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Samantha Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \s(a)-man-tha, sam(a)-ntha\
Number in U.S 👶 579,000
Rate in 2021 221
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Meaning of Samantha

Samantha is one of those nice names for girls which has been popular for many years. Samantha is a beautiful American name which is truly modern and awesome.

Considering the originality of the name, we observe that the name has no obvious originality. Some of the people believe that Samantha is of American origin. The name is comprised of Hebrew name Samuel meaning *God listens well* or *name of God* and the Greek name with the meaning of flower or blossom. Therefore, Samantha can be known as God’s flower.


Personality traits of Samantha named children and adults:

Knowing the personality traits of Samantha needs precise analysis in her characteristics and behavior.

Your baby girl would be a multitasker; she is capable of listening to her favorite music while she is driving a car simultaneously. She would be so sensible in decision making just as she chooses the best answer to any difficult or unsolvable question. She like freedom and justice and prefers to be a free person along with obeying the general rules of her nation and world.

She is able to solve the emotional problems logically and make a complete balance between her mental and emotional senses. She is a logical girl who is always ready to express her ideas freely. Along with that, she is a happy girl who transfers good feelings to others.

In people’s eyesight, you are a gentle, diplomatic, stylish and pleasing one who attracts all to herself and tries to be a participant of any group or gathering.

She is a fast reactor to any deep trouble and tries to make herself involved in it as much as possible. She is an adventurer, full of energy and excitement lover. She owns good communication talent and can get in contact with her friends easily. She is a nature lover, too.


Her likely careers in the future:

Reporter, manager, coordinator, police officer, industrialist, legal practitioner, sales clerk, consultant, medical doctor, head of company, psychologist

Lucky day of Samantha is Tuesday and her lucky colors includes gray and its light shadows. She likes the light shades of every color, too.


Popularity of the girl name Samantha:

Samantha was very popular in the 20th century. No one can turn a blind eye to its prominence in America. They year 1964 was a turning point for Samantha. It belonged to top 10 names in America and became the most popular name after Emily and Hannah. Samantha has remained popular for more than 10 years and consequently holds the popularity in America as it was one the most favorite names in America.

Samantha has got a pet form, Sam which almost has its own right.

From the point of view of data analysis, for seven decades, Samantha has been recorded more than 5 thousand times in SSAD database.

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Comments on the name Samantha
9/21/2022 4:54:10 PM

I think It's a beautiful name, so much so that my wife and I named our baby girl Samantha. She's only a year and a half old and she already has many nicknames. I think/hope she really likes it when she grows up....

9/20/2022 8:19:50 PM

We named our daughter'samantha, it was the only name we could agreed on. Almost a quarter years have passed and I ask her if she like her name; her answer is alwas YES. He other nicknames are Sam, Sami or the most endearment is Lamb. It'started as Sami Lambe. H.S volleyball game I was yelling " Great Dig Lamb".

9/19/2022 12:32:28 AM

hey im a samantha tooo....i love it......i love it to xoxoxox sami

9/17/2022 6:51:30 PM

my name is Samantha and i hate it most the time. I have two other'samantha in my senoir class only. We all like being called by Sam. It does bit when I have class with them because we get confused so easily. Even'though I don't like my name'sometimes, being name'samantha is a part of what makes me me!

9/15/2022 8:57:44 AM

When I was a little girl everytime someone would pass me they would sing that'song Iesha by ABC. I thought I was the only one that went through that. I call it my theme song. I love my name! I think It's beautiful and unique and quite rare.

9/15/2022 7:29:34 AM

Three Words: Alexander Lavelle Harris. That is all.

9/12/2022 1:36:44 AM

My name is Samantha and i like It'sometimes, but sometimes I hate it. It's pretty, but so common. My parents were going to name me Zoe, but they chose Samantha instead. There are 6 other'samanthas in my grade (just in my school) 3 in the grade below me, 4 in the grade above me, and 4 two grades below me. I'meet alot of Samanthas.

