good for a girl and a boy.

10/06/2023 18:37:34

Hey my first name is timothy but i go by Alex.

08/30/2023 01:26:54

My sons name is Alex,very warm hearted,but yet strong in others ways.He's caring for others,very sweet and loving.

08/05/2023 21:36:20

I love my name because it has a good meaning to it

08/05/2023 06:54:40

My name is alex to this name is freaken AWESOME! I have met other alexs though

06/19/2023 13:08:14

My name is Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex of Al. I love it. When someone talks about me, people are always surprised that I am a girl. I think that it is a beautiful there was a queen named Queen Alexandra.

06/18/2023 15:05:44

Well It's my name I was born in 2012 and now a days there is around 40 or less Marcella❤️s I know of

06/03/2023 12:43:50

i dont like the name alex even if so that alex is 1 of my friends i really dont like the name..

05/28/2023 22:25:24

No one pronounces my name wrong and nobody spells it wrong i haven't met anyone named alex yet

05/21/2023 01:44:48

I really like the name Alyx for a girl.

05/13/2023 03:00:46

Alex , there are three children in my class, two girls and one boy with the'same same

04/15/2023 01:25:10

My son is Alexander but we usually call him Alex. It completely suits him, he is such an "Alex". The only problem we've run into is people calling him "Alec" or "Al," both of which send shivers down my spine.

04/10/2023 19:08:46

my tihnk the name is OK dunno what 2 tihnk but i know a boy alex and he is Emo with a capitol E!!

04/08/2023 01:01:16

Alex could be used for a boy or girls name. (Although it sounds better as a boys name) Its just like the name Austin, that is my daughters name. It just depends...

03/23/2023 01:29:46

my boyfriend is named alex and that name fits him so well! i love it!

01/31/2023 21:08:22

I think Alex for a girl is a great name! We chose this name for my oldest daughter in 2014. It's a perfect fit for her! She is self-assured, beautiful, and a little athlete.

01/27/2023 04:52:26

Alex is my son's name and it suits him perfectly. I think Alex suits a boy better, Alexa or Alexis should be used for girls.

01/26/2023 10:56:48

My name is alex and everyone pronounces it right...only the old people across the'street call me have met other girl alexs and am actually best friends with one. i like the name it makes me feel independent and strong. i think that is why my mother chose it.

01/19/2023 21:42:58

Hey! For all you ignorant people out there that think Alex is just for are f***ing WRONG! I mean, my names Alex and Im a girl. I love the meaning of my name and think its beautiful. The meaning fits me perfectly.

01/17/2023 06:14:10

my BF is named Alex and it is ssoooooooooo ausome -Mackenzie

01/10/2023 22:53:00

i like the name Alex...that's what I'm naming my baby yeah i love this name

01/07/2023 07:35:54

It's my ex bfs name and I think It's really cute. I used to call him Lexxie. haha. lots of nickname potential for such a short name. it wasn't even short for an'thing.

12/31/2022 01:36:58

any one heard of quadawl or adriel for a boys name latley.i have. some people are pretty screwed up i recon

12/09/2022 07:22:32

my name is alex santana from raymondville and i lm in love with this hot girl saby sanchez

11/26/2022 22:15:14

My name is Alexandra but everyone calls me Alex because i dont think i really suit the name Alexandra. Alex is a great name for a boy AND a girl!! BOY'S NAME written by maya, May 02, 2008 Alexander or Alex is a strong name for boys. Alexis or Alexa suit a girl better. How dare you say that!!❤️ Alex and Alexis or Alexa is allmost the Same name. And why should you care your names maya!! To all those people out there who think Alex suits a boy better than a girl you's are all WRONG! yess i said it W-R-O-N-G !! I'v kinda just proved my point. Let me explain ... my husband written by Kayla F., February 25, 2008 My husbands name is Alexander. Of course everyone calls him Alex but the name suits him to a "T". He is a very strong, determined individual and sometimes comes off a little too strong but has a wonderful heart. He's always willing to go the extra mile for somebody. Kayla said her husband is a determined and strong person. Well im determine to make you's all change your mind! and i'll stand up for my self. You know i was just looking at what the meaning of my name was and then i saw all of your nasty comments and so i made an acount straight away!, most people woundn't do that, Most of those people probly dont have my name ( Alex )Which means what again❤️❤️ A defender of mankind. well im defending myslef, my name and all those other poeple out they'r with my name!! Anyway i think you should of got the message :P and hopefully now you's think its ok for a girl to have the name Alex. Byeee, Lovee Alex Peace out

10/09/2022 21:19:40

A well-known female Alex today is one-time ER actress Alex Kingston (original first name Alexandra), who originally came from the United Kingdom.

10/08/2022 10:21:18

im alex.. im 16 years old.. alex is a wkd name.. been around for 100s of years.. its a classic... THUMBS UP!!... alex.. from northampton, england.

10/04/2022 14:04:26

This name is absolutely beautiful, the meaning is, too, and who the hell really cares if brit and kfed called their baby boy the'same❤️

09/14/2022 12:23:24

We named our daughter Alina and I cannot imagine a more pretty, feminine name. I saw it in the name book while I was pregnant and intstanly fell in love with it and knew that was the name for her. SuIt's her'so well and she always receives compliments on it. It is as beautiful as she is!

09/05/2022 15:19:14


02/28/2022 10:24:00

My husbands name is Alexander; He's a United States Marine so his name fits well! 'Defender of Mankind'. We're Irish and when we have a little boy we plan to name him Brody Alexander. It has a nice ring to it.

02/26/2022 05:19:48

This is my name and all through school I spelled it Karyl and I was able to deal with it. But now that I am older I spell it normal. I still wish I had changed the legal spelling.

02/25/2022 21:05:42

i love the name alex. i know a girl named alex and she is so pretty and popular. she's not very nice though but oh well she ahs a nice name

02/17/2022 02:38:42

Alexander is the"Greatest" name around! Alex's are special beans who deserve all the good things the world has to offer.

01/10/2022 15:12:00

Hi Alex, I am so glad to read your post. Good for you. My name is not Alex, but I am thinking of adding "Alexander" as my middle name. I know it is a boy's name, but so what❤️ I like it as a middle name. So, I was reading all these people's comment about how "Alex" is better as a boy's name . . . then I read your post. And was so glad to read what you wrote. I agree . . . Alex is a great name for a girl. I prefer it to Alexa or Alexis. So, way to go, Alex!! All the best. I think you are great!! Cheers, Karen

09/05/2021 22:39:18

My name is Alex...Alexander really, but I go by Alex. I'm a 28 yr old M and i've disliked my name all my life. I hate the way is sounds when spoken...also, Alex is a uni-sex name which I don't really love. In fact, I dated a Female Alex....WEIRD..., both the double names and that girl!!! Also knew an Alex in college with a lisp, tough name for a lisp to pronounce.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alex?
The origin of the name Alex is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alex?
Man's Defender, Warrior
*️⃣ How many people are named Alex?
Almost 284000 people are named Alex.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alex?
The names of Alex, Alexis, Alexa, Lexi, Alec