9/11/2022 2:23:42 AM

My name is Samantha, and i've onlt disliked it when I was younger, and I had to break up the'syllables in my name. The'second one was obviously always "man," and I hated it. Now, It's not a big deal- I'm seventeen. (: + I'm not paying $500 for a name change :o

9/10/2022 5:34:42 PM

my name is samantha! but people call me sam when'they call me sammy i get very annoyed i hate it!

9/10/2022 11:06:46 AM

my names samantha and i love my name! plus im the only girl in my year with the name. i have heaps of niknames like sam, sammy jo, spam, spamala, sam sta and the list goes on. i have a friend thats also called samantha but she's in a lower year than me..seems like the names popular too..go the'samantha's! lol

9/7/2022 8:13:14 PM

My name is awsome!...Many people tell me my name is unique. Many people call me sammy for short.. If you like nicknames you will love this name...I do!

9/7/2022 5:49:12 AM

Samantha but have been going by Sammi since I was 14. :) (I'm 24 now ;) )

8/30/2022 6:38:06 PM

My name is SAMANTHA. I love it. As its a english name'so being a bangali girl its not very common in my country.So everybody likes my name'so i love my name very much.But some people pronounce It'samanta not samantha, it is a problem. my freinds gave the nick SAMA the'short form of overall its a very attractive name indeed.

8/29/2022 8:40:30 PM

My best friends and my names are Samantha. For some reason we always have more fun than othe's we are hanging out with.

8/17/2022 9:21:54 PM

My name is Samantha. I think its a great name. Like othe's have mentioned It's a classic, feminine name and guys love it! I always get asked if I prefer to be called Samantha or Sam.

8/10/2022 7:10:30 PM

My name's Samantha and I had nicknames such as Sammy Sam Shammy,from my brother,Mantha Sapata and Samata.My dad wanted to call me Jessica but my mom just couldnt agree!Ther's this one girl in my grade named Samantha foster and i kinda like having someone with same name.Not any name like Samantha! ♡♡♡

7/29/2022 2:28:48 AM

HI'my name is Samantha Susanna, but I go by sam. My mom "strangely" calls me salami sue," I hate salami", I'm getting used to it.When I was little I was Sammi Sue, samalam,salomay and sam I am. I love my name!

7/14/2022 8:22:30 AM

We Name are son Brett After my husband's family member George Brett..We really love keeping the name a family so his first Name is Brett and middle name is Gaston after my fater.I just love it Brett Gaston and we can't wait to meet him in like 5 weeks : )

7/14/2022 3:48:00 AM

Hey my name is Samantha too. Everyone calls me Sam or Samie, witch is good I hate getting called spam. My uncle alls me sambo. But my new nickname by my mom is plaid dont ask. I was just wereing plaid shorts one day and sombody said they liked them. But I am trying to look for a new nickname i kinda like Mandi.

7/8/2022 7:48:18 AM

hey guys my name is Samantha to...!!1 i love my name1

6/22/2022 6:29:06 PM

hey im a Samantha TOO! my friends call me sam and sammie most of the time but i do get the occasional "sam i am" and i love it our name totally rocks the'socks off everyone

6/20/2022 1:31:12 AM

My name is Samantha but most people call me Sam or Sammi. I use to like being called Sam but as i have got older i prefer to use SAMANTHA because It'sounds more grownup. I love my name and my initials because they spell SAM :) People use to struggle to spell my name and i use to have samanfer'samanfa, wrote on christmas cards. Other names people use for me include, mantha, sammie, sammy :D

6/19/2022 7:13:12 AM

I like being called Sam or Sammy better than Samantha...when people call me Samantha i feel like they don't like me enough to call me Sam or like I'm in trouble. But thats probably because all my life i've been Sam or Sammy, no one really calls me Samantha in the first place.

6/19/2022 12:48:54 AM

Hardly anyone calls me Samantha, It's always Sam, which is boyish. And Sammie is too childish. Since I live in Asia, many people have problems spelling and/or pronouncing the "tha" . I think It's an ok name, but doesn't suit me or my life very well.

6/13/2022 2:53:06 PM

This is my name, and its fine. Although people often mispell is, making it jessie. Moderatly annoying, but no big deal. Short period where people would call me jessica, which was a pain in the ass, but it passed.

6/3/2022 4:04:12 PM

My name is Samantha Rose. I was named after'samantha from Bewitched. My mother only ever calls me "Sam", and when I was younger and in trouble would I be called Samantha. I can count the'samanthas' i've met on one hand! I'll admit It's a pretty name.

5/26/2022 8:36:00 AM

Samantha is a cool name, years ago I knew this beautiful Italian-German woman with that name, very nice person, great human being, She told me to call her "Sam" for short. Her middle name was Miley, Samantha Miley had a nice ring to it. I am also reminded of the character of Samantha "Sam" Leslie Jackson in the 2015 comedy fI'm "Ted 2" the character was called Samantha L. Jackson,

5/19/2022 2:45:00 AM

I like my name but i love to be called sammi i am a real hot head...

5/18/2022 6:30:54 PM

my name is samantha and i like it. Its cute,simple and american and yeah sam is boyish too. I hate it when people write samanta not samantha and i am the only one with that name in my school.

5/16/2022 5:06:18 PM

People always tell me It's a very sexy name. And I do my best to live up to that!

5/15/2022 11:43:12 PM

My name is Samanatha. I go by Sam in the work place. I like it because it is also a boys name, and people are often suprized when'they meet me that I am infact a girl. I like that Tom-boy aspect.

5/15/2022 1:39:18 PM

my name is samantha and i LOVE It'sO MUCH sometimes i don't like it cuz people make up weird names like damanta or manta and i think that'sounds baby'sh. But i like it when my nephe's call me it cuz it is hard for them to pronounce and one of them is 2 and he'says manta. it is sooo cute! but i love my name!

5/3/2022 2:27:00 AM

my names Samantha. my mom nicknamed me samwise (off lord of the rings)and samwidge.

4/28/2022 8:04:30 AM

does it come from the name Samuel? No hebrew origin for this name to my knowledge, unless it's a late development from another name.

4/22/2022 6:35:24 AM

Its my middle name and i just love it, but i prefer Gabriella, i dont actually know why. Probably because it reminds me of Arcangel Gabriel. But if i have a daughter her name will be definately Samantha.

4/19/2022 3:33:36 AM

The name'samson was given'to one of the judges of Israel. It means "sun" or "bright as the'sun" which is symbolic of the'story. Samson's hair was never cut. His stren'th was symbolized by the rays of the'sun, the'sun's stren'th, which were represented by his radiant locks. Delilah tried many ways to discover the'source of Samson's stren'th, but when she cut his hair, she had symbolically cut off the rays of the'sun, the'sun's stren'th. Thus Samson, the'sun-man, lost his stren'th.

4/6/2022 9:50:42 PM

I LOVE MY NAME! I went to a brand new school and started calling myself 'Sam' cuz I'm kinda tomboy:) and got a whole bunch of awesome nicknames like Salmon, Samwich, Sam-squared (my last name has an S in it, so it works), Sam-I-Am, Sammie, and Sam. Its so cool cuz know one actually calls me Samantha!!

4/2/2022 9:46:12 PM

my name is samantha...i like it but there is alot of other names i like better. i like the name'sammie, for short! so its ok i give it thumbs up!

3/10/2022 2:42:18 PM a very Hott name.... It's mine...nuff said.

2/20/2022 3:50:42 AM


2/13/2022 5:12:36 PM

My name is Sam 2 lol!!! :-) I get called 'Samanthaline' or 'Sam the Ham' by my brothe's, but most people call me Sam, Sammy or Samantha :-)

2/11/2022 5:44:06 AM

My name is Samantha and I absolutely love it!!! It is very feminine and classy. I like it because its not a fad name; its a classic, and will always sound good.

1/30/2022 8:09:00 PM

my names samantha and i can't find a nickname for me i've always been sammy whammy for basketball but I'm getting tired of it.

1/27/2022 9:41:42 PM

hI'my name is samantha too... my friends sometimes call me sammy, sam, zammy or sometimes they tease me with samimang....hehehe

1/13/2022 6:20:06 AM

My daughter's name is Samantha Katie and althoug she's only 3 y/o ,she has a lot of nick names like Sam,Sammie,Samiwami,Samisosa,Tatanta,Sam I am,Fopeste....I think It's kind of cool that'she answers to all of her nicknames the the'same way :) .I coulnd't be happier with her name I think is a gorgeous and fits her perfect.I hope she loves it when she gets older as much as I do

1/4/2022 5:28:48 AM

I call my friend Samster. Like a little hamster, you know. :)

1/1/2022 7:01:30 AM

I love my name but sometimes i hate it because everybody i know have the name'samantha. But still i love my name

12/27/2021 6:08:24 PM

I like being a Samantha but i prefer'sam and well my nan calls me sambo and i think thats cute ...

12/25/2021 11:08:06 PM

My daughter is Samantha Cate. She was named by her oldest brother after a good family friend. However her youngest brother has changed her name 5 times since she was born in January of 2020. Samantha has gone from Mantha to Manthee to Samina to Saminee now, the name that has stuck with everyone is Mina. She answers to Mina as well as to Samanth Cate. I think Mina will be her regular nickname. I love it and think that Samantha Cate and Mina fit her personallity perfectly!!

12/22/2021 12:47:06 PM

ick I hate my name... I was gonna be called something else much better, but I got called Samantha instead... It's too common and It'sounds gross.

12/14/2021 6:13:48 AM

I like this name... My name is Samantha. It's great, and It's not as common as you might think... Some nicknames people call me are "Sam" and "Sammie"...

11/28/2021 2:09:54 PM

this is my name and alot of people mispronounce it and misspell it. its sad

11/26/2021 1:40:12 PM

It is my name and I love it. People always call me Samantha, Sammie, Sam, or Samanthy. Samantha is a very original name.

11/16/2021 6:30:54 PM

ohh haaay my name is samantha, too. everyone knows me as sammie, though. I'm sixteen and i have a lot of mad stupid nicknames, like, sommie, samammaish, slushy, and samster(absolutely hate that one. no one calls me sam, and no one calls me spam (thank god). It's an okay name, i doesn't bother me or anything, at least it isnt shimayaya or anything.

11/16/2021 12:06:36 PM

My full name is Samantha Sue Ward. I love my name oh so much, i get alot of nick names like Sam, Sami, Ams, mantha, and since my middle name is Sue; i get called Sammie Sue a lot which i love my family calls me that! <3 All the'samanthas i know are really happy people, rock on Samanthas. <3

11/16/2021 1:07:48 AM

I love the name Samantha, and plan on naming my daughter Samantha Joyce (Joyce after my great aunt who was a huge part of my life) as one first name. I'm thinking it could be shortened to Sam or SJ. I like it a lot- what do you think??

11/13/2021 12:50:42 AM

My friend spells it with a "y" (s-Y-mantha instead of s-A-mantha). I like that'spelling.

10/16/2021 10:16:48 PM

i love having the name'samantha it is so pretty i just wish it wasn't so long and there were more nick names

10/5/2021 8:00:54 PM

My Name is Samantha My mum and dad named me after'samantha Fox.. Dont know who she is but I heard she is a singer/model or something like that. My friends call me Sam. But people like my dad, mum and teache's always call me Samantha

10/3/2021 2:56:42 PM

My name is samantha And i Love It'so much most of my friends and family call me sam or sammy but a couple of my friends call me antha because they find it funny that people usually say sam and leave the rest out. Other nicknames i get are samsonite and samson(from my brother) i also occasionally get called samalamadingdong

9/29/2021 11:06:18 PM

My name is samantha. i hate the name'samantha. i have met 5 other'samantha's. i have a couple of nicknames: sammy, sam, sammyjo, sam the man (i am a girl).

9/27/2021 4:12:18 PM

Hey,My name is Samantha and my friends call me Sam,Sammie (I spell it with an ie),Sambo,Sammiejo,Samizzle,Mantha (by my little cousin that couldn't say Samantha)and a few othe's that I don't remember lol I love my name because It's me.

9/15/2021 5:54:54 AM

I do love my name, but I just don't want to sound like a 'girl' yet. I act girly but everyone(except teache's) call me Sam, or 'Hammy Sammi' the nicknames rule and there's this one, 'Rocket Shoe Sam' because I'm the best jump roper in the'school. So my names not all that bad. :)

9/10/2021 1:22:12 PM

my name is samantha jane morani and It's my birthday! i got it from my grandmother's sister. her name was samantha sarafina salomone. my family is italian obviously which seems to common here. i've always been called sam never just samy. it reminds me of a dog.but i've also had some pretty crazy nicknames. spam samywhamy samuri samatamtam s.j. samanthypanthy mannie sammysosa samysalsa it just keeps going. Although i love my name it is insanely common for kids my age. five samantha's in my grade yet none in my older'sister's or little brother's. All in all a great name :) ~happy birthday to everyother'sam out there today!!!

9/4/2021 9:57:00 PM

i was also named after the witch samantha i guess it was a common thing... samantha is an alright name but no much room for nicknames... oh well

8/28/2021 8:46:48 AM

my name is Samantha, and i absolutely am in LOVE WITH IT!

8/23/2021 12:40:48 AM

My name is Samantha as well, and I love my name! I feel bad for those Samanthas who have been called "Spam." What is that?!?!?! People are so rude! Oh well, I guess... they are just jealous anyways! :P Anyways, I enjoy having my name as Samantha, It'suits me perfectly!

8/16/2021 7:38:24 AM

I was named after the witch. I was either going to be Samantha or Wendy. My dad was just determined I should be named after a witch! Since I found this out, I have always planned to name my daughter Tabitha. If I have two girls, the'second shall be Sabrina! But the cool part is, My initials are SAM. And when my partner (who would father the children) gives them his last name, they will be Tabitha - TAB and Sabrina SAB. So cool!

8/14/2021 9:47:06 PM

I love my name!! I try to find cool ways to spell it like Samii. I think the name'samantha is really versitile. Sam sounds tomboyish and cute, and my dad calls me sammygirl, and I sound classy and educated when people call me Samantha.

8/9/2021 7:16:48 AM

We named our DAUGHTer'samson & we have had a very positive response. I think it is strong & unique & suits her well. I love it !

8/6/2021 11:34:12 AM

She's beaytiful, delightful, full of life, always positive and cheerful, the love of my life!! thanks Samantha for the gifts you give each day that make you a true gift of God.

8/3/2021 4:46:30 PM

i Love my name'sAMANTHA. especially when someone nicknamed me salmon. it was truely my favorite

7/31/2021 11:48:36 PM

I love my name as dad named me dat because my mother's father would call her'sam. nicknames are sam, sam i am, sam sam, sammie, manth manth..people mostly call me sam cz uma tom boy also..n by meetin other'samanthas..ive learned dat samanthas are totally awesome

7/31/2021 10:53:42 PM

My name name is Samantha and I wouldn't change it for anything.Everybody likes it,and all the friends give me different nicknames-Santa,Sam,Sammie,Santik,Samantik,Samantulia,Samantushka,Sama and many othe's

7/31/2021 6:25:30 AM

i love my name'samantha, and my dad sometimes calls me sammy,sammy sam,and i like green eggs and ham bam! those are good green eggs and ham you understand..

7/8/2021 4:44:42 PM

My name is Samantha and the funniest nickname I have was given'to me by my supervisor and that is SI'mySam SimSammy. But most just call me Sam or Sammy. And Elizabeth sometimes calls me Sammy Nammy!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Samantha?
The origin of the name Samantha is Hebrew.
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Almost 579000 people are named Samantha.
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The names of Thomas, Lawrence, Sultan, Seldon, Tandy